Wrestlemania 101: WWE Main Event Ring

Hey there Bedazzled Ed Hardy’s or is it Affliction?!

Bouncing on by to give you some more details and information in regards to one of the Main Items you will use during this small Event for Wrestlemania. The WWE Main Event Ring!

WWE Main Event Ring

Take a look below for more in depth details and how to on this item. 

For more information on Phase 1 of the WrestleMania Event, go to the Main Post HERE.


First up, you must place this item in your game. That will require you to get past a few items in the Ring Gear Emporium before it. Here is the Breakdown…

Wrestlemania Access Facility: Earns $30 & 20xp every 4hrs, Chance Drop 2 Steven Segal’s XXXL Black Belts
Title Belt Small12 Title Belts

Organic Health Store: Earns $20 & 15xp every 2hrs, Chance Drop 2 Pain Killers
Title Belt Small21 Title Belts

WWE Main Event Ring:
Title Belt Small9 Title Belts


Now with the WWE Main Event Ring in your game, you will want to get Maxi Paddy unlocked as you will need him for the WWE Event Ring to start it out.

Maxi Paddy SmallMaxi Paddy: in the menu but you will actually finish him in Al’s
8 Folding Chairs (Common): Quagmire Enjoy Carrots OR Bonnie Abuse Jacuzzi Jets
17 Steven Segal’s XXXL Black Belts (Uncommon): Wrestlemania Axxess Facility (Ring Gear Store) OR Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop
6 Butt Scratchers (Rare): Peter Cook Disgusting Vegetables OR Lois Practice Tai-Jitsu OR John Cena Salute the Troops
2 Pain Killers (Extra Rare): Organic Health Store (Ring Gear Store)


You now have the two Main items you are going to need to start this process. Let’s focus now on the Main Questline. You will be able to get passed Let’s Get Ready to Rumble Pt. 4 once you get Maxi Paddy and move on to Let’s Get Ready to Rumble Pt. 5. This is where using the WWE Main Event Ring comes into play.

Let's Get Ready to Rumble Part 5

It is very similar to the concerts of Peterpalooza for those that played the Event. Essentially you will need to do specific tasks or earn specific items to complete the Requirements the WWE Main Event Ring asks for. Once those Requirements are met, you can then Wrestle. Let’s move on to an Exhibition now.



In my game, here were the Requirements for my first Exhibition…

WWE Main Event Ring First Match Task Requirements NOT READY

Have Maxi Paddy Train at the Toxic Shock Wrestling Gym: 4hrs
Have Maxi Paddy Do a Body Splash: 4hrs
Have Chris Resist Authority: 4hrs


As you complete the Requirements, they will check off in the WWE Main Event Ring. It will also tell you up top of the screen what % “COMPLETED” you are. Once all are checked off, the “NOT READY” will change to “FIGHT“.

WWE Main Event Ring First Match Task Requirements FIGHT

Tapping on “FIGHT” will then take you to the “START THE MATCH” screen. Here you will see the current Wrestler you can use for the Exhibition Match, which is Maxi Paddy, so make sure you do not have him on another Task. Tap on “START MATCH” next.

WWE Main Event Ring Start Match

You now have 60 seconds to clear the asking amount of Fans (first match said 40) and gain Superstars to get the highest Rewards possible.

WWE Main Event Ring Timer

WWE Main Event Ring First Match Fan Requirements

The Crazy Fans will appear on ANY Quahog Roads in your game.

WWE Main Event Ring First Match Maxi Paddy & Fans

I only got 20 of the Fans and about 3/5 stars complete. My Reward was 35 Title Belt SmallTitle Belts.

WWE Main Event Ring First Match Payout



In my game, here were the Requirements for my Second Match…

WWE Main Event Ring Second Match Task Requirements

Have Maxi Paddy Train at the Toxic Shock Wrestling Gym: 4hrs
Have Maxi Do a Body Splash: 4hrs
Collect Rent from WrestleMania Axxess Facility: Pays out every 4hrs

Once complete, tap “FIGHT“.

Now I had multiple Characters available to Fight in the game with the First one out of the way. Here is the list, again this will vary by who you have in your game. If the Character is free and not on a Task they will show “READY“. If they are on a Task or not unlocked in your game they will show as “BUSY“.

