Family Guy Flashback: And Then There Were Fewer

Hey there Clammers!

As we tap away in our Quahog’s that we’ve created, sometimes it’s nice to reflect on just WHERE all this content is coming from? Of course much of it’s from The Amazing Family Guy Episodes that have been released over 15 crazy seasons.

There are so many things going on in each episode that we may not have caught them, overlooked them, or may have giggled right along with everyone else not realising they may appear in FGQFS sometime in the future. So let’s look back at an episode that has had a massive influence on this years Halloween Event, The Hauntening.




So welcome to my first flashback post, I must admit to being just a little nervous about writing this, after all it’s an episode where the body count rises rapidly, and sometimes knowing who the killer is places you right at the top of the next to die list. So I’m just going put this out there, I know nothing, nada, or as we say over here I know nowt. Lol.

Now I’ve got your attention, here’s an interesting tidbit, this episode was based on one of Agatha Christie’s most popular murder mysteries, And Then There Were None. When this was first published in the 1930s it caused quite a bit of controversy itself due to the original title. I’m not going to repeat it here, but although it was a product of a bygone era, the title was every bit offensive as anything the Family Guy writers throw at us nowadays. But enough of the history lessons, it’s time for me to pop some kernels, pick up the remote and guffaw my way through this murderous episode.

So, picture it, an invitation comes your way, in it you’re invited to a party by someone who chooses to remain anonymous, and the location is somewhere you’ve never heard of, never mind been. What do you do, bin it or accept it. Me I’m an anti-social so and so, so I’d bin it, but lucky for us Peter & the rest of the family aren’t and they decide to go to the party, and boy does it turn out to be one hell of a night. If you want to know all the gory details including who will be left and what will be left of them, read on.

The episode starts with the aforementioned party invite, and of course Peter & family decide they need to go, so all dolled up in their glad rags they head off. And lucky for us viewers they’d never think to turn back just because the directions lead them to a creepy mansion sitting on its own sinister island. Nothing suspicious about that is there, well not as far as the Griffins are concerned.


Peter swans into the party with the family by his side, ego inflated as he believes  he is the guest of honour. But he soon gets his first shock of the night when it’s revealed there’s a plethora of other guests, all who received the same cryptic invite and were stupid enough to attend.

But not even a bunch of deflated egos can bring these guests to their senses, and they decide to party on regardless. You’re shaking your heads in despair and groaning aren’t you? I know, I know, we’ve all saw enough horror movies to know they’ve made a fatal mistake in staying, but hey common sense and Quahog don’t make good bed fellows so let’s just enjoy the murder and mayhem that ensues.

Anyway back to the show, suddenly from nowhere everyone’s favourite maid, Consuela, appears to lead the lambs to the slaughter, I mean the guests to the dining room. Once there they start to relax and mingle over a common conversational topic, just who invited them to this mysterious party? It’s not long until they get their answer as their host finally reveals himself, and it’s no less than James Woods himself. Yes the James Woods, the new character who was available to unlock in our game.


James Woods and his girlfriend Priscilla explain they have thrown the party in order that James can atone for his previous behaviour, not because he wants to mind you, it’s more to do with the fact he’s become a born again Christian. But this atmosphere of forgiveness and friendship is soon shattered as moments after he leaves the room a shot rings out leading to heartbreak for Quagmire, as his girlfriend Stephanie has been murdered. And of course there’s only one suspect, James Woods himself. With the party atmosphere now lying in tatters the remaining guests decide to get out whilst they still can.


However as with all good creepy stories it’s not that easy and leaving just isn’t on the menu as a tree has fallen and destroyed the bridge that was their only route to safety. Realising they’re trapped, they start to panic and this only gets worse when they discover the telephone lines have been cut. Things are starting to get out of control and as the guests hysterically throw around accusations of guilt, James Woods suddenly reappears. With the guests now getting restless and wanting the truth, they demand he follow them to the scene of the crime, only to find the body has disappeared.

Whilst they are digesting this shock the lights go out, and we just know when they come back on the body count will have risen, and this time it’s the main man himself, James Woods, who is the victim, he’s been stabbed to death. With their prime suspect dead Peter and the other guests decide to investigate in the hope they can unmask the killer before someone else bites the dust. It is then they find their first clue, a gun set up to fire with the help of a timer, and it becomes obvious the real target was always James Woods. It’s apparent poor Stephanie was caught in a deadly game of wrong time, wrong place.

