Where The Hell…? Death’s Mom

Note From Bunny: This post was brought to you by the generous help of one of our very own Addicts Readers bren1331! Thanks!!

In this lil game of ours, it is easy to get lost and so focused into collecting items or unlocking characters that we tend to forget the lil things that make the game what it is. Like Where the HELL did these items come from and why are they in our games?

Well I am here to do just that for you. Let’s take a look at the Family Guy Series and find out just Where The HELL Did That Come From?

Death's Mom

Well I am here to tell you where one of the most concerned mothers made her family guy debut. Who raised Death? Why does she want him to eat his beans? Let’s look back at the episode that introduced us to Death’s caring mother.

Death's Mom 1

Death’s Mom appeared in Season 3,  Episode 6: “Death Lives”, originally airing August 15, 2001.

In the episode it is Lois and Peter’s anniversary and all Lois wants is to spend a romantic day with Peter. Peter wants to play golf at Barrington with the guys so he sends Lois on a scavenger hunt to keep her occupied. It starts raining, but Peter refuses to give up on golf and gets struck by lightning. Death appears and informs Peter he is having a near death experience and he will actually die two years after Lois divorces him. They then take a look back at Lois and Peter’s life together as Lois continues on her scavenger hunt.

Peter isn’t cooperating with Death who tells Peter he is late for an appointment so Peter follows him wondering what appointment he is so worried about being late to. Who is Death afraid of? His Mom!

Death's Mom 2

They arrive at Death’s house where his Mom is mad he is late and the casserole is cold. She is a very concerned mother who is always pestering Death. As he goes to take a leak she tells him to zip up his fly or a seagull will get him. When he takes Peter back in time she follows him telling him he needs to inform her when he time travels she was talking to a robe for 20 minutes before she realized he wasn’t in it. Death gets aggravated and yells at her, but she quickly reminds him not to yell at his mother or a hen will lay eggs in his belly.

Death's Mom 3

Peter makes a comment about Lois and Death’s Mom tells him he needs to find a girl and teases him for taking his cousin to prom. As they go to leave she makes sure to tell Death to wear a coat or he will get frostbite  and he replies that he has no skin. Mom tells him that is because he didn’t eat his beans. The funny thing is that she looks just like him.

Death's Mom 4

Peter convinces Death to help him save his marriage by assuring him that he can help him find a girl. Death is not very good at picking up chicks, but they go to see a girl Death likes. On the scavenger hunt Lois runs into Cleveland and Loretta who tell her Peter is golfing. Peter finally has his revelation, meets up with Lois, Death has Peter Frampton sing them their song “Baby I Love the Way” and Death goes on a date (which doesn’t end well).

So that is how we come to meet Death’s Mom. She is a feisty old woman who keeps Death in line.



There you have it, a cool post from an Addict Reader. Thanks again bren1331!!

What did you think of this Origin? Did you remember the Episode? See Death’s Mom in any other Episodes? Let us know.


23 responses to “Where The Hell…? Death’s Mom

  1. if i have Deaths moms building placed, will i be able to get items to unlock her after the event ends if i cant do it in time before?


  2. if i have Deaths mom placed but not unlocked yet, will i still be able to get all the items to unlock her after the event ends?


  3. Bunny do you have the walkthroughs posted yet of Ruth and Death’s Mom? just wondering as i am now just starting Ruth and i’m in the process of getting the Spider Hole THEN i’ll be working on Death’s Mom in The “Sassy Spectacle Shop” …ughhh it seems to be taking me forever tho!


  4. Bunny, TinyCo just dropped Super Devil and Maniac Pope in my game. They cost 125 each.


  5. Super Devil and Maniac Pope have arrived. At least they have for me. 125 clams each


  6. Hi Bunny, just wanted to let you know about a quest that I received today in the game. I am not sure whether you know about this already? It is for a costume that has been previously released (so many people might not see it in their game). It is for the Slutty Cat Meg costume. The quest is:

    Clear 4 evil Nuns
    Have Peter unlock car door 6 times
    Have Joe look for murderers 4 times
    Have Mort lose cell phone signal 3 times

    That is all there is to the quest. The prize will then be awarded after completion.
    Luckily I already had set Joe and Mort on these quests and had enough water balloons already prepared to take out 2 Nuns! (So this should not take me too long). 🙂


  7. Sorry, correcting my last post, Peter has to complete his Unlock Car Doors task 6 times.


  8. Sorry, not really the right place, but a new quest has come in, it isn’t timed and it is to get the Slutty Cat Meg skin. To unlock it, you need to clear 4 Unholy Nuns, have Peter Unlock Car Doors 4 times, Joe Search for Murderers 4 times and Mort Lose Cell Phone Signal 3 times. No timer, but I imagine it will just disappear when the event ends. It’s a nice and easy way to get the skin for free for those that don’t have it.


  9. Let’s hope it’s about the only new thing released for the final week.


  10. Great piece on deaths mom!! Thanks! I’m looking for advice on how to get through the ice cream bottleneck… I’m at level 14 and scythe part 4, but with only 30 reels and hoping to get a chance to place the spectacle shop and unlock deaths mom! I’ve got plenty of the other materials banked in concession stand but with ice cream dominating the exchange I can’t make any significant headway. I’d hoped it would ease up soon- offer combinations, but very sporadic and I’m getting further behind. I should be in part 5 this evening… When did you notice you could use soda, popcorn, etc more frequently and consistently?


    • Clear the 25 Ice Cream Option and more of the others will keep opening. Keep clearing it whenever you can. As you do, the other Materials start appearing for trade again. SOOOOOOOO many options too. The only items I am just not seeing a ton of use is the Licorice.


  11. Hey posted before buy my phone was bugging out. I’m trying to figure out where the pope liking shadow character from the event comes from. I am afraid I missed him. I have slasher cat and Patrick and am working on Albert but don’t wanna miss out.


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