Kung Pow Quahog 101: Fighting Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken

Hey there guys, do you feel like chicken tonight, chicken tonight!!!

With Phase 4 of the Kung Pow Quahog Event in full swing I thought I’d drop by with a post on defeating Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken, in the hope it will stop you from getting your feathers in a flap over him.

In this post I will go over the Basics of the Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken fight, in order to try to help you as you will need to defeat him 8 times to unlock the Kung Pow Giant Chicken character costume, (and of course if you don’t have him already you get Giant Chicken thrown in too) and once to complete the main Questline Pt. 8, completing this isn’t necessary as it’s the final phase but I know some of you are completepionists and like to do so. Be aware that you won’t get credit for any defeats before you reach Pt. 8, you need to defeat him when this part of the Questline is active in order for the task to complete.

Now this post will give as much detail as I can give in the time I had to get this posted in order to be of any help, you need to be attacking now to have any chance at the costume, and I just don’t have the time to give the odds for every combo of fighters this time as there are way too many variables and too little time, but I hope the examples I give will at least guide you to making the right decision based on the fighters you have. In other words this has been a nightmare to write. It’s no wonder I’m reaching for a headache patch, lol.

For the Main Event Post, go HERE

For the Main Phase 4 Questline, go HERE

You’ll find a post that will be updated each Phase to include our Foes and who can fight them HERE.


Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken  will appear within a few hours of  you starting Takin’ It To The Streets Pt. 3.

Tapping GO will bring up the information box for Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken.

Once you’ve done this keep checking your event area as this is where you will see Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken start to show off his battle moves, and be aware his 24 hour timer starts as soon as you see him in your game, not after the first attack like it did with Kung Pow Giant Chicken.


First, you will need to collect Rotten Eggseach attack costs 1 Rotten Egg.

Rotten Eggs (Always): Get from Clearing Sensei, Clearing Samurai & Clearing Sumo

If you do NOT have the amount of Rotten Eggs required, you will see “NEED MORE ROTTEN EGGS” on the Battle screen no matter what Character you select.

Once you have 2 Rotten Eggs, then “FIGHT” will appear once you select your Character/Characters.


Just tap on Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken in the battle arena, now when the Battle Screen appears you will immediately see on the positive side you can use up to 3 fighters to attack Killer Kung Pow Chicken during an attack, but on the downside you will see he’s not only much stronger than the other foes but he also packs a very powerful punch. His Health =48 and his Attack Power = 1000. Ouch, Double Ouch and Triple Ouch!!!

Tap on +  to add the Character/Characters you want to use for the current Battle and a check mark will appear on them. If you want just one, that is fine, although I don’t recommend it as you will see in my battle advice below. Then tap on “GO” to take you back to Battle Screen. (If you see a lock on the Character, you do not have them available)

Also remember a character cannot battle whilst busy doing another task. They can however do tasks between battles or whilst healing.


The Characters you can use will depend on WHO you have purchased or unlocked…

Dojo Peter: Health 8, Attack Power 4, Critical Hit Chance 20, Heals  in 7 hours

 Samurai Quagmire: Health 4, Attack Power 6, Critical Hit Chance 20, Heals in 3 hours

 Sumo Chris: Health 6, Attack Power 8, Critical Hit Chance 20, Heals in 9 hours.

 Sho’Nuff: Health 4, Attack Power 16, Critical Hit Chance 20, Heals in 5 hours.

Walkimg Joe Walking Joe: Health 8, Attack Power 14, Critical Hit Chance 50, Heals in 7 hours.

kung-fu-master-herbert Kung Fu Herbert: Health 6, Attack Power 8, Critical Hit Chance 20, Heals in 9 hours.

Yogi Fighter Brian Yogi Fighter Brian: Health 4, Attack Power 6, Critical Hit Chance 25, Heals in 3 hours.

Tai-Jitsu Lois Tai-Jitsu Lois: Health 8, Attack Power 6, Critical Hit Chance 25, Heals in 7 hours.


