Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers 101: Boss Battle – Water Kaiju

Welcome to the world of Kaiju, where the monsters are in control!

With Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers Phase 3 underway there’s another new monster to battle, the Water Kaiju. and I’m here to help you defeat him.

Let’s take a look and see exactly how to attack and ultimately defeat him as well as chatting about everything he’ll be dropping during this phase of the event.

For more information on the Event, go HERE


You will start to see the Water Kaiju in Quahog once you trigger Part 3 of Ranger Danger. 


The Water Kaiju will appear in the upper right corner of the Event Area and looks like this.


You will need to attack and defeat the Water Kaiju at various heart levels, and you will receive different rewards for each level you defeat. The Heart Levels are 2, 5, 12, 20, 36 and you will receive different rewards for each.

You will also notice he has a timer above his head which tells you how long you have to defeat him through all of his 5 heart levels before he goes into a Cool Down and resets to the lowest heart level once again. The total time you have to fully defeat him through his heart levels is 14 hours, so be mindful of this when planning your attacks.


The rewards for defeating him at each Heart Level are as follows, but please bear in mind the Blue Shark Plushy is a rare drop, the Stuffed Triceratops Toy is an uncommon drop and the Blue Spray Paint is a common drop, none of these are always drops, and we’ve yet to see any Blue Shark Plushy drops at the 20 Heart Level in our games, so we can’t give any details on the potential amount of them that might drop at that level. And again, remember they are a rare chance drop, so even the verified amounts in the table are not guaranteed when you defeat that Heart Level. Please feel free to share any drops you’ve seen of Blue Shark Plushy at the 20 Heart Level in th comments.

HEART LEVELS & rewards

Heart Level Rewards
2 1 PowerCon Pin, 6 Power Medals, Rare chance of 1 Blue Shark Plushy, Common chance of 1 Blue Spray Paint and an Uncommon chance of 1 Triceratops Stuffed Toy
5 10 PowerCon Pin, 15 Power Medals, Rare chance of 2 Blue Shark Plushes, common chance of 1 Blue Spray Paint and an Uncommon chance of 1 Triceratops Stuffed Toy
12 25 PowerCon Pin, 30 Power Medals, Rare chance of 3 Blue Shark Plushes, Common chance of 1 Blue Spray Paint and an Uncommon chance of 1 Triceratops Stuffed Toy
20 45 PowerCon Pin, 60 Power Medals, Rare chance of ?? Blue Shark Plushes, Common chance of 1 Blue Spray Paint and an Uncommon chance of 1 Triceratops Stuffed Toy
36 65 PowerCon Pin, 70 Power Medals, Rare chance of 8 Blue Shark Plushes, Common chance of 1 Blue Spray Paint and an Uncommon chance of 1 Triceratops Stuffed Toy

You’ll  also get PowerCon Pins and Power Medals awarded to you for completing the Attack Task, the amount you get depends on which Attack you’re using, you’ll find full task details a little below.


You need 2 things, first you’ll need at least 4 Blue Zeo SubCrystals. You can get these from: Clearing Blue Ranger Cosplayers or Purchasing packs from your Store.

Once you have these you will need to use them to Combine (energize) your Triceratops DinoZord in the PowerCon Command Centre, as this is what you use to attack the Water Kaiju. You’ll find full details on combining your Triceratops DinoZord in the PowerCon Command Centre post HERE.


Your Triceratops DinoZord has 3 Tasks that allow you to Attack and ultimately eventually Defeat the Water Kaiju at his various heart levels, be aware that each task costs a set amount of energy to complete so use the tasks wisely. The tasks are as follows.

Triceratops DinoZord Task:
Attack Water Kaiju – Weak (2 Damage)
Cost of Task: 3 Energy
Duration of Task: 45 Seconds
Reward for Task Completion: 1 PowerCon Pin, 3 Leaderboard Medals & 30xp

Triceratops DinoZord Task:
Attack Water Kaiju – Medium (5 Damage)
Cost of Task: 5 Energy
Duration of Task: 45 Seconds
Reward for Task Completion: 3 PowerCon Pin, 7 Leaderboard Medals & 30xp

Triceratops DinoZord Task:
Attack Earth Kaiju – 10 Damage
Cost of Task: 12 Energy
Duration of Task: 45 Seconds
Reward for Task Completion: 5 PowerCon Pins, 12 Leaderboard Medals  & 30xp

And remember if you fully defeat the Water Kaiju during an attack you will also get the rewards listed for defeating him at the different heart levels in the table further above.


Simply energize your Triceratops DinoZord and select the most energy efficiencient task from the 3 Attack tasks, basically you want to defeat the Water Kaiju whilst using up the least amount of energy. Weak = 2 Damage, Medium = 5 Damage and Strong = 10 Damage.

You can select the task in one of two ways, either tap your Triceratops DinoZord and select the task you want to use from the 3 Attack Water Kaiju Tasks.

Or simply tap on the Water Kaiju and you will see the Attack The Flame Kaiju screen pop up.

Then simply click on Attack and you’ll see your Attack options, they are 2 Damage, 5 Damage or 10 Damage. However which Damage amount you will select will depend on the Heart Level you are trying to defeat and the amount of Energy your Triceratops DinoZord has.

For example for the 2 Heart Meter Water Kaiju, you only want to select the Attack Water Kaiju – Weak (2 Damage) task. This will result in you fully defeating the Water Kaiju for the minimum amount of energy, which for this task is 3.

