Weekly Challenge – Week 1 – GHOST HUNTERS

Look out as something wicked this way comes, but what, but what?  It’s the Weekly Challenge!  Yes week 1’s challenge is hurtling upon us….. Help!!!



As always these aren’t called a challenge for nothing, they can be extremely difficult to complete, especially for freemium players. Many see these as extra fun for premium players but that doesn’t mean a freemium player can’t do it, it just depends where you are in the game and sometimes a lucky guess at what items to stockpile whilst you wait for the challenge to drop. The prizes to date have always been decorations, with the odd building as a Grand Prize, so I wouldn’t advocate spending clams on these, but as always the choice is yours.

Anyway this week’s challenge, if you should choose to accept it, seems not too difficult after everything I said above, it should workin tandem with what a lot of us will be doing right now, clearing ghosts, if you manage to complete it you will be rewarded the Demogorgon decoration.

What do you need to do to complete it, well here’s the deal, you will need to complete the GHOST HUNTERS task which consists of:

Peter  Starts

Check out the prize
Expel 32 Ghosts


So there you have it the first of this events weekly challenges. If you need help on expelling ghosts  you will find details in this post.

Ghosts 101

Good luck and let us know in the comments if you completed the challenge.


20 responses to “Weekly Challenge – Week 1 – GHOST HUNTERS

  1. The raw of times I’ve found 0 ghosts or poltergeists is really annoying. For stuff that takes so long to find it shouldn’t be possibly to find 0 poltergeists 5 searches in a row.


  2. Ok so it said congratulations claim prize “demogorgon” but I can’t find where it is to place it. Is it something that will be give out at the end of the challenge?


    • The item goes in to your inventory. Look under either the recent or the event The Hauntening tabs is usually quickest way to find it in inventory.


  3. Me too, getting a lot of drops with no ghosts, bummer, cuz they’re fun to clear. Oh well. Gotta wait another four hours, I was rushing timers, but too many losses now, seems trying more just drops more of the dreaded X. If this is trick or treat, it seems heavy on the tricks!


  4. I love the Demogorgon!! He’s pretty great, I’m stuck on needing one more ghost and have tried 4 times with no luck….hope my next investigation earns lots of ghosts, I still need a LOT of ectoplasm for the 22 keys needed for candy dropping building for James Woods!! But still a whole day left to get the prize, I wonder what the rest of the prizes are going to be, hard to top this one in my opinion, multiheaded demon!! Woohoo!


  5. This failed investigation bull doodie is just that. Two in a row of x2 then six failed, now waiting for more salt. And failed poltergeists too! Bull doodie!!!


  6. How often do the ghosts and poltergeists respawn (if there is some sort of timing)? I’m not sure if I can complete the task cuz I keep getting zero ghosts. I thought four hours would be plenty, but I guess not.


  7. Yes drop rates suck


    • I’m finding drops vary like most events. A degree of patience is needed with FGQFS for sure but when it comes to a pattern showing of low drops Bunny is always testing and feeding back the issues to TinyCo.


  8. Not sure if my previous comment posted, but I will repeat does anyone know how many keys it takes to get the final prize? And is it timed like the DC prizes?


  9. Any word on how many keys it takes to unlock the final prize? And is it timed like the DC ones?


  10. This sucks, it’s such an easy weekly challenge but the game is no giving me ghosts. 4 times out of 6 searches so far today gave me 0 ghosts, that shouldn’t even be a thing. Really stupid design on this one.


    • I had a day like that yesterday, lot of failed investigations, today has been better, so fingers crossed you get lucky too.


    • I have only been ‘rewarded’ with 1 out of 9 ghosts raids, since 3AM today. I’ve needed 1 ectoplasm, for Woods Manor, since early this morning. Not paying hard earned clams for little chance of a reward.
      Stongly worded report to TinyCo, also asking them to not being so patronising with their bog standard replies


      • Just a side note, and I know the “auto reply” can get daunting….. they are a Tiny company (hence name). Their tech support is not that big. If they’re flooded with emails, it’s standard to see autoreplies as they use it to respond to many at once.

        Right now the chickenDeco drama is still overwhelming their messaging. If you feel response isn’t what you’d hoped, just reply back… but wait. Give them time to respond.

        In the meantime, hang in there as I’m always watching and giving feedback directly to them. Especially on drop concerns. 🙂


  11. I still need photos for Sheriff Peter, so this is a by-product, which is what I prefer for these


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