Health – The amount of damage you can take before you’re knocked out.

Attack Power – The standard damage you can do to your opponents health during an attack.

Critical Hit Chance– The higher the number the higher the odds of you doing a critical hit to your opponent. These are random, basically look at it like a lucky strike where you do more damage than your standard. These work on chance, you have no control over them, so really don’t think about it too much. Just know that it means you can knockout an opponent with one hit, but on the downside they can also do the same to you.

Now their Health and/or Attack Power it takes to defeat villans may change as the Event progresses, as we may see new villains to battle, as of know I am not sure on this… but we will have to see what happens as the Event progresses.


Technically you can  fight with only one but for any single fighter other than Sho’nuff you’re going find it tough to defeat him 8 times, although not impossible if you want to give up your sleep and have a stockpile of Rotten Eggs & Revive Potions, which is unlikely. This is because there is a big difference from the Mr Washee Washee and Mr Miyagi Battles, with these you could chip away at their health at your leisure, taking days to fully defeat them but you can’t do this with Killer Kung Pow Chicken as a timer starts as soon as you see him in the battle arena, giving you only 24 hours to fully defeat him before his health is fully restored. This is different from Kung Pow Giant Chicken as his timer didn’t start until you attacked him. I will explain this better when I go into attacks later in this post.

But if you’ve not purchased any premium fighters, don’t panic as you  can defeat Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken without them but be aware you will need to do multiple attacks to win unless you strike it lucky with a critical hit, which I think is very unlikely. If you get one please tell us in the comments. So with this in mind before you even think about attacking him make sure you’ve stocked up on Rotten Eggs.

Now that you have the Basics, let’s look at a fight so you can see how things go down.


Look in your Event area and you will see him strutting his stuff in the battle arena.

Tap on him and you will see the Battle Screen, here you will see….

  • How much Damage he can Inflict on your Character (fist) – 1000
  • How much Damage it will take to Defeat him (health bar) – 48
  • How much Damage you can inflict on him (fist) – 4
  • How much Damage it will take to defeat you (health bar) – 8
  • The chance of a Critical Hit on him
  • The amount of Rotten Eggs you need to fight – 1
  • The rewards you will get for defeating Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken
  • The 24hr Timer counting down


Now I’m going to chat more about battling Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken, what follows is just my thoughts, you can of course ignore my advice and plot your own battle but I’m going highlight why you shouldn’t go with one fighter if you can avoid it.  You really need to try to stick with a combo of fighters for this foe if you can unless you willing to play round the clock.

And remember you will only have 24 hours to fully defeat him before his health restores. You will see the timer above him in the event arena counting down.



So if you look at the image above where you only use Dojo Peter, you have no chance as Dojo Peter can only inflict 4 Damage with each attack and it will take 48 damage to defeat Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken. And the odds are just as bad with regards your health, you only have 8 to Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken’s 48. Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken can wipe out your health with one attack. So basically you’re attack power and health isn’t going see you win the battle any time soon as you’d need to attack 12 times to fully deplete his health, and this means healing 11 times, at 7hrs  to heal, that’s 77 hours, so impossible within the 24 hours unless you want to spend one helluva lot of revive potions or clams to defeat him. Also remember you’d need 12 Rotten Eggs as well and you’ve got defeat him 8 times to get the 8 feathers. So that’s an example of why you should forget it when it comes to Dojo Peter, but what about the others, well what follows is very quick breakdown of who maybe can and who can’t do it alone.

Sho’nuff – Ok, this is the great hope if you want to go it alone, (but in my opinion you’d be crazy not to combo him). He can do 16 damage, so he would only need to attack 3 times to knockout Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken. He needs to heal twice though with a 9 hours heal time, so 18 hours healing time total. And you’d need 3 Rotten Eggs. So this can be done as long as you have at least 18 hours attack time left when you first attack.

