Mobster Premium Character Profile: Mr. Miyagi

Hey there Mafioso!

With Men in Zoot Suits running round the game, Goons shooting up Cookie Trucks, and Offers you just can’t refuse… the Mobsters Event is live in our silly lil games.

With the Mobsters Event rounding in full swing it’s time to take a look at the characters/costumes you could unlock throughout the event….

Mr Miyagi

Mr. Miyagi is an optional Premium Character  you can purchase during the Mobsters Event (he arrives during week 3), so let’s take a look at this Karate Master and see if he can teach us to WAX OFF!! WAX ON!!

Mr Miyagi snuck into our games with Tricia just after Week 3 content dropped for 200 Clams.

Mr Miyagi Menu

Outside of a Character/Actor, he was brought into the game to help tointroduce a NEW Goon into our Copahavana, the Italian Assasins. The Assassins also come with Senior Gurl Scouts. Italian Assassins battling the Senior Gurl Scouts help you get even MORE Cookies, Mob Rep, as well as Skirts for Gangster School Girl Tricia Costume.

Senior Gurl Scout Italian Assassin

He does come with a Questline, Sweep the Leg, more details on it HERE.

You Got Mr Miyagi

So far he is not a part of any Character Collection and unlocking him will not help you earn additional Clams.

Mr. Miyagi does come with a complete set of Tasks! Tasks that will help you earn Gurl Scout Cookies and Fedoras (Mob Rep) for the Event. Also one to help you ALWAYS get a Tommy Gun.

Let’s take a look at some of Mr. Miyagi’s Tasks:

Mr Miyagi Trim Bonsai Mr Miyagi Practice Crane Kick Mr Miyagi Catch Flies with Chopsticks

Task Time Earns Location
Restore Old Cars 2hrs 10Gurl Scout Cookie2Fedora Mob Rep Quagmire’s House
Practice Crane Kick 4hrs 15Gurl Scout Cookie3Fedora Mob Rep/ 1Skirt Visual
Trick Local Kids 6hrs 20Gurl Scout Cookie40 / 1Tape of Mr Sulu Show Buddy Cianci Jr High
Catch Flies with Chopsticks 8hrs 25Gurl Scout Cookie5Fedora Mob Rep/ 1Tommy Gun Visual
Trim Bonsai Tree 10hrs 30Gurl Scout Cookie6Fedora Mob Rep Visual
Do Building Maintenance 12hrs 35Gurl Scout Cookie6Fedora Mob Rep The Stop ‘N’ Shop
Teach Karate to Losers 24hrs 50Gurl Scout Cookie10Fedora Mob Rep Griffin’s House


Just for fun, here are some of his Phrases…
(With Pat Morita’s passing, all of these are clips from the Karate Kid Movies)
“If come from inside you, always right one”
“Either you Karate do YES or Karate do NO”
“In Okinawa, belt mean no need rope hold up pants… HAHAHAHAHA”
“Big circle, sand the floor”
“Fighting always last answer to problem”
“Show me paint the fence… Up, Down”
“Power, whole body, one inch, here!”


And there you have it my friends, the complete breakdown for Mr. Miyagi!

Did you Purchase Mr Miyagi? What are your thoughts on Mr Miyagi’s Phrases? Which one is your favorite?  Let us know.



18 responses to “Mobster Premium Character Profile: Mr. Miyagi

  1. I don’t have room for anything else. My level maxed-out some time ago, and my inventory is so full, I don’t bother to keep tract of it anymore. There’s no more space to put anything anyway. I’m working on 1,000,000 by the end of next week, but nothing to spend it on. The Simpsons opened up Krustyland – maybe Tapped Out could open another playing area, too? My Quahog is more stffed than Oprah on Thanksgiving.


  2. Im actually shock he didn’t have a wax on wax off phrase.


    • I am still seeing if I can trigger it. Some phrases take a bit to trigger. LOTS of tapping on them. Most Characters have 10-12 Phrases. I don’t think I have fully found all of his yet. 😉


  3. In my game his audio is so low I can hardly hear it. Is this a problem for anyone else?


    • Some of them are, it is due to pulled from a movie and scenes the dialog is quieter. All you can do really when an actor has passed on.


      • Thanks Bunny. I do realize they are all pulled from the movie. I was just wondering if I was alone in hardly being able to hear him. I think I will report it anyways, they should still be able to increase the volume on his chats even with it just being ripped from the movie, they have had this issue in the past with some characters as well and they’ve been able to fix it (like Klaus when they first added him). Thanks for verifying that it’s not just me 🙂


  4. Huge Karate Kid fan. I bought this first chance I had. The assassin’s are great for taking down Fort Knox. I just have no clue what on Earth he has to do with gangsters. Weird choice to hAve him in this event. I just have to remember to turn my sound on one of these days so I can hear him.


    • I think it was more a play on the Asian side with Tricia… and in Karate Kid part 2… kinda was a “gang” fight. Well, they kind of ran the town. 😉


  5. my names jeff

    He also says “karate for self defence only” or something similiar


  6. I want to get him, but I’m already so close to getting Trisha’s outfit. I know you don’t know, but do you think he might help wit anything else? Most characters usually help in the week they are released, and then not much afterwards. But if the extra goon is worth it (fort knox and all that) I might still go for it.


  7. I never buy premium items – doesn’t matter if it’s decos, buildings, or characters. I also wouldn’t call myself a Karate Kid “fan”. Still, despite all the headaches this event was causing me, I dipped into my clam hoard and purchased Mr. Miyagi, mostly because I figured I’d need some edge to keep any hope of a high leaderboard spot alive while I’m offline for vacation.

    He might be the biggest highlight for me from the event. His animations are cool and his FaceSpace Posts are amusing. I even have all the items needed for Tricia. I can only hope that I somehow save up enough cookies for her skin.


  8. Is anyone else missing gold cookie trucks? Haven’t had any spawn since yesterday.


  9. I have all of the Comic-Con characters, freemium and premium. I have all of the “Scary Guys” Horror characters and all but one of the Star Trek characters (skipped 7of9 with no regrets and do regret buying Khan). I have Schwarzenegger and Cumberbatch and Tiegs and plenty of others.

    I’m just not feeling much interest in the characters and skins this time. I like Pat Morita and some of the Karate Kid movies, but don’t feel any interest in getting his character as presented. Don’t care about Mike Tyson.

    I guess I’m making a half-hearted effort to get Mr Washy Washy, and I am honestly glad Tricia is finally getting a new outfit. (She was ignored for far too long in the game’s first year.)

    Sorry, but not much of this event’s content has piqued my interest. I’d probably enjoy it a lot more if they had just done a 20’s and 30’s era mob war or just focused on the Godfather or something.


    • That’s fine. Not everything fits everyone. That is the cool thing about people able to pick and choose Premiums. Customize it to what YOU like and what YOU want in your game. If it makes you happy, pick it up. If not, give it a pass. 🙂


    • Cumberbatch was a character? Aww man, I would love to have him in my game. I wish I knew about TQFMS before I saw the Star Trek event during the TV show commercials–and I barely caught that as I was 30-second skipping by with my TiVo… I missed out on so many awesome events. But, hey, I got my Trek people so I’m happy as a tank of clams 😃


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