Best Of 2014 Last Minute Purchases!

UPDATE: FYI… just got word back from TinyCo a patch is going to be pushed soon to credit players their missing Clams. You will NOT see a pop up message from them. The Clams will just automatically add to your account. I was not given a specific time when this will happen, so keep an eye out on your Clam counts. Those that sent support tickets may see a response stating same later today too. This should be live now. I just verified in my game that mine were added. 😉

As for the Pyramid, Phone Booth, and Coffin linked to the 3 Characters… they will go when the event does. So even if you have not completed the unlocking of them, those buildings that brought them in will be disappearing. 

Hey there Minions!

Bouncing by with a reminder that this really cool flash back of TONS of Characters, Costumes, and Items will be coming to a close TODAY around 3PM PST. 

Best of 2014 Mystery Box 1 2 3

That means that all these cool new things will be going back into the TinyCo vaults and may never return again. So make sure you make any final purchases BEFORE the Event ends. Also, make sure you finish up any tasks and Material collections BEFORE the Event ends.

Here is a quick run down of it all again…


decoration_oasis@4xDesert Oasis: $7,500/ $30 & 20XP every 4hrs

decoration_volcano_wip_thumbnail@4xActive Volcano: $5,500/ $60 & 40XP every 12hrs

decoration_stewieshinx_wip_thumbnail@4xStewie Sphinx: $2,500/ $30 & 20XP every 4hrs

fencingcenterGeorge Takei Fencing Center: $2,500/ Build Time 8hrs/ $45 & 30XP every 8hrs/ Limit 1

Cephalopod CafeCephalopod Cafe: $4,000/ Build Time 10hrs/ $10 & 20XP every 4hrs/ Limit 1

fg_building_herotrainingcenter@4xTraining Montage Training Center: $2,000/ Build Time 20hrs/ $60 & 40XP every 12hrs

Hell's PitHell’s Pit: $2,250/ 12hr Build/ $45 & 30XP every 12hrs

Redrum InnRed Rum Inn: $1,500/ 4hr Build/ $30 & 20XP every 4hrs/ Limit 1

Quahog CanneryQuahog Cannery: $4,000/ 12 hr Build/ $60 & 40XP every 12hrs



Evil monkey Evil Monkey Statue: $5,000

decoration_smallpalm_WIP@4xBaby Palm Tree: $500

Tiki TorchTiki Torch: $200

Giant Freeze RayGiant Freeze Ray: $4,500

building_clamsterprize-open_decover@4xThe Clampterprise: $10,000 (Animated)/ Limit 1

Robuttasaurus vs RobothingyRobbuttasaurus vs Robothingy: $5,000

XL-KXL-K: $3,000

Ethereal Larping ForestEthereal Larping Forest: $2,000

Octopus Carnival RideOctopus Carnival Ride: $3,500

Wacky Waving Arm Hero 1Wacky Waving Tube Hero: $500

Stripper Bonnie's PoleStripper Bonnie’s Pole: 25 Clams/ Needed for Stripper Bonnie’s Champagne Room task.

Witch's CauldronWitch’s Cauldron: $3,000/ Animated

Death's DogDeath’s Dog: $10,000/ Animated/ Limit 1

DiebetoDiebeto: $15,000/ Limit 1

Sugar SkullSugar Skulls: $1,000



kingbutt-animation-actionModal-001@4xKing Butt

Ankh40 Ankh (Uncommon)

Sonic Screwdriver5 Sonic Screwdriver (Epic)

Ghost11 Ghosts (Extra Rare)


georgetakei-animation-actionModal-001@4xGeorge Takei 

Ankh28 Ankh (Uncommon)

Captains Chair14 Captains Chairs (Rare)

Teddy Bear6 Teddy Bears (Extra Rare)


Mr WeedMr. Weed 

Machete14 Machetes (Uncommon)

Sonic Screwdriver3 Sonic Screwdriver (Epic)

Teddy Bear3 Teddy Bears (Extra Rare)




Bryan Cranston 1 Bryan Cranston ChairBryan Cranston w/His Chair. 450 Clams. From the Quahog ComicCon Event. (Will ALWAYS drop one of  items needed for King Butt). Once you purchase and place his chair, you will see him pop up in front of it with the Unlock symbol. Just tap on it to make him active in your game.