But as most won’t have him can any other fighter do it alone?  Well yes, here’s a freemium and premium option.

Samurai Quagmire OR Yogi Fighter Brian – either can do it but it’s going be tough and see your sleep disrupted. Either character alone can do 6 damage, so you would need to attack 8 times to knockout Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken. Your fighter would also need to heal seven times but with a 3 hours heal time it’s possible,  so 21 hours healing time. But a big negative is you’d need 8 Rotten Eggs to complete the 8 attacks. So this can be done as long as you have at least 21 hours attack time left when you first attack. But think of the Rotten Eggs you’d need to do this over and over again, as to get 8 feathers you need 8 defeats.

The other fighters just can’t do it alone, Kung Fu Herbert would need to attack 6 times, which means healing 5 times at 9 hours each time, 45 hours just on healing so he would have timed out before you can even defeat him once. Walking Joe would need to attack 12 times, which means healing 11 times at 7 hours each time, 77 hours just on healing so he would have timed out before you even defeat him once. Sumo Chris would need to attack 6 times, which means healing 5 times at 9 hours each time, 45 hours just on healing so he’d have timed out before you could even defeat him once.  Tai-Jitsu Lois would need to attack 6 times, which means healing 5 times at 7 hours each time, 35 hours just on healing so she’d have timed out before you could even defeat him once. So as you can see all hopeless unless you want to go bankrupt spending money on revive potion or clams.  So please don’t waste Rotten Eggs attempting these.


Obviously you increase your chances of defeating Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken by using more than one fighter in the battles. You can battle with 2 or 3 characters and you’ll see the benefits of these choices below. But I’m going be honest I don’t have the time to go through every combination, there’s just too many fighters and variables, but I hope by showing you examples you can then make up the best combo from the fighters you have at your disposable,

Let’s say you have Sho’nuf, well combine him with any other fighter and your odds are good, but what about other 2 fighter combos. Are there any good bets?

Yes there are and hers a few examples:

Sumo Chris & Kung Fu Herbert – Combined attack of 16, so three attacks needed, they need to heal twice at 9 hours to heal, so 18 hours total time to complete the 3 attacks. And just 3 Rotten Eggs. A good duo if you have them but they take a long time to complete the defeat, however they don’t use up a lot of Rotten Eggs.

Samurai Quagmire & Yogi Fighter Brian – Combined attack of 12, so four attacks needed, they need to heal three times at 3 hours to heal, so 9 hours total time to complete the 4 attacks. But you’ll need 4 Rotten Eggs. Another good duo if you have them, they can defeat him quicker at only a slightly higher cost in Rotten Eggs.

For a freemium two fighter combo, let’s take Dojo Peter & Samurai Quagmire – now this is where it gets tougher as it’s going take time and 6 Rotten Eggs, you can see how it’s going be hard with only freemium fighters. For this to work there must be at least 17 hours left on the timer when you start. You’d need battle as follows:

  • Send both in to fight with combined damage of 10
  • After 3 hours Samurai Quagmire will heal, send him in alone for damage of 6
  • After 7 hours from first attack Peter will be healed so send both in to fight with combined damage of 10
  • After another 3 hours Samurai Quagmire will heal, send him in alone for damage of 6
  • After 7 hours from second attack Peter will be healed so send both in to fight with combined damage of 10
  • After another 3 hours Samurai Quagmire will heal, send him in alone for damage of 6

Here you can see it’s going to take 17 hours and 6 Rotten Eggs, and sleep disruption. I also have to be honest and say impossible to do 8 defeats this way, unless you’ve unlocked Golden Dragon  and the Pachinko Palace to get a Revive Potion from each every 24 hours. These might help, but I think it’s still going to cost you clams to get 8 defeats this way.

So as you can see your best hope in two fighter combos is having a premium fighter. Surely there’s got to be a better way?

