Death At The Drive-In Phase 6 LIVE!!

Hey there Psychos!!

Ummmm… I’m too tired to write an opening… something something… DAAAAAAAAAARKSIIIIIIIDE! Yup, that works. 😉

Phase 6 is now in our games, and with the Super Devil and Maniac Pope’s CORRECT release. Lol. Mystery Box….and wait… there’s MORE!!  hack hack hack hack chop chop chop chop kill kill kill kill….



Maniac Pope

  • First up, you will have to be on Part 10 of Death at the Drive-in: Revenge of the Scythe
  • Play the New Event Phase Questline to access ALL Content. With every new Event Phase there are “unlock points” for many items, so play through the Main Questline in order to see it all. I will Update Unlock points. if any, as I find them.

Back with more in a bit… 

WARNING: Same 24 Timer in the Projection Booth, this time on the Maniac Pope. So before you get that final item prior to him, make sure you are ready as you will trigger his 24hr timer with the next tap on the Booth.

Note: A LOT of Questlines triggered for me with this last Phase. I assume it is due to this game did not have these Characters/Costumes from Halloween 2014 until more recently this year. So I will note the ones I see. This does NOT mean you will get them too. So if you do not, don’t worry. 🙂



Evil TreeEvil Tree: 30 3D Glasses

Concessions Stand BillboardConcessions Stand Billboard: 45 3D Glasses

Slasher Cat Billboard: 30 3D Glasses


Bat CatBat Cat: 25 3D Glasses (not needed for get 1 of everything task)



Super DevilSuper Devil: 260 Clams, currently Not Voiced, fully tasked, comes with Questline, drops ALWAYS ALL Concessions (varies by task)-see below,
Popcorn LgPopcorn (2)-3hr Task
Chocolate BarChocolate Bar (2)- 6hr Task
LicoriceLicorice (1)- 8hr Task
SodaSoda (4)- 10hr Task
Ice Cream ConeIce Cream Cone (2)- 18hr Task



Stewie’s Tasty Treat Box is now in the game with a mixture of items available for 100 Clams a Chance to open it. These are the items you can possibly win (depending on what you already own).

Dia De Los Muertos Consuela 1Dia de Los Muertos Consuela (Character Costume)

Pink Brian 3Pink Brian (Character Costume)

Snack Attack Mystery Box (Decoration)

Tasty Treat Mystery Box (Decoration)

Quahog Drive-In Screen: Clown (Decoration)

Quahog Drive-In Screen: Intermission (Decoration)

Quahog Drive-In Screen: Ghost (Decoration)

Bride of ChuckyBride of Chucky (Decoration)

Terror Dog 1Terror Dog (Walking Decoration)- MAX 3

Clams125 Clams

Clams75 Clams

The Main items… Buildings, Decorations (other than Terror Dog), and Costumes will not repeat. Materials can. If you do NOT own the Character the Costume goes on, you can still get the Costume and use it on them later.



Here are the New items in the Booth you can get for Movie Reels.

Pandora's BoxPandora’s Box (Decoration): 75 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, +300 SP Placement Bonus x2, Animated

Pandora's Box Open

4 Horsemen Pestilence ConquestPestilence (Decoration): 135 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, +500 SP Placement Bonus x2, Animated

Iron MaidenIron Maiden (Decoration): 100Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, +400 SP Placement Bonus x2

4 Horsemen WarWar (Decoration): 125 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, +500 SP Placement Bonus x2, Animated

Moon DoorMoon Door (Building): 115 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, +460 SP Placement Bonus x2, Earns $35 & 2SP every 6hrs,

4 Horsemen FamineFamine (Decoration): 125 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, +540 SP Placement Bonus x2, Animated

4 Horsemen DeathDeath (Decoration): 150 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels, +600 SP Placement Bonus, Animated


With you getting the 7th  item, beware… the next tap on the Booth will start the 24 Timer for the Maniac Pope. So make sure you are ready before you get to this point. 

Maniac PopeManiac Pope (Character): 900 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels



Each Phase it seems I need to re-explain this… so… here goes. ***sigh***

The Phase will START with one option only in the Concession Stand, Ice Cream Cones again. In order to get MORE options, you will have to earn enough Ice Cream Cones first to clear the option.

