American Dad Phase 4 is Here!

Hello There Clammers!

American Dad Phase 4 has hit our Tiny Quahogs!  And it looks like Roger is joining the party!

Roger Phase 4


Update from Alissa:

WARNING….Roger is NOT timed.  BUT you will have the option to get Klaus once you collect ALL the Smiths (including Roger).  Getting Klaus IS Timed.  So be careful!  The challenge to get Klaus will trigger via Stan after you get the task to Get Stuff for Roger.  DO NOT Click on Stan again until you’re ready to start the task for Klaus.  You will only have 4 days to get Klaus (ie unlock Roger)…so again DO NOT TAP STAN after you get the trigger to get Roger.
Roger will have an item that is Epic to collect…(think eyeballs).  So take your time to get Roger, just DO NOT tap Stan after that quest triggers…otherwise you’ll be on the clock for Klaus.  

Looks like there’s a few things in store for us this go round…not just Roger.  Details below the fold…

New Buildings:

Roger's PlaceRoger’s Place- 150 Clams.  Earns $30, 20xp/ 8hrs.  Always drops Box Wines

Sand BarSand Bar- 100 Clams.  Earns $10, 5xp/ 4hrs.  Always drops Pecan Sandies.

fg_building_budgetbadasskiosk_thumbnail@4xBudget Badass- 150 Clams.  Earns $30, 20xp/4hrs. Always drops Wigs (This is a returning item from the 80’s Cleveland Update)

New Decorations:

American Dad BillboardAmerican Dad Billboard- $10,000.

Psychotic Hot TubPsychotic Hot Tub- 50 Clams.

Tearjerkey IslandTearjerker Island- 150 Clams

New Character:

Roger has finally arrived…for good! In order to get him, you will need to have completed the Phase 3 questline. Stan will start this new questline “The Alien Inside Me“. Part 1 is Stan’s task Hide Roger. Part 2 will unlock Roger’s Ship for Purchase and begin the collection of Roger’s items once it is built. BE WARNED…as soon as you hit Part 2, the next ! over Stan is the Klaus Challenge, so tap on at your own risk (See above WARNING).

Stan Hide Roger 1

You’ll find him in the S.S. Bonnie Raitt.

S.S. Bonnie RaittS.S. Bonnie Raitt- $2,000.  Earns $50, 30xp/10hrs.  16hr Build.

To get Roger you’ll need to collect STUFF to unlock him.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Pecan Sandies5 Pecan Sandies (Uncommon)- Earned By: Make Stan Keep America Safe OR Make Francine Show off Her Muffins OR Get from CIA Headquarters OR Get from Sand Bar

WIgs15 Wigs (Uncommon)- Earned By: Make Steve Play Make Believe OR Make Quagmire Look for Alien Life OR Get from Colonial Barn OR Get From Budget Badass

Box Wine10 Box Wines (Rare)- Earned By: Make Bonnie Give a tour of Clam Festival OR Make Bruce Make Bathtub Gin OR Get From S.S. Bonnie Raitt OR Get from Roger’s Place

Feather Boa3 Feather Boas (Epic)- Earned By: Clear CIA Agents OR Make Peter Attract New Clients OR Make Hayley Pose Nude for Art Class OR Get from Clam Festival Stage.

For those curious it’s 725 Clams to unlock Roger instantly.  

Getting Klaus


As mentioned above…you can earn Klaus if you unlock all of the Smiths!  Remember…Klaus IS Timed.  Once the task triggers you’ll only have 4 days to unlock Roger and get Klaus.  So…if you want to avoid the clock starting, DO NOT Click on Stan after the task to get stuff for Roger Triggers.  

Klaus 2


Klaus is only a decoration.  When tapped he will jump out of the bowl, and back in. He also is voiced.

 Housekeeping Note:

White Picket Fence

The White Picket Fences have been increased in price.  They’ve gone from $250 to $750 each.  We’ve put in a request with TinyCo on this, to see what happened…but for now that’s the new price for it.


And that’s everything for the final week of American Dad!

