Quahog Heat Phase 4 Is LIVE **UPDATED**

Are We There Yet??!!

The Final Phase has dropped into our silly lil games. So let’s take a look at what Quahog Heat Phase 4 has in store for us.



For More Event Details… GO HERE

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to have completed Pt. 8 of the Phase 3 Main Questline Risque Business.
  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.40.0 or higher in order to see the event.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more.



Swiped Shoes Getaway Van: 200 Clam IconClams, $35 & 35xp every 10hrs, ALWAYS drops 3 Bowling Shoes

 Quahog Bowl: 100 Clam IconClams, $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, x2 Pomade



FBI Agent: 100  Box of Donuts

Investigation Board: 25  Box of Donuts

DEA Helicopter: 125  Box of Donuts

1hr Photo Sign: 75  Box of Donuts



Miami Cop Cleveland: 230 Clam IconClams, If you do NOT Own Cleveland already you will get him WITH this Outfit


Confused Dazed Brian: Helps drop Bowling Balls, Microphones, Slot Machines
4 Cigarette Pack (Always): Investigate Rental Counter OR Investigate the Snack Bar
Pomade (Rare): Herbert Style Old Man Hair OR Brian Groom Himself OR Dan’s Donuts OR Quahog Bowl
Mustache (Common): Choice Cinemas
T-Shirt (Common): Investigate Rental Counter OR Investigate the Bowling Lanes



These are the 3 ever changing “Rooms” you will investigate to gain supplies, Bad Guys, and Release “Bosses” to fight.

Investigate Rooms: Requires Various Police Tape

Police Tape (Rare): Get from Mort Repurpose Crime Tape OR Chris Investigate Scary Woods OR Jerome Enjoy The Lost and Found OR Erik Estrada Snack On Chips OR Brian Bury Evidence (Phase 3 task) OR Discount Detective Agency OR Purchase from store

Investigate Time: 1hr 30min

1: Rental Counter~
Confused Dazed Brian & Miami Cop Cleveland
Chance Payouts: 
3 Punks, Tiny Tom

Investigate Cost: 3 Police Tape

2: Bowling Lanes~
 Pamela Anderson & Miami Cop Peter
Chance Payouts:
 5 Robbers & Tiny Tom
Investigate Cost:
 4 Police Tape

3: Snack Bar~
 Lois & Bruce
Chance Payouts:
 3 Punks, 3 Party Guys
Investigate Cost:
 4 Police Tape



These are the new Bad Guy you will take out to get needed Materials for Phase 4. You will need to tap on them, wait til they turn Purple and are walking INTO the Kill Zone Circle, then tap on the check mark to launch the Bowling Ball at them

Punks: Require 1 Bowling Balls

Bowling Balls (Common): Stewie Try to Reach Pinball Machine OR Meg Join a Bowling League OR Confused Dazed Brian Go Bowling OR Suds O Rama Car Wash

Chance Payout:
+2 Bowling Shoes
+1 Cigarette



Same as before, you will need to Investigate various Rooms (in Bowling Alley) to release Tiny Tom. Once he is released, you will use various Characters to deplete his Heart Meter to Zero in order to defeat him fully and gain the Payout.

Heart Meter Options & Payouts:
2 Hearts~
Payout: 4 Bowling Shoes & 8 Fish & 3 T-Shirt

6 Hearts~
Payout: 12 Bowling Shoes & 24 Fish & 5 T-Shirt

9 Hearts~
Payout: 18 Bowling Shoes & 36 Fish & T-Shirt (had them all so unable to verify)


Boss Timer: 24hrs to Defeat to Zero Heart


Characters Used & Damage:
Miami Cop Cleveland~ 4 Damage
Pusher Mort~ 4 Damage
David Hasselhoff~ 3 Damage
Moustache P.I. Joe~ 3 Damage
MacGyver~ 2 Damage
Chopper Cop Quagmire~ 2 Damage
Miami Cop Peter~ 1 Damage


Character Fight Time: 2hrs

“Fight” Payouts (These are what you get just for sending a Character to fight them):
+1 Box of Donuts
+1 Bowling Shoes




You will find this in the Event Area. Here is where you can exchange medical supplies for detective badges to purchases prizes in the Luxury Wheels and Deals.