Then as you continue to clear and earn, more options will come back. Same as last Phase… and the one before… and the one before… Wash/Rinse/Repeat. 🙂



Death at the Drive-In: Revenge of the Scythe Pt. 11
Death Starts

Start the Next Movie: Maniac Pope- Tap on the Movie Screen once you meet the requirements


Apocalypse Now Pt. 1
Death Starts

It’s the Apocalypse!- Tap on Go to see details of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Have Death Have a Snack- 1hr
Have Slasher Bait Peter Hum Suspenseful Music- 1hr

Apocalypse Now Pt. 2
Death Starts

Clear 8 Unholy Nuns
Have Death’s Mom Get Hair Done- 10hrs
Place Pandora’s Box


Hooked On Thugs Pt.1 (Hook Hand Albert Questline)
Patrick Pewterschmidt 

Have Hook Hand Albert Try to Put on a Jacket- 10hrs
Have Peter and Jerome Do Ethnic Handshake- 2hrs


Death By Design (3D Glasses Questline)
Peter Starts

View the Prize
Get 1 of Each Thing That Costs 3D Glasses

Reward: Death’s Welcome Sign- Drops 20 Ice Cream Cones Always??? (No timer, so checking on this) This item is ONLY a Decoration and icon Image for Ice Cream Cones was in error.


A Day To Remember (Dia De Los Muertos Consuela Questline)
Consuela Starts

Have Dia De Los Muertos Consuela Do a Dirty Dance- 4hrs 
Have Dia De Los Muertos Consuela Remember her Abuela- 24hrs


Think Pink (Pink Brian Questline)
Brian Starts

Have Pink Brian Watch Pink Panther- 2hrs
Have Pink Brian Be Pretty In Pink- 4hrs


Still going through a few pieces of information. Will update them when I am done. Otherwise this is the basics of the Final Week for the Death at the Drive-In Event.

What have you got so far? See anything you really want? Things slowing down for you? About the same? Let us know.

161 responses to “Death At The Drive-In Phase 6 LIVE!!

  1. Did not reach phase six. Twenty four hours left so not worth even trying now. This event wasn’t extended for a catch up as far as I can tell if whole new board available.

    No worries though. Got characters I wanted out of it as a freemium player 😀

    Thank you for the effort in this site.


    • Im the same , i dont know how it happened but i was ahead during the first week bbut then have been a week behind since then and even though iv completed the questlines iv struggled keeping up with the scream level and im still aabout 1000 points away from starting the pope week. I think im just really slow when it comes to learning how to play these events, iv only just learnt how to use the consession stand correctly.


    • Thought clams would help m catch up, now i just a bunch of reels that i wont be able to do anything with.


  2. I am currently stuck on level 16 trying to get to 17 to unlock phase 6. What would you suggest to buy to most efficiently reach that goal? I have 3D glasses (though no clue how many), and I’ve completed Death by Design, just pondering what I could spend them on to try to up my level in the best way possible. Thanks!


  3. I’m still at Level 16 trying to get to 17 for Phase 6. Any suggestions on the best way to up my hatchet count most effectively? I have some 3D glasses (though who knows how many :/), I already got the death by design sign, so they are free to spend, I just wonder what item would be the most efficient to spam build to up my count. Thanks!


  4. Done! Played my butt off and finally “finished” the event. Just unlock Maniac Pope! Yes it did cost me some clams and I would agree there is no way to do it otherwise but I’m happy I finished this long and sometimes good, sometimes not so good event. Just a few side quests to finish up over the next couple of days and then I’m relaxing until the Xmas event! Been a long 6 weeks.


  5. My next unlock is Pestilence. In the projection booth he is listed as 125 reels but in the store he is listed as 135. I am assuming that I will unlock him by only using 125 because that’s the booth price and the booth is where I will unlock him.

    This is the first that I’ve noticed that the prices aren’t the same in both places. Has anyone else noticed this with Pestilence or any other booth items? And if you’ve unlocked Pestilence, do you remember how much you payed in your game?


  6. Does Death by Design not start until you’ve reached phase 6? I’m still in phase 4 but have bought one of everything that cost 3D glasses. I was hoping to be able to get the welcome sign… Thanks for your help as always!


