Kung Pow Quahog 101: Fighting Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken the FREEMIUM way

Hey there guys, I did cover this in the main 101 post, but it was a long one and some of you freemium players just want to know can you really have a shot at defeating Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken 8 times to get those 8 feathers in the final week of the event! Well I’m hoping this will help you have the best shot of doing so!!!

In this post I will only cover the freemium fighter combos to bring down Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken, in order to try to help you as you will need to defeat him 8 times to unlock the Kung Pow Giant Chicken character costume, (and of course if you don’t have him already you get Giant Chicken thrown in too).

I won’t cover the basics of fighting etc as you’ll find them in the main 101 HERE.

You’ll also. find a post that will be updated each Phase to include our Foes and who can fight them HERE.


Before you unlock Sumo Chris

For a freemium two fighter combo, it’s Dojo Peter & Samurai Quagmire – now this is where it’s tough as it’s going take time and 6 Rotten Eggs, you can see how it’s going be hard with only freemium fighters. For this to work there must be at least 17 hours left on the timer when you start. You’d need battle as follows:

  • Send both in to fight with combined damage of 10
  • After 3 hours Samurai Quagmire will heal, send him in alone for damage of 6
  • After 7 hours from first attack Peter will be healed so send both in to fight with combined damage of 10
  • After another 3 hours Samurai Quagmire will heal, send him in alone for damage of 6
  • After 7 hours from second attack Peter will be healed so send both in to fight with combined damage of 10
  • After another 3 hours Samurai Quagmire will heal, send him in alone for damage of 6

Here you can see it’s going to take 17 hours and 6 Rotten Eggs, and sleep disruption. But remember you might be lucky and do a stronger hit which will reduce time needed and Rotten Eggs used, I do seem to be getting a few stronger hits in on Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken and I’ve been lucky and not missed him yet either.

I also have to be honest and say it’s probably impossible to do 8 defeats this way, unless you’ve unlocked Golden Dragon and the Pachinko Palace to get a Revive Potion from each every 24 hours. These might help, but I think it’s still going to cost you clams to get 8 defeats this way, so you need get Sumo Chris unlocked ASAP as he will make a big difference with his 8 attack power.

After you unlock Sumo Chris

Once you unlock Sumo Chris this should be your new strategy, note you need at least 12 hours left on the timer before you start.

Dojo Peter, Samurai Quagmire & Sumo Chris

  • Send all 3 fighters, Dojo Peter, Samurai Quagmire and Sumo Chris in to fight, this will give you a combined damage of 18
  • After 3 hours Samurai Quagmire will heal, send him in alone for damage of 6
  • After 7 hours from the first attack you can send 2 fighters, Dojo Peter &  Samurai Quagmire in to fight again, this will give you a combined damage of 10
  • After another 3 hours from this attack send Samurai Quagmire & Sumo Chris in for damage of 14 and the job is done.

Here you can see it’s only going to take 10 hours and 4 Rotten Eggs, and this is a good time as it will let you get 1 defeat under your belt and another well underway each day, so you may be able get in 8 defeats.

However you need get those Rotten Eggs stockpiling as you fight. Also again you might be lucky and do a stronger hit which I’ll reduce time to 9 hours and 3 Rotten Eggs, I do seem to be getting a few stronger hits in on Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken and agai I’ve not missed him yet either.

I also have to be say you can do defeats with this three fighter combo using less individual attacks meaning less Rotten Eggs will be required but it will vastly increase the time it takes for each defeat as you wait for Sumo Chris to heal and with the end of the event looming, time is of the essences.

There you have it, the overall idea of the Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken freemium fighter only battles. I’m going to be honest and say he’s going to be tough for freemium players, but I wish you the best of luck. And of course if any addict has a better freemium strategy please share it in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger

33 responses to “Kung Pow Quahog 101: Fighting Killer Kung Pow Giant Chicken the FREEMIUM way

  1. I’m actually going to get this outfit – half health on final needed win. This event finally has been pretty decent imo. The only clams I spent were to get Sho’nuff from the box yet I’ve stayed (just) on schedule throughout. That’s a big change from the last handful of events.


  2. Thanks for the very helpful post, RT.

    But as a freemium player, I still haven’t even finished unlocking Sumo Chris, so it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll be able to unlock KKFC. I was actually staying on-track for this entire even until Phase 4. My “mistake” was spending the time to unlock Golden Dragon rather than focusing on Sumo Chris. As it stands, I’ll be lucky if I managed to unlock Sumo Chris before the end of the event.


  3. Great post as usual RT, thanks a lot for this clear strategy. I think that freemium players will have to decide between getting KKPGC or the last decoration challenge, since the characters to get both are the same in most cases.


