The Hauntening 101: Clearing Demons & Possessed Meg

Quick someone summon Father Merrin!!!!

The seriously spooky and spaced out creatures from Case 1 are nothing compared to the evil that’s found its way into our Quahog’s with Case 2. There’s not only demons hiding in a secret room  but it would appear Meg has overdosed on Pea Soup and gone all Linda Blair on us. Yes she’s possessed and on the hunt for victims to terrorise and its down to us to try to keep Rocky Point safe.

With our second case overlapping the first case, many of us found our heads spinning, but fear not fellow trainee exorcists as you’ll find all the information you need to deal with this new level of spooky here.

Let’s take a look at Case 2 and see exactly what it takes to summon these supernatural spirits to our hotels in order we can clear them out, as believe me a Possessed Meg is never a good thing.

For more information on the Event, go HERE


In order to be able to start seeing demons in Rocky Point you will need to be in Case 2 and progress the Main Questline to Return to Rocky Point Pt 12. At that point you will be instructed to Learn About Demon Hunting. Clicking Go will bring up instructions on finding demons and subsequently clearing them.

At this point you have will have triggered the ability to collect the sage needed to release demons in your hotel.


WHen Pt. 12 of Return to Rocky Point triggers you will be asked to unlock The Secret Room, this is where demons like to hide out. However you will also find them hiding in The Library. In my game I see little demons appearing in a burst of flames near the door of both these rooms, that’s a sign they are in there.

***Room release information is as verified in my game but please note what could be released and from which room kept changing in my game during Case 1, so you may see something different***


You will need the one thing that demons fear most to smoke them out, sage.

Sage (Common): Meg Search Hotel Dumpster OR Joe Wrap Smudge Stick OR Jerome Check Spice Rack OR Bonnie Harvest Garden OR Leprechaun Waste the Rainbow


This is pretty simple once you’re armed with one sage, click on the exclamation mark in either the Secret Room OR The Library to start an investigation. This will bring up the investigation where you can see what kind of supernatural spirit is available, demons can be investigated in the above rooms only at the moment. You can see this in the box in the bottom left which shows demons and the cost to investigate them.

To release demons you just tap on the magnifying glass and this will start the investigation of the room. It takes 1 hour to investigate and once complete you will see a check mark. By tapping the check mark you will find out if your investigation was successful. Now be aware you DO NOT always release demons, sometimes your investigation fails, when this happens you will only get a reward of a magnifying glass. However when you’re investigation is successful you will see a screen that shows how many demons you have released into Rocky Point.

You can keep repeating the investigations action as long as you have enough sage available. Here are some of Bunny’s test results:

Investigation 1: 5 Demons
Investigation 2: 3 Demons
Investigation 3: 5 Demons
Investigation 4: 5 Demons
Investigation 5: 1 Demon
Investigation 6: 5 Demons
Investigation 7: 4 Demons


If your investigation was successful clearing the released demons is simplicity at its best, just look around Rocky Point for any demon and tap on it to clear it.


The rewards you will get will vary. Ghosts drop the following:

Per Ghost Cleared:
image2 Sulphur
1 Demon Bile (Common Drop)


Once you are in Case #2, and have reached Return to Rocky Point Pt. 13 you will be led into the secondary “Main Questline” Face Your Demons. When you reach Face Your Demons Pt. 2 you will learn about helping Meg Face Her Demons. At that point, you will find Possessed Meg Floating around the Hotel. Please note Possessed Meg isn’t a separate entity, it is the character Meg, and when possessed she will be pulled from any task she is currently on. But once you clear/exorcise Meg of her possession, she will go back to normal and back to whatever task she last doing, however do not tap her until she is back at the location of her task as this can cancel what she was doing before being possessed.


You will not find Possessed Meg in any particular room, she will just be floating somewhere in Rocky Point.



In order to exorcise Possessed Meg you will need Exorcist Mort OR the Leprechaun. Each can exorcise Meg in an instant.


There is no information as to how long it takes unti Meg is possessed again. You need to keep checking your game.


To clear/exorcise Pobsessed Meg you will require either Exorcist Mort or Leprachaun. Simply tap Possessed Meg and the screen below will come up, tap GO and whichever character you have available will instantly exorcise Meg.


The rewards you will get will vary. Poltergeist drop the following:

Per Poltergeist Cleared:
 12 Sulphur
1Mutton Chop

There you have it, the frightful facts about demons and possessions. What are your thoughts? Have you started to clear demons or exorcise Meg yet? If so, are you enjoying this hellish addition to our games? Any other tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


51 responses to “The Hauntening 101: Clearing Demons & Possessed Meg

  1. So I’ve had Exorcist Mort for two full days now (today Wednesday, is day three). As soon as I unlocked Mort’s outfit, I exorcized Meg, & she hasn’t become possessed ever since then, Monday morning!
    I know we ALL go through times when certain tasks and/or drop rates are frustratingly stagnant, & some of us just simply have sh*^^¥ luck, but it still sucks! I have everything needed to unlock Joe except for the mutton chops – I have ONE pitiful, measly, pathetic mutton chop – ONE! Lmfao.
    I’m still recovering from all the frustration caused from trying to unlock Amine Peter & Stewie! Lmfao. I got them a few weeks ago, but I still have recurring nightmares over collecting those damn eyeballs & those green plutonium-like this.

    Hopefully possessed Meg starts making up for lost time & immediately becomes possessed over & over again.