  7. Any chance this event will be extended again? I don’t make purchases and I’ve been playing everyday, but I’m still on phase 5, level 15. I just got Death’s mom yesterday.


  8. On two different occasions, I killed Hook Hand Albert using 4 magnets, and he paid out nothing. He got sucked into the hole and disappeared, but no ice creams came out and my number of ice creams didn’t increase. Is this supposed to occasionally happen or is it a glitch? Should I contact TinyCo? Thanks!


  9. I want to try for the maniac pope, but doing the math it looks like I will just barely come up short by a few hundred reels….

    Do you have any opinions on the most cost effective way to spend clams to get reels?

    When I did the math of rushing the crafting in movie prop shack, it seemed like a really poor payout for how many clams your spending (something like 70 clams to get 15 reels)


    • To be honest as I JUST tested this…. it actually rounds out to be almost the same to just buy him out as it would cost you to speed up a task to get the drop, speed up the Prop in the booth, speed up the Item needed for that drop (if Horsemen, etc), then exchange for Reels. Unless you have a LOT stockpiled. Look at investing at least 2000-2500 Clams to speed through it with a lot of supplies on hand. I still stick to my original thoughts… those last items are PREMIUMS


      • If I want to buy him out with clams, is he one flat fixed rate… or will he cost less if I have some of the reels needed for him?

        Like say the event is about to end and I have 450 reels saved up, will those go to waste, or can I turn in those reels and get him for half price?


  10. Is there a thread where I can see pictures of the items from the Movie Projektion booth from Phase 6?
    I am still deciding if I should continue to Phase 6 or work on Hookhand Albert…


    • I have to finish cleaning them all. Keep an eye out tonight and tomorrow. Pretty much 99.9% of all pics on this site came directly from my game. Not an easy task to screen capture, clean, and tag 100’s of photos each Phase.

      They’re coming 🙂

      You can see the Pope already on posts. The Horsemen in the Questline post


      • Thank you so much for your hard work!
        I did not know that and I really did not want to push you!

        Again, thank you! 🙂


        • No worries. Figured you didn’t so just wanted you to know why the delay and them not being in the post yet. I am running this site alone right now and finishing up training for a new job… so my time is more limited than ever. So the hours I spend getting decent pictures for the site have taken a back seat. Doing what I can when I can. 🙂


  11. Not as many issues as the past events, but it seems they either had poor planning this time or maybe catering to people that spend a lot of money. I play very regularly and I’m still working on unlocking Deaths mom and need reels for the item right after her. I’ve been behind since waiting until unlocking Slasher Cat and after skipping the building skins was catching. But phase 4 put me so far behind it rediculous. Hoping to maybe get hook hand before it ends but it doesn’t seem doable


    • (2nd try at posting, the site ate my first try before I hit submit as far as I know)

      You might not worry about the rest of the items in the projection booth after Death’s mom if she’s your goal. The only thing after her that helps get her is the dungeon of the baselisk (#4), which can drop the extra rare collector’s plate. If you have Death’s dog- so can he. I just started unlocking mom early Sunday morning, and by late afternoon doggie dropped a plate (only two needed). I have #3 in the list but it seems pretty useless so far. The usual gang can collect her other stuff, the only problem seems to be juggling between her unlock tasks and magnet drops. But I’m giving her priority since there is really nothing must-have for me beyond her in the projection booth and I’m not going to be able to get to phase 6 anyway.


  12. Hi bunny, I know u r very busy now so I will try not to write too much comment….until u r totally back with us of course. Anyways quick question, which would u choose..all the new decos or hook hand Albert? I always choose a walking character with tasks over everything else but this time there’s just sooo many cool deco for this week. I won’t have enough for both so I have to choose between the two. Thanks


    • That’s a tough one. If you got enough for Albert, Characters are always good… but if the decos are something you will actually keep out and not just store away… those may be more pleasing.


      • That’s a good way too look at that. I’m getting the decos then cuz I’m sure they will be out and not stored away. Thanks a bunch.


  13. Apocalypse Now pt 3
    Convert 12 werewolves
    Clear 45 flocks of bats
    Have SB Lois pillage and plunder 4 hour task

    Starting to save reels now for the Pope. Got 30, only 870 more to go.


