Caption This Clammers!

As you are playing through quest lines, finishing up some tasks, or seeking to get those “rare” items for our characters… you may catch a glance at some of the funny moments that happen in our games. For those of you that are watching and are actually able capture these rather silly and strange things as they happen, we want to see them.

Now comes the fun part, once a week we will be posting these silly images here but want YOU, the readers, to caption them for us. So put on your silly thinking hats, let out that lil comedian inside, and have some fun! (Keep them PG please.)

This week’s Caption This was sent in by Addicts Reader Vance….


Caption This 10 12 Vance

If you’ve got an image you’d like to submit for a “Caption This Clammers!” post, email it to us at or post it on the Family Guy Addicts Flickr page, you never know when yours might be next!

CAPTION THIS TIPS: Pictures that make the best “Caption This” are more than just the regular task the Characters perform. If you look at it and can tell a story or picture an entire movie scene… it is probably a good candidate. Things that not only make you laugh, but question all that is going on at that moment. What caused it? What happens after? The Characters expression. Multiple Characters involved. MORE than just a Character doing a task. 🙂

24 responses to “Caption This Clammers!

  1. Don’t know about your image, but here’s somebody who’s terrified by the current event:


  2. New event – Save TinyCo from it’s own self destruction.

    Main quest – Have ryker play to disgruntled FGQS fans to earn water for fireman. Payout, 1 Water, drop rate Extra rare.

    Side quest – have Hot Meg distract firemen from putting out fire.
    Payout 1 song for Ryker to play, drop rate Common

    24 hour task – have koolaids girlfriend be useless lke all the other characters


  3. That reminds me of my first event with Family Guy, well first full event. I missed getting Hot Meg by a very slim margin and it was because I fell asleep… argh! I was robbed of hot meg… I hope she returns!


  4. Firefighter: Ahhh! A hideous fire beast! Go away!
    Meg: Oh no! My make up is gone…
    Yoo Hoo Girl: Yoo hoo, Meg! You sure clean up nice, baby!
    Riker to trombone: You’re the real Deanna who never leaves me. Kiss me, imzadi.


  5. That’s one way to shut up meg!


  6. Meg is one of those who gets all randy when witnessing disaster, like the film Crash. Riker figured Nero played a fiddle while Rome burned but. . . Well he’s just Riker ☺️


  7. Aaron-Apollo'sResurrection

    I call it “I’m jealous I didn’t start playing this earlier”


  8. Meg is obviously dreaming. There is no way she is that hot.


  9. Argh, I can’t think up anything PG about this caption! 🙂

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  10. And on that day Hot Meg proved exactly how hot she is.


  11. There were only 2 choices: It was either hose down Meg or get a rusty trombone!

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  12. Shut up, Meg!


  13. My sexiness is burning me, (and I)
    Riker saw me, he plays his jazz, (his jazz)
    A Firemen sprays water and I lose my mind.
    Burn me a cop,
    Spray me baby one more time.

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  14. Koolaid Mans Girlfriend to Hot Meg: Awww hAyoll no girlfriend,I done toll you now, this here My block!!


  15. Somebody call 911, shawty fire burning on the dance floor, whoa


  16. Look out Meg, it’s the Trapper Creeper!!


  17. Shut up Meg!


  18. This girl is on fire. Quickly put her out before she burns all of Quahog to the ground.


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