Do I Want That? Best Of 2014 Mystery Box 3

So you think you’re as rich at Carter Pewterschmidt? Own a fancy house like Buzz Killington? You sure gotta lot of clams there, whatcha gonna do with them?


Best of 2014 Mystery Box Volume 3

Now hold on there a minute. Are you SURE you want that? With all these cool Premium Items in the game, it is very easy to get carried away. Before you know it, Clamshell Shock! All gone!

So before you go ahead and buy any of the BEST OF 2014 Mystery Box 3 Characters/Costumes with your hard earned Clams, here are a few things you might want to know about it.

ALL of the following Characters/Costumes will cost you at LEAST 125 Clams depending on WHO you already own in Best of 2014 Mystery Box 1.

Each Character will have a link within their information as well (underlined). Just tap on it to see more details. Keep in mind, some tasks were event only. I have noted how many outside ones remain. To see an updated list, check out our Characters Pages.  


Giant Stewie

Character: Mutant Stewie
Introduced: Quahog Comic Con

-Another Character Costume for Stewie
-One outside task
-7 total tasks for that earn you $$$ and XP
-Helps drop Sonic Screwdrivers for Best Of 2014 Event

Final Thought: I personally liked the lil Minions running all over my town. Especially when they would stop and squirt ink. Made me giggle. So when they offered this Costume for Blam during the Event, I was happy. I really have not used him much since due to he has been using his other Costumes, but now and then I still put him on his Outside task to see him run around and ink people. He is voiced.



Character: Ron Perlman
Introduced: Quahog Comic Con Event

-A New Character
-Two outside tasks
-6 total tasks that earn you $$$ and XP
-Helps drop Sonic Screwdrivers for Best Of 2014 Event

Final Thought: Another actor I do adore as I have met him many times (along with Stan and Patrick) in person. His outdoor tasks are funny. It amuses me to think of a big guy like him playing with a lil Puppy. He really helped during the Event. Hasn’t been much use since, but I keep him busy in my town earning $$ & XP. He is voiced.



Character: Captain Hammered Peter
Introduced: Quahog Comic Con Event

-Another Character Costume for Peter
-Two outside tasks
-7 total tasks that earn you $$$ and XP (Requires Fab 4 Headquarters for two, Training Montage Training Center for one.)
-Helps drop Sonic Screwdrivers for Best Of 2014 Event

Final Thought: I giggle at his outdoors tasks. Seeing him attempt to fly cracks me up every time. He was really useful during the Event, but not much use til now. I like him more due to he is a Comic Book Character of Fat Superman. He is voiced.


Red Hot Lois

Character: Red Hot Lois
Introduced: Quahog Comic Con Event

-A new Character Costume for Lois
-One outside task
-8 total tasks that earn you $$$ and XP (Requires Fab 4 Headquarters for four, Training Montage Training Center for one.)
-Helps drop Sonic Screwdrivers for Best Of 2014 Event

Final Thought: I like to put her on her Outside task with 80’s Cleveland’s outside task. It makes it look like when she shoots fire, she is the one making his hair light up. I now put her on the task with the Flaming Chickens running round too. Lol. She was really helpful during the Event, but not in much use til now. I do like that her Costume looks like Wonder Woman. She is voiced.


Rollerblading Bikini Peter 1

Character: Rollerblading Bikini Peter
Introduced: 4th of July Event

-Another Character Costume for Peter
-Two outside tasks
-5 total tasks that earn you $$$ and XP
-Helps drop Ankhs for Best Of 2014 Event

Final Thought: Here is the Do I Want we did when he returned a second time with our thoughts on him. I really do giggle when he loses his Bikini top. It’s a riot to watch every time. He is voiced.


Pink Brian 2

Character: Pink Brian
Introduced: Candy Time Event

-Another Character Costume for Brian
-Two outside tasks
-7 total tasks that earn you $$$ and XP
-Helps drop Teddy Bears for Best Of 2014 Event

Final Thought: Pink Brian was released prior to the start of Halloween and was an interesting way to try and earn a Costume. You had to participate daily to be able to earn him. His Pretty in Pink task is funny as he wobbles around in heels with a purse. I have not really used him much since until now. I am glad they brought him back because I wanted him with Vampire Stewie, I just wish the two had a dual task. He is voiced.


Stripper Bonnie 1

Character: Stripper Bonnie
Introduced: Quahog Comic Con Exclusive

-Another Character Costume for Bonnie
-Two outside tasks (One Requires Stripper Bonnie Pole)
-4 total tasks that earn you $$$ and XP
-Helps drop Sonic Screwdrivers for Best Of 2014 Event

Final Thought: She was dropped into our games right at the end of Quahog Comic Con and was not so easy to achieve for many players. I am glad they brought her back as I REALLY just wanted something else for her other than her basic self. This outfit is hilarious. Especially her outside tasks. She reminds me of a 80’s highschool girls bathroom while she styles her hair with a lot of aerosol hair spray. Her Champagne Room task is one of my favorites. She REALLY becomes a Stripper with it. Dancing around and spraying Champagne everywhere. Makes me laugh. Thank goodness TinyCo listened to request and brought back her pole for the task too. 😉 She is voiced.


A repeat from Best of 2014 Mystery Box 2. No matter what box you earn him in, he will disappear from the other once won.