WWE Main Event Ring Second Match Start Match

Maxi Paddy Small  Maxi Paddy
John CenaJohn Cena
Triple HTriple H

***No matter what Wrestler I chose, the Requirements are the same so no worries on getting “PREMIUM” Characters. Using Maxi Paddy will be just fine.***

Once you tap “START MATCH” you will now be able to select the Wrestler you want to use.For this one, I selected John Cena. After tapping on him the selection the “NOT READY” again turned into “FIGHT“.

WWE Main Event Ring Second Match Select Wrestler

Again, 60 seconds to clear the Required amount of Fans (40 again).

WWE Main Event Ring John Cena

WWE Main Event Ring Second Match Fan Requirements

I got 26/40 this time, about 3 1/2 stars (26/40) and a Payout again of 35 Title Belt SmallTitle Belts.

WWE Main Event Ring Second Match Payout


***FYI, getting 40/40 Rewarded me 40 Title Belt SmallTitle Belts.***



Just for more information and to give you an idea of what you may encounter, here is the Requirements for my additional Exhibition Matches in my game.

Have Maxi Paddy Do a Body Splash
: 4hrs
Have Maxi Paddy Apply Lipstick: 2hrs
Collect Rent from Wrestlemania Axxess Facility: Pays out every 4hrs

Have Maxi Paddy Train at the Toxic Shock Wrestling Gym
: 4hrs
Have Maxi Paddy Do a Body Splash: 4hrs
Have Chris Resist Authority: 4hrs

Have Maxi Paddy Train at the Toxic Shock Wrestling Gym
: 4hrs
Have Maxi Paddy Do a Body Splash: 4hrs
Have Chris Resist Authority: 4hrs

And the last set seemed to keep repeating from there on the Task Requirements



Triple H

As Triple H does pop up as a possible Wrestler, be careful to NOT tap on him or the “GO” underneath him while attempting to select Wrestlers. The reason is you now have the WWE Main Event Ring so ANYTHING that takes you to the Ring Gear Emporium and will start that 3 Day Timer on him. Tap carefully. Wait to go there again until you have saved up enough Title Belts to get him.

Of course if you do not want him, you can just pass on this.



I went over this in my Peterpalooza Concerts post, but will cover it again here as it may be helpful to Players. Tips for getting the most Fans as possible.

  • Small amount of isolated Roads: I know many don’t like to rearrange their towns, but with spawns triggering on the roads keeping a small isolated amount of Roads can help you find, locate, and clear the Fans the quickest way possible.
  • Keep the WWE Main Event Ring Close: I have my Ring right next to my small batch of Roads as the moment you start the “FIGHT” the Fans spawn immediately on those roads. Keeping the Ring close by that area will help to also cut the time it will take to move from the Ring you just tapped through all the steps to the Roads and Fans.
  • Keep other Characters Busy: As those Fans are wandering the same paths as Characters and Walking Decorations, try to keep the area as clear as possible. Other Characters in the way will cause Task Lists to pop up and interfere, cutting that time down even more that you are under. Send them on Tasks and/or store those not in use to keep them out of the way.
  • Keep Roads in Open Areas: Much like above, Decorations and Buildings in the way accidentally tapped while trying to clear Fans will slow you down. Time is precious, so try to use all the time you have and keep the area clear and Buildings away from the roads if possible. If you have tall Buildings in front of roads,  you will not see any Fans that spawned behind them. Same with Decorations.
  • TAP TAP TAP: Clearing the Fans is just a basic tap, but you will want to go as fast as you can. 60 seconds goes by in the blink of an eye. Tap tap tap as fast as you can to clear them all so another set can spawn before time runs out if needed. (I had plenty spawn to fill the 40 Requirement.)
  • Leave “Extra Fans”: If you have already completed the Fight, got your reward, and still have a few Fans wandering the game… leave them. It will give you a head start for the next Fight. If you do really just want to tap on them, they only gave me one $10 Coin each.


Honestly, my Maze set up now with the “Patches of Road” inserted in the middle is really helping me to keep the Fans in one spot and be able to see them all and tap them all very quickly. Again, something you do NOT have to do. Just giving some options out there for those that want them. It is always really simple to leave everything as is, clear all roads, and leave just one patch. No rearranging necessary.

