The Hauntening 101 – Rooms

Hey there freaky friends, want to take a tour of a haunted hotel with me? Go on, you know you want to!

What’s a haunted hotel without a few haunted rooms, well more expensive for a start. Lol. Now if you’d just follow me…….



More info on the Hotel HERE

When we first visited Rocky Point there was only one room we could unlock and access, the Billiard Room. Every other room was locked. The locked rooms are associated with Episodes, and these Episodes will be released gradually with Cases during the event.

Episode 1: (Case 1)
The Piano Lounge
The Gallery

Episode 2: (Case 1)
The Library

Episode 3:
The Secret Room
The Kitchen

Episode 4:
The Garden

Episode 5:
The Den

The Rooms


The Billiard Room: If you tap on the ! above it, you will see things you can search for and what it will take to do so. This was the first room you could access. This is where you will release Ghosts first.


The Piano Lounge: You will see this locked when you first enter. During Return to Rocky Point Pt 4, will direct you to unlock it and start “Episode 1”


The Gallery: You will see this locked when you first enter. During Return to Rocky Point Pt 7, will direct you to unlock it as an additional part of Episode 1This is where you will find Poltergeists first.

The Library: In week 2 release, you will need to finish up Give Up the Ghost Pt. 6 and continue Return to Rocky Point Pt 9. It will direct you to open the Library as part of Episode 2. Here is where you will release spacemen first.

The Secret Room: This is “hidden” behind the books in the Library and will be locked until “Episode 3”.  (More information once unlocked).


The Kitchen: This area will be locked until “Episode 3” (More information once unlocked).


The Garden: This area will be locked until “Episode 4” (More information once unlocked).


The Den: This area will be locked until “Episode 5” (More information once unlocked).

Additional Hotel Areas


Luggage Conceirge: This is the where you will see the Halloween Prize Catalogue. More info below.


Front Desk: Here is where you can select to Exchange Material for Skeleton Keys


Elevator Shaft: Many of your Characters will use this location to preform tasks while in the Haunted Hotel. Check here first if you can’t find them.


Valet: Here is your “Al’s” while you are at the Haunted Hotel. Tap on it to see what Characters are available to unlock (not all may show in this play area)



Selecting a room will bring up a screen which shows you what you can release in it, to date there are ghosts, poltergeist and spacemen. I’ve noticed some comments complaining poltergeist aren’t showing in their Gallery. When this happens please just check other rooms as I have noticed in my game the options intermittently change in the rooms, but all items where available to release in one room or another.

More info on Poltergeists and Ghosts HERE

More info on Spacemen HERE

So there you have it, the basic information on the rooms we need to unlock and investigate. More information will be added to this post as rooms unlock.

Russian Tigger


4 responses to “The Hauntening 101 – Rooms

  1. with the library the ghost, etc flash at the door. OH AND WHY ARE THERE STILL GHOSTS AND POLTERGEISTS! now I have a bunch of polts running around.


    • Yes I’ve same with The Secret Room, demon appears in flames sometimes. Ghosts and Poltergeist are still there are ectoplasm and cosmic radiation are still exchange materials if combined with sulphur.


  2. One thing that ive noticed is that if there is a ghost poltergeist or demon in the room it will flash in the lower right hand side of the room. haven’t seen any spacemen but that would account for not finding any spacemen in the rooms. has anyone seen a spaceman in the lower right corner and then searched and then found one? at least this would help us not waste the readers to find them.


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