4th of July Update is LIVE in Game!

Hello There Clammers!

Another late night update has hit our games….fortunately  this time we were awake to catch it!

First option is to create Rollerblading Bikini Peter…and Peter will kick off the event to create his costume.

Peter will also kick off a task to start the event…where you’ll be required to build the Deep Fried Everything Restaurant.

As always we’ll be back with more details as soon as we work through the update ourselves…..for now remember This event will end on July 11th

2014-07-04 04.31.18

Here’s all the new goodies included with this update:


petergriffen-rollerblade-animation-actionModal-001@4xRollerblading Bikini Peter- An all new costume for Peter
Here’s what’s required to unlock him:
 25 Cutoffs CommonEarned By: Make Bruce Spangle Some Stars and Stripes; OR Make Quagmire Steal Grease for Lube; OR Make Chris Eat Deep Fried Snack Cakes; OR Get from Shihoopy Carnival Stall.  Everything is 1hr long.  So 1 hr tasks and 1hr for item to drop from stall.  Chris and Quamire’s tasks require Deep Fried Everything, Bruce’s task requires Stars and Skates.
fg_materials_bikinitop@4x15 Bikini Tops Uncommon- Earned by: Make Lois Skate Sexily; OR Make Bonnie Skate Sexily; OR Get from Traumatized Fish Carnival Stall.  Everything is 2hrs long.  So 2hr tasks and 2hrs for item to drop from stall.  The tasks require Stars and Skates to complete.

fg_materials_rollerbladinghorse@4x10 Rollerskating Pony Rare– Get from Jerome Buy Cups for Stacked-Cup Drink; OR Make Mort Complain About Kosher Options; OR Get from Giggity-up Carnival Stall.  Everything is 4hrs long.  So 4hr tasks and 4hrs for item to drop from stall.  Mort’s task requires Deep Fried Everything, but Jerome’s task does not require any of the new buildings.  


building_deepfriedeverything@4x Deep Fried Everything– $4,400, Earns $10, 5xp/2hrs.  12hr build

fg_building_rollerskaterink@4x Stars and Skates-  $1,500.  Earns $10, 5xp/2hrs.  12hr build.

decoration_fourthjulyflower-red@4x Red Patriotic Flowers– $200.

decoration_fourthjulyflower-blue@4x Blue Patriotic Flowers-  $200

fg_decoration_largeamericanflag@4xAmerican Flag- $2,000

decoration_lightpostjuly4@4xPatriotic Light Post– $200

Premium Stuff:

building_sevenflagsatlantis@4x  Seven Flag Atlantis- 120 Clams. Earns $10, 5xp/2hrs.  This is animated (and looks pretty cool too!)

building_horseracecarnivalstall@4x Giggity-up Carnival Stall- 100 Clams. Earns $10, 5xp/4hrs.  Always drop Rollerskating Ponies.

building_fishbowlcarnivalstall@4x  Traumatized Fish Carnival Stall– 100 Clams.  Earns $10,5xp/ 2hrs.  Always drops Bikinis.

building_basketballcarnivalstall@4x Shihoopy Carnival Stall– 75 Clams.  Earns $10, 5xp/1hr.  Always drops Cutoffs.

fg_decoration_demorcraticdonkey@4xDemocratic Donkey– 40 Clams.  Fun animation.

decoration_republicanelephant@4xRepublican Elephant– 75 Clams.  Fun Animation.

decoration_baldingeagle@4xBalding Eagle– 180 Clams.  HILARIOUS Animation!

New Mystery Box! 

4th of July Mystery Box!!!  Costs IN GAME CASH!  For $2,000 you can have a shot at winning the following:

fg_decoration_fireworks1x1@4x Pocket Firework

fg_decoration_fireworks1x2@4x Pixie Firework

fg_decoration_fireworks1x3@4x Sunburst Firework

fg_decoration_fireworks2x5@4x Colossal Firework

decoration_fourthjulyflower-white@4x White Patriotic Flower

Or a chance for 3,000; 5,000; OR 7,500 coins.

OR the best prize of all…20 clams!

We’ll have a full break down on the box in a future post.  This is just the basic details to let you know what’s going on.

Alright my friends…that completes this rundown post.  Have fun and get those buildings going!  They take 12hrs so if you start them now they’ll be done tomorrow afternoon 🙂

What do YOU think of the update?  Anything you like at first sight so far?  Don’t like?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


343 responses to “4th of July Update is LIVE in Game!

  1. Can you please remove the options for roller skating peter and the others now that Stars and Stripes has ended as it still has it listed, yet doesn’t work now that the event has ended. Simply keeps telling me I need stars and stripes


  2. How do you get stars an skates for lois?


  3. Does it close at midnight like the night of the tenth or do we have the whole day on the eleventh to do it? Only wondering cause you can only unlock one costume at a time and my mid life crisis Lois is not done till morning?