And that’s what we’re going look at now, the combo that gives you the best odds for the least Rotten Eggs. And here we have it, the perfect storm of  fighters to knockout Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken with limited attacks, using less Rotten Eggs and saving you losing sleep is using three fighters. I’m going to show you what I’m using from the fighters I have available but you need work out best combo from yours, use mine as a guide only.

Dojo Peter, Tai-Jitsu Lois & Samurai Quagmire – As you can see the combined attack power of my combo is 4+6+6=16. So we could defeat Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken in  3 attacks as long as we have at least 14 hours left on his timer, as we should hopefully do a minimum of 16 damage or even more if we get a lucky hit. The fighters will need to heal twice taking a total of 14 hours and it’s going to cost 3 Rotten Eggs. So unless you have an army of premium fighters or Sho’nuff this is quite a good Time and Rotten Egg balance. And if you build up some Revive Potions you may just get in 8 defeats by the time the event ends. I’m hoping so, time will tell.

And there’s the added fun of getting see your three fighters in the arena.

Basically you need to repeat this attack once all 3 are healed, it will take 7 hours. As Samurai Quagmire heals in 3 hours I send him to attack and get Rotten Eggs whilst waiting for Dojo Peter and Tai-Jitsu Lois to heal.

And remember you have the option of healing fighters with Revive Potions or clams and attacking again immediately, or waiting the 7 hour healing time and then sending the same 3 fighters in to attack again, repeat this and attack a third time to finish the job.

And wham bam thank you ma’am Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken is no more, defeated by our trio in 3 attacks with time to spare and it’s only needed 3 Rotten Eggs total. But I must admit after all that it’s a little disappointing to only get 1 feather and 32 Sumo Belts for your efforts, I think 2 feathers would have been fairer, but that’s the low reward TinyCo has set.

Now once I’ve got Sumo Chris unlocked I can add him into the attack set up, as he has 8 attack power, but as of now I can only fight with what I have available.

What about freemium players, is there any hope of doing this? Well as I say it’s going to be tough until you unlock Sumo Chris as you’ll need use a two fighter combo of Dojo Peter & Samurai Quagmire to start with, (I explain this strategy earlier in the post), but once Sumo Chris is unlocked you can start to pick up on defeats.

Dojo Peter, Samurai Quagmire & Sumo Chris – For a freemium three fighter combo, you need Dojo Peter, Samurai Quagmire & Sumo Chris.  Now this freemium combo won’t be available straight away as Sumo Chris takes time to unlock freemium. But once he’s unlocked you do have a freemium way to defeat Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken faster, but whether you can do 8 defeats in the time left is a different matter. It may be possible if you’re vigilant on time, can build up enough Rotten Eggs  and use some freemium Revive Potions if you’ve got some. So here’s the battle strategy I’d use for this combo.
Send all 3 fighters, Dojo Peter, Samurai Quagmire and Sumo Chris in to fight, this will give you a combined damage of 18
After 3 hours Samurai Quagmire will heal, send him in alone for damage of 6
After another 6 hours, (total time so far is now 9 hours), you can send all 3 fighters, Dojo Peter, Samurai Quagmire and Sumo Chris in to fight again, this will give you another combined damage of 18
After another 3 hours Samurai Quagmire will heal, send him in alone for damage of 6 and the job is done.

Here you can see it’s only going to take 12 hours and 4 Rotten Eggs, and this is a good time as it will let you get 1 defeat under your belt and another well underway each day, so you may be able get in 8 defeats. However you need get those Rotten Eggs stockpiling as you fight. Also you might be lucky and do a stronger hit which I’ll reduce time to 9 hours and 3 Rotten Eggs, I do seem to be getting a few stronger hits in on Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken and I’ve not missed him yet either.

I also have to be say you can do defeats with this combo using less
individual attacks meaning less Rotten Eggs required but it will vastly increase the time it takes for each defeat as you wait for Sumo Chris to heal and with the end of the event looming, time is of the essences.

