What the Hell?!

Happy Friday Clammers!

Well, we’ve all made it through another “work week” (kinda, sorta, almost) and the weekend looms large up ahead. All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game (What, another event?!) and we wanted to give you (and us) a fun new way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest.

So welcome to What the Hell?!

-Getting REALLY annoyed that you’re still unlocking Adam West
-Annoyed that only 3 characters unlock other characters ?
-Someone cut you off on your commute this morning?

Here’s your place to vent about anything and everything, Family Guy or not.  Consider this your weekly bitch fest and get it all out with a good…What the Hell?! And start your weekend fresh! 🙂
Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language.  

Here’s my What the Hell?! For this week:

-Video Carl…for Android users.  He STILL hasn’t shown up? What the hell?!

-Play Area Glitch, need I say more?!  What the hell!?

-And finally…

Thanksgiving is sill 2 weeks away…so why am I seeing Christmas everywhere already?  I love Christmas as much as the next person…just ask Bunny, it’s the only holiday I actually like…but really?  There’s still lots of time till Christmas, so why are we seeing it already?  Hallmark Channel already started airing their Christmas movies…THE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN!  Seriously people?  Can we get through Thanksgiving first?  What the hell?!

Now it’s YOUR turn…give us your What the hell?! moments from the past week!  Go on, get it off your chest…you’ll feel a lot better! 🙂


84 responses to “What the Hell?!

  1. What a great topic to have on here. I’m very addicted to this game like all of you (and TSTO) but I’m glad I can vent a few things that p*** me off in game….

    1) the buildings seem to all odd shapes that NEVER within the road layout in a nice way… Anyone else??

    2) is it just me or is that land really expensive in the earlier parts of the game?? $25000 for a tiny block of land which cost $10000 in the grid before it… Seems a lot…

    I had one more but o forget it now… I guess I’ll wait for next week’s topic 🙂

    Thanks for the topic and all your great work on here 🙂


  2. Looks like the junior high school is the worst offender with being off-center.


    • I still think Adams Mansion overlay flipped to the opposite side that the building is, makes a great laugh. Mine’s by the trees so it looks like someone is living in the trees.


  3. Anyone else having issues with the occupied building animations being a little off center? I’ve noticed it particularly with the library, church, and middle school. Does TinyCo know of this occasional glitch? Thanks.


  4. not a WTH, but more of a HIMS (have I missed something?)-
    i still have the stolen plutonium blimp station in the sea. when I click into it says “to activate the blimp, you’ll need the stolen plutonium from quests in the downtown district”.
    I have unlocked all districts and completed all quests except the bitch stewie and American dad ones.
    is this just on the back burner for now or have I missed something?


  5. When the hell will TinyCo release some more land, i have $990.000+ and nothing to spend it on!


  6. First and foremost, I love this game! Secondly, I love the work you gals do to provide us with as much info as possible when possible – I’m sure everyone who comes here has massive appreciation for what you do. Now on to my WTH…

    I’m getting seriously hacked off with the awful lag I’m getting when playing the game on my android device. Playing on my work iPhone 5s, it’s like lightning, but on my personal Nexus 5, it’s almost unplayable. Moving around the town is stuttery, and tapping on anything – be it a building to collect cash, a character to complete a task or assign a new task, or a minion-type to disintegrate, the game freezes for about 5 seconds, meaning I miss the animation of the Bitches falling apart. And before you suggest, yes I have reported it, and no, the latest update which fixes Carl hasn’t cured the freezing. It’s even worse on my Nexus 10 tablet, which actually force closes the game after tapping on a few items. Toward the end of the halloween event it was slowing down, but I put it down to the amount of trick or treaters running around, but when the Bitch event started, it’s terrible.The Nexus 5 has superior specs to the iPhone 5, but even with the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop O/S, it’s awful. I mean, WHAT THE HELL?

    Anyone else experienced these issues? Is it Android, Nexus, or some conflict I have on my devices?

