What the… Bunny? Easter Stuff!!

Hey there Egg Heads!

For no reason I can see (still seeing if it’s an oops) Easter Bunny Peter and some Easter goodies dropped in our games.

Bunny Easter

Will update more once I verify the content is supposed to be there. Lol. Back with more in a bit. In meantime, this is what I saw in my game.

Easter Bunny Peter (Costume): 120 Clams

Cheepz Pink (Decoration): $50

Cheepz Yellow (Decoration): $50

Cheepz Purple (Decoration): $50

Easter Egg Basket (Decoration): $80, smaller than Cheepz

Easter Egg Bunny (Decoration): $3000, smaller than Cheepz


Driving so will update pics later… but seriously the Bunny and Basket are really teeny.

Per TinyCo, YES… “they’ll be here til March 31st” for your “Bunny” enjoyment. 😉


Are you gonna pick up any items? Gonna fill your town with Cheepz… or is that just me? Let us know.



29 responses to “What the… Bunny? Easter Stuff!!

  1. I like the game but dang you guys are hard core fans.


  2. Carter Pewterschmidt now has a task – waving a wand to earn beans. Interacts with Fairy Godmayor in Vote West pt. 4.


  3. Hi Bunny. I bought a ton of cheeps and put them in my inventory and it will still only show a maximum of 4 of each in inventory. Have you had this same problem?


  4. Much like week 3 of the princess bride stuff I have yet to see this in my game.


  5. Bunny, have you notice or is it me, that they might have increase the scale in the dragon?


  6. Russian Tigger

    Our Irish addicts will be hopping mad they skipped St. Patrick’s Day and went straight to Easter….. Irish eyes will not be smiling.

    And I’m with the other addicts, release our Bunny into the game, she’s earned it. I desperately want to see her running round in my game with a task where she snatches a pitchfork from Stewie, replacing it with a fluffy Bunny. And of course a joint task with Quagmire where he realises she’s not the Playboy Bunny. Come on TinyCo make us addicts dream come true.


  7. Brought the Easter Bunny Peter outfit straight away, just 1 more outfit for Peter and that will give him his 30th outfit, I also brought a ton of each Easter decoration like I normally do with limited time freemium decorations. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we get a mini Easter Event when the current one ends.

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  8. I just bought one of each but not the outfit.

    I’m satisfied with my army of Fluffy Sheep and Smoking Trees as well as my mile long Trump castle wall keeping out the Mort Trolls.


  9. What? No Purim Mort? LOL

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  10. I am so stocking up on these things and putting them everywhere :p yay Easter!


  11. Soooo…the petition to get our Bunny in the game didn’t work. Could this be TinyCo’s way to acknowledge FGA Bunny?

    I understand how clams make the TinyCo world go round…but, this is one character that we should be able to get via coins or tasks. Would have been a nice gesture from TinyCo especially after this mess of an event.

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  12. Wait, so we get “easter rabbit peter”, but no “TQFSAddicts Bunny” character!? Boooooooo


  13. The Problem Child

    I went ahead and got Easter Bunny Peter. What’s odd, is that, at least for now, he has no quest(s). Just about 5 or so jobs, that’s all.


  14. 20 Bunnies, 20 Baskets, a minimum of 50 of each Cheepz color. Plus Bunny Peter. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it! Or is that just the hoarded of Cheepz…? 🙂

    So happy they didn’t pass over Easter and that these aren’t limited quantities. And for coins! I’m gonna love that candy chick army. 🙂


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