  14. I tried my luck with the new mystery box and got the Brian and Stewie (snack attack) decorations, as well as the intermission (concession) Drive-In screen. I then bought the final 3D glasses items and got the Death’s Welcome sign. I then decided that with all of these decorations that I could make my own Drive-In complex. Sadly, when I tried to add some cars, I realised that there was no way that I could rotate the cars so that they would be facing the movie screen (they can only rotate in 2 different directions). So now instead of a Drive-In, it now looks more like I have a parking lot inside of a Drive-In..


  15. I also posted under the Week 5 Weekly Challenge post in the hopes that someone else was having the same issue but it appears no one has. It has been 24 hours since the possessed car spawned for me. I needed one more spawn over 10 hours to get the final one completed and collect the grand prize, but no spawn. Now none in 24 hours. I want the chance at the ice cream because that is the only chance to get Hook Hand Albert (Maniac Pope is out the question). If it doesn’t get fixed, I guess I am done for the event since there is nothing attainable to play for. Bummer when stuff doesn’t spawn right and you are the only one; TinyCo doesn’t rush to fix it for you since you are one player and not the entire player base since they are putting out so many other fires that affect more players. And yes I have in-game messaged/emailed them and reinstalled the game/reset device with no positive results. It’s perverse, but I wanted the challenge of Hook Hand Albert and grinding that out over the last week to have something to strive for.


    • Is your game saved and linked to an email or Facebook? If so…Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? All the troubleshooting options?


      • Yep. I am a veteran. I tried everything you have ever said. The prizes for the weekly challenge thing would just have sat in inventory but I would have earned them easily if a third car would have spawned over the final 10 hours on the timer. I took screenshots of various points in the timer where Peter is telling me that the car isn’t available. I wanted proof. Of course, showing TinyCo that proof would mean they would actually have to respond to my in-game messages. Which never happens. But I also emailed them with my game ID and the issue. Now I am more annoyed because ice cream is impossible and I am missing on getting that. Since no one else is commenting with this problem, I guess I am just screwed. I use this blog to plan out everything and I completed the first four (mostly due to the help provided here), and I have never missed a weekly challenge in an event. Until now. Just frustrating since I feel as though I did what I was supposed to, but you can’t do anything about spawns. You can’t throw clams at them.


  16. Do I have to buy everything that costs 3D glasses after the questline appears? Do I have to buy everything I bought before the questline appeared again?
    I’m asking because I have everything, but haven’t received the prize.


    • Are you sure you have it all? Nothing else in the Buildings or Decos was missed? No Building Skins or Decos still in Inventory and never put in play?


      • I don’t have the prison so I can’t put on its skin. Could this be why the quest won’t complete?


          • I have everything on the list and there are no items left in the store except items that you can buy multiple of. Everything is my town except the prison skin.


            • That may be the hold up then. It doesn’t “add” to the game until you actually put it in place. Just like Costumes, they don’t exist in the game until you have the actual Character to put them onto and use them. Sorry.


            • You might let TinyCo know about the problem. They might not have thought about the possibility that someone would buy the building skin but not yet have the building. Also – can you just buy the prison now? I can’t remember how much it cost. I think it was needed for Meg in her prison persona (unlocked at Al’s as a costume for Meg). Look in the non-event section of the store in the buildings tab, if it’s not there look at the characters tab. Can’t remember what district you have to be in. You could search this site for prison to find out.


              • Can’t buy the prison, it has to be unlocked in district 9 which I’m not in yet. But I did contact TinyCo two days ago. I didn’t get a response, but I did just get into my game and the quest completed and I received the sign. Hopefully TinyCo will do the same for anyone who has the skin without the building.


  17. For some reason I can’t get the phase 6 projection stuff.. Like o don’t even have the option to get Pandora’s box… What am I missing?


  18. What have you got so far?
    I’m still trying to unlock death’s mom. I still need to get her from the concession stand.

    See anything you really want?
    I want the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Hook hand Albert, and the Maniac Pope.

    Things slowing down for you?
    Very. It’s all jumbled and all over the place. I should have one thing when I can’t because another thing isn’t prepared due to something that hasn’t been done because of another thing. If it didn’t make any sense, that’s exactly my point.

    About the same?
    Still. I’m just exhausted after this event. It’s not fun anymore. I’m just doing it to get Death’s mom and at least end it that way…


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