Best Of 2015 Volume 3!!

Hey there Clammers!

Time for another re-released set of Characters/Costumes to hit our silly lil games. Available for various ways to obtain. Earn for, Mystery Box, or Direct Clam Purchase.


Death's Mom

Let’s take a look now at the next batch of Characters/Costumes.

Players will need to be to at least District 5 in order to be able to see these Mystery Boxes.

Best of 2015 Volume 1 HERE

Best of 2015 Volume 2 HERE



Death's MomDeath’s Mom (Character): You will find her in your Shopping Cart Menu and be able to place her for FREE. Once placed you will see the Materials you need for her.

Requires ***still verifying***
Grandma Glasses (Uncommon):
 Lois Freshen Up OR Chris Enjoy Private Time OR Barnaby Perform Calisthenics OR Slasher Cat Knock Drinks Off Table OR Hot Meg Whip Her Hair Back and Forth OR Ida Go Go Dance OR Patty Enjoy Hot Dogs OR Death Kick Back OR Washee Washee Criticize Ang Lee

Collectible Spoons (Rare): Make Mort Swallow Jewels OR Herbert Buy Candy For Kids

Hard Candy (Extra Rare): Tricia Report On-Scene OR Jillian Chase a Butterfly OR Meg Practice Bird Calls OR Ricardo Freshen Up OR Ruth Talk to Suspicious Strangers OR Kingpin Consuela Walk With White Tigers OR Cupid Take Piano Lessons OR Firefighter Seamus Think About Preventing Forest Fires OR Stripper Jerome Recuperate Body OR Belgard Talk About Eurovision OR Bad Trip Stewie Hide From Scary Monsters.



Jack 2Jack (Character):  50Clam IconClams. More info on him HERE.

Fire Dog Brian 2Fire Dog Brian (Costume):  210Clam IconClams (you obtain him for Clams in Al’s). More info on him HERE. 



Best of 2015 Volume 3 Mystery Box: 125 Clam IconClams. Here is the list of Characters/Costumes you can get a “Chance” at in this Mystery Box.

***Keep in mind what you get will depend on who you already have live in your game as well as who you have already unlocked in the Districts. These are also a “Chance” Mystery Box, so your results will vary on what you get out of it. Of course the more you already have live in your game, the less you will have in the Mystery Box and a better chance at getting them. No repeats of course.***



Tricia Takagaga

Rapper Brian

Death’s Dog

Glenda Vajmire

Popstar Meg

Mob Wife Lois

Patrick Pewterschmidt


For those who’s games crashed when trying to unlock Don Corleone & Greased Up Deaf Guy… last report is they’re still working on it. So restart device and try again every now and then.

Also ditto for placing the “Free” Don.

UPDATE 1/12: New patches being pushed to hopefully now resolve Don and GUDG issues.

SIDE NOTE: The patch seemed to award additional materials or the Characters  depending on where you were in the Event.

Most of you will find the Characters either wandering Quahog or in your Inventory Storage Menu scattered around, so check both Characters  and the All tab.

Also for those that needed that character to complete a set, you also got the FaceSpace Character Collection completion Clams.


UPDATE 1/13: TinyCo still working on patches for the few devices trickling through that the previous 3 patches. Hang in there. They know there is still crashing & issues unlocking GUDG.


UPDATE 1/13 245PM EST: Per TinyCo…

The Don’s 3 day timer will not expire when Best of 2015 ends. As long as he is placed before Best of 2015 ends, players will have 3 days to unlock him.

So for those of you asking, you have the FULL 3 days (up till when your timer runs out) to earn him as long as you have him placed to start collecting BEFORE the Event ends.


Still verifying a few items, but this should cover the majority of it. There you have it, a reintroduction of some more of the Characters/Costumes from 2015.

What do you think of this batch of Best of 2015 so far? Characters/Costumes you hoped would return? Any others? Let us know.



156 responses to “Best Of 2015 Volume 3!!

