The Hauntening Event Poll, Case 2 – Part 1: Where Are You??!!

Hey there all you mad scientists.

With Case 2 – Part 2 content dropping and the timer now running down on Case 2, I wanted to get an idea just where in the Case players are in regards to unlocking Exorcist Mort & Demon Hunter Joe.

Feel free to look at the questions in the Poll and answer all that apply to YOU.

Just in case you have issues seeing the Poll, here is the direct link.

Poll Link – Click Here

~Russian Tigger


20 responses to “The Hauntening Event Poll, Case 2 – Part 1: Where Are You??!!

  1. i got all the characters .. Mort .. Joe .. Bonnie 3 days before the end of Case 2 …

    and all the buildings even the last one (137 keys) and i already collected 180 more keys !!

    i wish i could go back and get the Space Man though … !!

    either way im more than ready for Case 3


  2. As a freemium player I’ve been waiting since yesterday morning (Tues Australia time) for the next case/week to start having unlocked everything. First time ever since the beginning of FGQFS


  3. Had to pay clams to get demon hunter Joe. Now stuck trying to get gas cans and night lights. They take too long & don’t have enough characters producing them.


  4. I’m still waiting for the last mutton chop, but Meg has been more generous these last tow days, so I should get Joe’s outfit. I won’t bother with Bonnie because uncommon items hate me. I’m just collecting keys now, with the concierge barely touched. I didn’t buy anything.
    What would you suggest? I have enough keys to get Frankie’s lab. Do you think it’ll be really necessary to get that extra can source, or should I skip it? This multiple deadlines system makes me start from scratch on every phase, so I was thinking I should completely ignore this phase to see if I hava any chance fo completing the last one.


    • Frankenstein is a good source of lightning bolts for key exchanges, but depends whether you plan to play enough last few days of case to make back the keys you spend on the lab.


  5. I haven’t unlocked Franken-Bonnie because the Robo-Pumpkin Patch building isn’t dropping Scar Concealer for me. I placed the building a few days ago. It’s the only thing I need to unlock Franken-Bonnie at this point, but considering I need 4 of them and it’s apparently ultra-rare (despite being listed as uncommon), even with the 2 hour timer I’m not sure I’ll get them.

    I’ve unlocked Demon hunter Joe already.


  6. I am @254 keys, didn’t buy electron tube or the timed price (it gives 2 bolts each 12hs, and frankenstein is ridiculously easy and gives about 100 maybe twice a day). At this rate I’ll have all the keys for the last two weeks this week.
    Did the same thing last week and I started the week with all of the necessary buildings, I managed to get everything done yesterday and still we have 3 days to go. Never had this kind of progress in this game, and I just spent 28 clams to speed up mort, and that’s it.


  7. I got Mort’s outfit but don’t see Meg possessed enough. Ah well. And 54 keys for a building in the middle of the page is ridiculous. Taking me forever to advance that.

    On a more severe note. I get enough clams for Ash, and he’s GONE from the store. I didn’t see a timer or anything and he’s not available for purchase now. Dang it!


    • He should still be available, I would look right through the store and if not there I would send TinyCo a support message for your game.


  8. Just unlocked Franken-Bonnie. I’ve Demon Hunter Joe unlocked for a few days. Now that he’s unlocked I see Posessed Meg all the time!
    I am amazed how easy it is to get lightening bolts from our friend Frankenstein! In a few hours I will completed all the levels for the second time. Now that I have Franken-Bonnie, it will be even easier.
    I think I’ll save my keys and skip the Electronic Tube and Mad Scientist Manor. Although I’m over half way there for both.


  9. I’ve more or less given up on getting Demon Hunter Joe because I can’t pay for the requirements and I didn’t get Exorcist Mort until today for the same reason.


  10. for me i’m 4 mutton chops away to get Demon Joe and yep i’m stuck in the quest until i get those “damn” mutton chop, and for me i get prob if i’m lucky 2 possessed Meg per day and only like 1 of 3 times or 4 times those Chops


  11. I was getting pretty annoyed at the mutton chop drop rate so finally payed with clams for the last 2, after going 2 days without any being dropped.


    • Yeah, I bought the last one I needed too. Meg wasn’t possessed often enough for the drop rate. I would have waited but needing Demon Hunter Joe to advance the main quest pushed me.


    • Yeah the ridicules drop rates is how they get people to spend clams, Personally I am tired of buying premium items that don’t do anything after the initial week of the event


    • Wrote to Tinyco about the dropping rates. They answered me, they will rise the dropping rates for mutton chops. 🙂


  12. I just unlocked Franken-Bonnie, but I’m still 2 mutton chops away from getting Demon hunter Joe. I thought that was pretty hilarious. Meg will transform for me prob twice a day, but I’m lucky if I get 1 mutton chop a day. Not really stressing it cause that’s all I have left to do at this point, besides continuing the quest line. Should have a ton of keys for when the next case starts.


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