Candy Men Walkthrough: I Got the Blues (Blueberry Peter)

Hey There Candy Snatchers!

Time for a brand new questline to work through!

One of the Freemium Costumes for Candy Men is Blueberry Peter.  Blueberry Peter can be created from Al Harrington’s and comes with his own questline.

Blueberry Peter

So let’s take a look at the quick walkthroughs for the Freemium Blueberry Peter….

You can find the Main Questline for the Event HERE. 

I Got the Blues Pt. 1

Have Blueberry Peter Spring a Leak- 6hrs, Earns 65 $$, 45 XP

Have Lois Eat Blueberry Pie- 2hrs, Earns 30 $$, 20 XP

Completed Task Earns 300 $$, 150 XP


I Got the Blues Pt. 2

Have Blueberry Peter Gum Up the Works- 12hrs, Earns 100 $$, 65 XP

Have Bruce Buy a Juicer- 12hrs, Earns 100 $$, 65 XP

Completed Task Earns 450 $$, 225 XP


I Got the Blues Pt. 3

Have Blueberry Peter Dip Himself in Chocolate- 8hrs, Earns 80 $$, 50 XP

Have Quagmire Watch K-Pop Videos- 8hrs, Earns 80 $$, 50 XP

Completed Task Earns 300 $$, 150 XP


I Got the Blues Pt. 4

Have Blueberry Peter Get Spoiled Rotten- 16hrs, Earns 115 $$, 75 XP

Have Joe Smell Something Rotten- 8hrs, Earns 80 $$, 50 XP

Completed Task Earns 400 $$, 200 XP


And there you have it my friends…the questline for the Freemium Blueberry Peter!

Are you enjoying Candy Men? Did you get Blueberry Peter yet?  Thoughts on his questline?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you.



12 responses to “Candy Men Walkthrough: I Got the Blues (Blueberry Peter)

  1. I didn’t get him either.
    Either the drops were so bad that they had to create fat Brian to “help you”, or else that was the plan all along. Either way, i didn’t spend any clams period. Mini events should not need clams in order to finish them. I did get Pat’s outfit and unlocked the final floor on the tan lines building.


  2. Very annoyed that I will not get this outfit. I only got 2 of the ring pops despite collecting from the building that drops them faithfully every 2 hours except when I’m sleeping, and one of them was from when I placed the building. I’m a freemium player and don’t want to spend 60 clams to get it. The drop rate was ridiculous. Extra rare items on a week long event should not exist. At least I got the outfit for pat.


  3. The ‘extra rare’ items are really extra, extra, extra rare. 1 ring pop drop during the entire event in spite of getting the candy cottage pretty early on tells me that TinyCo should probably work on their algorithms to make these events a little more consistent for all players. They do a great job with the jokes and graphics, but game mechanics for this event made it a little frustrating and boring. Am I alone…?

    Liked by 1 person

    • event ends tomorrow I have not unlocked blueberry Peter. only 1 ring pop since day two of the event. So needless to say I have completed none of the quests and got none of the other special things this event kind of sucks.


    • dirk dirkingshore

      You are not alone friend. Need one more Ring Pop and the last 12 drops from the Cottage have given zero. The graphics are great, the animations and jokes are there, but the way the game has been configured for drops is absurd. Not a single new char this event either. Been here since the start with 158 chars now, but this is the tipping point for me. Any cash I spend on games will go to Simpsons . Their event drops are far fairer, less totally random.


    • No, I agree.


    • I’m in the same place. I’ve only received one ring pop during the entire event. I messaged Tinyco and received the typical “the drops are working appropriately” response. I don’t think they ever concede that the algorithm is off. Anyway, I will likely not get Blueberry Peter and will likely start ramping down my gameplay. It’s just not worth it.

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  4. I only have 2 gum drops today. These are extra rare. Does not look like I will be able to get 2 more by tomorrow, for which event will end. Any other ways to get it, other than waiting for candy cottage to drop?


  5. Am I the only one having major issues with Jelly Bear Juice? I’m only half way to earning Blueberry Peter. And I’ve already completed the Grape Soda and need only 1 more Ring Pop. Though through my own stupidity, I traded in 8 Chocolate Bars, so now I probably can’t achieve 15 Bars before the end of the event.


  6. Still no Blueberry Peter for me yet….one Jelly Bear Juice and one Ring Pop left to collect. So close! Lol

    I did see new a quest line pop up though…Candied Quahog
    Part 1
    Place 3 Giant Gumdrops
    Place 2 Perppermint Trees
    Place 2 Big Ass Lollipops

    Hope this helps someone! 🙂


  7. new task appeared
    Candied Quahog Pt.1
    Place 3 Giant Gumdrops
    Place 2 Peppermint Trees
    Place 2 Big Ass Lollipops


    • Giant Gumdrops cost 15 Soda Pop each (45)
      Peppermint Trees cost 12 Soda Pop each (24)
      Big Ass Lollipops cost 8 Soda Pop each (16)


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