The Hauntening – Where Are You?!!! Case 1 Poll Results

With ghosts, poltergeists, spacemen and buggy aliens all running amok at Rocky Point, let’s take a welcome break from all that paranormal palaver to digest the results of the Case 1, Where Are You poll.

But before I reveal all, I just want say thanks to everyone who gave their feedback, it really is appreciated more than you know, you guys are the best.

So with time running out on this our very first case together here’s a snapshot of how we’re all doing as the clock ticks down.


Character/Costume Percentage
Sheriff Peter 97.9%
James Woods 56.4%
New Carl 1.7%
Little Green Man 3%
None 1.8%

Which premium characters/costumes have you bought? (264)Brian Stewie

Character/Costume Percentage
Condom Chris 89%
FBI Lois 32.6%
Brian Stewie 33%


Prize Percentage
Cabin in the Woods 98.4%
Boogying Skeleton 97.9%
Grave digger’so Shack 96.8%
Woods Manor 95.5%
Hholly weird Video 94.5%
Tree Man 93.3%
Sinister Stuffing 88.2%
Haunted Mausoleum 26.5%
Raides of the Lost Artifacts 78.7%
Skin Suit Warehouse 59.8%
Torch Juggling Alien 51.6%
Flying Saucer 38.4%
Leg intimate Business 21.2%
Alien Autopsy Lab 18.9%
Probe Plant 12.9%
Little Green Man 2.6%

How many ghosts do you release daily? (1096 responses)ghost

Amount Released Percentage
1 Β 5.2%
2 2.9%
3 5.2%
4 8.8%
5 12%
6 8.5%
7 4.9%
8 10.4%
9 2.2%
10+ 40%

How many poltergeists do you release daily? (1072 responses)poltergeist

Poltergeists Released Percentage
1 19.7%
2 27.9%
3 20.7%
4 18.9%
5 7%
6 3.6%
7 0.8%
8 0.6%
9 0.3%
10+ 0.5%

How many spacemen do you release daily? (979 RESPONSES)image

Spacemen Released Percentage
1 28%
2 30.3%
3 14.8%
4 13.9%
5 6.1%
6 4.2%
7 0.9%
8 1.1%
9 0.2%
10+ 0.4%

How many buggy aliens do you see daily? (951 responses)image

Buggy Aliens Seen Percentage
1 5.4%
2 2.1%
3 4.2%
4 7.5%
5 12.6%
6 21%
7 7.2%
8 11.7%
9 1.7%
10+ 26 7%

How many skeleton keys do you get daily? (1090 Responses)skeleton-key

Amount Percentage
1-10 48.5%
10-20 34.7%
20-30 11.3%
30-40 2.9%
40-50 1.6%
50-60 0.6%
60-70 0.1%
70-80 0.1%
80-90 0.1%
90-100 0%
100+ 0.2%

What do you think of timed cases? (1134 reponses)case-1-closees-10-14

Answer Percentage
Love it 4.2%
Hate it 36.8%
Not Sure Yet Β 59%

What do you think of the concierge prizes? (1124 reponses)


Answer Percentage
Love it 5.3%
Hate it 2.1%
Want to pick what prizes I earn 73.1%
Too Hard 13.4%
Want Access to all pages from start 6%

What do you think of the skeleton key exchanges at the front desk? (1129 Responses)front-desk

Answer Percentage
Love it 3.1%
Hate it 5.5%
Wish they would stick with set exchange amounts 39.9%
Like the Variety 3.2%
Can’t trade items I have as no suitable exchange available 28.3%
Need more options 20%

Do you feel that you can succesfully complete case 1? (1134 responses)case-1-closees-10-14

Answer Percentage
Yes 19.8%
No 56.7%
Don’t Know 23.5%

Which of the following materials are you struggling to collect? (1096 responses)rock-salt

Column A Column B
Rock Salt 3.9%
Iron Chains 10.9%
EMF Readers 58.4%
Bug Spray 54.8%
Magnifying Glasses 2.6%
Sheriff Stars 1.6%
Handcuffs 1.8%
Flashlights 3.7%
Evidence 4.5%
Pieces of Candy 15.3%
Crates 30.7%
Cards 7.7%
Peter’s Pants 2.8%
Alien Bobbleheads 64.2%
Losing Lottery Tickets 43.4%
Trivia Questions 36,5%
Popcorn 53.4%
ALF Dvd 37.5%

~Russian Tigger


46 responses to “The Hauntening – Where Are You?!!! Case 1 Poll Results

  1. My last 12 searches in a row found no spacemen. Utterly ludicrous. This event might finally cure me of FG:TQFS addiction as it’s becoming increasingly pointless trying to reach the targets.

    Interesting to see that 89% of players purchased Condom Chris, clearly showing how necessary it now is to pay when playing this game.


    • I had a lot of X’s in a row yesterday but then released 2 and 2 aliens, so don’t give up after getting this far.

