Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Character Profile: Peaches

‘Tis the season to be  silly, tra la la la la, la la la la!!!

It’s that most wonderful time of the year, you know the time when everything’s just peachy!!! Well it will be if we ever get enough to stocking stuffers to unlock the new character Peaches, who’s arrived in our games as part of Phase 2 of Quahog’s Not So Silent Night.

Let’s take a look at what Peaches can do in our silly lil games.

Peaches is a new Character added during the second Phase of Quahog’s Not So Silent Night. As with (almost) all Characters in TQFS in order to unlock her you’ll have to collect lots of STUFF.

For Peaches, the STUFF you have to earn for her firstly revolves around placing the Crowning Castle into your game, this costs 100 stocking-stuffer Stocking Stuffers from the store.

Once you got enough Stocking Stuffers, the Crowning Castle could be placed in your game. When you place the Castle, you will see Peaches outside. Tapping on her Lock Icon will show you the Materials you need to collect to bring her into the game.


stocking-stuffer2400 Stocking Stuffers
image20 Crowns (Always):
Clear Drunk Wizards
image45 Parasols (Uncommon): Clear Turtle
image9 Power Ups (Rare): Joe Investigate Source of Prank Calls OR Clock’em Sock’em Robots

image8 Toads: (Rare): Peter’s Playhouse

She does come with a Questline, Just Peachy, more on that in another post.

Peaches is part of the Pixels Pals FaceSpace set, collect them all and you’ll get 15 free clams.

Peaches does come with a complete set of Tasks! Tasks that will help you earn  Stocking Stuffers & dream-point Dream Points. She also has a task which has an always drop for  Barrels.

Let’s take a look at some of Peaches’ tasks:

Task Time Earns Drops/
Movie Scene Marker Clapper Board Fight Like A Princess 4hrs 6 1 dream-point  
Tour the Town 6hrs 1 dream-point  Level 2
Movie Scene Marker Clapper Board Be An Escape Artust 8hrs 9 1 dream-point
Play Games 12hrs 12 2 dream-point  Level 3
Celebrate Christmas 24hrs 18 3 dream-point Level 3

**Note: Within an Event, tasks may change and vary as the Phases come and go. So some of these tasks will be temporary. Others may be one time use. Some will stick around even after the Event. We won’t know until the Event ends.


Yes, she’s voiced.

And there you have it, the complete breakdown for Peaches.

What do you think of Peaches? Did you unlock her yet? If you got her, what do you think of her tasks? Have a favourite? Let us know!
~Russian Tigger





32 responses to “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Character Profile: Peaches

  1. Since I’m probably only going to be able to earn enough candies for a couple of these event characters, I’m just really curious, what happens after the event is over, and you still haven’t unlocked them? Will they still just stick around your town with the lock icon above their head, forever being impossible to unlock them, or will they just disappear, but leave you the building?


  2. for me i think Peaches will be out of reach, as up this morning got only 700/2400 Candies, that will stop my quest on week 2 part 8 until I unlock her and i get her to part 3 to complete the quest, can’t possibly think i’ll get her unless TinyCo made big big change on the drop rates on the Candies


  3. Does Peaches disappear after a certain point or does she stick around until you finally unlock her?


    • She will stay for you to unlock until the end of the event. But you won’t be able to complete this week’s Questline without her.


  4. I think I’m still in shock I got both Q*bert and Peaches with 28 hours to go on the timer for phase 3. But with peaches needing to be level 3 to start the 24 hour task I think I’ll be at least half a day behind on phase 3(which isn’t too shabby if you ask me) and still have 4days and 20 hours to get the rest of monkey kongs stuff. Yup, completely shocked!


  5. I got Peaches today, it seemed like it was not going to happen, but I haven’t clammed any of it and stuff started acceleratedly dropping on its own, so hang in there.
    Don’t like Peaches?
    Bite me.


  6. The Power Ups (stars) were the worst – I’ll admit I needed one more and just shelled (haha, no pun intended) out the clams for that one…It only took 12 hours (2 tasks) to get her to Level 3 to do the task required for the quest line (Celebrate Christmas) which is a 12 hour task, so 24 hours doesn’t seem too bad to be ready for the next update, IMHO…


  7. Have everything for Peaches bar the canes, sitting at around 1000. So damned hard to earn enough. Just saw the Santa box that dropped. Anyone else seen this? Wondering if the contents will update to include the Monkey Kong items if I buy his building now, or if it will always have shells/avert drops.


    • 15, 25, or 75 stocking stuffers, 2 Turtle Shells, 3 Green Balls. These are only prizes I’m seeing and I have Monkey Kong placed in my game. FYI I got 15 Stocking Stuufers, 15 Stocking Stuffers, 3 Green Balls


  8. Ridiculous that Peaches costs so much to obtain, then to make her have a task to complete level 8? This is shaping up to be one of the least fun events in quite some time. 12 hours for a rare item averages out to NONE per day.


  9. its highly dissapointing that she doesn’t have a task for reward boxes, hopefully in the next phase she will


  10. Have they removed the timer from kong as I can’t see it anymore.


  11. So the “reward ” for getting peaches is a task that earns barrels to blow up turtles, which isn’t really that useful imho, and another character we can add to tan lines. Seems like a disappointment for such much time accumulating 2500 candy canes. I would be nicer if she helped with the green barrel boxes


  12. I finally got peaches!!! So excited! I am a freemium player.. I spend a few clams here and there to advance timers but no money spent. I’m collecting stocking stuffers again for the tie building to start then my timer on monkey kong.. I will say at the beginning of this event and to the middle of week 2 I was still working on week 1 and I felt that this event was impossible without spending real money. It’s just really hard but obtainable. Keep playing!!!


    • Good for you! I have 3 stars and 1050 stocking stuffers to go for Peaches. Have Donkey Kong’s buildings already, so they are ready to start dropping when I buy him.
      I got Quebert yesterday. Haven’t spent any freemium clams so far.


  13. I finished the stocking stuffer requirement a few hours ago but still need 1 ‘power up’ to get her, which may take a while longer at the rate those things are dropping. Working on Monkey Kong since Sunday. Neckties seems to be the most difficult item for him. Have 2/10 of those so far.


    • I finally got her early today (Thursday) and then found out her task before I can get to the next phase is 24 hours — and I can’t even start it until she’s level 3! So will be delayed another two or three days after waiting so long to collect 2400 candy canes.


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