Buoyed by their discovery of who the intended victim was they turn their attention to why? Just who had a reason to want James Woods dead? It soon becomes obvious each and every one had a motive and a fight breaks out during their blame game. During this scuffle they stumble across a secret room, and of course it’s a poorly lit study which just happens to contain James Woods diary.

The diary reads like a Dummies guide to who would want James Woods dead, and as they digest the contents the lights go out once again. When they return Muriel Goldman is gone, nowhere to be seen, and as she’s not lying dead at their feet they jump to the conclusion that she’s the killer and vow to hunt her down. But, yes you guessed it, they’re proven wrong as when they find Muriel she’s  stone cold dead, another victim of the diabolical murderer.

Who are they going to blame now, the suspects are dropping like flies and they are trapped unless someone is stupid enough, I mean brave enough to go for help. Totally spooked now they send Derek off on his own to try get a signal on his cell phone. But it won’t surprise you to hear Derek doesn’t get far before he is bashed over the head and thrown to his death. Guess being used as a murder weapon is as good a use for a Golden Globe as any. Lol.

After Derek’s untimely death the group decide on a safety in numbers policy that sees them closely watching each other, not to have their fellow guests backs mind you, more to see who sneaks away to continue their murderous spree.


Whilst keeping an eye on each other they decide to search all the guest bedrooms, and this leads to them finding yet another clue. What is it, well no less than the murder weapon, yes hidden under Tom Tucker’s bed is the Golden Globe that helped send Derek to meet his maker. But worse is to come as Priscilla’s body drops from an air event. It would seem Tom Tucker has serious questions to answer and instead of doing so he runs with the other guests in hot pursuit believing they’ve finally found the killer.

The guests are at last feeling safe and spend the night on the island before summoning the police to arrest Tom Tucker the next day. Party and ensuing drama over it’s time for the guests to leave and Lois, as is her usual friendly manner, starts chatting to Diane Simmons, Lois shows concern that Diane will now be the sole anchor at Channel 5 news. However it would appear showing concern and offering Diane a sympathetic ear wasn’t a good idea as things take a sinister turn as Lois’ probing produces a startling revelation, Tom is innocent and Diane is in fact the real killer.


Lois finds her life in serious peril when Diane pulls out a gun and starts to offload her guilt by telling Lois how Tom had successfully plotted to have her replaced with a younger co-anchor, and that James had been her boyfriend until he recently dumped her. These incidents had combined to create an ultimate women scorned situation and Diane confesses she hired Priscilla to date James and convince him to become a born again Christian knowing he would want to gather everyone together to atone for his sins. She reveals she had initially only planned to kill James and frame Tom Tucker, essentially killing two birds with one stone but things went wrong when Stephanie was shot in error. She explains since that moment she’d been forced to continue killing in order to keep her secret, and it’s looking like Lois might be victim number 6 as Diane forces her, at gunpoint, to the cliff edge. But Lois is left equally shocked and relieved as Diane is unexpectedly shot and sent tumbling over the edge, well to be honest it sounds like Diane went over the edge a while ago but this time I mean the cliff edge.

With the real killer finally unmasked, it would appear the mystery is over, but not quite as who saved Lois? Well it would appear that Stewie wants to keep his mommy a little longer as it’s revealed he saved Lois, but before you start praising his motherly love, forget it, as Stewie reveals he only saved Lois life in order he could kill her himself one day. Ouch!!!

There you have it a flashback to And Then There Were Fewer, the episode that inspired our Halloween 2016 event. But have you noticed the difference between the location in the episode and in the event, if so reveal all in the comments.

What did you think of the Episode? Any favorite moments? Thoughts? Let us know.


5 responses to “Family Guy Flashback: And Then There Were Fewer

  1. Late breaking news, I just got Evil Monkey. 😆Now back to our regularly scheduled gaming event.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is one of my favourite episodes, definitely more memorable to me. I wish Priscilla or Derek would make an appearance.


    • If they would in the game, they’d be as ghosts. Remember how Dianne, Francis, Mr. Weed, Loretta, Paddy and New Brian appeared in the game?

      I sure do wish they’d make an “alive” outfit for New Brian, though.


  3. ‘And then there were none’ is my favourite book EVER! Huge murder fan so this episode is one of my favourites. That’s saying something because I am not a huge FG fan *GASP*


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