Truth, Justice, & The Quahog Way Phase 5 Live

UPDATE 8/18: TinyCo has decided to extend the Event. The new end date is now August 31st. There will be more content hitting Wednesday too. Woohoo!


Hey there Superheroes!!!!

I will post the TinyCo FAQ. AGAIN, NOT MY STATS!! It’s all untested and unverified. I will go through the game and update what I actually see and verify live then update it under their FAQ.
Superman Peter

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to complete week four main Questline
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s completed
  • You will need to be on App Market Version 1.27.6 in order to see the full content
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Back with more in a bit…

For Phase 1 details, Go HERE

For Thug Battles, go HERE

For Phase 2 details, go HERE

For PHASE 3 details, go HERE

For Phase 4 details, go HERE 


As I am working to run through what I can, here are the TinyCo FAQ on the Phase 4 items. Keep in mind these have NOT been tested for accuracy and detail.

When does Metallo appear?

Metallo appears after reaching the quest ‘Region of Doom Pt. 1’.

When does Lex Luthor appear?

Lex Luthor appears after reaching the quest ‘Bald-Faced Guise’.

How do you fight Lex Luthor?

You can fight Lex Luthor after reaching the quest ‘Region of Doom Pt. 3’.

How do I unlock Cyborg?

Cyborg is unlocked in the shop for 275 clams.

How do I unlock Lex Luthor?

Lex Luthor is unlocked after collecting 156 ‘Platinum Credit Cards’.

When does Captain Cold Quagmire appear?

Captain Cold Quagmire appears after accepting the quest ‘Grab a Cold One’, and created at Al Harrington’s. He is created using the following materials:

-23 Cool Visors

-20 Icy Parkas

-10 Absolute Zero Snowballs

-4 Golden Glider Ice Skates

Who drops Cold Visors?

Lex Luthor drops the Cold Visors, or they can be bought for 207 clams.

Who drops Icy Parkas?

Meg and Superman Peter drops Icy Parkas, or they can be bought for 120 clams.

Who drops Absolute Zero Snowballs?

Cyborg and Seamus drops Absolute Zero Snowballs, or they can be bought for 300 clams.

Who drops Golden Glider Ice Skates?

Teen Titans Tower drops Glider Ice Skates or they can be bought for 104 clams.

How do I beat Metallo without Captain Cold Quagmire or Cyborg?

You can beat Metallo with the combination of Batman Brian and Joker, or attacking Metallo multiple times with either Batman Brian or Joker.

Who drops EMP Pulse?

Here is a list of buildings and characters that drop EMP Pulse.

-Wonder Woman

-Captain Cold Quagmire


-Batman Brian

-Super Cool Quarters

Who drops Plasma Pulse?

Here is a list of buildings and characters that drop Plasma Pulse.

-Wonder Woman

-Captain Cold Quagmire


-Batman Brian

-Armed Garbs

Who drops Radiation Pulse?

Here is a list of buildings and characters that drop Radiation Pulse.

-Wonder Woman

-Captain Cold Quagmire


-Batman Brian


How do I get Platinum Credit Cards?
Platinum Credit Cards are dropped when attempting to stop Lex Luthor. Each attempt yields a certain amount of credit cards, depending on your current multiplier.
Below is the amount of credit cards earned per multiplier for stopping Lex Luthor:
-2 for 1x multiplier
-4 for 2x multiplier
-8 for 3x multiplier
-12 for 4x multiplier
-16 for 5x multiplier

Where can I see how many Pulses I have for stopping Lex Luthor?

Going to Lex Luthor’s fight screen shows the amount of each Pulse in its respective area.

I unlocked Lex Luthor, but I can’t find him. HELP!

Go to the shop and use your Platinum Credit Cards to buy Lex Luthor. Afterwards, he will appear in your playspace!

How do I start phase 5 of Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way?

You will need to complete Justice for Some Pt. 10 before you can begin the fifth and final phase of Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way.

Region of Doom Pt. 9 won’t complete!

No worries, this is the end of Phase 5! Once Phase 6 is released, you’ll be able to complete Region of Doom Pt. 9 and continue making progress.