Rollocop Joe 3

Character: Rollo Cop Joe
Introduced: Quahog Comic Con Event

-Another Character Costume for Joe
-One outside task
-7 total tasks that earn you $$$ and XP (Requires Training Montage Training Center for one. Requires Fab 4 Building for two.)
-Helps drop Teddy Bears for Best Of 2014 Event

Final Thought: Originally dropped as an Earnable Exclusive for Android, but also a limited time one. So I am glad to see his return. I do like the one Outdoor task he has as all the weaponry fired knocks him backwards. I am a Robo Cop fan too, so that tweaked my Geek. Haven’t used him too much since the Event as his other costumes came into play. He is voiced.


Final FINAL Thought: With ANY of these Characters/Costumes, ask yourself this… will YOU be happy with them 3 months from now? Will you regret then you did NOT get them for your game? We do not know what the future will bring, but we are seeing TinyCo reuse a lot of the Premium Characters again, so you never know. In the end it’s your call. What you buy and what you don’t buy is your own personal choice we can only guide you on the facts and let you know what we did and what we think.  But don’t purchase it until YOU are sure. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Remember ALL of these go on February 3rd @ 3PM PST.

What do you think of them all? Get any yet? Any favorite you are glad came back? Let us know.



28 responses to “Do I Want That? Best Of 2014 Mystery Box 3

  1. Hi Addicts! Maybe you can clear something up. The other day I noticed the website indicated that some of the ‘Best Of’ Surprise Box characters come with chairs, which will yield coins and XP. However, I have 4 of those chairs earned from the past events (George Takai, Ron Perlman, Stan Lee, and Patrick Stewart. Did Felicia Day have a chair? I cant find it, could be hidden somewhere)
    Only one of my chairs has ever produced coins and XP – George Takai’s. Is that correct, or is something wrong here?
    Do the new MysteryBox chairs produce XP/Coins where the ones earned in past events do not?


    • Some did, some didn’t. If you got a chair it went one of two places (then and now) either to your Main Menu where the cost would show “free” or in your Inventory storage. Just tap on them and you will see what ones pay and what ones do not. It is more due to some were almost classified as a “building” while the other a “decoration”. It all depends on how you acquired them.


  2. Just wanted to point out that under Red Hot Lois is says that it’s a character costume for Quagmire


  3. I am totally lost as to how many characters are in the game total! I have 52 total but i see ppl talking 60! Can i get some verification on what the total is plz?


  4. I think this is waaaaaaaaaay to expensive for costumes that at one time were free (albeit, you had to work for them)….i think 50 clams is a reasonable amount…125 for unlockable characters you missed (like perlman, stewart etc) is ok

    450 clams for Cranston is outrageous (225 for Fillion is pretty high too) especially considering that the premium characters are usually one and done in their respective event

    I passed on almost every single premium character except Jason and John Mclane…..way to expensive for me


  5. I wonder when the robed stewie will he released. It the last one on my splash screen not yet in the game.


  6. I haven’t seen these boxes. Probably because I already have all of these characters. The only things I bought were finally getting the Clamterprise and the Cephalopod Cafe. I’m really hoping the Fart of the Covenant shows up this week. I think that’s the only thing I’m missing.


  7. So I bought the George Takei phone booth but will be unable to get him by the end of the event. Will the phone booth leave with the closing of the event or will it stay in my town as a decoration? Thanks


  8. Two days I’ve continued using 5 charactors to unlock screwdrivers for king butt, some at 4 hours, some at six hours, many, many, many, many, hours setting there tasks every 4 or 6 hours. I have not 1 screwdriver. I thought it was going to be impossible to get 40 ankhs, and 11 ghosts, but got almost all of them. I’ll say it again not 1 freakin screwdriver. What’s the deal with that with 2 hours left. Not very happy.


  9. I only needed mutant stewie from this box. love his little tentacles!!


  10. Upset they never released sexy Stevie again. I have all 61 characters and 51 costumes so it’s actually the last one I needed. I started the game last year around comic con but by the time sexy Stevie event came around I still needed tons of plutonium to unlock stewie and wasn’t willing to pull that clam trigger. Oh well hopefully they bring him back at some point one random weekend like they did with roller skate Peter and pee pants. Or maybe they’ll bring him back when they finally release the similar red robe stewie that’s been front and center of our splash page for some time now.


  11. Still am hoping for Kool-aid Man and Sexy Stewie to show back up soon. Those are the only I am missing other than Gold Suit Peter which is IOS exclusive according to the walk- thru you have of him.


  12. Crunch time for me now. Only 6 Machetes and 2 Teddy Bears away from getting Mr. Weed. Already got George Takei and King Butt. Now I am just hoping I get Mr. Weed before event ends tonight.


  13. i liked this mystery box the most because i had NONE of these characters! I’ve won Ron Pearlman, Stripper Bonnie, Rollerblading Bikini Peter, and Pink Brian so pretty happy and content with these characters!! i’ve been wanting them and now finally had a chance to get ’em because of the fact I missed out on all of em. ❤ 🙂


  14. Just want to confirm the best of 2014 event ends at 3pm Pacific right? So 4 mountain, 5 central, 6 eastern? Im cutting it really close to try to get all 3 timed characters and I want to make sure I have time to speed them up if I’m one or two items short.


  15. Hope they extend the event. Jerome drops a flute as well as ghosts? ***** I’m off the mark a bit.


  16. I got mr weed but I didn’t get 50 clams and I cant get Pawtucket Pat the Pawtucket Mansion is missing


  17. I wonder if they will have a Phase 2 later because there is still quite a bit of stuff from Halloween and Christmas that people have been wanting.


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