So as you can see your best hope in three fighter combos is having a premium fighter as it lets you get fighting immediately but it is possible to go down the freemium route once you’ve got Sumo Chris, however time might not be on your side by then.


If you are knocked out and lose all your health then you need to heal your fighter/fighters.


Each time your Character/Characters go into Battle, they will take Damage. Once their health hits 0 in order to be able to use them again they must heal from that back to their full Capacity. Please note your fighter/fighters  will not start to heal if they have only lost health, they must be at 0 health.

There are a few ways to Heal your Character/Characters. First tap on any Nerd and then go to the Character Select Screen (tap on +). Here you will see your Character has taken Damage and “HEAL” is showing over them.

You will see above the time to heal a fighter with 8 or more health is 7hrs and below this a button to allow you to heal them immediately either using premium revive potions bought from the store or if you have no revive potions, you will get a message telling you the clam cost to heal your fighter instantly.


However the time to heal fighters with 4 health is only 3 hours.


And this shorter heal time is reflected in a lower clam cost to instantly restore their health through the heal option.


This is where having unlocked Golden Dragon and placed the Pachinko Palace will help, as you can get a Revive Potion from each every 24 hours and they may just help you et an extra defeat or two in before the event ends. I can gather another 10 Revive Potions before the end hopefully.


This will depend on where you are in the game but here is a general idea of Payouts.

32 Sumo Belts (Always)

feather 1 Feather (Always)

Round rewards of 20 Chopsticks, 1 Fortune Cookie, 1 Gold & 1 Incense.


  • Collect Rotten Eggs
  • Be vigilant of time left on timer when you start to attack.
  • Tap Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken
  • Pick Character/Characters that will cause the most Damage and win the Battle with the least attacks and within 24 hours
  • Collect Reward

There you have it, the overall idea of the Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken Battles. I’m going to be honest and say he’s going to be tough for freemium players, but I wish you luck, and as for premium players, I wish you luck too as he still won’t be easy.  How are you doing in the Battles? Does this help you more? Any other tips you would offer fellow Players? Any more questions on the Battles not covered? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

32 responses to “Kung Pow Quahog 101: Fighting Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken

  1. Just got the building with the heal potion every day. Billy Blanks really got a lot of critical hits against all Sumo. Highly recommend using him against the Sumo.


  2. Thanks once again for the tips. Since I am only freemium I don’t have lois, joe, brian, etc. skins. So that example is impossible for me. I just got Chris skin today. Only have one feather I got without him. Still I am hoping to keep trying. Got caught up in trying to get the building with the heal potion along with trying to do the main quest line. For me the only real option, with the limited contracts is to attack the Sensei, to get the rotten egg. takes 3 contracts per fight for the samurai and Sumo needs same people to fight as Chicken(chris skin). Only reason I care is I still didn’t get the Chicken previous challenges and missed on the unlock with this one. Also I am an insomniac, so I hope to finally put that to good use.

    People give up/complain too easily in this game or say they are going to. I mean how many have actually quit / moved to Canada?


  3. As a freemium player I’m just going to call it quits now. I’m quite happy with everything I’ve unlocked (billy, daniel, johnny, washee, miyagi, chicken, dragon) but this phase is obviously impossible without having spent clams on a premium character(s). I have no chance getting sumo chris or kung pow chicken so I’d rather spare myself the angst from thinking I can. It’s been quite pleasant until this phase, so generally it’s all good. I can live without a couple of useless skins!


    • I feel the same!! Although I am still currently working on unlocking the dragon…Still 56/75 red envelopes but I have 3 days and nothing else I want in phase 4 as I have GC from best of 2016.