What do YOU think of the event?  Did you enjoy American Dad?  Did you get all of the characters?  Thoughts on the questline as a whole?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

429 responses to “American Dad Phase 4 is Here!

  1. Can i still get american dad characters?


  2. Did anyone get Klaus at the end of the event. He’s not voiced. His timer ran out for me , but it was probably some technical mistake and i get him put in my inventory for having all the Smiths. Kind of weird. He’s just not voiced even after a hard shut down. The game suddenly came up saying I had all the Smiths and have me Klaus.


  3. Ok, I know the Amarican Dad scene is leaving today-Thursday but is ALL of the American Dad items leaving the store?? I just didn’t know if I need to stock up on fences right now. THANK YOU!!!!


  4. My Klaus has no voice. I reported it to Tiny Co. and they made a few suggestions but still no voice. Their last reply said they would look into it. I’m just wondering if anyone else has this problem or any suggestions to help. I forced closed the app on my ipad. I did everything but delete and reinstall. Also what exactly does Klaus say?


  5. familyguyforever

    The wine boxes were the hardest to get, but got one this morning and two tonight not sure if a coincedence or Tiny upped the drop rate, if the latter thanks, so now have Roger and Klaus. To all those that missed out on Klaus due to yet another timer, he is a very small decoration and as cannot put him in the Smiths garden just placed him by the house but looks odd so I think he will go into inventry as not impressed in it at all, especially as this was the last item, pretty unimpressed, you have not missed a lot. Apart from this have enjoyed the American Dad event, and hope something good will happen for Christmas, not just yet another costume, although have to admit a Santa costume for Peter would not be a bad idea, but not one that weeks to get or a timed event please.


  6. Roger was hell easy for me to get even accidentally setting klaus off on time too. Had 4 hours to spare! Got those pink epic collectibles faster than any other! About 5 goes not buying any clam items either.
    Francines muffins were way wayyyyyyy harder and took deadset 1.5 weeks. 2 even.


  7. Let me get this straight, as long as I start the Klaus timer before the AD event ends, the timer will keep going and I can still get Roger and Klaus after the event ends as long as it’s before Klaus’s timer is up (though Roger will still be available)? Those box wines are killing me! And I only got the final Francine muffin last night!


  8. Two days passed and not a single of the last 3 wine boxes dropped even with all characters tasked continuously. This rare item sucks. Used clams to complete it since my sleep is more important. Lousy ending to an otherwise decent event. *waves fist at TC 😛


  9. Wish I would’ve found this site sooner. 1hr left and still need a **** boa :((((( I want klaus 😦


  10. I unlocked Roger with about an hour and some minutes left on the Klaus timer. I thought that I only needed to unlock Roger before the timer went off. I didn’t know that clicking on Stan was what trigger the Klaus timer ^^’
    I just thought that unlocking all of the Smiths within the time would unlock Klaus.
    Oops. ^^’ Oh well.


  11. Yay! Accidentally started the Klaus timer and finished with 4 hours left! Only had to buy 1 wine box. Can’t complain about 15 clams!


  12. Francein is Amanda Tapping!!!


  13. I need one Boa in 7 hours, it’s not looking good. I’m going to whine a little about the same things already posted.

    The 16 hour build time for Roger’s space ship was a bit cheeky when they knew that would take more than half a day from the timer. Considering the complaints about previous timers it’s odd to see them do the same thing over and over.
    Needing Hayley to be level 7 was also a bit much, my Hayley will not hit level 7 until tomorrow when it’s too late for her to help. I feel like I got punished for not unlocking Hayley earlier and doing her quests instead of power levelling, I bought the AD clam building to help which wasn’t even needed.

    I’ve spent over 1000 clams during this event, I really wanted to support TinyCo for the American Dad event, but feel like I’m being told that wasn’t enough. It looks like I’m facing buying more clams to buy the Boa outright or rush tasks, either way I need to buy more clams. I still have a slight chance of getting Klaus for free but this whole thing has left a bad taste regardless of what happens.

    Whine over. Well done to everybody who beat the timer.