    Rant over.


  7. PinkFloydActuary

    Allow me to join you on the WTH regarding The Hallmark Channel. Wifey loves those movies, I can’t stand them. Now I’m subjected to 4 weeks more of them than I should be…


  8. Okay, I’ve got a What The Hell this week. It was a mild annoyance at first, but now I’m really getting frustrated. What The Hell is with disappearing character collections in the FaceSpace?!?!

    It all started with Nathan Fillion, after ComicCon. He was part of the “ComicCon Celebritys Too” track, with Bryan Cranston and George Takei. Now, I only got Nathan from that collection, so when it disappeared, I was disappointed, but not overly surprised, since you can’t ever get the other two again. Still – no more Nathan Fillion FaceSpace – it’s just gone.

    Then, after Halloween ended and American Dad began, I noticed that the FaceSpace collection for the Premium Horror Characters (I can’t remember what it was actually called) disappeared. Now, I have all four of those characters, and got the 100 Clam award – so What The Hell??? Now, I can’t see their FaceSpaces, either!

    Then today, after I’ve been working on Phase 2 of American Dad, I go to my FaceSpace, and….drum roll….the SMITH FAMILY IS GONE!!! They’re still in my game, and I’m still working to collect them, but the FaceSpace collection has disappeared.

    Ok, TinyCo, or Bunny/Alissa if you have the answer…What The Hell? 🙂

    (Also, not to be totally negative, you guys (and TC) rock. I know a lot of people gripe about things, but I really don’t – I absolutely LOVE this game. I started as a TSTO addict, but once I found the QFS, Simpsons became the red-headed stepchild of my mobile gaming life. A lot of that is also thanks to this site, and you guys, so keep it up!!)


    • Well thank you so much for the kind words. Much appreciated. 🙂

      As far as FaceSpace, they will always keep the NEWEST Characters at the top. So they will change out. Meanwhile they will eventually work them back into FaceSpace down the road. However, the current event and main game will always take priority first to make sure it is stable and running as is. The additions and FaceSpace will come, but they are not priority.

      Hope that makes sense. 🙂


  9. Omg. As much I LOVE Christmas, I’m soooo with you Alissa on everyone forcing the Christmas season on us so early! I’m definitely like WTH. 😞

    Plus the countdown to Christmas movies on Hallmark just aren’t the same when it’s not even time for Christmas!! (Even though I continue to watch them.. lol)

    -Am I the only tired of looking at the vials box on my screen when clearly I don’t have enough to buy anything

    I just started playing FG:QFS in the middle of the Ghostbusters event, so is it normal to still be able to use event currency weeks after it ends like WTH. If so i wouldn’t have rushed to spend my vials on the last day, as I wanted to use them, rather than lose them.

    Ok last but not least, this is a game..it’s suppose to be FUN. Having to collect all these rare items to release characters (it took 5 days to get Stan.. WTH) on top of multiple time crunched questlines… it’s a bit frustrating. 😲

    Addicted for NOW. .. but not sure how long I will be..


  10. Is beautiful Peter or spanish soap Peter skins gonna be added in the game or they’ve been already released in a past event ?


  11. I too bought Quagmire’s house for 100 clams and messaged TinyCo about it. I messaged them about missing clams from a purchase on Oct 19. They asked for receipts which I sent. Am still waiting for a response. WTH…

    There’s not going to be enough time this year to get the yard work done before the snow. WTH

    I don’t mind having a lot of things in storage so that I have plenty of room on land. I want more available water. It’d be nice if the islands could actually be islands

    I hate events where we have to bomb things. Ugh. You can never get enough bombs, and for most of us it causes lag.

    On the plus side it’s too cold for the roofers now, so all the neighborhood repairs are done until spring.


