Death At The Drive-In Walkthrough: Somebody Scream

Hey there Scream Queens!!

Got your popcorn and snacks ready? Got your love one snuggled up close in your arms? You car stereo tuned into the right Frequency to pick up the Movie? Got the “good spot” at the Drive-In? Ready to SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM??!!

TinyCo has dropped another awesome Event into our Quahogs. This time we are gonna go back to those “Scary Movies” of the past. The ones that send chills up your spine. Make those lil hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Make your heart start beating a lil faster. hack hack hack hack chop chop chop chop kill kill kill kill….

With this New Scary Movie Scene Event, comes many New Questlines. Questlines that will walk us through normal Game Play and even give us FREE CLAMS. Questlines like Somebody Scream.

Scream Point

Let’s take a look at Somebody Scream and all you will encounter along the way. 

For more info on the Event, go to the MAIN POST HERE!

The following is how the Questlines played out in MY Game. Yours may vary slightly. 

After Death At The Drive-In Part 6
Somebody Scream Pt. 1
Peter starts

Learn About Scream Levels- Tapping on “GO” will take you to the “More Screams” Pop up that Explains you need Buildings to earn Scream Points and that Scream Points will be needed to move up to Phase 2 Content and the Next Scream Level in the Movie Theater
Place Murder Point to earn Scream Points- Murder PointCost 4Movie Reel 2Movie Reels (Movie Projection Screen)

Completed Task Earns 1 Scream PointScream Point, 1 3D Glasses3D Glasses


Somebody Scream Pt. 2 
Peter starts

Reach Scream Level 2- Collect 20Scream PointScream Points

Completed Task Earns 1 Clam IconClam


Somebody Scream Pt. 3
Quagmire starts

Reach Scream Level 3- Collect 270Scream PointScream Points

Completed Task Earns 1 Clam IconClam


Somebody Scream Pt. 4
Meg starts

Reach Scream Level 4- Collect 620Scream PointScream Points

Completed Task Earns 1 Clam IconClam


Somebody Scream Pt. 5
Peter starts

Reach Scream Level 5- Collect 1070Scream PointScream Points

Completed Task Earns 1 Clam IconClam


This is where the Questline stopped in the game for me and nothing has triggered further. My Game Play in testing for the site is WAY above Normal Game Play, so this may be as intended and more will come each Phase. We will just have to wait and see. Just FYI, 1620 Scream PointScream Points are required for Scream Point Level 6.

Scream Point Level 4 is where you need to be to start Phase 2.


There you have it. The Questline that walks you through leveling up with your Scream Points.

What do you think of his Questline? How far are you? Like the FREE CLAMS it offers? Let us know.



28 responses to “Death At The Drive-In Walkthrough: Somebody Scream

  1. I’m scream leavel 7 and I went to try to change the movie and when I tap the screen, where the countdown clock was, it just says “complete this first” and it’s blank. Anyone else?


  2. Okay I am so confused about what just happened in my game. I was nowhere near level 4. I only had 400 scream points out of the 620 needed to get to level 4. But I just went into my game and it leveled up to 4 and the film reels now cost 45 popcorns. It STILLS says in the bottom right corner of my screen that I’m on level 3. And where it used to say i had 400 out of 620 scream points needed to get to level 4 now says I have 400 out of 500 scream points needed to get to level 5! I really dont understand how all of this just happened! And I’m certainly not happy about it because I was intentionally taking my time getting to scream level 4 because of the increase in popcorns needed and I didn’t want that to happen until AFTER I got slasher cat.


  3. All the people worried about getting scream levels, it’s actually better to be low level for film reel payouts. I was level 2 or 3 for ages and it was 35 popcorns for 5 film reels, I accidentally levelled up and it went from 35 to 45 and now 60 popcorns for the same film reels. If you’re still chasing buildings and daving up for slasher cat, try and keep your level as low as possible for the time being. That’s what I’m trying to do, anyway…


  4. This is very similar to an event earlier where the number needed for advancement to the newest content was unrealistic and TinyCo had to bump everybody up so they could get the new content. There just aren’t enough direct sources to scream points through normal gameplay to achieve the numbers. And the 1-for-1 ratio for 3D glasses to scream points via decorations only gets so many since it is only the movie house and Quagmire that can get glasses. I have waited five days to see how it would play out and I will just make level three by the end of today, leaving two days to navigate through the next level with basically the same set up I currently have. I have all the projection house buildings placed (and pouring out scream points) and am working toward Slasher Cat. Even Slasher Bait Peter doesn’t have any tasks that generate scream points. It might be time to review if the number was possible through normal game play. I’m giving it all she’s got captain!