  14. I was cursing myself when I diligently held off on tapping Stan in the top left corner for all of sixteen hours before reflexes took over. I was still four hours away from “building” Roger’s craft, and five “rare” muffins away from unlocking Francine! I’d said goodbye to Klaus the moment the timer started.

    At least, until “rare” items started dropping as if they were “common” items. Now with still over a day to go on the challenge, I’m only one box wine away from unlocking Roger. This game truly works in mysterious ways…


  15. I need to start coming here before I tap anything. I only have a little over a day left to get Klaus…it isn’t gonna happen. Glad it’s just a deco though. If he was a character I would be really upset. I am also glad that we can still work on unlocking after the event ends. I haven’t been playing very much due to Thanksgiving, but have all the vehicles.


    • It can happen, just takes a lot of work. I too didn’t read and immediately tapped after placing the ship to build. Took constant logging in as soon as chars completed their quests and I finally just got klaus with just under 10 hours left on my timer. I really hope they redo some events or rerelease chars for those who didn’t get or didn’t start playing till later. Also be really cool if at some point they would make klaus a actual character! ( could turn in the table klaus as a quest requirement to grant the actual playable character and maybe offer him for clams for those that didn’t get the table one) so many fun quests he could have like mind transfer into another body, flip keys to Stan, etc…


  16. I thought Klaus had a voice


  17. After this event can I still unlock Francine ? And roger . On Friday for example ? Or they be gone?


    • As long as they are built and earning their items (so for Francine as long as you got the car and are getting items for her like muffins) then they will stick around.


  18. Sorry if this was already answered, I did look though but nothing specific as far as I could find 🙂 Does the Klaus timer need to start prior to the AD event ending or is it like the characters, as long as you have discovered them the mini event will trigger?

    Not being able to use Stan is killing me but I think I can start it once I get Francine (damn muffins!!) lol. Already have 2 of 3 boas from CIA guys, but dem muffins.



    • Clarifications post coming in the AM. Yes, as long as you start the timer for Klaus Challenge BEFORE the event ends you can keep going until his time runs out.


  19. It’s quite frustrating that they didn’t learn anything from the Halloween event. I lost 16 hours off my timer because they offered this as soon as I started building Roger’s ship, instead of when it was done and I could actually start unlocking him. If they can’t figure out how to get timed quests not to launch until you can actually make progress toward completing them, the least they could have done was make the ship an instant build, or at the very least, just a few hours to limit the amount of time people lose. They need to stop penalizing players for playing.


  20. Like others, I had the Klaus event start unintentionally when Stan and Quagmire were both in the CIA building and I clicked to complete their tasks but it set them off. I have about 65 hours left and need to get two more boas, and nine more wine boxes. The drop rate on the wine has been a little bit ridiculous on my end, but alas, either I get Klaus or I don’t, no biggie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, started it unintentionally too… Thankfully he is just a fancy decoration…

      Maybe later they will release a full character! Cause that fish is AWESOME!


  21. I bought 4 white picket fences but all you can see is four holes in the ground. What the heck? lol I just wanted my lighthouse to look pretty and now I need some caution tape so that no one falls into the holes in the ground. BTW when I put them into my inventory they actually look like fences. Anyone else have this issue? I hope that someone can fix it, that was a lot of money to spend on something that I can’t even see 😦


  22. I’m having an issue getting all my stuff for Roger & Francine. I’m putting all my people to work to collect the items but nothing is being given out-crap!! I have a little over a day to get Roger & still need more than half of each item to unlock him. None of the cia agents have dropped anything by clearing them. None of the buildings have dropped anything😡. Is there anybody else having this problem?? I play every day multiple times a day & always have my people working to get stuff but having them work 10hrs & not drop anything is crap especially when your on a time crunch to unlock a character.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Hi Girls
    Well I unlocked Roger and he has started his own quest line (The Alien inside me) but no Klaus in my inventory and Roger still shows a timer ? any clues…


    • Is everyone else unlocked and running around too in the Smith Family?


