Wrestlemania 2016 Ending!

Hey there Table Breakin, Chair Tossin, Sign Wavin Fans!

WWE WrestleMania in Quahog Event is coming to a close. The Event will end PROMPTLY today (4/7/16) at 3PM Pacific. Take a look below at some reminders for the end.

WrestleMania Ends Soon


The Main Questlines attached to the Event itself as well as items from the Event, like the Emporium, will go when the Event ends.

Individual Character Questlines that trigger by unlocking a Character will usually continue on after the Event Ends.


With the New Characters/Costumes in the game, those that are not completely unlocked and actively walking your Quahog Streets will go when the Event does.

That means make sure you have ALL Materials collected and received the Character Unlocked Screen showing that the Character is now live in the game.
You Got Triple H

Any Characters still sitting outside of their Building waiting for items, in the Emporium not obtained, or sitting in Al’s not completed will all go when the Event does. There will be no way to continue earning Event Materials once the Event is over.

So make a decision and decided, will it be worth it to YOU to get the Character via Clams? Or just let it go and wait to see if it returns in the future.


Teen Laqueefas Trophy Austin 3 16 Sign

Much like the Characters, anything NOT live in your game from the Shopping Cart, Emporium, Mystery Boxes, or Toxic Shock Gym will go when the Event does. So earn/buy/unlock the items you want BEFORE the Event Ends.


All Event Materials are linked specifically to the Event, so if you do not use it… you loose it. That means all the Belts, Trophies, etc will go when the Event Ends.


I do know that some of you experienced the issue with just one pill dropping and now seeing reports of one VooDoo Doll drops from Cage. Both were reported and please report them from your game too.

I do know some players resorted to buying out the items and in return asking for a refund. It is completely up to you if you wish to go this route as I am unable to guarantee the results.

Other than that, just keep reporting the technical issues via your game. I have been doing all I can on my end to relay all issues and concerns to them. Even though I may not respond to the comments here immediately, I am still messaging them as soon as I see the comments pop up on the site here. Just know I am always keeping an eye out and helping players all I can, even in my silence due to health reasons.


(See Teaser Image HERE)

There is already another Event locked in and set to launch not long after the Event this evening (if not first thing in the morning tomorrow), so you will not have too long of a transition before one ends and another starts. This means try to keep your Main Characters free (Like Peter, Lois, Joe, Jerome, etc. District 1-3 Characters) just in case to start the New Event off. Don’t send them all on 24hr Tasks.

There you have it. A quick reminder of the Event coming to an end and more to come after.


99 responses to “Wrestlemania 2016 Ending!

  1. Bradley J Winter

    Um… bunny! I got a new tablet 2weeks ago. Installed fg:tqfs started playing in order to get far enough to access the account window but the game is frozen. Un installed and reinstalled several times and it just starts at the same spot the first few missions done but can’t click a character or the settings box. The game won’t even reload from the start video now upon reinstall. Please help.a


  2. No Giant Chicken for me … so sad 😦


  3. I got my painkillers at long last, two in a row (coincidence or Tiny tweak?) on… Wednesday. Yup, nowhere near close Giant Chicken who by the way should not have been an event character but a district one, in my opinion. I mean, he’s the one other character with Peter who brought the game about by having Family Guy cancelled and Qahog destroyed, right?

    Anyway, with those painkillers not dropping for me, this even was sabotaged and a waste of time. I stopped spending money on it since in past events it didn’t make much difference (I guess you’d have to spend a little fortune) so that’s it for me. Too much tax kills the tax.

    At least we have you guys. The game wouldn’t even be possible without the Addicts’ hard work because TinyCo never explain their events, so thanks again for the hundredth time!


  4. I gave up on this event yesterday when I realized it ended today. I had just placed the buildings for Stone Cold and Chicken, realized Stone Cold was needed to unlock Chicken…and that I had no chance in hell of getting all those items in time.


  5. Spent a ton of clams, got the chicken and Flo. I’d never paid to speed up tasks, here that was invaluable. I’m broke now, in terms of clams, but it was worth it.

    Selfishly, because I spent, I hope there’s no second chance. Really though… Drop rates were so off they should do something.


  6. I agree that the drop rates are getting worse. Stone cold and chicken were close but alas I didnt reach my goal. I have so many characters who are doing nothing while only 6 or so are for drops. I find the premium ones are getting to high also.

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  7. One voodoo doll away for me too I don’t normally sweat missing characters but I really wanted that chicken


  8. I’m disappointed in how hard they have made the game. I expect some difficulty but the last couple storylines have made me feel like I did all this work for nothing. I’ve been playing the game almost round the clock.

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  9. Woohoo full refund !!! Spent 140 clams to get the chicken and sent a message to Tiny co. They refunded all of it back. Thanks familyguyaddicts you all rock !!!!


  10. I got lucky and got the last 2 voodoo dolls for chicken. So I ended up with everyone. Didn’t get everything from the matches.


  11. I bought 2X $1.99(50) for total 100 clams and used them to speed through tasks,(and building collect time) at the end I sped through all the stone cold tasks round up the Jabroni’s for expired coupons & the stunn the competition task 15 minutes from 3:00pst and barely unlocked the giant chicken🐥💛
    But I never did figure out how to get any of the prizes in the training gym besides the one maxi paddy statue!