  12. What the hell!!! 12 notepads and 25 bath beards that are extra rare. Come on Tinyco, give us a break for once.


  13. WT h e dbl hockey sticks?! I’m still getting notices that rigellians are attacking my simpson’s town. (Of course i updated it already)


  14. My WTH involves contacting TinyCo repeatedly since the issue with Quagmire’s Halloween House decoration. I was one of people who purchased it at the original price of 100 clams… I’ve messaged TinyCo several times and only received one response saying (more or less) that it was discounted and improperly displaying, but if I was one of the ones who did purchase for 100 clams, to let them know. I did… several times. If they weren’t providing refunds, I understand, but some form of communication would be nice. (I’ve messaged from both an iPad and iPhone…)


    • Did you message them through your game or email? I am just curious.


      • Through the game on both iPhone and iPad. On the devices, they don’t “share” the same message information, so I’m not sure if it was sent to them as separate contacts or one string.


        • TinyCo got back to me and provided a refund! Thanks, TinyCo! (While a little late, their customer service was great once they got to me!)


    • I won’t say anything about the message you sent. I will say what I did to receive a refund.

      Knowing that one well crafted letter is better than many incomplete messages, I took time to include all points I wanted to make, then proof read and edited at least once. It’s important to contact TinyCo promptly, but I didn’t rush my message.

      Since TinyCo has no legal obligation to provide a refund, I didn’t take the tone that I have a right to it. Instead, I convinced them to value me as an ideal customer and happily provide one. That tone avoids cursing, shaming and anger. It includes politeness and a clear expression of my disappointed feelings as though I were talking to a sympathetic listener.

      Mentioning the total amount spent on the game was helpful, as it provides a tangible value to me. I also said how much I love the game and would like move past this incident to continue playing. Perfect grammar was unnecessary, but good use of punctuation and focused paragraphs without repeating points provided easier reading and comprehension.

      Patience is important and I planned to wait at least 3 business days before sending another message. I typically never need to contact a business a second time. I received a refund after two days.

      Much is said about customer service, but little about client behavior and their business relations. This does not always work in cases where I’m appealing for preferential treatment rather than a legal right. As such, I’m at the whim of the listener’s emotions. However, my background relating to customers and providing talent hospitality gives me an advantage which often rewards me with more than the minimum a business requires.

      Many people might not have the maturity, character or knowledge to write this way, but I hope you find this helpful to increase your chances of success.


  15. Just about an hour ago, I had nearly 200 clams, I just re opened it and have sixteen and I did not use a single one between that time! Does anyone know anything about this? I am so frustrated!

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  16. My fgqfs shut down completely, wiped sd card also. Reloaded fgqfs didn’t reload.Tryed reinstalling app won’t install. WTF has this happened to anyone else.


    • Never mind. After reinstalling from Google apps and 3 hard starts game magically reappeared? There is no explanation!
      Confused 😡


      • Sounds like a device issue.


        • A device issue ? I think not zzz TC is consistently putting bandages on their servers. l have larger apps that run smoother than FGQFS ever did, plenty of RAM, and buy the way there supposedly SUPPORT structure simply does not exist which they are contractually obligated to provide within 48hrs of a complaint with any vendor that provides their app. WHat The HELL. You ladies do a fantastic job and TC should compensate you for efforts. If it weren’t for you 2 resolving issues in this game their servers would have blown up long ago. It would seem that every new event that comes out is included with a new set of problems which only proves that they don’t Proof their updates before being released. When your in a race to keep up with yourself and player demands, nobody wins !!


  17. WTH is with the barely audible voices of Bitch Stewie and Bitch Brian? Them bitches need to speak up! Also another WTH about the extra rare drop rates for the pink slips, a full 24 hours later, not a single one yet. 12 in four more days? Unlikely.


  18. Oh what the hell:
    Christmas has been in the stores since a week before Halloween
    Christmas music shouldn’t be on the radio until after thanksgiving
    TinyCo screwed up the bitch Stewie event
    It snowed yesterday and an idiot lost control of their car and went through the fence I just put up last month.
    A tree branch fell on my dune buggy as I was going to move it to storage
    Last week my cat was hit by a drunk driver, probably the same one that went through the fence
    Again, WHAT THE HELL!