      Regards Condom Chris, remember the percentage is of players who responded to question not all players, in this case 264 players said they purchased a premium character/costume of which 89% said bought Condom Chris, so 235 players bought him. Of all responses to poll, this showed only about 20% of players were purchasing premium items.


      • In the end I had 16 consecutive failures before finally getting another spaceman! That’s at least 96 hours of tasks for all those useless EMFs!

        Now seeing somewhat mixed messages in my game, one visit showed a banner saying Case 2 had started, next time after this I get a banner with the message that Case 1 ends tomorrow and also Carl still has 12 hours on his timer. So there’s some overlap, however I won’t be unlocking Carl as there’s still way too much to do in 12 just hours… 😦


        • Yes they released Case 2 early for those who were up to date and completed Probing Questions Pt 6 but it seems to have updated anyone who was at Pt 3 from what we’re seeing.


  2. As of right now I just need 4 popcorns and 1 bobble head to unlock carl I already spent 1000 clam so far and only have 1200 left I would’ve got him alot sooner but I couldn’t find no aliens


  3. I just need one bobble head and 4 popcorns to unlock carl with 20 hours to go


  4. Drop rates simply horrible. Three emf readers, zero aliens. Six wasted hours. Fly spray drops one or two out of four potential drops, at least the bobble heads are always, but at this point, if I want Karl, it’s going to be a clam purchase, and frankly, I don’t feel TC is deserving of this.


    • Keep in mind that the MORE difficult Characters can be harder to achieve and depending on your drops/ time played… may also require Clams to be spent. Just play wisely and focus on what you can do. If you want to spend Clams and it is really worth it to you… try to get the Characters down to the smallest amount of clams possible and use ones you can earn for free. There are lots around you can pick up to help. But again, only get what you REALLY want to. 3 mos from now, will that Clam item still be as important to have in your game? Worth the amount?

      This game has always been and will always be challenging. (Think the last item in the Concierge). Just go for what works for you. πŸ™‚


      • I should have carl before case one ends all I need is 4 popcorns and 1 bobble head left but if I don’t get it that’s fine I’m tight wit clams I have over 1000 would’ve been way more but I bought the mystery box 3 times and area 51


  5. Aaron Trumble421

    7 out of 10 times when I use the bug spray the game force closes. It’s almost costing me Carl as it’s a pain in the butt with the force closing. Anyone else have this issue?


  6. Getting the the crates for James Woods really ruined this event for me. I fought countless poltergeists to finally get the last one(yesterday.) That put me a week behind because I couldn’t advance the questline until I got him. That also cost me Carl because I was spending too much extra time on fighting the poltergeists instead of aliens.

    I haven’t been this frustrated with a FG event in quite some time. Hopefully I can catch up quick and get whatever they release for the next case.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. EMF Readers continue to fail for me at an estimate 90% rate. I did mange to get up to the Alien yesterday though so I’m just trying to get keys for the next phase.
    I just need 8 more bobbleheads for Carl… the bugspray has proven to be a slow get as the poll indicates. The building drop percentage is low for me.


  8. Well I’m all set for Case 2, finished unlocking Carl this morning, now I’m just trying to get as many Skeleton Keys stocked up.


  9. I would like the option to unlock FBI Lois by questing for stuff rather than gamble my precious clams on the possibility of winning her. Or even the option of unlocking the new outfits for the new event in the previous downtime between events.

    It would also be nice if all the Griffin family could have actions to help as not enough characters are used in the events.

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  10. I’m feeling fairly confident now, I need 13 more bobbleheads for carl and 35 keys to get little green man. Freeing up herbert to collect fly spray gives me an extra option and so far he has dropped on every four hour cycle.


  11. Its funny how I searched for aliens and got an x like ten times in a row. Rip me the game hates me and doesn’t want me to unlock more prizes. Really disliking cases.

    If they are supposed to let players reach all content, why don’t I have carl yet?


  12. Absolute joke as ever. Had i not played the game properly i could have cleared poltergeists with peter and traded them all for keys and got karl, little green man etc. I’m no where near getting enough keys for karl. Bug sprays no longer work on android device so have to switch to the ipad, certain tasks instantly crash game. Wont be buying any more clams


    • I never rush into updating the minute new content drops, I always leave one part of the main Questline to be done so I can strategise best way forward for new content. That’s partly why Bunny goes through clams like water to get the live update information on her so other players an see what they will need to do and plan. Sometimes my way of playing pays off in one way, ie ability to build up some Skeleton Keys other times it sees me playing catch up, ie if I’d delayed the new content any longer I wouldn’t had time get Bobbleheads for Carl. It’s this planning and strategising that I enjoy about the game. I will get Carl today possibly but LGM I still need some keys, however I’m not sure if he’s worth that amount of keys.

