Where the Hell….? Sheriff Peter

It would appear the long arm of the law just got shorter as Peter pulls on his Sheriff costume in the latest event to hit our Quahog’s, The Hauntening. But haven’t we seen this bumbling Sheriff somewhere before? Yes we have, Sheriff Peter made his debut in the Family Guy episode To Love and Die in Dixie, (Series 3, Episode 12).


Peter’s dalliance with becoming a lawman happens, as with most things in the Griffin household, as a result of Peter doing something stupid, although in this case it’s not just stupid but downright dangerous as he puts the whole family at risk. How does he do this? Well read on and you’ll find out.

The episode starts with just a normal day, well as normal as anything is in Quahog. Chris has a crush on a girl and in an effort to woo her decides to try bribe her with a gift.


To get the money he needs Chris gets a job as a paperboy, and it’s this simple decision that leads Chris to have a bad day – a very, very, bad day. Whilst out on his round, which unfortunately includes My Herbert, Chris stumbles across a robbery. As if this wasn’t bad enough for our young love struck lad, the thief then steals his bike in order to make his getaway.

Later at the police station Chris bravely identifies the thief from a police line up, but his reward for this isn’t what he expected, as Peter makes a major boo boo when he strikes up a conversation unknowingly with the thief. Boasting about Chris, he tells him how his son identified the thief, and if that wasn’t bad enough he goes on to show him a picture of Chris and tells him Chris’ name, school and what he fears most. It’s this case of loose lips that sees Chris’ life in danger as our thief escapes custody and vows to have his revenge. Poor Chris now knows just how Bart Simpson feels when Sideshow Bob is on his tail.

In order to protect Chris, the Griffins are put into a witness protection scheme and relocated to a town in the Deep South called Bumblescum. Quite appropriate considering it was Peter’s bumbling that led to this fiasco. Once settled Peter decides on a new career in law enforcement as he takes on the job as Sheriff, and swears in Brian as his deputy.


So there you have it, now you know exactly where the hell you’ve seen Sheriff Peter before. Do you remember this episode? Or maybe you’ve never seen it. If so do you now plan to watch it? And for those who have seen it can you tell me which reoccurring character made his debut in this episode?

~ Russian Tigger



11 responses to “Where the Hell….? Sheriff Peter

  1. So where did the buggy aliens, spacemen, and demons come from?


  2. Just makes me want deputy Brian and general lee Griffin car. Which by the way has there ever been a Griffin car deco that can move on the streets? That seems like a no brainer. We need a top 10 character/skin/deco we need poll for TC


  3. I think you have the info backwards. It was season 3 episode 12


  4. I think the Mort costume is from an episode where Mort gets sent to the past courtesy of Stewie’s time machine. Unfortunately it’s the invasion of Poland. Not telling more since I don’t know if Tigger wants to make an article about it.

    What do you think Tigger is that episode the inspiration for exorcist Mort?


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