Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Main Questline: Dream Come True


There are fuzzy lil Bears in our game now, and I am not just talking about Rupert. Phase 4 has brought more interesting Games and Characters into our Quahog’s.

With the New Phase comes, of course, the New Main Questline that will direct us along the next Phase of the Event. For Phase 4, the Main Questline is Dream Come True.


Let’s take a look at the Main Questline and all you will encounter along the way. 

For all the Event information, go HERE.


Keep Dreaming Pt. 9
Chris Starts

Upgrade the Portal: As of right now, you need to be to Dream Level 11 to Upgrade when the Next Phase is launched

Completed Task Rewards: 15 Stocking Stuffers & 8 Dream Points


Dream Come True Pt. 1
Jerome Starts

The Holiday Blues are Here!: Tap on “GO” to see the details for Holiday Blues
Earn a Care Package: Q*bert Be Misunderstood OR Peaches Resist Kidnapping OR Death Play Video Games OR 80’s Brian Get a Thumb Cramp OR Nutcracker Mystery Box
Place Rupert in the Cloud Car: Cost 250 Stocking Stuffers

Completed Task Rewards: 12 Stocking Stuffers & 6 Dream Points

***Handle With Care Bear Triggers (Rupert Questline)***


Dream Come True Pt. 2
Brian Starts

Use 1 Bauble Bear to help Bonnie with her Holiday Blues: Get 1 Bauble Bear from the Present Plaza to use on Bonnie, you only need to attack her once
Earn a Rainbow: Cure Bonnie of the Holiday Blues OR Get from Care Package OR Nutcracker Mystery Box OR Galaxy Intruders Arcade Machine
Place Black Jesus in the Cubecraft Nativity Scene: Cost 300 Stocking Stuffers & 2 Power Pellets & 1 Rainbow

Completed Task Rewards: 15 Stocking Stuffers & 8 Dream Points

***Christmas Cheer Triggers (Side Questline)***


Dream Come True Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Baby Heimlich is Here!:  Tap on “GO” to see the info about the New Boss Battle
Use 1 Holly Jolly Bear to Help Bruce with his Holiday Blues: Get 1 Holly Jolly Bear from Present Plaza and attack Bruce just once 

Completed Task Rewards: 8 Stocking Stuffers & 5 Dream Points


Dream Come True Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Atrack Baby Heimlich: Requites beach balls, attacking at any level will work
Earn a Versace Robe from Baby Heimlich: Use beach balls to attack Baby Heimlich  ***Update this tasks has been changed to Earn a Rainbow***

Completed Task Rewards: 12 Stocking Stuffers & 8 Dream Points


Dream Come True Pt. 5 
Peter Starts

Clear 10 Turtles: Use Barrels to clear Turtles. Try to wait until as many Turtles are in one spot at a time as you can possibly get there, then fire a Barrel to take them out. (One piece of road, maze strategy or tapping on them to keep them in place can help too)
Open a Care Package:
 Get Care Package from Q*bert Be Misunderstood OR Peaches Resist Kidnapping OR Death Play Video Games OR 80’s Brian Get a Thumb Cramp OR Nutcracker Mystery Box, then open in the Present Plaza.

Completed Task Rewards: 15 Stocking Stuffers & 6 Dream Points


Dream Come True Pt. 6
Peter Starts

UsvPepper Merry Bear to Clear Lois Holiday Blues: Earn Pepper Merry Glee Bear from opening Care Package or Cheer Crate, then use to clear Lois Holiday Blues.
Clear 3 PAC-Carollers:
 Use Ghosts to Attack 2 Pac-Carolers until their Heart Points are Zero

Place Christmas Smack-a-Shrew: Cost~ 700 Stocking Stuffers & 22 Green Balls & 3 Power Pellets

Completed Task Rewards: 18 Stocking Stuffers & 12 Dream Points


Keep Dreaming Pt. 7
Chris Starts

Atrack Baby Heimlich: Requites beach balls, attacking at any level will work
Have Rupert Stare:  8hrs, 9 Stocking Stuffers & 1 Dream Points (Rupert is only needed at Level 1 for task, so can be done as soon as you unloc him)
Have Joe Patrol a Parade:
 4hrs, 6 Stocking Stuffers & 1 Dream Points