WWE Main Event Ring Maze



WWE Main Event Ring Get Ready To Rumble

  • Get Maxi Paddy Unlocked
  • Get the WWE Main Event Ring
  • Get to Let’s Get Ready to Rumble Pt. 5
  • Complete Exhibition Task Requirements
  • Select Wrestler
  • TAP TAP TAP the Fans
  • Get lots of Title Belts


There you have it. Another LARGE source of getting all the Title Belts you will need for this Wrestlemania Event as well as some silly Wrestling in the game.

What do you think of the WWE Main Event Ring? Anxious to get access to all those Title Belts possible? Feel a little better about the amounts it drops vs the amounts you will need? Let us know.



76 responses to “Wrestlemania 101: WWE Main Event Ring

  1. Wish I knew what I am doing wrong, I got to use the ring and fight fans two times but for the last day it just sits at completed 100% but not ready regardless of what characters are available.


    • Try to restart device


      • Thanks Bunny, I did try restarting the device and when that didn’t work, uninstalling and re installing the app as soon as I had a problem. I also contact support and they acknowledged it was a known issue and that they were working on a fix. I checked back with them several times to see how it was going but unfortunately they just fixed the issue now and of course the even is almost over. They also told me they have no plans to extend the event. Oh well, my bad luck I guess. I have only been playing for a few weeks so I don’t know how often these technical issues come up. I would have been angry if I had purchased stuff with clams to move the event along and then couldn’t play for most of it. I bought a few clams already but I think I will hold off buying more until I get a feel for how often these types of glitches happen. Its much easier for me to be patient if I am playing for free. If I had invested real money into the event I would not be happy with the response I got from support. From following your excellent blog at least I know I wasn’t the only one with technical issues this round. Thanks for your hard work


  2. Maybe I’m missing it but how does the ring connect trophies?….. It seems like the only way to unlock scsa is buy the building or clear a jabronie which needs him…. Catch 12 lol… Thanks


  3. Several runs at exhibition matches, clear the fist set of fans in 10-15 seconds, and no second spawn.


  4. Patty and HHH earn 5 belts.


  5. Is there a counter anywhere for the number of belts you have


  6. My task are complete for the wrestle mania. I have Paddy and John Cena. I sent Paddy once and got many stars by clearing fans yet not belts. I completed another set of tasks to send one again and when I try it says they are busy but they are not. Peter is free, paddy is free and John Cena is free. They all say busy and when I click the n them it sends me to preform their regular tasks! I’ve written through my game to tiny co and haven’t received a response yet. It’s Easter so I don’t really expect to hear from them today. I went ahead and sent John Cena and Peter to train so I could at least collect something before I waste any more time. I also deleted the game and downloaded again and rebooted my phone just in case. I’m playing on iOS (iPhone 6s plus) Just curious if anyone else has encountered this or if I’ve over looked something or doing something wrong. Thank you in advance for any help.


    • Others reported it… but mainly those on Facebook. Last I heard they were looking into it still. You did all the troubleshooting I’d suggest.

      Let me know if after sending them somewhere else the options come back.


      • Thank you so much for the info. I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens. Love your site!


        • I’ve sent them on other tasks and it’s still happening. I got a short response from tiny co yesterday and then nothing. No resolution. I’m rather frustrated right now.


          • What was the response?


            • “I apologize for the inconvenience! It looks like they can train right now; is that not the case?” I explained that training wasn’t the problem but the matches in wrestling and haven’t heard anything back.


              • Make sure you specify WWE Main Event Ring. That should help.


                • I have. And I’ve still not gotten a response. I’ve sent a few more messages to them since they seem to have forgotten me. I’m very upset with them. I play premium (spent way more than I should). I’m almost angry, but I know this is a 1st world problem!! 🙂


                  • All you can do is wait. Keep in mind that they have the name “Tiny” for a reason. They are a VERY VERY VERY small company. Only a handful of people on the TinyCo project for the Player Tech support. So it takes a while to go through thousands upon thousands of daily messages and get back to you. Rule of thumb with them is to message and give them 5 days to respond. If no response, send a followup and repeat.

                    So really all you can do right now is wait. You’re not “forgotten”, they are just overwhelmed and understaffed sadly on that side of things.


                    • Thank you!! They’re always very nice when they do get back to you, so I don’t want to show my frustration to them. Thanks for the explanation!


