Candy Men Character Profile: Blueberry Peter

Hello Again Candy Snatchers!

I have a question! “Who can take a sunrise? Sprinkle it with dew? Cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two?… The Candy Man!”

The Candy Men Event brings us a whopping 3 new Costumes!

Blueberry Peter

Let’s take a look at what Blueberry Peter can do for us.

Blueberry Peter is a New Character added during the Candy Men 2016. As with many characters in the game in order to get him you had to collect lots of stuff!

Blueberry Peter is available from Al’s. To unlock him, you will need to collect:

Blueberry Peter Al's

Milk Chocolate Bar 15 Milk Chocolate Bars (Always): Cavity Causing Kitchen OR Chocolately Volcano
Grape Soda Pop42 Grape Soda Pop (Always): Sugar Shack
Jelly Bear Juice11 Jelly Bear Juice (Rare): Jelly Bears (Part 2 of Man Candy)
Ring Pop4 Ring Pops (Extra Rare)Candy Cottage

***NOTE: Peter needs GRAPE Soda Pop. Not the same as the regular Soda Pop.

Once you gathered all the item, you just had to finish “CREATE” on the Costume. When that was done, you now had a New Costume to use for Peter.

He does come with a questline, I Got the Blues, more on that HERE.

You Got Blueberry Peter

Blueberry Peter does come with a complete set of Tasks! Tasks that helped earn $$ & XP

Let’s take a look at some of Blueberry Peter’s Tasks:

Task Time Earns Location Level
Roll Over 1hr 20 $$ / 12 XP Flappy Jack’s House of Pancakes ~
Burst as the Seams 2hrs 30 $$ / 20 XP McBurgertown ~
Get the Blues 4hrs 50 $$ / 30 XP The Drunken Clam ~
Spring a Leak 6hrs 65 $$ / 45 XP Visual ~
Dip Himself in Chocolate 8hrs 80 $$ / 50 XP Griffin House ~
Have an Allergic Reaction 10hrs 90 $$ / 59 XP Goldman’s Pharmacy ~
Gum Up the Works 12hrs 100 $$ / 65 XP Visual ~
Get Spoiled Rotten 16hrs 115 $$ / 75 XP Griffin House ~
Gain Candy Weight 24hrs 150 $$ / 100 XP Griffin House ~

**Note: Within an Event, tasks may change and vary as the Phases come and go. So some of these tasks will be temporary. Others may be one time use. Some will stick around even after the Event. We won’t know until the Event Ends.


He is a Costume for Peter, so same voice clips that Peter has.

And there you have it, the complete breakdown for Blueberry Peter.

What do you think of them? Who have you unlocked so far? If you haven’t unlocked someone, how close are you? If so, have a favorite Task? Let us know!



21 responses to “Candy Men Character Profile: Blueberry Peter

  1. Tried to buy clams for fat Brian. Was going to buy 19.99 then I get 2bd confirmaction from Google play that I’ll be charged an additional .56 percent… what gives? All the other free to play games I play don’t have this obscured tax or w/e it is.


  2. Yeah I’ve had basically zero ring pops from the only source the candy cottage.
    Sent all characters to tan lines. Done with this event
    Another one where the only way to get anywhere is to spend hundreds on clams


  3. What’s up with the tax now on the play store purchases?


  4. I’m in the same boat…. I’ve had the building since Monday and I still only have the single ring pop awarded when I placed the building. It is downright sadistic.


  5. Still waiting on ring pops, checking every 2 hours for no reward gets a bit tiresome. There must be one sadistic programmer at tiny co who gets satisfaction out of frustrating tons of players, oh well atleast I got one when I placed the otherwise useless and inventory destined candy shack

    Liked by 1 person

    • By now my neighbors must be wondering about the seemingly random swearing every 2 hours.


    • Same here, only the 1 ring pop when I placed the shack days ago, have the other items done. Not getting this costume.


    • I’d have to say I was pretty underwhelmed by this one – glad it was mini-event. I’ve played totally freeium as I spent some serious clams on the Greek Life event which I thought was pretty good. So far, I’ve gotten two ring pops in four+ days from the Candy Cottage and the conversion rate of candy to bars and bars to pop is pretty unrealistic from what I’ve experienced. I read the comments from people who’ve said they’ve progressed well with no clams spent, but I just don’t know what I would have/could have done differently. The conversion rates just seemed way too slow – I spent pop on the Candy Utopia to get peanuts for bars for grape soda, but I can’t convert them fast enough to be able to use them.

      The ring pops really are the most maddening part – two drops in four+ days for a mini-event that lasts seven days to get one of the main prizes just doesn’t seem right. OK, maybe it’s just the randomness of the algorithm that some people are going to end up on the short end of the ring pop stick, but it’s just frustrating…


    • Just one ring pop in several days for me, and that one dropped in the very beginning. Buildings and characters are dropping so slowly it’s hardly worth checking. I got the building for soda that’s supposed to be an always drop for chocolate – nada. Not in the running for Pat because of the first day. Peter is unlikely at this point, he needs too much chocolate and those ring pops. I like popping those bears, but nothing else to do! Nice graphics, though. Should make nice Christmas decorations.

      Did they fix the palace size for everybody? When I finally got it, it was normal size.

      They need to be more careful planning drops for a one week event – there’s no leeway to wait for fixes or for items dropping so slowly by design that there are days between drops. It was probably a mistake to have a 24 timer on the first challenge, also.


  6. I have to say I found this event actually manageable. I got the Pawtucket Pat costume and now this one for Peter. It’s the first event in a long time where I actually get all the freemium characters!

    The Greek event before that was also much more manageable than other recent events, I do hope this is a trend and not an accident. I’m enjoying playing again!


  7. The candy capitalism challenge should go longer!!


  8. I was finally able to download Family Guy off the Store, but that success was broadsided by the fact after I was able to get to my game once its now stuck on the load screen with the load bar repeatedly refilling. I’m glad this problem will be hopefully solved when a new big event starts Thursday with an accompanying update.


    • Okay, I am able to play the game, but I have to sit through the loading bar multiple times, kick out and then load it again to do it. Ugh! 😦


  9. What is the questline “Candied Quahog” all about? It just popped up today, and I do not want to waste soda on just any ol’ thing…


  10. The event ends in less than 2 days and I’m not even close to unlocking Peter. I’ve only gotten 1 ring pop, so I probably won’t be able to unlock him before the even ends.


  11. With only 2 days left to get Blueberry Peter, I doubt I’m even going to make it. The drops and craft times of all the candy bars and stuff for the grape soda you need is ridiculous, I’m 5 chocolate bars and 24 grape sodas short right now. You need 2 chocolate drops per bar on a 6 hour timer per each, plus 30 mins per chocolate bar. I also currently need 3x Marshmallow and 3x Peanut Butter bars to exchange for the grape sodas, at 2 hours to make peanut butter plus another 2 hours for 1 bar, plus 1 hour to craft a marshmallow and another 1hr 15mins to craft 1 marshmallow bar, well, you do the math. Another poorly planned event by TC with near-impossible goals. They seriously need to take a break from events for awhile.

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