  19. (I Sent an in-game message about this but ….)Here’s a hint to tiny co acceptable changes during a timed challenge:adding more characters who drop needed items, making task length shorter, (ie the bombs during Halloween going from 8-4 hour drops)Unacceptable changes during a timed event:changing the spawn rate of something that is needed for drops (and changing the rules for when the spawn rate changes a day into the event)–also is anyone else able to go 4 hours and get 2 sets of clones (I mean the game says a max of 36 but my overnight test says that I have to log in every 2 hours to produce the 2 clones I’m stuck getting because “spawn rate will drop once unlocked” was changed (12 hours later) to “spawn rate will drop once you start unlocking” (which, dear tiny co, you can’t avoid starting to unlock and still get the needed drops (part of me felt guilty that I used the force close 25 times last night but if tiny co can change the in game printed FAQ, then I don’t feel so bad (still mathematically impossible to complete even if I log in every 2 hours for the next 4 days as I need 117 items that drop from clones (99 clones18 beards)and can collect 4x12x2 (plus 8 or so I have 5 hours extra but that would require less than 1 hour total possible time slip over 4 days, and that’s 104 which is less than 117 [I figured that with beards being extra rare I’d need to collect 300 or so clones still as I was at a 7% beard drop rate…which makes the math even less possible].


    • Sorry for my venting but we’ll see if the game is fixed for me at 3pm (next batch)…glitches happen but I wish TinyCo would slow down releases and have fewer glitches…thanks for everything


  20. I’m a little annoyed that Android doesn’t have the video guy yet either, but can’t complain too much as I didn’t pay anything, and my game play hasn’t been hurt because of it.

    I’m a lot annoyed that Chevy FINALLY got my new ignition in stock, but they don’t have an opening to ACTUALLY get my car fixed until January 30th! WTH Chevy. I do feel sorry for your workers though.

    WTH Christmas music! I only have so many radio stations I like, and 40% of them started playing Christmas music! And naturally, they were my favorite 40%… Just because it snowed 0.00000001 inch does NOT mean it’s ok to play them yet.

    WTH Wife’s car. Your battery works just fine UNTIL the previously mentioned 0.00000001 inch of snow is falling, and it’s like -1billion degrees outside. And what, you won’t even jump start! And you just HAD to die on the other side of town.

    Other than that, not doing too bad.


  21. When does the next American Dad character start. Seems odd that you get Stan and they next four are suppose happen over the next month and yet we nothing now. What gives?


    • It has only been a week. TinyCo ALWAYS releases new content each week during events. This is not different. It started Friday last week. Here we are at Friday this week…so…keep your eye out for the next release. 😉


  22. What the hell? What the hell!
    I had about 30 clams disappear from my game on Oct 16, and I wrote to TinyCo immediately, using the in-game system. I wrote to them 12 times, in-game, with no reply, and finally, Oct 27, they reply with a canned reply asking me if I still had the issue. All replies from me have been cordial. I wrote back, saying yes, problem still exists, please look into it. Since then, I sent them another 22 messages (not all the same day), with no reply at all, until Nov 13 when they wrote again with the same canned reply asking me if I still had the issue. WHAT THE HELL! Seriously, TinyCo, please look into my clam problem! Thirty days and 34 emails is more than enough to get someone to look into this. But then, you keep coming out with more premium purchases in the game that I am reticent to consider spending clams on, without knowing if I will be made whole again! So I say – What the hell!

    Android users don’t have Carl, (yet) to earn clams. But more stuff is being pushed out. What the Hell!

    You can earn clams going to through multiverse to other peoples Quahog, ONLY if you have Facebook. What the Hell!