Completed Task Rewards: 12 Stocking Stuffers & 8 Dream Points


Keep Dreaming Pt. 8
Chris Starts

Reach Dream Level 15
Upgrade the Portal: As of right now, you need to be to Dream Level 15 to Upgrade when the Next Phase is launched


*** Here is where we will stop until the next phase comes out next week***


There you have it, the Main Questline that will take you along Phase 4 of the Holiday Event.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Bunny & Russian Tigger


22 responses to “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Main Questline: Dream Come True

  1. Worst special event ever. See you again on 1/5 (maybe if I just dont delete the app)!!!!


  2. Chris Wallbridge

    Not impressed with TinyCo on this episode. They show a distinct lack of Xmas spirit, and appear to have been taking lessons from Scrooge. Far too may ‘Rare’ drops, especially when you need a sequence of Rares (e.g. Ghostly Gifts and Power Pellets). I’m a fairly consistent Freemium player, but I’ve fallen short on a number of special tasks, and I’m well behind overall. Bear rewards are infrequent and I can easily go 24 hours between curing anyone of the blues, and I can’t attack Baby Heimlich without releasing Bonnie unless I spend clams. This also means the Magical Triangle aren’t coming up often. I have bought clams in the past, but I’m not going to buy any more unless the basic play becomes rather more rewarding.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My game has stopped loading; ironically when TinyCo replied to an in-game message I got a notification but now the game crashes every time on the loading screen. So guess that I’m done unless/until they fix it!


    • Is it allowing you to send an error email when it crashes?


      • Yep, got redirected to the website feedback page, sent an e-mail and received a standard automatic reply. Replied to questions and received another standard reply with basic troubleshooting etc. Replied again.

        In the meantime, just tried facebook and that too failed on first attempt (Message: Unable to load version.txt.) yet worked on second attempt!

        I then got a rather strange banner message about repairing Al Harringtons to earn a bonus 20 stocking stuffers? Offer ends in 1 week time. It then awarded me 20 stocking stuffers! lolwhat?

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Anyone else’s game just close without any error message after taking awhile to load? Just goes back to home screen. Occurring on multiple devices so I don’t think it’s me. Updated game last night so maybe something broke with that?


  5. I have yet to get a green bear for lois. Cleared bruce and bonnie multiple times but can not progress becquse of lois. Anyone else havi g these problems?


  6. I scored Rupert yesterday. Not getting the bears I need to free Bonnie from her funk but not needing Black Jesus to complete this stage makes it not as important. Funny how week one my big complaint was stuffers. I’ve got over 15,000 of them now and have sent most of the characters needed for this event off to work on Madame Claude and the brush with death stuff.


    • Think we’re all Stocking Stuffers rich now, lol.


      • Not sure its so funny when you remember TinyCo have literally robbed some ppl by selling those premium event currency stations. Glad I didn’t fall for it, they were good in the Greek life event, but this event has been very poorly run by TinyCo! Laughable level rating to boot….


        • I’m laughing as it’s ludicrous the way this has gone, same as your comment “laughable level rating”. We’re talking about the event mechanisms and not laughing at fellow addicts. I’m sure readers know me enough by now to know I wouldn’t do that. My advice was not to go near the premium items that dropped stocking stuffers this event, I hope most people felt the same and kept their clams accounts tightly sealed.


  7. Just wondering… Is there anyone else out there still stuck in week 3? I still only have 4/12 pixel pill bottles, despite having both buildings to earn them and checking them regularly throughout the day. The drop rate is so bad that I’ll be happy to earn pixel Lois at all before this event is over!


  8. Only need 2 more triangles for Rupert. The problem is getting the bears to clear Bonnie and the gang in order to get beach balls. Wow, that’s the hard part… Looking forward to getting rupert so he can get some beach balls too.


  9. Rupert? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA — not sure when I’ll get past that point, even with some premium purchases to assist.


  10. Thank you for posting this 😀. Glad we do not need Black Jesus to progress to next week 😅. I’m only slightly over halfway to Rupert, is his task in part 7 level 1?


  11. Opened 2 packages got 3 bears all red… Thanks I guess


  12. Thank you, RussianTigger! I didn’t realize I was actually so far in the Phase 4 Questline! I guess now it’s just grinding for Rainbows to place the rest of the buildings to earn Rupert & Black Jesus. *sigh* Well, let the grind begin…er, continue! 😉

    I hope others are progressing & getting their needed drops asap! 😊 *fingers crossed!*


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