  4. HisNameisJames(quagmire)

    Yes thanks


  5. HisNameisJames(quagmire)

    I noticed in a picture posted someone had 17 out of 18 outfits. I only have 17 all together. Am I missing one? Where can I read a list of all the outfits used in the game so far?


    • If you play on an Android device, you are missing “Golden Suit Peter”, which was an exclusive item for iOS users. (Apple contract stipulation) Did this answer your question?


  6. EvilKitten812

    Unlocked bikini peter. Absolutely no clams spent, although I am still considering buying a couple of the games. They would fit with my circus stuff I think. Decisions…….


  7. Now i have exactly 265 fireworks + flowers, countless money prizes and … not a single clam. I have 299 clams and i need just one more to buy consuela. It’s been over a week since my last earned clam from ollieland


  8. It was kind of lame actually! Easy to get and only two quests, now there is nothing else to do.


  9. 4 Ponies left, yeah! by the way what is the max. lvl of Peter ?


    • If was 25, but i’m not sure if they changed it. And woo-hoo on those ponies! You’ll have that rollerblading Peter unlocked before you know it! 🙂


  10. Does the colossal firework even exist? I have wasted so much money to try to get the “free” waterpark. Over 24000 spent and still need the colossal.


    • Kind of like if a tree falls in the forest? If the colossal firework is in the box but nobody wins it…does it even exist? 😉

      I can assure you…it does exist, in my game at least. And I bet as soon as you win it that’s all you’ll start winning lol


  11. Love this event. Very doable. I was just wondering if there is any word on king but becoming available later on for clams? I’m pretty dissapointed I wasn’t able to pull off getting him. I really want every available charector I can get my hands on. That and I started to late to score pee pants so I’m just wondering if I missed em forever or if they might become available down the line.


    • No word if he’ll be coming back down the road. However, we’ll be sending the feedback from the poll to TC, so hopefully if they see enough people didn’t get him (like Pee Pants) they’ll consider bringing him into the game down the line. 🙂


  12. coolcoolbeans

    The best and greatest vibes sent to all!


  13. Only 2 ponies to go so hopefully unlock it tonight or tomorrow 🙂 I missed pee pants due to low clown spawn issue on android so hope they bring it back one day…
    I seem unlikely to win any clams from Ruperts box… 50+ fireworks and only 4 white flowers with no clams.


  14. I am JUST about there! I have just 3 tops and 3 ponies to get! I might actually get Peter’s costume this time! I got Adventure Peter, but lost out on Pee Pants … And S&M Lois 😦 will Pee Pants ever be made available, again? Or S&M Lois? I was So close to getting her. On the upside of things I finally unlocked Mundane Mort’s Jetpack to safety! Also, is there any benefit to having all 10 sets of fireworks … Other than bragging rights?


    • Pee pants might return someday, s & m Lois will appear once you have met the requirements of the district and 10 fireworks placed will complete part 3 of the “Patriotic Games” quest (once you are prompted by Peter). 😉


  15. is the water park just a pretty decoration/building to look at, or does it earn money or have an animation? speaking of animations , i bought the democratic donkey, the republican elephant & balding eagle, clams well spent in my opinion! i love all of they’re animations!


  16. thelittleprince

    Love the fireworks from the Rupert boxes. If I only have enough space to put them all. I took down some office buildings I had and spelled U S A with the fireworks. Looks cool! 🙂


  17. so does the free water park you get after placing the 4 different types of fire works not show up in your inventory until the quest pops up? i ask because the quest for placing the fire works hasn’t popped up for me yet but i have placed the fire works & i have no free water park (or the 1 that costs clams too. WTF?!! where the hell is my free water park??!!!


    • The quest has to play out. You’ll still get credit for the placed fireworks. The one for clams was removed because of the outcry of players who bought one before realizing they would get one free. The free one won’t show up until you are instructed to claim and place it. 😉


  18. When you finished getting all the required prized from the mystery box, the seven flags Atlantis will be free to build!


  19. Dan not so much the man

    One bikini top, one pony, fourteen cut offs. Getting nothing going in three full days is starting to concern me. I need some good vibes.


    • Hang in there. Items are starting to drop for many. I just unlocked mine. If you have another bad day tomorrow (with all 7 characters on the job), notify TinyCo…by now you really should have more than 1 top and pony, IMO.


      • Ps: Good vibes just sent. 😉


      • Yeah. There’s nothing Extra Rare or Epic. The drop rates are very reasonable. The tops and cut offs all dropped for me something like 90%-100% time. Even the more Rare ponies ended up dropping something like 60% or 67% of the time.

        There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to unlock Peter in under 2 days if you put all of the necessary characters to work. This isn’t another repeat of S&M Lois. That one took me 2-3 weeks just to get that one final item.


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