Wrestlemania 2016 Phase 2 is LIVE! UPDATED

Hey there Sweaty Men! 😛

Time for another round of ‘Rastlin. Phase 2 has now dropped into our silly Lil games.

TWO WEEK EVENT RUNNING 3/24/16 TO 4/7/2016

Family Guy- The Quest for Stuff - WrestleMania in Quahog Key Art

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to be on App Version 1.20.0 so ensure you go to your App Market and download the update when it hits (usually Amazon and Facebook take the longest to release from their Markets, so be patient and watch for it.)
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s completed
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version, not Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. So if you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some there to make room.

NOTE: I’m in a meeting for a while so it will be a bit before I can run the complete overview of Phase 2. No worries. I’ll get the full details out soon as I can.

In the meantime, here’s the in game FAQ from TinyCo. As its just basic stats, I can’t verify the accuracy and provide full details until I play it live myself.

How do I begin the second phase of WrestleMania in Quahog?
You will need to complete Let’s Get Ready to Rumble Pt. 8 before you can begin the second phase of WrestleMania in Quahog.

When do Jabronis begin appearing?
Jabronis begin appearing after reaching Really Ready to Rumble Pt. 1 (the main quest line for phase 2).

How do I clear Jabronis?
You can clear Jabronis by sending Stone Cold Steve Austin on his “Take out a Jabroni” action.

How do I unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin?
Stone Cold Steve Austin is available on the second page of the Prize Catalogue at the Ring Gear Shop after earning all of the prizes before him. To unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin, you must place the Champion’s Throne and collect the following materials:

  • 15 Speedos (common)

  • 6 Tall Boys (uncommon)

  • 6 Wrestling Boots (rare)

  • 10 Cracked Skulls (rare)

TIMER WARNING PER BUNNY...How do I unlock Roman Reigns?
Roman Reigns is available in the Prize Catalogue at the Ring Gear Shop for 70 Trophies, after earning all of the prizes in the Catalogue before him. You will have 2 days to purchase him, or he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I unlock Heavy Flo?
Heavy Flo is available on the second page of the Prize Catalogue at the Ring Gear Shop after earning all of the prizes before her. To unlock Heavy Flo, you must place the New Haven Coliseum.

How do I get Undertaker?
Undertaker is available in the shop for 280 clams.


Undertaker: 280 Clam IconClams, Fully Tasked, Comes with Questline, He IS Voiced, 8hr Task to drop 1 Rotten Egg, 4hr Task to drop 1 Cracked Skull


Stone Cold Steve Austin: First you have to place the Champion’s Throne from the Emporium into your game. Once placed, he will appear in front of it along with the bubbles of items you will need to pull him into your game.

15 Speedos (Common): Maxi Peter Do a Body Splash OR Lois DIg Her Own Grave OR Chris Resist Authority
6 Tall Boys (Uncommon): ***in progress*** UPDATE: per TinyCo, this drop should be corrected soon. You can get Tall Boys from Joe and Jerome. Joe Patrol the School OR Jerome Grow His Fro
6 Wrestling Boots (Rare): Bruce Get Yet Another Job
10 Cracked Skull (Rare): Undertaker Get Buried Alive OR ***in progress*** UPDATE: per TinyCo, this drop should be corrected soon. You should be able to get Cracked Skulls from Herbert and Quagmire. Quagmire Let the Gerbil Loose OR Herbert Buy Candy For Kids

Heavy Flo: First you have to place the New Haven Coliseum from the Emporium into your game. Once placed, she will appear in front of it..


NOTHING. Once you place her, the Unlock Icon will appear. Tap on it to pull her live into your game. Fully Tasked, Comes with a Questline, She is currently NOT voiced


Giant Chicken     Giant Chicken: : Item drops per Phase 2
Stone Cold Steve AustinStun The Competition: Stone Cold Steve Austin Stun the Competition (8hr Task)
Voodoo Doll4 Voodoo Dolls (Extra Rare): Maxi Paddy Peter Do a Body Splash OR Cage Match Ring OR Over the Top Pop-up Shop (Manliest Mystery Box)
Chicken Feather16 Chicken Feathers (Uncommon): Jerome Play Darts OR Teen Laqueefa Wrestling School OR Barnaby
Expired Coupon20 Expired Coupons (Common): John Cena Show Hustle, Loyalty, Respect OR Jabronis OR Fight Promoter Cleveland Gamble, Swindle, and Steal
Rotten Egg12 Rotten Eggs (Rare): Joe Give Self a Sponge Bath OR Undertaker Deliver Tombstones OR Phineas Groom Mustache OR Bruce Make Bathtub Gin OR Bonnie Abuse Jacuzzi Jets



Trophy Life: 160 Clam IconClams, Earns Family Guy Coin45 & 30xp every 8hrs, Always Drops 2 Trophies



Arena Lights: Family Guy Coin400

Arena Lights Plus: Family Guy Coin400

“Eye to the Sky” Ladder: Family Guy Coin1300

Zamboni: Family Guy Coin9000



Toxic Shock Wrestling Gym

This Building will be a place where you can send multiple combos of Characters to “Training Day” to see what Prizes you will get in return. If you send the Perfect Team, you can get one of the following Prizes.