                  • I was having the same issue but then realized I was clicking ‘go’ on the character portrait and not ‘fight’ at the bottom of the window.


    • I’ve got ecaxtly the same problem :/ How do you report? Also, if I uninstall and instiall the game again will I loose my progress? I’m playing on Android (Xiaomi Mi Note phone)


    • I’ve had the same issue on iOS, I messaged tinyco and they told me that it’s a known issue and that they are looking into it.


  7. Just run my first exhibition, cleared the first spawn of 20 fans with 40 seconds left on the clock and no more spawned. Double checked and the only road I have is the one 4×3 patch next to the ring. Hopefully this was a one off otherwise I’m going to have trouble getting the full 40 belts for the questline.


    • Exact same thing just happened again, no second spawn of fans.


    • Same for me. it took like 4-5 times before I was seeing 40 or more fans. But I also made my patch of road a little bigger after the 3rd time, so I don’t know if that also had something to do with it. Not sure.


      • Hence my earlier question about them spawning immediately. This happened with Peterpalooza where the requisite number of fans did not spawn before the timer expired. 😦


      • I think they changed something, this time I had 40 fans spawn in the first lot.


  8. I can’t see John Cena!!


      • You are obviously not a wrestling fan if you cant see John Cena haha.

        “Bedazzled Ed Hardy’s or is it Affliction?!”

        Its neither. Ed Hardy and Affliction are MMA fan’s choices of attire.


        • You may want to tell the 1000+ guys at the WWE Event I was recently at then. They didn’t get the memo. I saw some “pretty bedazzled” guys in that gear. 😉

          And I had 10 times more fun hanging out with Rock, Triple H, and Big Show (holy crap he’s a massive guy) when they came here many times then any other Wrestler to date. 🙂

          The other Wrestlers I enjoyed hanging out behind the scenes with… well they’re OG and long left the game too. 🙂

          You meet a lot of interesting people working in entertainment and promotions.


  9. Hi Bunny
    Can you have maxi paddy in the wwe main event ring to fight for a minute so we can clear the fans without hhh timer starting? Also can you have petter and maxi paddy in the training 4 hour event?


    • Look at the list of Characters used above in this very post you are commenting on and you will see I answered that (Covered it in multiple spots in fact including Tips area). 😉

      As for Peter & Maxi… at the same time… NO. Maxi Paddy is a Costume for Peter… you can’t have Peter fight Peter. 😉


  10. I just placed the main event ring and haven’t touched the ring gear emporium yet, but I wanted to know if there is a way for me to check how many belts I have to know how close I am to unlocking triple h without triggering his timer? Also once the timer is activated is there a countdown timer or quest line to let you know if you’ve activated it?


    • No… there is not. The best way to tell is once you place the ring and earn them, watch the upper right corner. It will usually show an image of the next item you are earning towards and fill up the progression bar. It isn’t an exact number, but will help to know if you are part way, half way, or almost there at least so you can gauge how many days roughly you will need to work on getting a stockpile of belts from the Ring before starting his timer. 😉

      Once activated, the countdown shows right above his image in the the Ring Gear Emporium.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Hi bunny

    I don’t know if my last post got posted from it’s a Grimm knight in quahog but any who.

    Do you know the unlock order in the event store. I know from previous ones the freaking hard one was last but I don’t know with this one.

    If Stone Cold is in this game the Rock better be. ***. Oh if the rock does come to quahog they can have the ultimate re-matches Steve Austin vs The Rock “what!!!” Can’t forget John Cena vs The Rock with John Cena wearing his fruity pebble out fits.

    I think I’m going to drop some serious elbows on clams this event. Like you said Bunny finally the Chicken has came to Quahog lol



  12. i have some advice here..
    just like peterpalooza the fans will walk BETWEEN your streets..if you only have one (mine is 3×4) they don’t walk around and you don’t need a maze or something..
    so it’s very easy to tap all fans needed..
    give it a try but (even if i hate roman reigns) you can believe that 🙂


  13. I thought another way to earn Title Belts would become available at some point, and looking at how many you can get from these Exibitions it looks like Triple H will be attainable, I also have 3 of the buildings that drop 4 Belts every 8hrs, as well as John Cena so I’ve got him and Peter training so that’s another 5 Belts every 4hrs. As a wrestling fan I think this is going to be my faveourite event so far, I’m most looking forward to getting Stone Cold Steve Austin.