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  13. I’m nowhere because the game won’t let me access my game saved on Google. When I go to the load saved game screen and click on Google button the game just hangs with the gold TV dancing in the air like its taunting me. 😦


  14. The timer that popped up over James Woods and Carl is 4 hours longer than the timer that pops up when looking at the case time left. I’m assuming this is wrong and they should be the same?


    • There seems to varying timers, mine shows it ends when Case 1 ends, others seems to go past that. Bunny is trying get more info from TinyCo on this.


  15. Question! It says the timer is to complete case one…does that mean all case one questlines will disappear and be replaced with case 2 questlines OR do you think the case one questlines will clog my task bar before I can see the case 2 stuff?

    I would rather spend time farming keys instead of getting silly magnify glasses that only help with decors.
    But with the case deadline it makes me think they will start us all fresh together for case 2 but I don’t want to get behind if I am wrong!!

    Let me know what you think!! Thank a ton!!


    • From the information we’ve been given, the main Questlines will leave with the Case.


      • Awesome, thanks! I read the new “goodbye to case 1” post and it laid everything thing out beautifully!! Thanks for all your hard work!!


        • It did, but TinyCo threw a surprise with the early for some launch of Case 2, they certainly keep us on our toes. But thanks for kind words as always, hope you and future little Aka are well


  16. Yeah I have had the worst drop rates in this event.. like no ghost showing up 5 times in a row or just one.. only today I got one with 8.. poltergeist is around 2/10 for me.
    I’m stuck now with the candies for James and no drops in about 3 cycles. 😦
    So is a task of 8 hours, max of 3 drops a day, and with 1 day 22 hours remaining I don’t think I’ll get him..
    drop rates is what is keeping me away of the game is lame when you do the task for an item that has a drop rate of not always to be used in another part for another drop rate


  17. Playing 2 games and won’t finish case 1 or unlock Carl in either game. I play a lot and it shouldn’t be this hard. Not happy with this event thus far. Seems to be poorly planned by TinyCo.


  18. I feel a bit conflicted right now. Just finished James Woods today. There is no way I’ll finish Carl. Since the timer has popped up over Carl, I now feel confident that he’ll go away later this week. So on the one hand, I’ll not get a chance to get him (doesn’t seem he’ll stay after the end of the case) but at the same time, I don’t have to spend all my time being behind trying to get him while we move on to the new case. In most of these, I seem to go really well (ahead of the game) week 1, week 2 I struggle and week 3 I’m a half to a full week behind. This way when the next case starts, I’m guessing I’ll be starting fresh again. New opportunities.


    • That is an optimistic view, sounds good, hope you’re right that the next case is a new beginning, a clean slate. I somehow thought the second page of options to buy was part of case two, I remain confused!


  19. Feels like the same old story. Get the early stuff fast, then get bottle-necked. At least I don’t feel so bad now that I see the majority of responders are around the same place I am. Doubt I’ll be able to get Carl finished in time, and having a hard time getting any Spacemen to appear.


  20. wildthornberry88

    Sorry for being a little unprofessional but I’m just gonna sit here giggling about “leg intimate business” XD


  21. So, when we don’t finish case one, what happens? We need to start a new case partially unprepared? I’m sort of confused with this format, and would prefer to work at a slow pace and just finish part of an event, at least there is some leisure in playing that way. Didn’t do this poll as I was offline for a while because of power and internet outage. Please make the next event return to the normal format, the poll results seem to show the majority of players agree, yes?


  22. Will this be passed along to TC?


    • wildthornberry88

      Usually tinyco will be looking at the results of these polls yes.


    • And do nothing about it as usual


      • Many changes have been made during events due to data Bunny passes to TinyCo, she does a ton of work you don’t see behind the scenes.


        • I’m sure she does. She’s really fantastic and we appreciate her and everyone else helping us out. This has been a very frustrating case and seemingly impossible for freemium players due to drop rates and glitches. I’m upset I won’t be getting Carl, but thank you all for helping and trying to get these messages passed on to TC about the struggle being too much.


          • Awwwww thanks. I appreciate these 2 gals helping me out so much. I can focus more on all the “behind scenes” stuff thanks to them.

            I do know it can be frustrating. I have come to look at it in this manner (all events pretty much)… Each phase there will be around 2-3 Characters dropped. One will be the easiest of the 3 (not necessarily easy to get, just difficulty level the lowest). Next will be a more challenging one. Lastly the one that I view as the “borderline premium/premium”. It will be the hardest and will require time, patience, and possibly Clams. It seems this is the general process each event.

            This Event is quite different in their layout and staging, so its still a “work in progress”. I am looking at some of these Characters as “ones you may have never got to in past Events”. They are mixed in now with the Phases, but at least we can all try and make an attempt at them. Just try and focus on what YOU feel is important and go from there. See what options each Phase brings. All along the way, I will be providing my usual feedback to TinyCo. πŸ™‚


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