    • I’ve found it’s taking between 6-8 hours for Meg to be possessed. But sounds like there’s a problem in your game, I would send TinyCo an in game message and they can have a look at your game. As added info I’ve found she only gets possessed when on tasks, when I left her to wander she didn’t become possessed.


  2. The mansion is over run with poltergeist, demons, ghosts…where is Jesus during all of this?? He is in Quahog, turning water into Clams. (Thank you, Jesus) Where is God? He’said in Tan Lines with Satan and the Super Devil, partying with the rest of the crew.

    I see a possibility for apocalyptic warfare in our games, lol, wouldn’t that be something! But I have a feeling the Christian Super Heroes will keep hanging out with Superman and The Flash.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Has anyone figured out how often Meg changes? I’m keeping Mort free all the time but I don’t know how long I need to wait…


    • It’s taking a while in my game, I’d say between 6-8 hours. I’ve had her complete her 4hr sage task and she’s now half way through that task again and no possession so that’s 6 hours and counting. Sorry can’t be more accurate.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Anyone else getting tired of the X’s. Cannot progress through story due to zero aliens. Just went through another 6 tries with 6 X’s. Been 3 days trying to get 1 alien.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sent in a message that my buildings aren’t dropping items for Mort or Joe’s costume items. Aliens and demons are still hiding and bug spray kills, but nothing drops.
    Not much fun waiting for things when you know there will be zero end results and no way to move forward in the game as freemium.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. How do I get Carl? I can’t get past Return to Rocky Point pt 11 and clear any aliens yet because I’ve never been prompted to get Carl yet


  7. Bug spray casing game to crash evertime any others having issues?


  8. Not sure if anyone noticed….the quahog bank drops the necronomiums for demon hunter Joe. I pulled my 6 banks out of storage to see if I up my odds on these rare items. Haven’t had much luck with rare items….more like epic!


    • Yes few players pulling banks out of storage. I’ve found this drop good so far.


      • Yes! It said “rare” but I think they meant “always”!! It dropped everytime for me. I didn’t have extra banks in storage, so I bought 6 or 7, only 500coins and 40 mins!! Awesome!

        Liked by 1 person

        • I think items usually drop automatically (always) when you complete a building creation. Certainly has been the case in previous events where you can use a building like the bank. Drop definitely goes to rare after this in my experience. But build a few banks and they drop automatically.


  9. Hello, I know this question might be irrelevant to this post but I was wondering if there is a updated master character sheet available? I know you guys have a lot to do but it would be very much appreciated! Thank you ^.^


  10. If Meg can turn possessed anytime, will that break the action Meg was doing at the time? If so, exorcising her will make her continue the action or I’ll have to start over?
    I haven’t gotten Exorcist Mort yet and I wanna know if using Meg to collect sage will make any sense.


    • It interrupts the task until you use Exorcist Mort or Leprechaun to exorcise her. Once exorcise she will return to the task she was doing, just don’t tap on her character until she has gin back to the location of the task, for Sage that would be the elevator. My Meg is possessed now, will be until I get Mort skin in few days.


  11. I’ve found 43 demons with one ‘failed’ investigation, so no problems with those so far. The spaceman drops are pretty ridiculous, I had 6 failures in a row with only 1 spaceman released on the next two…trying to avoid premium characters and was able to unlock Peter, James and Carl although I did purchase the building that drops sulfur as they are ‘key’ (pun intended) to progressing through the store…I have noticed occasional game freezing when spraying bugs – happened a lot at first, now maybe on 20% of the time. I did message TinyCo (no word back so far), but I’m guessing others have experienced the same.


    • I’m having fantastic sage drops and demon investigations. Going to start stockpiling some Sage for Monday, just incase weekly challenge involves demons.


    • I’ve reached the point where I will save my game (actually, hit the home button on my phone because exiting freezes it) and then go back in to do the bugs. Otherwise it reverts back a little bit and I have to give jobs out again.


  12. In my game whenever I having looking for a demon, they all shoe the little guy burning up in flames. Like right now, I am hunting in 4 rooms. The billiard room is free right now and no demon burning up. Last time i hunted there he was there burning up. So I think those appear during the hunt. Just my 2¢ 😊


  13. Wow really??! 8 hours for a rare item????


  14. Just to notify the James woods character has started talking…..


  15. seeing how exorcist mort is nearly impossible to get without keys, and keys are nearly impossible to get without carl to exorcise meg, if you didn’t get carl, the event is pretty much over.


    • Carl can’t exorcise Meg, he can only clear Spacemen. Your source for Sulphur (if you’ve not purchased Leprechaun) will be clearing demons until you have Exorcist Mort. Sage drops are good as are number of Demons being released. Each demon drops 2 sulphur and 1 bile for Mort, I’ve already got the 50 bile for Mort so have cleared more than 50 demons already, that’s over 100 sulphur for trading. So concentrate on getting sage and clearing demons.


  16. I find it really odd how much difference there can be in which rooms we can search for demons. I only have two rooms available for it whereas my boyfriend can search for them in all five rooms.
    Difference in our game: I have Meg being possessed where he still uses her to collect, and I have one more building placed than him.
    Can’t really tell what triggers in how many rooms you can search for demons.


    • That’s the variant we always talk about from game to game, every single game is different. You can delay Meg being possessed by not not completing Part 1 of the Face Your Demons Questline. My release rooms have constantly changed since the start of the event.


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