  1. Ok I’m getting pretty ticked. I’ve been sending my gang to collect items to unlock the deaths mom, greased guy, & the scrotum cop guy. NONE of the epic items have fallen at all. The bowls rarely fall. I just got a message saying it ends today & I need to unlock them or they are gone. How in the world is that possible. The only time I’m off the game is when I go to bed at 11:pm. The game is not dropping items to unlock them. I’ve seen others on fb with this same problem. Please help!!


  2. Why do they make these events so short if they are not going to let you collect the items?

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  3. got chance to get GUDG and Scrotes and deaths mom has just unlocked.
    But I’m unlikely to finish any of them before the deadline due to appalling drop rates. ( and i’v been at the characters actions CONSTANTLY)

    it’s almost like they are deliberately getting us nearly there so we’ll make up the shortfall in Clams



  4. So let me see if I have this right…they didn’t release Death’s Mom until Monday…I need five more glasses and she’s unlocked…so assuming I unlock her tonight, I have less than a day to get Don Corelone? Is that even possible? I keep reading you have to collect stuff for him, but the way the drop rates have been in my games it seems like there’s no way. It’s frustrating since some people seem to have gotten him with no trouble or even just dropped in, while others haven’t even unlocked Deaf Guy!


  5. Any update on the IOS patches I’ve reloaded about 15 times today and nothing…Gudg is still crashing my game when I click unlock and the countdown till end of event is getting nearer….

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  6. Still crashing here unlocking GUDG for over 36 hours now nearly 24 after messaged that it was fixed. So happy every one that didn’t collect items was giving the characters for free and I earned then and can’t even try to earn Don


    • Not EVERYONE was just given the items and a Free Character. It was those experiencing issues too. Even then not everyone had them all unlock. It all depended on WHERE the player was in that earning when the crashing hit.

      Patience. You are not the only one still having the problem. Mainly iOS users now are not taking any of the 3 patches so far well and they are still working on it. (A few other devices too)


  7. Anyone else get Don Corleone but no questline for him? During the period where you could unlock him and then he would be locked again, I did have a questline for him. Once I was able to unlock him and keep him unlocked, there is no questline. I had tried to put him on his first task (8 hour Get His Shoes Shined) when I originally unlocked him and went back into the game to find him locked so I never actually finished his first task. I guess at this point I should just be glad that I finally got him, but it would have been nice to get to see the dialogue of jokes between him and the rest of the characters.


  8. Will this be the last mystery box? Lots of great characters from 2015 are not yet available in the boxes, such as any characters/skins from Star Trek event…


  9. I seem to be the only one who hasn’t unlocked any character. I have only had two drops on the epic iem with about 9 characters doing it constantly and now it’s ending tomorrow and I may just unlock deaths mom but the other two characters are completely out of reach as I doubt suddenly all the epic tasks will drop the item. Sucks really.


    • You are not the only one, drop rates for my game were miserable.


      • I didn’t have any luck unlocking thw characters either. Hardly nothing dropped that I needed. If it was going to be like this; why didn’t they make the event last longer. It would have helped with the log in issues to. I guess I wasn’t the only one having trouble getting items and playing the game. On top of that, it ends today, giving us no chance at collecting what we need and getting Don Corleone.


    • my drop rates have been terrible, Got GUDG, Scrotes and Deaths Mom to finish and no where near finishing any of them ( Glasses have been the biggest issue)


  10. Patch hasn’t worked or been deployed yet as I still can’t load the app anymore. Gets to near the end of the loading bar then crashes. Tried restarting etc. What’s going on?


  11. Opened game, all three characters were unlocked and ready to get the Don! Working on him now, doubt I’ll get before timer runs out…but thanks to TinyCo..I ha e a shot!


