Halloween and the mobile gamer – It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!

It’s spooky and it’s scary, it’s loopy and it’s crazy…… Ok I think enough of you by now know that should probably read I’m loopy and I’m crazy, but hey I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about Halloween, honest.

It’s that time of year when I overdose on candy and treacle apples, then let my imagination run wild, well to be honest its default setting is probably wild, but we all have our crosses to bear. But what does the inner workings of my mind have to do with Family Guy and Halloween?


Well I got to thinking that in the real world, you know that boring place we’re supposed to act like grown ups in, we hear a little saying a lot, well I do anyway. Whenever someone is looking forward to something I hear those immortal words, “look they’re like a kid at Christmas”. But sitting watching the comments streams go crazy last month after TinyCo teased us about Halloween on here, and seeing the impatience over on TSTO Addicts for their Halloween event, I thought those words just don’t refer to us mobile gamers. Christmas just isn’t the holiday for us, it’s all about Halloween, so for us that saying needs changed to “They’re like kids at Halloween” as we seem to go crazy for all things creepy.


Don’t get me wrong I welcome Easter events, especially if they are accompanied by a big dollop of chocolate, and Christmas events usually bring the feel good factor, and if we’re lucky snow to our towns. And as we’re an international bunch I celebrate all the smaller events, whether they mean anything in my country or not. I also often wish there was a Clam Event, well if donuts get a day why can’t clams? But the one event that gets my spine tingling and my excitement jingling is the event based around All Hallows’ Eve.


Whether it’s having fun dressing up my characters in silly costumes I’ve bought or unlocked, or welcoming every imaginable psychopath and serial killer to my town, I just can’t get enough of this time of year. For some reason it seems to bring out that inner geek child in me. And it really struck me reading the comments on the Halloween teaser that I’m not the only one. Even in response to my post on nuking my town I saw fright night fever, as the area in their games a few players said they couldn’t do without was the patch based around graveyards  and supernatural content. You know there’s something a bit wicked about you when you put more effort into the area of your town that houses the dead than the living, lol.

It made me think we need a new character in our Quahogs, ok it may be a bit late for this Halloween as our spooky event is already under way, but I want a Halloween cheermeister for my town, a creepy character who roams my roads, well he will once I have some again, and repeatedly screams “It’s Halloween” at the top of his lungs, lungs that of course will probably be outside his body. Ok, ok, for those of you of a more delicate persuasion I could maybe live with a Jack Skellington type character instead.


I often sit and wonder what is it about Halloween that appeals to me so much? I guess it appeals to my love of telling creepy stories. I’ve always loved spooky stories, I like my fairy tales the grimmer the better, and Halloween reminds me of the days when my childhood friends and I used to hide out in an old abandoned coal cellar in our back garden.

Armed with only torches and our imaginations we’d tell ghost stories until darkness fell,  then almost die of heart failure when my dad would jump out from behind a bush as we left the cellar to head indoors at bedtime. So I guess there’s a sentimental side to my love of Halloween.

My love of the horror genre is another pointer towards Halloween being my favourite holiday, I love nothing more than being scared witless by a good scary movie, although I have to admit those are few and far between these days, guess that’s why I always find myself drifting back to the horror movies of a bygone era to get my chills.  With this in mind I’d really love to see a Hammer Halloween event in Quahog.

But there’s got to be something more, and do you know what? I just can’t fathom what it is, it’s not about going guising, that’s trick or treating to some of you. As a little child, I was always a little hesitant dressing up, as a shy, quiet kid, (honest I was), bringing attention to myself by dressing up was always more daunting than haunting. I did it but I was the kid completely hidden away under a white bed sheet, Casper the “please don’t notice me” ghost would be good way to describe me back then.


I guess Halloween just calls to me and that’s t probably why it’s no surprise I met the love of my life at Halloween. So there’s another reason to celebrate October 31st, I think, lol.

So now you all know that I can’t get enough of Halloween, it’s obvious the fun that plays out in FGQFS and TSTO at this time of year will tickle my taste buds like no other event, and by the anticipation and impatience seen in the comments as we waited for The Hauntening to drop, I know I’m not alone, At least I hope I’m not, being on my own in a creepy old hotel just isn’t on my bucket list. I know exactly how that movie ends!!!!

So fellow addicts I thought I’d ask you, just what is it about Halloween that turns us into jibbering wrecks? Is it the spooky going-ons? Is it the potential for an invasion of evil new characters? Is it the haunted hotels and other spooky decorations or is it the chance to let our imaginations run wild like they did when we were kids? Just why is it we crave Halloween events like kids crave candy? And whilst you’re answering that how’s about sharing your favourite Halloween costume or story, we’d love to hear them, just don’t make them too scary as I poop easy.


5 responses to “Halloween and the mobile gamer – It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!

  1. I think the best part about Halloween is being able to farm a mobile game, dawn my Back to the Future cosplay, and go to Universal Studios while axiously hoping I unlock everying in TSTO and Fgqfs.


  2. I used to love Halloween until a few years ago when mom’s house and mine stopped really getting any kids. No fun to decorate if no one comes to the door.
    I focus just on Christmas now.


  3. Christmas all the way for me! I have just been brought up not celebrating Halloween and I just love the Christmas season – lasts for a while with shops playing Christmas songs, family over, presents, snow … LOVE IT! Now you have got me excited way too early. Thanks a lot 😉

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