Away From Computer…

Hey there Clammers!

I need to take a break. It is more for my sanity and health… but it really needs to happen. I will be away all the rest of this week. I know this may cause an inconvenience and I apologize. I will try to put up the completed Questline for Phase 5, then the FAQ when the new Phase 6 goes live Wednesday but I will leave it to helpers to complete.

The remaining… well I am asking YOUR help. If you would like to submit COMPLETED posts (pics attached too) of Character Profiles, Questlines, etc (they need to be post ready) then I will be more than happy to put them up on the site to help other fellow Players with stats and info until I return. Just take a look at past post on the site for reference to how they should be set up and look.

If you are interested, email me FIRST what you would like to work on so we do not have multiple people doing the same post a million times.

Sorry again for going away, but it is this… or shutting the site down completely which I am really really really trying to avoid. So please help out in anyway you can. I may enlist another on the site in the meantime outside of Lotty to help with Comments in my absence, please be kind to helpers while they try to fill my Bunny Shoes in my absence. 🙂


Addicts Asylum Patient Zero



6 responses to “Away From Computer…

  1. Seems the Criptic Rock is available in both Wayne Tower for a few kriptons or in the shopping cart area for 200 clams. LOL


  2. Get well soon bunny and will miss u


  3. Love and take care bunny, from joe , Liverpool, england x


  4. I have a suggestion that would help those who don’t want to spend money to play this game. We can spend clams for Stewie Bucks, so why can’t we buy clams with Stewie Bucks? A fair discount of 20% for the exchange would be applied so you now charge 5 for a green and pay 4 clams, 27 for a blue and pay 21 clams and so on. This would be helpful since you set the game up so to be successful, you must buy or have clams to progress and keep up or fall behind without any chance of success, no matter how often you play. It is a good way to thin out the non payers, which is probably your goal it would seem. Think about it and the future success of the game


  5. I will do what I can!!! Bunny, you are amazing!!! A

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