  12. I stopped progressing the story line after I got Stone Cold Steve Austin, and with what needed to do to unlock Giant Chicken, doing the story was impossible. I wanted Giant Chicken, I needed like 3-4 coupons and 1 voodoo doll before I bought out what was left, had enough Google points from doing surveys I got some clams to have enough. I went several days with no voodoo doll, but got on this morning.

    I haven’t bought a premium character in a very long time, like Christmas 2014. and it was around then I decided to not spend anymore of my actual money on this game, and only to spend my clams I get from videos or whatnot, on something I really really want. Last several events were kind of meh for me, so I don’t feel bad about not getting everything. Princess Bride even was a good idea, but execution was horrible.


    • Hi Justin,
      I was wondering if/ when u have any time to tell me how a person would go about getting clams via…Google points (surveys) ? I know about the Ollie and watching TV ads when they appear, just looking for additional ways to earn free clams or what have ya.


      • It’s handled by the app market. You essentially watch ads/ take surveys given by Google to get points/ $$$, then use your points/ $$$ to make purchases from Google play. So in a round about way, you turn watching ads or taking surveys through Google into $$$ to buy clams.


  13. I messaged TinyCo a few hours before the event ended, expressing my disappointment and anger (very politely) in a very long and detailed message that the drop rates were skewed, as well as that the expectations for event completion had been raised too high. I only had one voo doo doll drop, and that was from Maxi Pad Peter’s task the very first time I sent him on the task. I would have bought Chicken out, but each doll was 70 clams and I only had 109 left; I wasted almost all of them on speeding up Peter’s task and the Cage in hopes it would drop the elusive dolls…but nothing. I was actually closer to unlocking Flo than expected, but I still would have needed at least two days to get the necessary trophies (Stone Cold didn’t drop trophies for me.). I did get a surprisingly prompt response to my long-winded message, but it was just a short generic message saying “sorry you had a negative experience”. No offer to refund the clams wasted, no explanation for why the drop rates were worse than an “epic”, nothing that addressed the concerns I raised.

    I hate to be melodramatic, but I think this may be the last straw. I’ve been looking forward to Chicken since I started the game way back after the initial launch, and it sounds like they should have been well aware that there was a problem with the drop rates of several components for Chicken. Bunny, Alissa, if I do follow through and bow out, thank you for all your guidance over these many months questing for stuff. Your enthusiasm has been contagious, and your website a haven for those of us seeking to restore a small piece of our sanity. Best wishes that you and your families stay happy and healthy.

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    • I have spoke to them about what happened and in discussion on Players behalf to see if the Event/Characters can return again soon for a 2nd chance.

      The generic messages, they are just that. I know it’s not fun to get them, but the system will generate them when they are flooded with emails. You can always reply to it, even generic, and stay in queue until you speak to someone.


      • hey bunny different question I am doing the dead man walking pt 2 but when I have Lois dig her own grave its not in her task to do?


      • Bunny, in a very selfish way I hope they don’t provide a second chance for the chicken. i spent money to get him as the drop rates were so poor, had the building that dropped voodoo dolls for 6 days and never dropped once. If they do bring it back is it worth a message to get a refund?


        • I get what you are saying, but in the same regard this game has been full of second chances. Few instances, Consuela offered for 600 Clams in BETA (price I paid)… later offered for 300, 1/2 price, then free with her Costume. Cleveland offered as an “earn” item during Kingdom Event, some paid Clams then for him to finish him. He was offered again after the Event to finish off. Then offered for Clams, then 1/2 price, and now this Event for $1000.

          I feel that there are times they do need to bring Characters back, especially the WWE Event. Not enough time or drops for many players to even get close. I know that may sting for those of us that paid Clams to complete them… but as Clam buys are always optional and our choice to make, we also must appreciate and understand an item may return at a later time and be able to accept that thought when we make the purchase. Just think, you may miss a Character now but get a 2nd chance at it in the future. Would you prefer all Characters offered once only?

          Like I said, I get where you are coming from… but I also appreciate that 2nd chances are there. 🙂


  14. 1 voodoo doll away from the chicken! But time ran out. The drop rate was horrible.
    I used to really like this game. It’s just to much of time sucker and money sucker too. I’m just a causal player now . Tapped out is still the best and I really like Kingdoms.


    • Like we always point out, not all games are for all players. It is why we offer a mix of details from different kinds. This one is NOT simple. Never has been and never will be. It takes a lot of work and time to make progress. TSTO is a bit more “tap and done”. You still have to put some time in, but the challenge is not there like this game has.

      In the end, find what fits YOUR style. What makes YOU happy. Play a game you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, we understand. 🙂


  15. I was 10 coupons away from Giant Chicken, glad I at least got Stone Cold.

    I know it’s not your fault and thank you for lobbying for us Bunny!


  16. Does not hurt to contact support
    I did I told them I spent 148 clams to get Stone Cold which I thought I should of easily had or just about nearly complete if it was not for the 36 hrs I lost in this event because of the ring /busy issue
    With in minutes they responded apologies and refunded my clams
    I’m pretty happy I’m pretty sure even if I had stone cold in time I still would not even been half way to chicken
    Did anyone get all the the way too Flow and aquire before the event needed?


  17. ughhhhhh. so I guess I was way behind and I guess I should have paid more attention cause I had no idea the event was ending and came nowhere near finishing. super upset I’ll never get the giant chicken


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