What The…Jurassic Items??!! Bird-rassic Park

Hey there Clammers. Since a recent glitch seems to keep hitting and this question keeps popping up all over the place, I figured I would do a quick post on it to help you understand just where this item came from. The Bird-rassic Park.

Bird-rassic Park

For whatever reason it seems like one of the main items from BETA likes to hover over buildings in Quahog randomly. Sparking some interest and conversation in the item. Is this a sign of things to come? Why is it in the game?

Well basically the Bird-rassic Park was something that TinyCo was messing around with during the BETA testing version of the game. There were a few other items too around that time that also did not make it into the live version when they actually launched the game worldwide in April of this year. Here are some from the similar set.

Electric FenceElectric Fence

Watch TowerWatch Tower


Park JeepPark Jeep


All items very reminiscent of a very popular Movie from a lil while back. Lol.

Now here are a few screenshots from readers of the BETA park making its way into their Quahogs. (Thanks for sending them in.) It seems to favor Quagmire’s Home for some reason. Well, he IS a wild animal after all. πŸ˜›

Randy Email

Johnathan Email

Ben email

Hopefully that will help to clear up any confusion for all the players that have wrote into us already in regards to this former item. Of course, feel free to report to TinyCo if you are experiencing this particular image glitch. (It isn’t the only building I have seen hovering. Lol.)

What do you make of all this? Hope they do bring back BETA items like this one? Have you gone through your game messaging system and made any requests for items yet? Let us know your thoughts below. We love to hear from yah.


32 responses to “What The…Jurassic Items??!! Bird-rassic Park

  1. When I switch the griffin house to the holloween skin the police station duplicates and hovers over the griffen house. And when I turn glen house to the holoween skin the bird rassic park hovers over his house. It is kind of funny to see the buildings float like that.


  2. In the accomplishments menu l have everthing except beautiful Peter,
    Spanish Soap Peter, and Rupert. Tryed and tryed for Rupert, never happened. Have the Peters showed up already? Will Rupert be available again? Also for the xp points for Brian with no friends how is this accomplised? Thank You Both for a job well done;~)


    • The other ones have not come into the game yet. XP points for Brian? Can you be more specific what you are asking. This is a post about the Bird-rassic Park. Lol. Things like this are much better suited for the Q&A section. You may also find your answers already there too. πŸ˜‰


      • Thank You,
        I guess i’m never sure when and where to post what. Hopefully i’ll figure out theproper place or visit more often. The Brian one is under achievements where he has friends to visit 20 times.
        Again l thank you for your time. Just not sure how to search that ?πŸ‘₯πŸ’‹


  3. Whats this game messaging system you’re talking about?


  4. Was the quahog stadium a beta item because during the comic con event back in august it hovered over the q-hotel for some reason so I restarted my game and it went away I didn’t report it to tiny Co or anything because it went away and I never saw it again so I’m just wondering if it was a beta item or not?


  5. Speaking of glitches, all my American Dad characters disappeared from the FaceSpace People of Quahog. I have the red ! after getting Steve, but the characters and the black shadows have competely vanished!


    • As you can see, they’re reworking it. Adding in the characters from previous events. Main Game will always take priority over visuals like FaceSpace, but they will update it.


      • I am not sure where I would see this reworking, but in the scheme of things this is a terribly minor glitch that has no effect on game play. Just thought I would mention it.


        • Similar with the Smiths…the Con Characters WERE at the top, then pulled to make room for Halloween. A few were missing from FaceSpace, so they are reworking them back in along with some other ones from Halloween. Constant thing as new Characters come along.


  6. Off-topic – related to Carl… did anyone else get an American Express commercial instead of American Dad today? It’s an okay commercial and still earned 2 clams, but I wouldn’t call it “hilarious”.


  7. hello! Unrelated, but could someone tell me if b. brian will be available until the end of today or until the end of tomorrow? Thanks!


  8. I’ve had the Baseball Field glitch and this really weird one where after I clicked a building to release a character from a finished task I got the Griffin house upside down with some other scrambled images. I wish I was able to take a cap of it,but the error fixed itself when I moved the error off screen and returned.


  9. The country club that came with Buzz kinda does this. When someone’s in it, it shows 2 versions; one “empty,” facing the street the way I placed it and one facing sideways with the lights on and people inside. They are connected, sharing the same plot, but each facing different ways. Once Buzz is done with his task, I collect from him and he exits, it goes back to normal. Hasn’t affected gameplay so I haven’t reported it.


  10. I finally saw this glitch the other day. It only happens when I try to use the Halloween house skins (Griffins, Swanson, and Quagmire). Strange, it did not occur during the Halloween event the entire time I had those skins on. But then I switched back to the original houses, then decided why not keep it spooky? BAM! Floating buildings… It doesn’t affect gameplay, so I’m not too worried about it. Interesting glitch though… -MuMpY-


  11. Hello addicts! I have a few of things I want to say. First off, I would like to say congrats on managing both the Tapped Out and Family Guy websites. You guys do a great job keeping up to date in both sites. πŸ™‚
    Secondly, I captured a great screenshot for the “Caption This” but I don’t quite know where to post it, if anywhere. Lastly, I find myself in a bit of a conundrum. I just started the Lost Boys main questline. However, I just bought Steve and Hayley yesterday and would like to unlock Bitch Stewie as well. I have 104 DNA, 10 Bubble Bath Beards and 3 To-Do Lists with 1 day and 15 hours left to go in the event. Which should I unlock first? Thanks!


  12. I haven’t had this glitch. I’ve seen the electric fence in posted screenshots before and have wanted that available. There are places I’d like to use it rather than chainlink


  13. Jorge Tavares Rodrigues

    On BETA stage I bought the Watch Tower and the Park Jeep (Don’t remember neither the Park, the Fence or the Cage..). Never got any “hovering” problems with them…And they look cool πŸ˜‰


  14. I have seen the Bird-rassic Park, Electric Fence, and the jeep in a few of my neighbors when visiting and wondered where they came from. I just started in mid-June playing so I was curious if they will ever come back into play again.


  15. I usually get the baseball field doing this in the event forest. I thought it was an echo glitch, as I already had the field placed elsewhere in town. And Herbert’s house’s occupied state doesn’t quite cover the unoccupied one, so it looks like his house slides off its foundation when he goes inside.


  16. Not seen anything like this… shame!

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