    • Same problem here. Was missing one box of wine and one wig with 2 hours left. Spent the clams to unlock Roger since I would get 10 back anyway for having the whole family and shocking.. no Klaus. Not in my inventory not in my game. Reloaded and still nothing. Have contacted TinyCo. I can live without the Klaus deco but would at least like my clams back then since I easily could have got those 2 items in the next 2 days before AD event ended.


  24. Does Roger go away on the 4th even if I’ve started collecting for him?


  25. I’ve done every task since launch and I have to say that the one to get Klaus is the first one to actually annoy me, rather like a lot of other people it seems.

    I play the game normally – which is to say I make my own way through it as much as I can and only come here when I am stumped or looking for the best way to maximise my time on the big events. So naturally I placed Roger’s ship and clicked on Stan as soon as they turned up.

    The thing that annoys me is that, if you do just play the game as it is meant to be played (without looking on the internet etc) then the task for Klaus is ludicrous. First of all you lose 16 hours straight away just to build Roger’s ship. So you are down to 3 days and 8 hours before you can even do anything. Then you need three epic items which are just the worst. But on top of that you need 10 rare items, which can only be gotten by two people doing eight hour tasks (plus Roger’s ship at ten hours a time).

    So in the eighty hours you have (after wasting 16 to build the ship) you can send those two people on their tasks 10 times each, plus you get eight chances with Roger’s spaceship. So you need to get 10 rare items with only 28 attempts – hahahahahaha! Yeah. Now I know plenty of people have done just that, or have the premium building that drops the rares too. But for the rest of us that is a joke.

    I’ve been sending my characters on their tasks for the rare items since my timer started and I have two of them. So how Tinyco expected this to be a realistic target boggles my mind. I’ll be glad to get Roger eventually but to miss out on Klaus is frustrating, especially as most of the other timed decos’ from past events have been just random things (like the golden poo) so wouldn’t have been as big a miss.

    Think Tinyco have dropped the ball here.


    • I am still seeing people get him with NO clams spent. It is a time consuming one…but possible. It is how any of these kind of app games work.

      My way of explaining them is this…you Play or you Pay. That is the toss up. You Play and Play often to get items or you Pay to get them.


      • I’m not disagreeing with you, Bunny. But Jackanape is right in stating that the Box Wine requirement is too steep. This is a case where the “Play and play often” option fails. A “Freemium” player only gets 28 attempts to earn 10 Rare Items. But typically, the drop rate of rare items is such that most players would require 50-100 attempts in order to earn 10 such items. That means that no matter how often one plays, a freemium player has less than a 50% chance of being able to earn the Box Wines within the Challenge time.

        Myself, I expect that by the end of my Challenge, I will be 4 Box Wines short of 10. So, if I want Klaus, I’ll have to shell out 60 Clams. (Well, 50, really, since you earn 10 from completing the Smiths.) And I’ve been earning enough Clams that I don’t necessarily mind it.


        • I understand what you are saying, I am just stating it is not impossible to get. I have seen several already get him Clam free. I got him Clam free in my Freemium game. That is the thing with these games, you can think it is impossible and panic and hit that buy buy buy button. We always push for players to wait. Let it play out. Then if you absolutely feel you MUST have it and MUST spend that game currency…do so but do so wisely. NEVER give in to a challenge if it can be done. 😉

          There are WAY too many variables in the item drops. I hardly even pay attention to the “rarity” of them anymore. I just see how it plays out. As MANY times I got all my extra rares and epics before commons in many cases. It all is a matter of play. How YOU Play.


          • The point is, you should ALWAYS be able to get him, regardless of purchases… If it gets much beyond that, the game goes from “free to play” to “free to fail”…


          • Got Rodger and Klaus with more than 30 hours to spare on the timer. It can be done.

            Three epic drops went faster than the five uncommon drops for Rodger but it took me two weeks to get the last seashell needed for Mermaid Peter. Go figure.


  26. Will Roger, as with the other smiths, be there still to unlock after the event ends if you havent yet unlocked him?


  27. I need just 3 wines in 1 day and 15 hours.

    So I chess it’s doable without spending clams (I taped Stan just after placing the ship).


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