The Hauntening – Case 1 Ending Soon

And suddenly just like that the end of Case 1 is nigh. Time sure flies when you’re being tormented by all sorts of other worldly things.

Case 1 ends 10/14 @ 3pm Pacific


Sheriff Peter
James Woods
Condom Chris
Brian Stewie
FBI Lois
Little Green Man

**There are now timers attached to James Woods & Sheriff Peter, some of our games show timers ending when case 1 ends, others games seem to show them going over the Case end time by few hours***

***We will not know until Case 2 goes live if there will be a buy-out option for those who failed to unlock Sheriff Peter, James Woods or Carl***

The Concierge:
Week 1 & 2 prizes

Return to Rocky Point
Give up the Ghost
Probing Questions
Call the Concierge
Dial 0 for Concierge


Side Questlines for Characters/Costumes bought or unlocked

Ectoplasm & Cosmic Radiation

Skeleton Keys ~ these will remain the main event currency so make any exchanges you can before Case 2 goes live and adds another exchange material into the mix.

The Addicts Team ~ yes we don’t scare easily so we will be staying and playing along with you as usual.

That’s everything we can tell you for now, see you on the other side.

~ Russian Tigger



20 responses to “The Hauntening – Case 1 Ending Soon

  1. Also sent a mail. Hope it helps..


  2. Sent a message to TinyCo but no reply yet. Just a general message for everyone. Carl will be leaving my game in 3 hours way to early and can not do a thing about it. Can not even buy him, have 6 clams left and still need 10 bobbleheads


  3. I’ve sent a message to Tinyco. No answer so far.. 😦 he will be gone in 3 hours..


  4. I think the timers are a little off. In the Case File section, it says Case 1 ends in 19 days. Also, it says I have 15 hours to complete Carl, but that will be after 10pm EST. What’s up with that?


    • wildthornberry88

      Hi, the 19 days is for the whole event. As for the timer above Carl, there is definitely a discrepancy between it and the Case 1 ending time. I would go by the Case 1 ending time (14th at 3pm Pacific), unless we find out otherwise, just in case.


  5. For me Carl is ending in 9 hours, earlier then case 1 should go.. Still need 13 bobbleheads so not going to get him 😦 Wish I could’ve gotten him. Prior to update my timer for case 1 said that I had 19 days left?? Another glitch is that I send Sheriff Peter to dispatch of a spacemen, but instead of him shooting it, he started dancing (still says he’s clearing the spacemen though)


    • 19 days was until end of the event, not case 1. Drop TinyCo an in game message regarding your Carl timer please. Also I know it’s not perfect but if you’re just couple Bobbleheads short they are only 6 clams each to purchase, so if it’s character you really want it may be worth spending few clams.


  6. I think there’s a glitch in my game. Carl is leaving earlier then case 1 ends. Yesterday I had 21 hours left. But now the timer says 19 days left. Sheriff Peter is clearing a spacemen but the animatiin is him doing the shipoopi.


    • 19 days is time until the event ends. Carl was always due to leave at end of Case 1, which is today 14th October @ 3pm Pacific Time


  7. I guess this Halloween is not for players that aren’t spending big on clams. All of a sudden there was a timer on James woods and Carl. I could never find any aliens to get the radiation needed to get one week I’ve only been able to find 5 aliens or one out of every 3 to 4 searches. Three years of playing diligently but I think I’m about done.


  8. Just got an in-store update and Case 2 has started.


  9. I JUST unlocked James Woods, I won’t be shedding clams in large amounts this event (which means no FBI Lois or Condom Chris)….or just not now anyways {I have speeded up some tasks}. With that being said no Carl for me as there isn’t enough time for me to unlock him for free. Bring on Case 2 I’ve come to accept I won’t have everything unlocked. I haven’t unlocked even the 1st thing on the 2nd page yet. EMF drops and Alien drops slowed me way down. I do however have loads of ectoplasm.


  10. Was trying to build up some keys, but aliens are not happening today. Bugs are finally dropping a two radiation once in a while.


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