Nathan Fillion 5 decoration_directorchair_nathanfillion@4xNathan Fillion w/His Chair: 225 Clams. ALWAYS drops 1 Ankh OR Teddy Bear OR Captains Chair/ Chair earns $10 & 5XP every 2hrs. Place his Chair into your game and you will see him pop out with the bouncing unlock. Tap on it to bring him into the game.



Best Of 2014 Mystery Box 1

Best of 2014 Mystery Box Volume 1

peteradventure-animation-actionmodal-002@4xAdventure Peter

character_blobulous@4xBlobulous Chris

Iron Baby 3Iron Baby Stewie

patrickstewart-animation-actionModal-001@4xbuilding_clamsterprize-open_decover@4xPatrick Stewart w/Clamterprise

Dia De Los Muertos ConsuelaDia de los Muertos Consuela: 10 min Creation in Al’s

Ghost DianeDiane Simmons

FrancisFrancis Griffin

Slutty Cat MegSlutty Cat Meg


Best of 2014 Mystery Box 2

Best of 2014 Mystery Box Volume 2

Cool Cleveland80’s Pop Star Cleveland

feliciaday-animation-actionModal-001@4xFelicia Day

Rollocop Joe 4Rollo Cop Joe

Quagmire MultiplierMultiplier Quagmire

stanlee-animation-actionModal-001@4xStan Lee

Sexy Witch ConnieSexy Witch Connie

Vampire Duck StewieVampire Duck Stewie

Peed Pants Wet Himself (3)Pee-Pants Peter


Best of 2014 Mystery Box 3

Best of 2014 Mystery Box Volume 3


Giant StewieMutant Stewie

Ron Frolic with Puppies 7Ron Perlman

Captain HammeredCaptain Hammered Peter

Red Hot LoisRed Hot Lois

Rollerblading Bikini Peter 1Bikini Peter

Pink Brian 2Pink Brian

Stripper Bonnie 6Stripper Bonnie

Rollocop Joe 4Rollo Cop Joe: YES! He is in this one too, no matter which one you get him from, he will disappear from other once you have him. So, you have an option of either box.


There you have it. LOTS to pick and choose from. In the end, the decision is YOURS to spend Clams/Coins for them. All sales Final.

What did you think of all this? Any item specifically you got that you are happy with? Did you get it ALL? Let us know.









97 responses to “Best Of 2014 Last Minute Purchases!

  1. Loved this event! I didn’t start playing the game until Halloween so I was very excited to have the chance to grab some of the stuff I had missed, managed to get King Butt, Mr Weed and George Takei (although I missed out on a fair bit of sleep to do so!) I spent about 1000 clams (good old Xmas vouchers!) and managed to grab Nathan Fillion, Patrick Stewart, Stan Lee and a bunch of cool costumes before running out of clams, my only disappointment was Freddie and Jason not returning as I only joined halfway through Halloween but hopefully they will turn up again soon! (hint hint TinyCo!) keep up the amazing work ladies as you have become my first and last website of every day!


  2. Blew through a ton of clams during last six hours of event to try to get two bears and NOT worth it. Didn’t get them and didn’t get the prized George Takei, nonetheless King Butt or Mr. Weed (which was the only one I was close to getting after repeatedly awakening during the six hour projects or taking a “bathroom break” at work). Complete waste of time and money. Event should’ve been longer or items should’ve been more common. I’ve been playing this for a year and it now has discouraged me from playing it. Not worth the time or the money for the clams.


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