Chance Prizes
Clam Icon1 Clam

Maxi Paddy TrophyMaxi Paddy Trophy (Decoration)

Teen Laqueefas TrophyTeen Laqueefa’s Trophy (Decoration)

Title BeltTitle Belts

Heavy Flo TrophyHeavy Flo Trophy (Decoration)

Undertaker CoffinUndertaker’s Coffin (Building): Earns $30 & 20xp every 4hrs

Muscle CarMuscle Car (Decoration)

Arena Lights PlusArena Lights Plus (Decoration)


Training Day Wrestling Characters
Maxi Paddy
John Cena
Triple H
Roman Reigns
Heavy Flo
Stone Cold Steve Austin


Combo Payouts in MY game, yours may vary. (More Coming in another Post)

I am working on getting the New Characters first, once I do I will update the Payout/Rewards. I will list the ones that paid out actual items, the rest of the matches were only the $20 & 5xp.

Undertaker & Maxi Paddy = 8Title BeltTitle Belts
Undertaker & Peter = 8Title BeltTitle Belts

Roman Reigns & Maxi Paddy = 8Title BeltTitle Belts
Roman Reigns & Peter = 8Title BeltTitle Belts

Heavy Flo & Mort = 1 Heavy Flo Trophy
Heavy Flo & Maxi Paddy = 8Title BeltTitle Belts
Heavy Flo & Peter = 8Title BeltTitle Belts

Chris & Peter = 1 Teen Laqueefa Trophy  & 1 Title BeltTitle Belt
Chris & Maxi Paddy = Since this is essentially Peter, the Trophy cancels this Task, so nothing more will award.

Stone Cold Steve Austin & Undertaker = 1 Undertaker Coffin & 1 Title BeltTitle Belt
Stone Cold Steve Austin & Triple H = 1 Arena Lights Plus & 3 Title BeltTitle Belts
Stone Cold Steve Austin & John Cena = 1 Muscle Car & Title Belt1 Title Belt
Stone Cold Steve Austin & Peter = 8Title BeltTitle Belts
Stone Cold Steve Austin & Maxi Paddy = 8Title BeltTitle Belts



Ring Gear Emporium

This Building is the location of the Prize Catalogue aka Crafting Prizes for the Event. It looks like it is back to the “unlock in order” set up so far. Here are the items I see for Phase 2 of the Event.

Stone Cold Steve Austin in Champion’s Throne: Earns Family Guy Coin60 & 40xp every 12hrs
15 Trophies

Teen Laqueefa Wrestling School: Earns 40 & 25xp every Family Guy Coin6hrs. Chance drop x3 Feathers.
80 Title Belts
20 Trophies

Ring Announcers:
10 Trophies

TIMER ALERT!!! Once you get the Ring Announcers and go back into the Ring Gear Emporium, the 3 Day Timer to Get Roman Reigns will start! This means ANYTHING that takes you back there. Questline, Task, Item collection, etc. ANYTHING that leads you to open the Emporium Screen starts that timer. You can keep moving onto the next item if you do not want to get him (Cage Match Ring).

Roman Reigns: Fully Tasked, Comes with a Questline, He is currently NOT Voiced.
70 Trophies

Cage Match Ring: Earns 45 & 30xp every 8hrs, Chance drops x3 Voodoo Dolls
120 Title Belts
20 Trophy

3:16 Monster Truck:
150 Title Belts
30 Trophies

Heavy Flo in New Haven Coliseum: Earns 20 & 15xp every 2hrs
220 Title Belts
40 Trophies



WWE Main Event Ring

Once you are able to get the WWE Main Event Ring and Maxi Paddy in your game, you will have access to a HUGE source of Title Belts, more HERE.

In Phase 2, only Maxi Paddy was showing as selection for Character. No one else.

Crazy Fan This time around as you clear the Crazy Fans, you will win both Title Belts AND Trophies. Same as last time, the FULL amount of Fans don’t appear until your 3rd Match in. It did not make too much of a difference on payouts from 20 to 40.

For example:

I cleared only 21 Crazy Fans and was awarded 35 Title Belts and 8 Trophies.

I cleared 40 Crazy Fans and awarded 40 Title Belts and 10 Trophies



FYI, speaking of Trophies… those worried about Trophies… don’t. You can get them from the WWE Main Event Ring along with Belts. No need for Clams. 🙂

Trophy: Clear Jabronis (Rare) OR WWE Main Event Ring OR Trophy Life



You will need Stone Cold Steve Austin to be able to clear them. I had two show up right away in my game with Phase 2.

Take Out a Jabroni, 2hrs, Earns 10 & 5xp

Clearing them will reward you a Chance of Expired Coupons (Giant Chicken) & Trophies

I saw payouts of 2 Trophies, $10, 2 Expired Coupons


I am still going through a few items and will update them as I am able to clarify, otherwise this should give you a pretty good idea of what the last week of the Event has in store.

Where are you at now? Going to splurge on Undertaker? How is your Belt & Trophy Collection coming along? Let us know.



268 responses to “Wrestlemania 2016 Phase 2 is LIVE! UPDATED

  1. I would like to know how many people made it to get Heavy Flo…I never got to the ring. With the least amount I could spend I got Roman Reigns. I finished tasks early for him and the Chicken. Anything else would have been downright impossible.


  2. I know the event is over, but what do I need to have Bruce get yet another job? It’s not even an option.


  3. Not at all interested in wrestling, but enjoyed this event very much. Played mostly freemium, spent about thirty clams and got all the main items apart from the two challenge characters. Two weeks seems a good length, I find four weeks starts to drag towards the end. Thanks for your help Bunny.


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