Robo Hideout: 260 Clams, $30 every 4hrs, Always drops x20 Sacks of Art



Super Ice Cannon: 200 Plastic Hero Rings

Central Lantern: 150 Plastic Hero Rings


16 Small (1 Bar) Health Packs: 120 Clams



Cyborg: 275 Clams, Always Drops EMP Pulse, Radiation Pulse, Plasma Pulse

Captian Cold Quagmire (Costume): You will go to Al’s to create his costume. Always Drops EMP Pulse, Radiation Pulse, Plasma Pulse
23 Cool Visors (Always): Lex Luthor
20 Icy Parkas (Uncommon): Superman Peter Abuse X-Ray Vision Privileges OR Meg Buy a Puffy Parka
10 Golden Glider Ice Skates (Uncommon): Titans Tower (Wayne’s Tower)
4 Absolute Zero Snowballs (Rare): Seamus Cool Off OR Cybernetic Spare Parts (Wayne Tower)


Lex Luthor: Similar to Joker, you will “Battle” a version of him to gain Platinum Credit Cards, once all gained you then go get him from the Shopping Cart. More info below.



Daily Planet

Here is your EXCHANGE location. You will Exchange goods for Game Currency to use elsewhere.

For Phase 5, here are some of the Exchanges I see in my game. Yours may vary.
***still in progress***

29 Sacks of Gold & 9 Sacks of Art & 20 Sacks of Diamonds = 12 KryptoniteKryptonite
31 Sacks of Gold & 10 Sacks of Art & 22 Sacks of Diamonds = 12 KryptoniteKryptonite
35 Sacks of Gold & 8 Sacks of Art & 19 Sacks of Diamonds = 12 KryptoniteKryptonite

22 Sacks of Gold & 7 Sacks of Art & 24 Sacks of Jewels = 9 KryptoniteKryptonite
25 Sacks of Gold & 10 Sacks of Art & 17 Sacks of Jewels = 9 KryptoniteKryptonite
26 Sacks of Gold & 9 Sacks of Art & 20 Sacks of Jewels = 9 KryptoniteKryptonite

20 Sacks of Gold & 8 Sacks of Art = 7 KryptoniteKryptonite
25 Sacks of Gold & 10 Sacks of Art = 7 KryptoniteKryptonite
29 Sacks of Gold & 6 Sacks of Art = 7 KryptoniteKryptonite

8 Sacks of Art & 27 Sacks of Diamonds = 10 KryptoniteKryptonite
9 Sacks of Art & 31 Sacks of Diamonds = 10 KryptoniteKryptonite
12 Sacks of Art & 21 Sacks of Diamonds = 10 KryptoniteKryptonite
14 Sacks of Art & 21 Sacks of Diamonds = 10 KryptoniteKryptonite

12 Sacks of Art = 8 KryptoniteKryptonite
14 Sacks of Art = 8 KryptoniteKryptonite
15 Sacks of Art = 8 KryptoniteKryptonite
16 Sacks of Art = 8 KryptoniteKryptonite
18 Sacks of Art = 8 KryptoniteKryptonite
20 Sacks of Art = 8 KryptoniteKryptonite


Sacks of Cash (Always): Brainiac’s Skull Ship OR Brainiac Bot OR Clear Thug OR Clear Gang of Thugs

Sack of Jewels (Always): Clear Killer Croc OR Crocodile Sewer OR Clearing Bane

Sacks of Gold (Always): Clear Joker Thug OR Jokes On You Funhouse

Sacks of Diamonds (Always): Battle Gorilla Grodd OR Gorilla Grotto

Sacks of Art (Always): Clear Metallo OR Robo Hideout



Wayne Tower

Here is where you will find items that you will collect Materials to unlock.
This is the following Items I see for the current Phase …

Super Cool Headquarters: +90 POW when unlocked, Always Drops EMP Pulse

Emerald Airplane (Moving Decoration): +45 POW when unlocked

Armed Garbs: $65 every 14hrs, +125 POW when unlocked, Always Drops Plasma Pulse

Lexcorp: $70 every 16hrs, +130 POW when unlocked Always Drops Radiation Pulse

Cybernetic Spar Parts: $45 every 8hrs, +95 POW when unlocked, Chance Drops 2x Absolute Zero Snowballs

Cybernetic Car: +50 POW when unlocked

Titans Tower: $35 every 5hrs, +102 POW when unlocked, Chance Drops 2x Golden Glider Ice Skates

WARNING: The last item in Wayne Tower is ALWAYS timed. As this will be very difficult and “FREAKIN HARD” to obtain (most likely involving Clams) you will have the option to try for it or pass on it. Just know once the 7th item is unlocked, ANYTHING AT ALL that takes you back to Wayne Tower, even if for only a second, WILL start the timer on the final 8th item. 