    • Yeah it’s tough going, but I’m going to try for both, hopefully I won’t do an epic fail. And thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.


  4. I’m beginning to think that 8 feathers is actually achievable without clams for a freemium player like me. I think I’m on track to get the chicken skin — although I wish it were a separate playable character — like Dorothy Lois. I’m not sure why I even want yet another costume. Maybe it will have AMAZING payoffs — like a clam a day — like Black Jesus. One can only hope. TinyCo, are you listening? It is hard to get, so it should have a tremendous payoff.


  5. Tip for everyone – use quagmire to hit a senses first before going up against the chicken. That way he does 2 battles every 3 hours


    • I did that a couple of times but struck out as the Sensei did critical hits on me both times and that left me unable use Samurai Quahmire for another 3 hours, so I didn’t want to suggest to others to do it in case they had the same bad luck. Glad you’re having better luck and good luck for getting Chicken costume.


      • If you are using Quagmire this way you can use Billy as the 1st attacker. and Quagmire as the 2nd. By using this order Billy loses 2 points and Quagmire 1. On a critical hit Billy loses 4 and Quagmire takes 2 leaving him able to still attack the chicken. This also works with Billy and Chris attacking Sumos. But since Chris has more hit points he can be first attacker and both will survive for a 2nd fight.


        • I had Samurai Quagmire completely knocked out two times, and I miss the Sensei a lot of the time, hence I take no chances with him now. He’s wrapped in cotton wool and only on Killer Chicken duty, lol. I’m getting most my resources from Clearimg Sumos to be honest.


  6. RT, Your strategy is great! My plan is to use 1 healing potion on Sumo Chris each time after defeating the Giant Chicken (or as soon as the Chicken reappears for another fight). This will maximize the benefits of the healing potion and make Chris ready to go once Peter and Quagmire have finished healing. This should only require 4 hours after the last fight until the next fight sequence can begin again. Even so, it will be tight and I think I’ll need a few extra potions at the end. Freaking hard!


    • Sounds like a good strategy to keep battling times tight. In my game Killer Chicken returned in less than an hour after I defeated him last night, so not sure if TinyCo have reduced return time as it was quite a few hours before he can back before. Good Luck.


  7. Have you done a post on what tasks you need to do to be offered sumo Chris? I haven’t seen him come up yet


    • Sumo Chris is a character costume in Al Harrington’s, his unlock requirements are in the Main post, and you can see where you can get his drops in the Drop post


  8. What is the respawn time on the KILLER KUNG POW GIANT CHICKEN after you beat him? I have 3 feathers with only 3 days left to get 5 more.


    • In my game he was reappearing between 3-5 hours. But I just defeated him an hour or so ago and he’s back again, so not sure if TinyCo have reduced his downtime. Good luck.


  9. Love your 6 step process once unlock Sumo Chris. When would you use any healing potions if you had them? would you say to heal chris before his last 2 hours of natural heal are up? so you can attack for the 18 points 2 hours early?


    • Hi Chuck, I actually updated the post earlier with a way to attack in 10 hours not the original 12 hours – so have a look and if you do this you can save you’re revive potions for doing extra attacks rather than shortening the time of this fight strategy. Good luck.


  10. I am a torn player. I just got Sumo Chris this afternoon (darn uncommon drops!). I don’t have a realistic chance at the skin for the chicken unless …..

    My choices are to clean up all of the open quests (I have many) OR start defeating the Giant Chicken in case the event is extended one day as has happened recently. I would just make it if that happened but I don’t have a realistic shot without it.

    I am going to clean up the quests and be ready for the inevitable next event. I still have Stewie’s Bollywood quest and added all the new characters for this event, including Mr. Miyagi from the Fatfather event. Peter is used for so many of those tasks it would be tough to use him for those and keep him on chicken duty.

    I do hope whatever is in store for us is a new event concept. The current one that has been used for a year now has grown tired.


    • I had cleare out all my tasks now I’ve got loads build up again. But I’m going for the Kung Pow Giant Chicken, so the tasks will need to wait.


  11. i defeated him once in 11 hours … but i’m sure i can’t get 7 more .. waiting for the 4th weekly challenge …


  12. Thanks for the great work RT. I’m freemium, had a couple of misses and can’t see me getting Giant Chicken. I suspect that he’s gonna be one of those characters that TC wheel out regularly with unrealistic tasks to get him in order to tempt folks to use clams.


  13. I have had a few misses with the chicken. However, I also have Brian and Lois, so they compensate for these misses. I think I get 2 kills per day, with Chris in the wings just waiting for a couple cupcakes (so maybe I can get it to 2.5 per day with him). I also have the other characters on rotten egg patrol and seem to get just enough fight contracts to prevent any kinks in the system.


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