    So, unless you are a Facebook User on an iPhone device, the ability to earn the clams to get a lot of the great characters that are Clam-Only (Jason, Alien, Predator, Bitch Brian etc ) is stifled

    Please don’t tell me that TinyCo and Fox don’t benefit from fremium players. Of Course they do. Fox both get brand recognition for the franchise, gets a larger audience for Family Guy (the show and the Game), American Dad, and hence drives revenue from advertisers. TinyCo makes more money as they grow the player population and some decide to spend real money instead of playing fremium. And, I bet, can command a larger fee from Fox for administering the game. Additionally, you are bringing character and Show recognition to many of the guest characters you profile, which in turn adds to the value of those characters and shows. This video game is just another use of a studio’s advertising budget…which I am sure is working out well for them. You don’t think Fox and TinyCo will eventually capitalize and make money as they build the franchise larger, and eventually have a few Family Guy Movies or get a Peter Balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade? Or Family Guy licensed products and toys? Or maybe even a PeterLand Theme Park someday? And Tinyco, with their experience with this game, will also likely be able to get the exclusive license for other franchise games?
    So in ending – Please dont disrespect the fremium players just because they are fremium. WHAT THE HELL!!!


    • WTH?!?! Now I’m not going to get any work done for the next hour because you’re forcing me to fantasize about a PeterLand Theme Park. Thanks a lot!
      …would PeterLand feature little American Dad and Cleveland Show areas, like the Harry Potter part at Universal? Ooh, I hope they’d have something with Mutant Stewie(s)! And maybe a ride inside an abandoned Twinkie factory….


    • Don’t you think 30 messages is a little excessive? I would assume that each message you send causes you to get pushed down in que of their huge back log of messages. When people constantly bombard their mail they are slowing responses for everyone including themselves.


  23. Just a bump rehash on an update I posted the other day. Still my biggest WTH.

    RE: TinyCo hasn’t made Carl available to Android Users (WTH 10/31 – Update 11/13)

    So… supposedly the “Official” TinyCo response I got was that because I’m on a Samsung device, that the issue is that Samsung is “reviewing the content”. Total BS and full of Fail. Samsung doesn’t review Apps that go on the Google Play Store, Duh…. they think us idiots I guess. It seems my ire was well directed as it would appear that TinyCo is full of Apple Fanboys! It doesn’t work on any Android devices or emulators, right? Funny how it does work on iOS and iOS emulators (been there done that and tested it for certain).

    Directed at TinyCo whom I know read this site: BTW, this is strike 2 TinyCo. You’re one foul-up away from making my blood boil. Fantastic! It’s not that I’m against Apple… just Apple Fanboys… I digress and that’s another story for another time. Fix it Fanboys or forever be known as TinyCo… a division of Crapintosh! 😛

    WTH – “Scary Guys” no longer in Face Space?

    WTH – 37 Extra Rares in 5 days?!?!?!?!? Math doesn’t add up to make it possible without spending considerable amounts of clams in the process.

    WTH – Bitch Brian clone machine doesn’t seem to release any (maybe 1) clone every 12 hours. So was it really worth the clams?

    Personal WTH – Tis the season to be grumpy…. work is slow this time of year for those of us that have the odd job of being in a niche market; however, why cancel or delay work until January when you scheduled it knowing full well the holidays were coming up? It’s like here tiny Tim, have a crust of bread…. no wait, can’t give that to you until after the holidays because we might need that for the holiday turkey stuffing even though we have a surplus! And people often wonder why I get a bit moody around Christmas. Maybe I need a career change after 21 years. Guess that’s a different WTH altogether. WTH – 21 years working the same gig and I’m not retired?!?!?! Gotta love the holidays! Bah Humbug!


  24. Wth isn’t the clone machine supposed to drop 4 of each clone? Woke up this morning no clones, hit the icon over machine and only one of each, 2 hours later same thing. Wth!


