Death At The Drive-In Main Walkthrough: Meg’s Last Random Friend

Hey there Psychos!!

And then there were TWO…

Phase 4 is in our games, which leaves us one more after this. So what goodies and new STUFF has TinyCo dropped into our silly lil games? More Friends, More Killers, More Ghosts, More… CAN’T SLEEP CRAZY CLOWNS WILL KILL ME!!!  hack hack hack hack chop chop chop chop kill kill kill kill….

With this New Phase 4 for the Event, comes many New Questlines. Side Questlines even for New Characters added to the game, like Ruth. Ruth 2Let’s take a look at Meg’s Last Random Friend and all you will encounter along the way. 

For more info on the Event, go to the MAIN PAGE HERE!

For Week 4 Main Questline, go HERE

The following is how the Questlines played out in MY Game. Yours may vary slightly. 

After Return of Death at the Drive In Part 4 
Meg’s Last Random Friend Pt 1
Peter Starts

Save Ruth

Medicated Shampoo15 Medicated Shampoos (Common):  Patty Be Ignored By Boys OR Slasher Cat Cave

French English Dictionary12 French/English Dictionaries (Uncommon):  Warded Bunker

Pink Headband5 Pink Headbands (Rare): World’s Largest Tumbleweed (Movie Projection Booth) OR Patrick Have Jackie Gleason Nightmares

Prosthetic Tongue5 Prosthetic Tongues (Rare): Worcestershire Mystery Mansion (Movie Projection Booth)

Meg RoachMeg Roach (Get from Movie Projection Booth)

Have Ruth Ride Side Stick HorseTap on the Movie Screen to Upgrade it to the New Movie

Completed Task Earns 2Scream PointScream Point, 13D Glasses 3D Glasses


Meg’s Last Random Friend Pt 2
Ruth Starts

Have Ruth Do Gun Tricks4hrs, Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 30xp
Have Chris Check Out the Basement4hrs, Earns 60Family Guy Coin, 1Scream Point

Completed Task Earns 3Scream PointScream Point, 13D Glasses 3D Glasses


Meg’s Last Random Friend Pt 3
Ruth Starts

Have Ruth Talk to Suspicious Strangers6hrs, Earns 65Family Guy Coin, 45xp
Have Meg Stalk Hook Hand Albert6hrs, Earns 65Family Guy Coin, 45xp

Completed Task Earns 3Scream PointScream Point, 23D Glasses 3D Glasses


There you have it. The Side Questline for our Death at the Drive-In Event taking you through getting the last of Meg’s 3 Friend’s into our games. Short and simple, just like her? 😉

What do you think of the Side Questline for Ruth? Do you have her unlocked yet? How far are you? Let us know.


25 responses to “Death At The Drive-In Main Walkthrough: Meg’s Last Random Friend

  1. I have a problem with an error when i play from my PC. Everytime i want to log in error message “ruth has expired bribery ruth_bribe and is still in town Please reload the page” I reload the page and nothing. I tryed to reload again and again and nothing. But when i play from my phone game works but quest for rute is still on, and it must not be there cause expired. Can u report this and try to solve the problem? Thank you !


  2. It’s been a little o er 2 days now and the medicine shampoo is suppose to be a common drop but it hasn’t drop a single one yet. I got one but that was from a 16hr task that one of meg’s friend drop. At this rate I won’t get 15. I write to them so hopefully they get back to me soon and not after the fact. I was wondering if u know anything about this bunny or am I the only one?


    • I’d report it just in case. But with the Buildings when it does drop, I got two at a time. So it went fast


      • Thx bunny, I figure they’d read urs before they read mine. I have 3 days and 15hr to go for her and still nothing from the slasher cave. Got 2 now but it’s from megs friend.


        • Also try to store it and replace it to see if that makes a difference. Check your app market too to ensure you have the latest version.


          • Yeah I tried storing it and reset the game and all that good stuff but nothing. Well now I have 2 days left with 12 shampoo to go. I wouldn’t have sweat it if it was like 5 clams per shampoo then i might think about it but it’s like 30 or something crazy. Well good news is tinyco finally respond to me (I think it help when I put down key words like “Albert hook hand not working”, hehe.) They told me that all the drop rates is working fine and that I should be patience…really? 5 days and nothing dropping from slasher cat cave is not normal for a common drop. Well after the respond from them and guess what….I click on the cave and 2 shampoo drop. Honestly, I’m freaking happy they fix it but to say I’m impatience and the fact that the cave drop shampoo right after they respond to me is so unprofessional of that staff. Just say u fix it and it should be working fine now and I woulda been fine and happy abut it but to play dumb is just….dumb. anyways I appreciate all the help u gave me bunny. Always it’s u girls that are the best


    • same problem, ZERO drops of shampoo in 3 days. ZERO. tongues are done, they are rare. 4 of 12 of the other one, but ZERO, I repeat ZERO shampoo drops that are supposed to be common.


  3. I really wish they would bring back characters from the past Halloween and other past events again because my game crashed and deleted my account and I was so mad and I couldn’t start everything all over again and I just now downloaded it back during the start of Halloween and it rebooted my account. I was really sad and disappointed by what happened because I missed out on so much, and they need to give us the opportunity to get these carjackers back again. I know I’m not the only one who has this issue!


  4. Like the new look of the site BTW. Everything’s bigger and easier to read, or maybe I just need to get glasses lol


  5. I decided to start her timer today despite only being half way through the cyclopse house. Hopefully that wasn’t a mistake.


  6. Hi bunny

    I have another question. I am weighing my options do you know how much each prosthetic tongue is for meg last friend



  7. This is more of a possible issue then having anything to do with Ruth.
    For the last few weeks, I have had Swarms of Werewolves running around my streets, however since I need an ocean of soda, yesterday I spent the entire day making cannonballs to acquire the soda I need, before I went to bed last night I killed the last of the werewolves, in the morning I only had 2 and killed them,, but now several hours later I have 8 cannonballs made and zero werewolves,, so I can’t make anything and have nothing to shoot with my cannonballs.
    is this an issue that should be reported?
    it used to be that I would kill a werewolf, and put that character on task and within 1 hour that person would once again be a werewolf running around on my streets, did tinyco make a change to their spawn rate?
    or is this a bug?


  8. I unlocked Ruth yesterday morning. It will be interesting to see how Hookhand Albert will be unlocked in Phase 5 since he heavily figured into all 3 girls questlines.


  9. Getting a new error this morning. Playing on FB. “bitchStewie has expired bribery amd_bitchStewie_Bribe and is still in town Please reload page” Reload does nothing, hitting help does nothing, so I can’t report it to TinyCo. Bitch Stewie never left my town, since that event ended, and he can’t be put in inventory. Please let me know if TinyCo knows about this issue, and what I can do. Thanks Bunny!!


  10. Hi – so sorry if this has already been reported as an issue, but my meg roach has disappeared. i placed it in inventory and now it is not there. When i go to the projection booth, it shows that i got it, but if i look at the shopping cart (of event items), it has a lock on it (as if i have not purchased it yet). I reported to TinyCo, but was wondering if anyone else had this issue. I know i need this item to get ruth and am worried that it will not show as credited.


  11. Mystery Mansion… The Freakin’ Hard Mansion.


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