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  5. I’m about 20 points away from level 3. Hope I can get to 4 by thursday


  6. Hello little Addicts,

    Please is there a way to get more Scream Points? I am still at level 2 with 200 points and play frequently. Do the points also drop from certain buildings or quests?
    Thank you 🙂


    • All questlines. Decorations. And building payouts. See main post


      • Hi Bunny, thank you for answering. I read the Main Post, but still I cannot get to Scream Level 3. Only Murder Point drops the one point, the Horror Theatre doesn’t drop often enough, and Quagmire just one pair of glasses every two hours…
        My quest line now says Reach Level 4, but I can’t even reach the 3rd one yet…
        Am I not seeing something?

        Thank you so much for helping 🙂 .


  7. Warning! I reached Part 4 and then tapped on Go to reach Scream Level 4 and it took me to the Projection Booth which started the 24 hr clock for Slasher Cat. I was being so careful not to go to their since I only have about 20 movie reels saved. I just lost out on getting the cat.


  8. Speaking of clams… Any idea if they’ll offer a buy clams get a bonus deal this event? Like extra holy water balloons or something else that’s helpful?


  9. The problem here is how to get the scream points… I’m only level 2…


    • Decorations, Buildings, Questlines.


      • I’ve done all the quest lines I can and only need the pumpkin tower and Slasher cat. I have placed a number of decorations but these don’t pay out hardly anything in the grand scheme of things. The buildings etc pay out 1 or 2 every few hours and the quests paid out a max of 5. I am 4 points away from level 3 and then I have to somehow gather nearly 300 more for level 4? What am I missing because I can’t see how it is possible! Not unlocked death yet which will take an age….I have played every event since the beginning and I have never failed to be at the right level come phase update day. Something is not right. I can’t see how it can be done, even by spending clams which I have never had to do, either. Can you give more detail or reassurance as it appears you have managed it?


        • I am not a usual player. I speed through the Events for the sake of the site stats and info.

          You get them WHEN you place a building. Then each time you collect from a Building. From Decorations placed. From each separate Questline. Just keep collecting. How YOU game will vary on how many you need. See where you are by Thursday.


          • I’m pretty sure I play this game A LOT and almost every chance I can and also spend clams to get what I want. I’m in the same pace with u where I’m almost done with level 3 so with that being said I’m pretty sure that unless u buy everything with clams like only a few of us can afford you are probably ahead of the pack that play this game as freemium which I think is like 70% of the people playing this game. I’m guess of course but I’ve been pacing myself at a good pace on every event and I always finish the event getting everything I wanted. Tinyco will adjust to what the majority of the people can keep up and they have been very good at it ever since the fiasco of the moon/king butt event.


  10. What Scream level are lost people at? I am still pretty early in level 2 and worried I am way behind.


    • Level 3 and sitting at 300, created all items apart from Pumpkin Tower & Slasher Cat, placed all decorations apart from bat colony. Not spent and clams, but I’m thinking maybe the clam buildings would boost totals but not spending on buildings as have feeling there’s going be a few characters I want.


    • I am at level 3 (289 points)
      I bought 600 clams but have yet to spend any to get to level 4 i will need 331 more points and I have exactly 48 hours to get there.
      not going to happen.
      My guess is that Tinyco is going to be inundated with players saying that the point system is out of whack and Tinyco will have to look into readjusting the “Scream point system”


  11. I’m a freemium player. I did use clams to buy the popcorn guy. I still have two buildings and a slasher cat to get through phase one. I’ve been working on death for a day, but can’t seem to get drops for him. After over 24 hours only one item has dropped :/ I’m not panicked, but just curious how others are progressing. I have bad luck so drops are always hard for me and seem to always take longer than others. How are some people progressing so quickly.


    • This isn’t a post abut Death, so not sure how many responses you will get… but it does take on average 4days to 7days to unlock a Character. That is typical game play.


    • wildthornberry88

      I’m still not to scream 3 yet but my popcorn exchange is lower so it’s not too bad, I should have the pumpkin tower tonight. So i don’t think I’ll have death unlocked before week 2 starts… e.g. 1/8 scythes currently. Haven’t bought any decos yet to keep my scream low on purpose lol!


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