      Does anyone know if I can move onto phase 4 without losing my ability to get the dragon? I heard Tigers dragon disappeared in phase 4 but it maybe that’s because she already unlocked it….? Let me know if I shouldn’t push forward on the questline!!! Thanks for any heads up


      • What happened was after unlocking the Dragon character, the boss stayed in our games dropping envelopes rather than disappearing as it was no longer needed. TinyCo fixed that and in Phase 4 the Boss Dragon left the games of those who had unlocked the character ONLY. Lotty and other players who were still unlocking the Dragon moved onto Phase 4 and were still able to give resources for envelopes.


      • I moved onto Phase 4 without unlocking the dragon… I can confirm it definitely did stay for me, and I have unlocked him now


      • Awesome!! Thank you both very much!!


  4. I’ve just got my 3rd feather this morning (already had GC from prior event). I’ve just been using quagmire, Lois and the fat man. I also use the revive potions throughout the day. One caveat on my last attack I usually only need somewhere between 2 to 10 hits – so I don’t send all 3 – only those whose hits equals number needed – this saves someone for next battle without having to use a revive. I’ll usually check it about every 3 hours to send quagmire and also only using billy blanks to clear sensei for eggs needed.

    Only need 4 more cakes for sumo Chris – those drops have been tough compared with the rest (got all other items earlier today). So hopefully get those by Monday – and then he’ll really help the push for feathers. Sooner the better


    • Sounds like we’re attacking in a very similar way, I should have my 3rd feather this evening but I use Samurai Quagmire to get eggs at the 3 hour heal interval and I’ve not used any revive potions, I’m building them up in hope they will carry me over the line to get the 8 feathers.

      I’m 2 snack cakes away from Sumo Chris, so hopefully be able add him in as an extra attack soon. Why I’m building up eggs. Good luck!!! Hopefully we’ll both be successful.

      And I personally think Tai-Jitsu Lois was a great buy for players, she’s been very useful.


      • Well I’m now up to 4 feathers. I forgot to mention that I’ll use quagmire once (as you mentioned above – a good tactic) with billy to attack sensei and hope he only takes 1-3 damage and then use him to attack GC – since everyone dies there…and got sumo Chris this morning. Good luck in your endeavors and hopefully we will both get the new outfit…only 3 days and 9 hours left.


        • Thanks Chad, tick tick tick tick chick


          • Alright alright alright alright….6th feather collected and 2 days and 14 hours left – so this should be manageable- how’s it looking on your end? I’ve been using billy on sensei not sumo – since you need less to clear a sensei – so usually easier to get rotten eggs, plus using quagmire to attack sensei once before going after GC has definitely helped my egg recovery. I think I have 4 eggs and 2 potions to start the next round once GC comes back – using 1-2 potions and attacking every 3 hours once quagmire ready usually beats GC in little over 9 hours.


            • I’m right on your tail Chad, will have my 6th feather in an hour, got 7 potions and 8 eggs, so I’m thinking it’s game on to get the costume. Glad you’re having good luck with Sensei, they’ve never been good to me I seem to get 2/3 misses to every hit, so I’m still hitting Sumos. Just thinking about weekly challenge later now, hoping it’s not something completely outrageous as I’ve got my eye on that Panda too. Good luck.


              • Lucked out – my first hit on GC this morning got 32 points from quagmire, Peter and Chris. So only 16 more needed – and should have those in 3 hours by using quagmire, Lois and a healed Chris – so I’ve got way less potions to use (I’m always between 1-2 each day). I might hold off a few hours though and wait for this weeks challenge to start – since it’ll most likely be some combination of sumo and sensei – and we will need to judiciously use sumo Chris to attack sumo and quagmire for sensei before GC attacks.


  5. ill have the golden dragon today as i only need 1 more offering to unlock him .. but still he gives revive potion only once in 24hrs so meh …


  6. btw i finished part 2 and i didn’t tap Peter yet to start part 3 .. tapping Samurai or Sumo now shows a rotten Egg in the rewards .. but not Sensei .. Sensei are giving me Butter for Sumo Chris ..