Legion of Superheroes HQ: $60 every 12hrs, +200 POW when unlocked



WARNING: You will need to Attack Metallo in Pt. 1 and then again in Pt. 2. If you want to get started on Lex Luthor sooner, I would suggest to NOT Defeat him fully in Pt. 1 or you will have to wait for another to spawn to move forward on the Questline to Pt. 3 and trigger Lex Luthor. 

This Metallo Villain appears right at the start of Phase 5, Region of Doom Pt. 1. Similar to the Thugs and Gangs, you will go to Battle with him to get a chance at prizes.

Battle Characters: Your Characters will need to be FULL BAR STRENGTH to battle. If they are not, you can’t. If you tap on them to “HEAL” them, it will tell you how much time you have to wait til they are fully healed… or the Clam options to fill up the Bars you need.

Batman Brian
Captian Cold Quagmire


Requires: +3 Super VitaminSuper Vitamins per Fight

Battle Payout: Chance of
40 Sacks of Art



WARNING: You will need to Attack Metallo in Pt. 1 and then again in Pt. 2. If you want to get started on Lex Luthor sooner, I would suggest to NOT Defeat him fully in Pt. 1 or you will have to wait for another to spawn to move forward on the Questline to Pt. 3 and trigger Lex Luthor. 

Lex Luthor Battle will appear around Region of Doom Pt. 3. The Side Questline Bald Faced Guise will trigger his Battles. This will be a very similar Battle to Jokers. You will have various requirements of a Material you must collect to use to attack Lex Luthor with at different levels. The Rewards will increase each time until you reach the top, then Lex Luthor will go into cool down for a bit before you can attack him again.

Here are some of the results per MY game, YOUR results will vary…

***still in progress***

Level 1X~
Required: Pulse
Chance Reward: 2 Platinum Credit Cards

Level 2X~
Required: Pulse
Chance Reward: 4 Platinum Credit Cards

Level 3X~
Required: Pulse
Chance Reward: 8 Platinum Credit Cards

Level 4X~
Required: Pulse
Chance Reward: 12 Platinum Credit Cards

Level 5X~
Required: Pulse
Chance Reward: 16 Platinum Credit Cards


You will be using various Pulse in order to Battle him.

EMP Pulse: Wonder Woman OR Captain Cold Quagmire OR Cyborg OR Batman Brian OR Super Cool HQ

Plasma Pulse: Wonder Woman OR Captain Cold Quagmire OR Cyborg OR Batman Brian OR Armed Garbs

Radiation Pulse: Wonder Woman OR Captain Cold Quagmire OR Cyborg OR Batman Brian OR LexCorp


Platinum Credit Cards: You will be earning these by Battling Lex Luthor. Keep earning them until you have enough to get Lex Luthor out of the Shopping Cart

Lex Luthor: 156 Platinum Credit Cards.


This is about as far as I could get before waiting on Spawns for Metallo held me up. It should at least be enough to get you a good way through the last Phase. I will update more as soon as Metallo spawns more.

Where are you at this point? What items are you getting held up on? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.



62 responses to “Truth, Justice, & The Quahog Way Phase 5 Live

  1. Tried going through pages of comments as well as all info I could see for this event, but can’t seem to find the answer…..

    How long before Metallo respawns? Time is ticking on this last weekly challenge and I have been waiting for what seems like forever….only 2 of 5 with 1 day left ugh


    • Hi Chris, TinyCo don’t give out actual times and this seems to vary by player, but he respawned after about 3 hours for me. Good luck.


  2. Christopher Kinsman

    I wish they would just extend a week without new content to give us a chance to catch up! The fact is, even with spending several hundred clams, I am struggling to keep up because of the rare drops and the long hours for tasks!


    • Yeah that sucks.

      I was hoping it’d be like the previous Comic-related event where not only was the event timer large, but there was enough room and time to unlock everything, the biggest prize being George Takei, and that was completely manageable without ever spending a single Clam.

