Manliest Mystery Box is LIVE!

Hey there Mysterious Strangers!

Manliest Mystery Box is now live in our games. I will update more details when I get home, but so far looks like some interesting items inside. Especially those wanting Cleveland.

Fight Promoter Cleveland Dancing

For now, here’s the basics…

Here’s the list of items you get a chance at for 150 Clams. Trophies and Title Belts can repeat, but all other prizes will not repeat.

Fight Promoter Cleveland   Fight Promoter Cleveland (Costume, but comes with the Cleveland character if you don’t already have him): Always drops 1 Expired Coupon (6hrs)

PhineasPhineas (Character): Always drops 1 Rotten Egg (6hrs)

BarnabyBarnaby (Character): Always drops 1 Chicken Feather

Over The Top Pop Up ShopOver the Top Pop-up Shop (Building): Chance drop 1 Voodoo Doll

Ring GirlRing Girl (Walking Decoration): She will shake it, wink at you, and blow a kiss when she stops. Otherwise she wanders your town streets with the other Characters. 

Trophy25 Trophies (Can Repeat!)

Title Belt40 Title Belts (Can Repeat!)

Clams175 clams

Clams190 clams



I already had the Characters from previous Events, so it was mainly the Building, Decoration, and extras.

Here is what I got in the order I got it…

Over the Top Pop-Up Shop
25 Trophies
40 Title Belts
Ring Girl
175 Clams

I stopped there. Lol.

There you have it, the items you can get if you want to take a gamble and splurge on the Mystery Box. Remember, results WILL vary. Not everyone will get the same. It is up to YOU to make the choice and take the Chance Gambles.

Are you going to take a Chance? Did you already? If so, what were your results? Like the items in this Mystery Box? Let us know.



45 responses to “Manliest Mystery Box is LIVE!

  1. Is it just me or does Fight Promoter Cleveland look like Lucius Sweet from TSTO! I was really disappointed when I got this game as it first asked me to tap on a building to repair it! It repeaired it but it was saying I hadn’t tapped it!!!


  2. if i have the promoter Cleveland from the previous event, but it won’t drop anything ? am i correct or i’m missing something here ?


  3. I’d commented I hoped they’d bring out Phineas and Barnaby as it fit the theme, and either they saw ( if so thanks guys!) or happy coincidence.

    A few of Phineas’s tasks must be tied to buildings though as they’re not coming up. I had him level up (and cannot remember the task name, looked something like take steroids) but he didn’t gain the task on his list.


    • Check menu for random buildings for sale. Some tasks required specific buildings


      • I double-checked just to be certain: if there are buildings that allow for the tasks, they’re not available for purchase in the buildings list. So that may be something TinyCo has to iron out (I think they had to for a few characters after the New Years mystery box stuff too).

        Barnaby’s in fairly good shape for his tasks, I’ve got a list of about 10 of those, compared with just 4 for Phineas.


      • Oh for reference, these are Phineas’s missing tasks:

        Train People in Calisthenics
        Have a Row in the Steam Room
        Hep! Ho! Hep!
        Use Performance Enhancer

        Had to dig a bit to find them. I sent a quick message to help@tinyco so hopefully they can do something. Otherwise he’s down half his tasks. (Frankly the buildings look neat and I’d not mind those though!)


        • So I looked into my game, here are the locations for the “Missing” Tasks that you can’t see….

          Bully! ~ The Sweaty Clam
          Train People in Calisthenics ~ The Sweaty Clam
          Have a Row in the Steam Room ~ The Sweaty Clam
          Hep! Ho! Hep! ~ The Sweaty Clam
          Use Performance Enhancer ~ The Sweaty Clam

          Do Squat Thrusts ~ The Sweaty Clam


  4. Hello,

    Sorry if this has already been answered but will Giant Chicken/Stone Cold stick around if you have placed them but haven’t unlocked them before the end of the event?

    I am behind due to working on getting HHH and will place Giant Chicken and probably Stone Cold by the end of the day but I definitely will not unlock them before the end of the event.

    Just wondering because the only way I would be able to get Giant Chicken’s expired coupons without clearing Jabroni’s would be Fight Promoter Cleveland so I will need to get this box until I get him. Not interested in anything else from it though so don’t really want to spend my clams.

    Thank you so much in advance for your help


  5. I’m so happy to finally get fight promoter cleveland! I was working on him when the mobsters event locked up my account for weeks., and I missed him.

    I had to open the mystery box way more times than I wanted to, but all of the prizes were worth winning so I didn’t mind so much. As a bonus now I have extra trophies and belts, so I might even get the 2nd challenge wrestling dude.


  6. I cant do any more exhibition matches. All 3 prereqs say Complete, its 100% ready, but I cant start the match because the bottom bar says “not ready”. Been like that for almost 2 days. I even stopped training to make sure nobody is in use.

    So.. Yeah zero progress for me, i can’t even get the ramp.

    Waiting for tinyco to reply to my in-game question for help. In the meantime.. Watching my chance for the chicken swirl down the drain.

    This a known issue with maybe a known fix? Or am I SOL for the rest of the event?


    • Try restarting device and see if patch helped.


    • I have been having this problem for two days. Messaged them, said it was a know issue and they were working on it. Has anyone been able to start matches again? I tried restarting my device, uninstalling the game, nothing has worked. I just need the truck and flo. Never going to finish without trophies though. I still haven’t unlocked the chicken but have everyone else.


  7. when i first place the cage match ring which would make sense because of the extra rare drop rate..can i still go on roman reigns or is he lost when i first place the item after him?


  8. I have promoter Cleveland and Barnaby and Phineas. But they don’t do anything for me. Can you tell me when in the event they will help me with the items they are suppose to give me. Thank you!


  9. do you know what the fight promote cleveland missions are i was on the third or forth one which you need peter in a mob looking suit to do but it vanished from my list of tasks and i can not see this outfit for peter anywhere


    • That’s part of the Mob Event where he came from. So if you didn’t play then and have Peter from it, you won’t go further on his Questline. No worries it’s not critical


  10. I bought one and got 40 title belts, a little disappointed but at least they progress the quest line. I still have 400 hundred clams, is Cleveland a good buy? I was a little disappointed with Consuela, I thought she would help with events but all she does is clean, oh well at least my towns spotless.


  11. There is a task for Quaqmire that is not showing up. Is this happening to anyone else?


  12. Already had the 3 characters(which drop things now!), so:

    1) 175 Clams
    2) 25 Title Belts
    3) Ring Promoter Girl (which is what I was after)

    And I stopped there. Not really interested in the building… So 275 Clams net for Ring Promoter Girl and a 16 hour reprieve on the Gym. Already having the characters made this box very quick and painless for me this go around. Not so bad.

    Good luck on characters for those that need/want them!


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