  7. I’m freemium and I’ve defeated him a couple times. But I wonder WHY? What am I getting for this? Nothing really.

    There are no more characters or buildings to get. I got all the buildings in the first 5 minutes of week 4, since I had carried over more than 200 rice balls from last week.

    Although marked as RARE, I am 3 for 3 on getting Potion via the 24-hr Get Lucky task from the Golden Dragon.

    I don’t even want the Chris costume. I’d rather NOT have it than have it. It’s just another useless costume to scroll through — a nuisance. Unless TinyCo decides to surprise us and make it a full playable character like Sir Peter.

    What am I to do with all the feathers I am collecting? Is the 8 feather purchase for a new full character — or just a costume for the Giant Chicken?

    Also, I am still getting drops for the 3 items needed to unlock the Golden a dragon — even though I’ve had him for almost a week. Do these just go off into the ether — or are they being stored up for a TinyCo surprise character we can use them on in a few days?

    If there are no surprise new characters or buildings coming, I’m not sure what I am playing for this week! I already have every building and character. I don’t want any more decorations. Please, TinyCo, no more useless decos! I already have too many.

    And, for the love of cheese, NO MORE COSTUMES!! Time to blow up Al Harringtons. I hate the costumes! Make them real playable full characters!

    And give us something good to buy with a million coins. I’m well over 50M coins and heading toward 60 million coins. Let us do something interesting with them!

    Also, I’ve got ridiculous amounts of Stewie Bucks and nothing good to buy with them.

    Let us trade them for clams or new characters or something.

    Bring back Star Trek. I want to buy Cmdr. Will Riker.

    I hope TinyCo reads this. Does anyone else feel the way I do?


    • If you don’t have Giant Chicken, the 8 feathers get you him and the costume. Outwith that if you already have him just the costume. I’ve defeated him twice, just look as it as a challenge to keep me busy in final week.

      As for Star Trek, I’m not sure we will see it back for a 3rd time, but who knows, I’m sure there’s many new players who would like some of the characters.p


    • I definitely think this game has run its course as far as costumes go.


  8. SUPER OFF TOPIC: but has the game ever done an event around season 4 episode 27 The Griffin Family History? I really want a Quagdingo and the monkey Brain. Cavebaby stewie would be great too…Let me know if I missed it😉


  9. so if i didn’t unlock the giant chicken in phase 3 i can unlock him again in phase 4 ?!!!


    • He wasn’t released in Phase 3, so this is your chance if you can get the 8 feathers in time.


      • you mean people who simply unlocked him in phase 3 by one click had him removed from their game ??


        • Some got him as an accidental freebie, but not all players, they still need to earn him the hard way and the Phase 4 frickin hard way is the only chance they have. Those who got lucky and just got him, well I honestly can’t say if TinyCo will do anything, personally I think they should just release him to everyone now to make things fair and leave the firkin hard battle for the costume.


          • i won’t be able to unlock him … 8 times in 4 days is impossible bcz as u wrote in your article i need 17hrs to defeat him once (with both Peter and Quagmire) … i had him as a freebie but didn’t unlock him bcz someone said when they did , he disappeared from phase 3 fighting arena , so i defeated him and he was gone from the pollo restaurant .. i remember last year i unlcoked him as a freebie and he was taken away a day later … anyway im not even mad anymore … but i’ll defeat him once to progress in the Questline and hopefully finish the 4th Weekly Challenge and earn that Panda.


            • Yeah it’s a very tough one unless you’re building up revive potions to speed up defeats. I started bang on time when new Phase dropped and I have Tai-Jitsu Lois and I’m not sure I will do it, I’ve defeated him twice and there’s only 5 days to go. But I remember the issues when Giant Chicken was awarded then removed from games, but I honestly don’t know what will happen this time, best way avoid any disappointment and putting a sour end to a good event would be just releasing him to buy for everyone for 1 chopstick. He’s been a very tough unlock every time he’s been in the game and I feel for players who continually tried to get him and failed.

              Liked by 1 person

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