      With Green Week, it’s Green Arrow (275 Clams) and Poison Ivy (acquired through Wayne Towers, requires items to unlock), which makes sense. Unfortunately that means less time to unlock Lex Luthor, Captain Cold Quagmire, and also unlocking all the new crap.


  3. My timer is still counting down for Lex Week…about 5 hours until next upgrade. Why is that?


  4. Will LEX be extended too?
    Any clue if he will disappear at end of this week?
    Will use clams to finish if I have too, but don’t want to waste clams if he is sticking around for another week too.
    Thanks to anyone with info!!


    • I’m into Phase 6 and Lex is still there, going to take me few days more to get all the credit cards. So keep going as he appears to be here until the event ends on 31st August.


  5. Sorry if this has been answered, but how often does Metallo spawn? Thanks for all you do!


  6. Is it better to attack lex as soon as u can or should I wait and build up so that I can reach the 6x multiplier? In recent events it kinda didn’t matter cuz it pays out the same so that’s y I’m asking, thx


  7. Hey can anyone remember what the questline is so plan ahead and get through it before the next phase?



  8. Hi, I am thinking of buying Cyborg, would someone please tell me how often he drops the pluses? Is it one of each every time? Thanks for your help.


    • Yeah drops 1, 3 separate 6 hour tasks for each type


    • He has a task to drop each type, just like the other characters. The difference is that each type is 6 hours. So 1h shorter for the one that is usually 7h, but 1h longer for the one that is usually 5h.


  9. the event is definitely extended? the in game countdown doesn’t show that


  10. My game keeps crashing when I try to battle Metallo. This must be a bug. Is Tiny Co fixing this and if so when?


  11. Jessica Whittle

    Anyone else frustrated with the lack of vitamin drops? Just curious, did TinyCo increase the drop rate? If so, it doesn’t seem like enough. The last two rounds of drops have been odd. I got 4/5 then the next time I got 1 maybe zero. I forget easily but I try to count. It’s impeding progress to wait for vitamins to fight the many vllains.

    I’m so glad they extended the event! Getting Lex Luthor and Captain Cold Quagmire in a week seemed impossible.


    • The vitamin drops are total bollocks. I calculated that I usually get 1 every four hours (with all possible characters doing the vitamin task). So that means I get 3-4 per day… so 1 battle per day! It’s completely ludicrous


  12. Seems like the ice skates for captain cold Quagmire are an extra rare. I got the Titans Tower on Wednesday and have only collected 4 skates so far. Hardly seems an “uncommon” drop to me.


  13. anyone having very rare skate drops? ive only gotten one so far and ive had the building for two days.


  14. I can’t take down Thugs because the game won’t go to the character select screen. I click on the shadow outlines and nothing happens. I have Superman Peter free and tons of Pills, so something should be popping up.

    I only returned because I thought this event was over with and I’m disappointed it was extended 2 weeks. The only plus is that I got my girl Harley Quinn with all the spare Clams I had sitting around.


  15. David MurnanMurn

    So, I didn’t read this before taking out Metallo with Cyborg. Does anyone know will the next will spawn? It’s been several days and I’m stuck now on part two of Legion of Doom.


  16. I defeated gorilla grodd and he hasn’t shown back up in 2 days. Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions?


    • Odd, mine showed up not long after battling them. I want to see 4-6hrs maybe? Do you have an area of road behind a building he may be on? Or do you get the pop up saying he is not in town when using the tasks?


  17. What triggers “Region of Doom” quest line in iOS? I have most of my tasks cleared and just twiddling thumbs at this point. Do I need to be patient until next Wed (8/24)? If waiting around would the strategy be to keep collecting kryptonite for Part 5 items? Thanks!


    • What questline are you currently on? All of Phase 1 through 4 completed? Tapped on the Garage to start the new Phase? On version 1.27.6 + in App Market?


  18. Happy Birthday Bunny 🐰 🎂

    😃 🇬🇧

    (I posted this everywhere, hoping you see it)


  19. My Fortress is Solitude has now stopped paying out clams. Not sure what the end date was for this, but I assume it’s now passed even though the event is still going…


  20. so… to the extent i’ve gotten all 5 pages worth of items, i shouldn’t have to collect any more kryptonite right? 😀 can i focus my efforts on just metallo now?!?! :O


  21. I’ve been collecting from teen titans tower for quite a while now and I never get the ice skates required for captain cold quagmire.