This is the exchanges we’ve seen in our games so far:

2 Bowling Shoes & 1 Pants = 3 Badges
4 Bowling Shoes & 2 Pants = 3 Badges
3 Bowling Shoes & 4 Pants = 3 Badges

4 Bowling Shoes = 4 Badges
6 Bowling Shoes = 4 Badges

5 Bowling Shoes & 8 Fish Bones = 7 Badges
7 Bowling Shoes & 10 Fish Bones = 7 Badges
9 Bowling Shoes & 14 Fish Bones = 7 Badges

8 Bowling Shoes & 2 Pants & 4 Fish Bones = 10 Badges
10 Bowling Shoes & 3 Pants & 5 Fish Bones = 10 Badges
14 Bowling Shoes & 5 Pants & 7 Fish Bones = 10 Badges


Box Of Donuts Options: 

10 Medical Sample = 10 Box of Donuts

25 Medical Sample = 25 Box of Donuts



Here is your usual location where you can exchange the Police Badges you collect during the Event for other Items.

Dan’s Donuts: $25 & 15xp every 3hrs, Chance x2 Pomade
Cost ~
7 Badges

Bowling Lane:
Cost ~
5 Badges

Choice Cinema: $55 & 35xp every 10hrs, Chance x2 Mustache
Cost ~
9 Badges

Suds O Rama Car Wash: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance Bowling Ball
Cost ~
11 Badges

Black Light Crime Lab: $30 & 20xp every 4hrs
Cost ~
7 Badges

DNA Evidence Decoder:
Cost ~
4 Badges

Tiny Tom’s Cruise Ship: SUPER FRICKIN’ HARD, $45 & 30xp every 8hrs
Cost ~
30 Badges




Medical Supplies: (Always) Clearing Robbers OR Fighting Bertram OR Stolen Sample Getaway Van

Old Fish: (Always) Clearing Card Sharks OR Hot Pursuit Mystery Box OR Fish Delivery Van

Pants: (Always) Clearing Party Guys OR Fighting Michael Pulaski  OR Pinched Pants Getaway Van

Police BadgesGet from trading in medical supplies at the Hot Police Station 

Police Tape (Rare)Get from Mort Repurpose Crime Tape OR Chris Investigate Scary Woods OR Jerome Enjoy The Lost and Found OR Brian Bury Evidence (Phase 3 task) OR Dis count Detective Agency OR Purchase from store

Donuts: (Always) Investigating Bank Rooms OR Fighting Bertram OR Competing Questline Parts OR Various Character Tasks



What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you are most excited for? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know.



38 responses to “Quahog Heat Phase 4 Is LIVE **UPDATED**

  1. i made it to week 4 just a few hours ago .. of course it’s the last day of the event .. but Dazed Confused Brian isn’t something i regret not earning … even though i love the movie character played by Matthew McConaughey … so it was an ok event after all …


    • ok as in not good .. honestly .. a year ago i didnt know how to play the game but now , thx to this site im an expert esp with timed characters … and i struggled a lot … i just wish i didnt have to spend 100 clams on the neon tower …


  2. Is it just me or is this a decidedly underwhelming event? I got both freemium characters but that’s it, the rest is just more skins… hmm… I already finished week four too despite not really playing heavily since week one, so I’m ready for the end, but this has been quite a boring event I think, nothing to keep me want to log back in. Strange one.


  3. Disappointing that Tiny Tom Cruise is not unlockable as a character this event. I really wanted him!


  4. Donuts does anyone need some donuts? I’ve got 800 boxes of donuts so far and have brought everything I could with them. Hope there’s something coming I can spend them on.


  5. Tiny Tom doesn’t show as a possible payout when I investigate rooms. I’ve done it many times and no tiny Tom. Do I have a big? Thanks in advance.


  6. I can’t get past part 8 of phase 3!!! 4 days of trying….


  7. Holy Buckets! Worst event for me ever. Still stuck on week 2 as Consuela won’t drop for me. I have given up on this event all together. Hopefully the next event isn’t this horrible otherwise I think I am done with doing these events and once I am done unlocking the last three districts I will be done with the game for good.