  14. I have always loved the WWE so this has got me all in at the moment. Biggest thing I’m not liking is I can’t see the running total on my belts. I did lash out on 2 championship title shops and am sending Cena and Peter to train every 4 hours… I guess I will keep doing that until i unlock Maxi Paddy and I should be somewhere near close? Will grab the main event ring at that point.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Hey Bunny,
    Thanks for your guides, I check this site almost everyday. Just wondering, are you already this far through the game and that’s how you’ve posted the information? I haven’t even unlocked the first prize, let alone the ring. I just don’t understand how I keep getting so behind in all the events when I play as often as I can. Do you think freemium players ever stand a chance?

    Liked by 1 person

    • This one is pretty basic. Focus on Title Belts listed in main post and unlocking Maxi Paddy. Then WWE Main Event Ring. That’ll help get more Title Belts


      • I do though, that’s the thing. I do the task to get what is needed as frequently as I possibly can.
        Yet event after event I am behind.
        At the end of the Grimm tale I got to the end of phase two – exact same thing will happen again this time. I prioritise the main quest line. I am not playing the game ‘wrong’. I check your guides to confirm.
        If it were basic I wouldn’t say anything – it’s not like I’m sending Peter to do other tasks and scratching my head why I’m not getting title belts. And I know I am not the only one who gets so behind for no real reason.
        Just wanted some insight


        • Grimm was a grueling one. This is know. So far this one is fairing a bit better. Won’t know fully until about a week in. All I can suggest is keep track of your drops and message them the results if they seem “off”. Like out of 10 tries I got x amount of item listed at *** rate.


      • I actually unlocked the main event ring before getting Patty because I’m having the most difficult time getting buttscratchers. I’ve sent Lois more than a dozen times and Peter twice and still only have 1! Is anybody else having issues with buttscratchers ? I can’t wait to finally get in the ring but these buttscratchers are holding me back big time.


    • If you send joe and Peter to
      Train you get 3 belts every 4 hours


  16. To make sure I get HHH, is it best to save up belts first before placing the ring, or use the ring to get the 300 you need?


    • Get Maxi Paddy & the WWE Main Event Ring then load up on Title Belts. Like noted in the info in this post 😉

      Just watch out for the Warning.


    • Going by the task requirements Bunny posted, I crunched the numbers and found that 7 completely successful matches (40×7=280) plus one more training session (7×3=21, as 6 are required in the tasks) will take you a bare minimum of 58hr (8+8+6+8+8+8+8+4) plus another 7 minutes for the matches themselves. That’s assuming you have the same required tasks that Bunny posted, Maxi + Jerome pairings for all the required trainings, no speeding up of tasks, and starting on the next required tasks immediately after the match. Mostly successful matches would require 8 matches (35×8=280 + 21) and 62hr.

      It can certainly be done, but just to be safe, and since my event store timers always seem to start on their own and almost immediately, whether or not I revisit them after the previous item, I will probably be waiting until I have about 60 Belts before buying the Ring, that way I only need 250 more Belts, which will take 6 or 7 matches (46 or 54hr) to get, depending on whether I’m completely (240 + 15) or mostly (245 + 18) successful.


  17. Once you hit fight do the fans spawn immediately? Was a huge issue during Peterpalooza.


  18. I’m hoping they tie in a few old characters to the event who may make sense, like Fezzik, Barnaby and Phineas. This is the first one I can recall of a ‘pairing’ to get a reward, though I saw it was used once for a Valentine’s Day event long, long ago.

    But I’m with you Bunny. I’m excited I’ll have a proper version of Ernie the Giant Chicken instead of just the L’il Rascals one.

    I grew out of wrestling but this event’s still pretty interesting.


  19. Hi Bunny, thanks for putting so much time and effort into these posts they make it much easier to play what is a fairly complicated game. Did wonder if this is all of the event or just part one and how long do we have complete? Thank you.


    • Definitely more to come. 🙂

      WWE Main Event Ring should really help. Happy to do all I can to help players save time and clams by giving them a peek of what’s to come 🙂


  20. I am glad this event came up now. Not really a huge wrestling fan, so I can take a break from the game for awhile and not be bummed about missed characters.


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