  25. So I work in the meat business and right now there is a free turkey for anyone who spends x amount of $. The turkeys range from 14 to 20lbs. And every year I have like 20 people a day that want me to dig through the giant display of turkeys and find them the biggest one. do you know how many finger smashings this has caused for me? Come on people its a free bird just grab one off the top and be happy about it. Last year a lady had me go to the back and find one because our display of 100 turkeys wasnt a big enough selection for her. In the process I hit my shin so hard there is still a bruise on it a year later and nerve damage. My leg grows black hair in that spot now so I sure hope she enjoyed her freakin turkey. You dont know the uglyness behind the holidays until you work in retail. I normally love my customers until this time a year they turn into monsters. The worst part about it is I have to do whatever they want and do it with a smile on my face and still manage to get the rest of my work done. Rant over. thanks for listening. I feel better now.

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    • Oh…I’ve worked Black Friday in retail…it is why I do NOT work in retail anymore. 😉


      • Oh, don’t get me started on working retail again! Remember my previous long rant about that? Still the same bitchy customers (see what I did there? LOL). The “I’m always right” attitude. And oh God I hate retail during the holidays. In the Kroger where I work, there was Christmas crap everywhere even before Halloween was over! WTH! We have to wear these stupid very ill-fitting santa hats all the way thru Christmas, they itch like hell, and the little fuzzy white ball on the hat keeps slapping the side of my itchy head! Happy F-ing Holidays my butt!

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    • Go in the back, wait 2-3 minutes, then come out and say nicely, sorry, these are the biggest we have. That’s what I do, because turkeys crushing your fingers does suck.

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    • I feel you man. I love the people who make me go through Hell to get them the perfect $100+ roast then ask me “how do you cook this?”

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    • Those people prolly came out of stewie cloning machine…


  26. FYI: I have noticed that the timer isn’t always correct for characters when you click a building and scroll through the characters, it corrects itself eventually. Anyone else notice this?

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  27. What the hell seems to be a phrase I’m hearing in just about every tv sit com now. What the hell?

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  28. My WTH for this week would be that premium stuff, although its price ha been reduced compared to comic-con and halloween, still seems a bit too high price wise IMHO, even though many players have voiced their opinion over and over again regarding that a good portion of stuff in the game has to be purchased using clams only.

    It irks me a lot that TinyCo make it so that in order to be successfully to unlock a timed character or complete a timed challenge, the player is forced to purchase a premium item or else, otherwise, there is no chance one would be able to succeed in the limited time-frame given.

    This is THE reason why in the first place many players opted to getting their game hacked for free clams because the pricing of the premium content was (and still is) getting out of hand. No one in his/her sensible mind is ready to fork out hundreds and hundreds of dollars per month for a virtual character, building and decoration in the game when that money has to be saved up for family, bills and other important stuff.

    I know many of you will respond by telling me: if you don’t like how the game handles its stuff, then don’t bother playing it in the first place; or, you are not obliged to fork out a single penny if you don’t want to and play it freemium. I AM willing to spend a bit on money here and there sparsely on it but not when its pricing for certain items go out of hand.

    I’d like TinyCo to keep in mind that certain timed quests, characters and challenges are to be attainable 100% without the need of having to spend money month after month on premium content where, without it, the average player will always be penalized, not being able to achieve certain goals that the wealthy, premium player would easily obtain just by spending the big bucks.

    I could go on and on about the matter and on different ways how to tackle the pricing on premium content, but for today, I think I’ll stop here for the moment.

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  29. Another challenge?! Come on TinyCo, that’s burning content like paper


  30. This week’s “What the hell” is now the official place to bitch about the bitch clones having bitch-glitches.

    We all have an itch to bitch about the glitch. Makes me want to pitch the game into a ditch. With the glitch, even if I were rich, I wouldn’t get the bitch.

    And Lois as a witch is still the symbol for “Wicked Glitch?” I think we’re due for a switch. That’t not her niche. How about using a bitch clone as symbol for “Wicked Glitch”. Which bitch? Well that’s up to you.