    Liked by 1 person

    • i had exactly the same issue. 4 days no kingpin consuela would appear… but she came in loads earlier on in phase 2 when i didnt want her and wanted sharks.
      I’ve moved onto Risque Business pt 1 but in 5 attempts no party guy dropped (and at 5 tapes a go its a steep payout for no return).

      3 days left, no chance of getting pam or bruces costume so im giving up.

      THE worst event i’ve partook in, so far.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. This has actually been a fair event for me, I entered Phase 4 with enough Badges saved to already buy all the buildings except the last boat. This is how an event should be, even the rare items seemed to drop a lot more often! I still wish we’d get a break between big events just so I don’t have to worry about checking in multiple times every day, but at least the events could be this manageable.


    • I think you’re playing a different event that me, LOL! Seriously, I have found the drops to boarder on ridiculous, I’m still stuck on Part 8 of Phase 3 as I’ve sent Bruce and Bonnie to search for Michael Pulaski 7 times…only found him once so far…spent the last 48 hours sending Stewie and the Doctor tasked on whistles for Pamela – have only dropped 4 out of 28 attempts…looks I lost the algorithm lottery in this one…


      • Chris, I don’t know if you managed to unlock Michael Pulaski yet. But if it’s any help, here’s what I did that seems to help. (I got Michael twice out of 3 investigations).

        The short version is that for this event, you are better off using only a single character to investigate.

        Since only 1 type of villain can spawn from each investigation, if one villain has Medium odds and the other is Low, you end up with better odds at the Medium. But if both villains have Medium odds, you’ve actually reduced your chances at getting the villain you want.


    • i kinda think they may have changed phase4 up a bit before releasing it i mean after they’re finding out all the horrible struggles players are going through i wouldn’t be surprised that happened lol😂👏🏼


  9. Not even on part 3 because of the drop rates

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Woohoo! First time I’m a week right on time. Actually I think I’m starting the last week on time for the first time ever. I’ve already bought up to “Suds O Rama Car Wash” but I think I’ll skip the remaining buildings & boat as they don’t drop anything. 100% freemium if anyone cares


  11. Thanks for the post, however, after being on part 6 for nearly a week because the troops only come back with pool guys, robbers, or Pulaski, and no sharks to clear, I’ve about given up on this event now.

    Achieved two new characters and a few skins so I still leave happy 😀

    Thanks again for all the informative posts. Helped achieve.


  12. i may or may NOT see phase4 since there’s only a little over 4days left and i’m only on pt.6 of “Risqué Business”,waiting for some card sharks to come out!5days left for Pamela Anderson;need the last 3 buildings as well. but i know i’m not gonna make it…”GO ONNNN WITHOUT MEEHHH!!!”…😂😂lmao🤣🤣


    • I gave up before Part 3…. too long between drops. It seems like the only character I felt like working for was Erik Estrada anyway, and I got him plus Peter and Lois. Just checked in to earn clams with clam tv when I remembered. I’ve done that before if I got bored with an event.


  13. I can’t advance to week 4 because still looking for Pulaski character. I defeated him the first time quite quickly, but it’s been 4 days, continuous searches and countless police tapes (both character earned and purchased) and I still can’t get find him, let alone battle him!This game is no longer fun … it might be time to find a more ‘user friendly’ game to play.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sorry you’re stuck, have you tried contacting TinyCo to tell them you’re a long time player who feels like giving up use to the randomness of the event. If not please do, it’s important we feedback our concerns.


  14. Here is the payout I got for 12 Hearts for defeating lil Tom:

    12 hearts: 24 Shoes 48 Fish and 5 Shirts


  15. Week 4 opens with only 4 days left on the clock? Hmm…gonna be tough to unlock Brian outfit that fast, maybe.


  16. Miami Cop Cleveland is available in the store and I’m still in week 2…. I might actually get him if he has more respectable tasks for Cleveland! Will never see week 4, I’m sure.


  17. Two days ago I left a post complaining that I hadn’t seen a card shark in two days. After numerous tries,countless police tapes, and much frustration I still have not seen one. Still stuck on part 6. This is ridiculous. 0 progress = 0 fun 👎🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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