Peter’s Prehistoric Park 101: Welcome Center

I got a Big Head and Lil Arms!

Once upon a time, TinyCo tested out their new Family Guy Game in a BETA version. At that time it had some cool looking Dinosaur Park Movie Themed items. However, once the game went live to all Players… the Dino Park was no more. But fear not, it looks like a bit over 2 years later the Dinosaur Park Theme is now live in our games once again in the form of an Event.

With the New Event of course comes many many Questions on just how to go through each area of the Event. One of those areas is where all the Blueprints for additional Buildings for the Event are stored.

In this post I will be going over the Welcome Center.

Welcome Center Event Area

Let’s take a look at just what all is available inside the Welcome Center and how to unlock it. 

For the overall rundown of Phase One, go to the post HERE

For the Main Questline, go HERE. 



Over in the far right of your game in the Event Area, you will find the Welcome Center… well… right in the Center.

Peter's Prehistoric Park Event Area



The Welcome Center is essentially the “Crafting Area” for the Event. You will need to earn Materials during the Event to use to unlock aka “RESEARCH” the necessary Blueprints for each Building/Decoration inside. You will also see the items in the Shopping Cart Menu locked for “RESEARCH” until unlocked from the Welcome Center.

Research Prehistoric Path

Once the Blueprints are unlocked, the Building/Decoration will then drop into the Shopping Cart for purchase with your In Game Coins.

Prehistoric Path Cost

Here is the list of Blueprints in the Welcome Center for Phase One. Keep in mind that some of these may not show right away until you progress to them in the Main Questline.


Crestosaurus PenCrestosaurus Pen Blueprint 
Dinosaur Claw18 Dino Claws
Raptor DNA2 Raptor DNA
Cost to Place: Family Guy Coin500 (Decoration)


Dino Meat Smokehouse(Dino Meat) Smoke House Blueprint
Dinosaur Claw76 Dino Claws
Raptor DNA3 Raptor DNA
Cost to Place: Family Guy Coin400, 4hr Build Time, $40 & 20xp every 6hrs, Chance Drop 1 Raptor Food MeatDino Food


Prehistoric PathPrehistoric Path Blueprint

Dinosaur Claw28 Dino Claws
Raptor DNA1 Raptor DNA

Cost to Place: Family Guy Coin85 (Decorative Path)
Prehistoric Path 2


Prehistoric Plant PlacePrehistoric Plant Place Blueprint
Dinosaur Claw128 Dino Claws
Raptor DNA3 Raptor DNA
Cost to Place: Family Guy Coin1000, 12hrs Build Time, Earns $30 & 20xp every 4hrs


Asteroid Prevention Center(Asteroid) Prevention Center Blueprint
Dinosaur Claw172 Dino Claws
Raptor DNA6 Raptor DNA
Cost to Place: Family Guy Coin300, 8hrs Build Time, Earns $30 & 20xp every 4hrs, Chance of 2 Asteroids and You Pamphlets“Asteroids and You” Pamphlets


Tarred For LifeTarred for Life Blueprint
Dinosaur Claw234 Dino Claws
Raptor DNA2 Raptor DNA
Cost to Place: Family Guy Coin550, 6hrs Build Time, Earns $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance of 2 Gooey FossilsGooey Fossils


There you have it, the breakdown of the Welcome Center in Phase 1 and the items inside that will help you earn Materials for the Event.

How are you coming along in the Welcome Center? How many items have you unlocked? Used the Path to make some cool looking cobblestone roads? Tips for other players? Let us know.


20 responses to “Peter’s Prehistoric Park 101: Welcome Center

  1. Can’t get into Welcome Center at all, but last time I did there was nothing left to purchase – is it possible that it was deleted? Definitely not in storage either. Just gone!


    • It would have gone to Inventory if you didn’t place it after it went to shopping cart to buy once blueprints unlocked. Most can’t get in welcome center until they fully trigger phase 2 and new content. I found my items in the recent location there.


  2. I can’t find my Prehistoic Plant Place and thus can’t move on – not in town, not in inventory, and I can’t get in Welcome Center either! Messaged them but no response so far. 😦


  3. I still can’t get the Welcome Center to open. This is the first time that I’ve had issues with the game. The DNA and raptor training are fine though.


    • Did you message them already from your game?


      • Thank you for your response.

        I emailed a log, pictures of my account and a description of what causes the problem.

        Not a big deal to me. The candy event was fun, and I received Aphrodite even though I shouldn’t have. Also, just getting the velociraptor is good enough for me.


    • This may not be a bug… If you have already purchased all the Blueprints, there is nothing left for you in the Welcome Center, until you get to Phase 2. After I placed the last Phase 1 building (Prehistoric Plant Center), my Welcome Center stopped opening, too.


      • I have 0 blueprints, unfortunately. I’ve been stuck on Fossil Fueled Pt. 5 because I cannot do any research.

        Thanks though.


  4. I found out that I cannot pave my entire town with prehistoric path. Lol… my tablet was fine with it and my phone would only crash at the loading bar so I couldn’t play at work.


  5. ASTEROID Prevention Center??? NO!! M-E-T-E-O-R-I-T-E Prevention Center!!


  6. I guess it was a bug, but I was able to buy/build the (Asteroid) Prevention Center without unlocking the blueprint. Saved me some claws.


  7. I have a question… Sometimes when I click to remove an egg, three smaller crestosaurus’ pop out, along with the main three crestosaurus’ that walk around and drop dino claws and raptor food when you click on them. What is the purpose of the three small crestosaurus’?


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