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  31. So with Halloween over will the Smiths help us find Stewie’s plutonium or is that blimp going to just fail to launch in my harbor forever?


    • The next phase will be here soon. 🙂


    • The plutonium bit isn’t part of a limited time quest, it’s tied to the main leveling up system/storyline. In other words, the American Dad stuff is timed, like Halloween or Comic Con, while the plutonium quest is part of the main game. Anyone who levels up will eventually experience the plutonium, even after American Dad event has come and gone. The blimp and all that will have to continue when we get to the next actual level release.


  32. I get to see this (censored) Consuela with the memory allocation failed message atleast 75% of the times I try to start the game now. I am considering to use the tasker app to auto kill the game whenever it is minimized. I dont want it to run wasting 500-900 MB of memory once I exit the game.

    Each time I see the (censored) (censored) I get closer to uninstall the game permanently.

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  33. My only real what the hell is still the whole land issue. I have so much in my inventory it’s ridiculous. It’s actually at the point now where I’m not going to bother playing anymore, and certainly not buying anything. I love the game but I’m simply not interested in getting more “stuff” if it’s just going to be hidden away.

    For now TSTO has my attention. I can have as much land as I can afford, and their last event won me back again. It’s a shame since I’ve spent so much on Family Guy but I suppose it was fun while it lasted. If they fix this, I’ll be back. How hard is it to just let us unlock space like TSTO when we need it?


    • (side note…it took TSTO 2 years to give you that land. Last bit took them almost a year to release. 😉 )


      • Yeah I suppose it’s a bit unfair to compare them. I did come into TSTO really late (like Easter this year I think).

        But this is a “What the Hell” so it’s fair game 🙂

        I’ve said many positive things about TinyCo in the past, it’s just getting frustrating with all this stuff in storage is all.


  34. WTH Coworker-You have only been married a year and you are not only cheating on your wife, but openly joking about it in the break room? Now I am certainly glad I did not get you a wedding present.

    WTH Zelda (my puppy)-You will chew on my socks, leg, slippers, couch, carpet, cat and kids and not your chew toys.

    WTH people complaining about Christmas decorations-It is sick that your stores are putting up Christmas stuff the day after Halloween. The store I work at had ours up in August. We got chewed out by home office for not having the trees plugged in yet.

    WTH Blacklist-That was a weak finale. Pick a direction please.

    WTH Boardwalk Empire-That was the best ending you could up with for the series? A twist so easy to spot I figured out 6 episodes ahead of time? I could pull a better ending than that out of …hey hey kids!

    WTH EA-Why can’t I still craft with all the crap I have collected all month long? Does it really make that big of a difference?

    WTH TinyCo-That animation clicking on the bitch Brians is rather disturbing.

    WTH shoppers-you live in New England. You know how to handle snow. Why are you freaking out over an inch of snow?


  35. I wish the water would open up more along with more land. I have so much stuff and would like to get even more stuff and can’t because I don’t have the room. I don’t like having to store my items for more space to build new things. I also don’t like it all crammed together. I like having some space between items.


  36. WTH, just one each of the clones ever four hours! Not fun.


  37. BTW you should live in the UK.
    We don’t have Thanksgiving to stave off the Xmas tat every year so consequently we have Christmas crap in the shops from…ooh…about mid September. I kid you not. I wouldn’t mind but it doesn’t even snow. Just gets cold, windy and rains more than usual.
    Then stays that way til about May.
    Then it floods all summer.
    Sigh, Rule Brittania, eh?


  38. I unlocked Stan really quickly. This was a surprise after some of the slogs I had to go through for other characters. Score one for my team.
    Then I find that the bitch brian character is clams only. Sigh.
    I used every last clam on the smith house. And that’s the end of the money for this year. Can’t afford any more! Xmas is coming! Argh!
    “Game over, man, game over.” – Private Hudson, Aliens.

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