  12. Not sure the method of justice with all of the glitches for this event. I collected everything for Scrotes and Greased Up Deaf Guy (had Death’s Mom), but couldn’t get GUDG into my game to start Don Corleone. The patch finally dropped GUDG into my game and allowed me to start the collections for Don. I am reading that people didn’t have everything for all three characters and got them dropped into their games without finishing the collections AND got Don without collecting for him. My timer started last night and since I have seen nothing about the timer extending past the event, my concern is I will be short an item or two for Don when the event ends even though I will easily get everything before the timer would end (which is after the event ends). I am thrilled that people got all these characters and could care less how they got into their games. Selfishly, I don’t want to lose the Don because I couldn’t get his three-day timer started while there were still three days left in the event because I couldn’t get GUDG into my game even though I collected everything I needed.

    If TinyCo is going to stick with the original plan for some players and not for others, at least they could allow for the timer to run past the end of the event. I have no issue collecting for Don (actually would prefer it), but I don’t want the fact that I lost a day due to not being able to get GUDG in my game to be the reason I lose out on the Don.

    Please TinyCo, let Ms. Bunny know what the plans are for the timer as it relates to extending past the end of the event if there is time remaining on it! She promises to tell everyone and end the angst!


  13. *raises hand* Another who can’t unlock GUDG without crashong my game. So annoying! He’s really all I wanted. 😦


  14. Got on late last night and all 3 were unlocked after trying for a couple days to un lock the greasy one. I tried to get on for about an hour and it wouldnt connect so i figured they were tinkering with it. They unlocked Deaths mom who i did not have and gave me some clams. Thanks tiny co. I knew they would fix they most always make things right.


  15. People are writing about finally being able to unlock the GUDG and even getting Death’s Mom for free but nothing changed for me. Trying to unlock the GUDG still makes the game freeze. Device restart won’t help. I’m playing on iPhone 6 Plus if it’s important.


    • May be taking a bit to hit different app markets. Try restart device and if not wait til it does hit


    • Same with me I didn’t get anything for free either. But at least I read about the Cleveland sale here so I logged in via Google (I’m also on an iPad normally) and got Cleveland for 200 instead of 400 clams…! 🙂


    • Why are some people getting the characters and they won’t give them to others? That is unfair.


      • They weren’t just “given”. Players were playing the event and the glitches kept causing them issues and delays. So… depending on WHO they already were working on and how FAR they had already got… TinyCo adjusted them to compensate for that loss of time and/or materials they would have got anyway had they NOT had to deal with the glitches. Don’t read too much into it. It was fair compensation for those that couldn’t play or even get in their games at all. 🙂


  16. This was my favorite mini-event. I got Slasher Cat on my first try in the second mystery box. He’s officially my favorite character. I also got Don Corleone but it was a little strange at first he had a 3 day timer on him requiring some items to unlock him from Death’s Mom, GUDG and Det. Scrotes so I put them on tasks a few times and then all of the sudden he was walking around my streets. Not complaining but it was strange.


  17. I wish theyd get phase 1 working before phase 3 😦 still cant unlock greased up deaf guy…


  18. It’s trying to make me unlock greased up death guy again when j already unlocked him in the original event


  19. GUDG, Scrotes, and Deaths Mom unlocked for me. I had most of the items unlocked for all three of them, but it was nice to get started on Don! Thanks for the patches Tiny Co! I have to check if I got any Clams too.


  20. canadiangiveaways

    I thought we had until the 14th to try and unlock the 3 characters? Not that I was anywhere close (grrrr razors), but when I logged in just now they gave me GUDF but the other 2 have disappeared…. Along with the items I had collected to unlock them. Is this what was supposed to happen?


  21. My game glitched and gave me all three characters to advance the story line. No complaints.


  22. I wish I had noticed the Don quests were a glitch. I spent 32 clams to speed up Death’s Mom and GUDG so they could work on his quests.


  23. I had placed the 3 2015 characters and wax working on u locking them, then a little earlier I logged into my game an all 3 were u locked. Just wondering if this was a glitch or intentional on tiny co.’s part?


  24. Well, I got GUDG when I logged in, but not the other two. Dang. lol. Deaths mom is the one I really want.
    Quick question… Cleveland shows as 200 clams for me, and 400 for my boyfriend.. why is this? Could it be the devices we are on? I am on an android, him and amazon fire.


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