    • Me too Eric. I’ve had the building since We’d. I feel like by now I should have collected all ten. Seems more like!e a rare drop than uncommon.


  22. Once again Tiny Co screwed us over, the Fortress of Solitude is NO LONGER giving clams!!


    • Nope. I noted it on the post and in comments that it ended on its original end date which was Wednesday. There has been 2 extensions to event. The newest adding another week.


  23. Wish they would put more things in to get with those rings I keep collecting. I think I got the Billionaire’s mansion with them and that’s all I’ve seen that I wanted. Got about 700 now and nothing else I want to get with them.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. So you need Captain Cold Quagmire to get pulses to defeat Lex Luther so you can get the drops to unlock Captain Cold Quagmire? Seems legit.


    • Keep in mind there’s MORE still to come. Another week. So he will still be helpful after he’s unlocked to get other items. It’s a 2 parter kind of thing. 😉


  25. BUNNY!!! Are you admitting you are… {gulp} …human?!?! The more I see you do on here, and now knowing it’s a labor of love, I just wanna pass on how much this frail lil human loves that frail lil human on your side of the screen. Seriously. Don’t know how you put up with most of us at any time… THANK YOU.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww thanks. This frail lil Bunny appreciates it. I’m really trying so hard to help others. Even through the rough days. I know the info is helpful so want to do what I can… when I can. 🙂


    • Agreed! I know from previous posts that Bunny has forbidden us from sending her money ;-), but I hope she won’t stop us from at least sending her virtual hugs… How many can we get? 😀


  26. Just a thought on this event: NOT having Adam West as Batman is just wrong! 🙂


    • Hmmm: I wonder is this has something to do with why…
      There may be new licencing issues for the characters or the actors, because of this.


      • Actually… Batman is NOT owned by Adam West. Batman and all his entities are owned by DC. So all copyright has to be approved by them and their lawyers for use. Adam West is just an actor, so he may have a say on some voice clips… unless they were signed away to rights to DC and those that own the rights to his TV persona.

        It becomes a mess of legalities when it comes to copyright releases.

        Liked by 1 person

  27. Anyone else having problems defeating Metallo and the game crashing so it’s not finishing it. I’ve restarted my games, restarated my phone and it’s still doing it. I’ve messaged support but haven’t gotten anything back yet.


  28. In the game it says green week for the next update. Plus, considering the fact that at least in my game, there are still 2 places available for new types of exchanges in order to get kryptonites. Plus, theres still the bryan mistery box that hasnt appeared yet in the game, while its in the area near the stewie mistery box. Either all of this will appear soon or there is probably an extension or something.


    • See top of post. 🙂


      • Thanks for the update Bunny. Im guessing they realized that getting Lex Luthor and all that is needed for him in a week is too much considering there arent many characters that drop pulses, plus the fact that after defeating Luthor, there’s a timer in between which means less time to attack. Sadly a new week means we will need more kryptonites, which I was hoping to avoid lol.


  29. Anyone else’s games keep crashing when trying to defeat Metallo. I will defeat him but when it goes back to the game, I get nothing and it crashes. I have closed out the game, restarted and restarted my phone and it still does the same. I have sent a message through support but haven’t heard anything back yet


  30. Yeah if you could clarify if there is a Phase 6 for us, because there are only 6 days left on the timer. I don’t want to waste my time collecting a bunch more Kryptonite if there is no Phase 6 to buy stuff, but yet I don’t want to NOT collect if there will be Phase 6 items. Let us know:) Thanks!


  31. Thanks a lot for all the info, Bunny. I was hoping that with this new phase, TC would make Aquaman and Green Lantern more useful (at least drop vitamins) besides participating in fights, but in general I cant complain in how this event has developed so far.


  32. Just curious about TC’s FAQs regarding ANOTHER phase after this one? Lol….is this just an automated sort of typo ya think? Or is there an extra day for a sixth phase? I ask this bc there is a discrepancy on the timer in the garage claiming 7 days till next upgrade (event end) and the event hub claiming that it ends in 8 days? Thank you!!!! Glad to see you back and going strong! 😀


    • Will get clarification. They may just typoed it. They already added a week on it… no plans that I know of for another. Timers… normally ended Events on Thursdays… so there may be a day off in it.


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