So basically look closely at the Heart Level of the Water Kaiju and then plan what is the cheapest way to fully defeat him using the various Attack tasks. Personally by stockpiling 4 Blue Zeo SubCrystals I defeated the Water Kaiju only at his lowest Heart Level, 2, I then patiently waited until he reset and did this again until I had the 2 Blue Spray Paints I needed to finally unlock Blue Ranger Joe. Now I have him, I’ll let the Water Kaiju reset whilst I collect 4 Blue Zeo SubCrystals, and combine my Triceratops DinoZord with Blue Ranger Joe to give me 8 energy, that’s enough energy to defeat the Water Kaiju at the 2 & 5 Heart Levels. After this I will look at how my drops are going for the Blue Ranger and what time left on his timer before I decide if I wish to continue doing it this way or if I should try build up 12 Blue Zeo SubCrystals to attempt to defeat him at the 2, 5 &12 Heart Level.

Obviously once you’ve unlocked the Blue Ranger you can add him to your Triceratops DinoZord as well, and this will let you do defeats quicker for your Blue Zeo SubCrystals,but I’m sure most of you will be working up to unlocking him as I am. But that doesn’t mean you need follow my strategy, you might have other ideas, and if so I’d love you to share them in the comments.

Now back to the actual attack info, once your chosen task is underway you will see your Triceratops DinoZord attacking the Water Kaiju and clicking on him will show you the tine remaining.

And once the Task is complete you simply need to tap the check mark, if you defeated the Water Kaiju, you can simply collect your rewards. If you just damaged him you will need to attack him again until he is fully defeated.

But remember you only have 16hrs to defeat the Water Kaiju  up to his highest heart level of 36,  before the Water Kaiju will “Escape”.  When he’s escaped, which last 6 hours, he will vanish from your Event Area, and you’ll just see this.

Tapping on the area will bring you up the following box.

This tells you the time until the Water Kaiju will return, and the clam cost to bring him back immediately, please note this clam cost will vary depending on what heart level he was defeated to when he escaped. Once he returns he will be back at Heart Level 2, and you can start trying to defeat him to the top-level again.

And there you have it the all the info about the Water Kaiju and his drops. How are you getting on attacking the Water Kaiju. Are you winning the battle or will you be needing re-energised before trying again? Got any battle strategies to share with your fellow addicts? And are you enjoying the event so far? Tell us in the comments as you know we lone hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger


25 responses to “Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers 101: Boss Battle – Water Kaiju

  1. Well, I have now hit my end to this event. I don’t have time enough left to unlock the blue ranger, so my time is up.


  2. Just for the sake of being helpful:

    I’ve run the math on a full clear, max efficiency kill of each Kaiju thus far… assuming you’re building your zords at full energy (using both characters) and you’re doing the optimal attacks on each one (wasting as little energy as possible) from scratch (assuming the Kaiju don’t have any damage on them already, for whatever reason)… BARE MINIMUM… it takes 12 Red Zeo Crystals to fully clear the Earth Kaiju, 10 Pink Zeo Crystals to fully clear the Flame Kaiju, and a whopping 24 Blue Zeo Crystals to fully clear the Water Kaiju.

    Or in other words, it takes four fully energized T-Rex’s to take down the earth Kaiju. five fully energized Pterodactyls to take down the Flame Kaiju, and six fully energized Triceratops to take down the water Kaiju.

    Again, that’s assuming you use both characters every time, and you don’t make any missteps in your attacks, wasting energy.

    So assuming you already have the characters unlocked, I’d advise saving 12 Reds, 10 Pinks or 24 Blues before starting your attack runs (then thinking carefully through your attacks to make sure you’re not blowing energy needlessly).


    • Thanks for sharing that.


    • I am inferring for the above that you have bought the robot for the Pterodactyl combination as I have not, and in that case you require 16 pink crystals. Otherwise I get the same quantities you do (although I would love to know what happens if you decombine with some energy left, as there are cases with the red and blue where you have 1 or 2 energy, which I always use on a ribbon for the leaderboard as I assume they vanish as opposed to adding to the next combine).


  3. The (non) drops on the triceratops toy for the Blue Ranger are BRUTAL.

    Liked by 2 people

    • RussianTigger

      I’ve got 2 out of 5 up until now.


      • I unlocked blue ranger yesterday. I’ve attacked water kaiju 5 times; at the 2&5 levels then at 2,5&12 levels. So far ZERO stuffed triceratops drops – so I’m 0 for 5. But I only need 1 more triceratops morpher (didn’t buy any of the buildings – the drops from Herbert were great and pretty good from clearing blue ranger). So I have 6 days for the 1 morpher and 5 stuffed triceratops – hoping drops will improve – but I’ve got to wait 19 hours (13 left on the clock and then wait 6 more) to attack again and see how it goes…


        • I just attacked and got 0 triceratops toys again, maybe tomorrow as like you I need wait for fresh Water Kaiju. My patience control is turned up to max. Good luck, let me know how you get on tomorrow.


          • Just attacked last night at 2/5/12 levels – got a triceratops at both 2 & 5. So waiting again (2 hours left before it disappears and cool down timer starts). So now 2/5 needed. Hopefully they’ll drop again at 2&5 level. Just about 4.5 days left on blue ranger. So patience as you said


            • Looks like you’re going good. I still need 2 as well.


              • Attacked at 2/5/12 tonight – got 1 at 5 level. So I’ve got 3 now. I thought no for now on I’ll just attack at 2&5 levels – I’ve yet to get any at 12 level – and I keep burning through crystals.


        • This is what I’m forced to do also. Attack at the 2 and 5 level, wait 16 hours for more crystals and the kaiju to power down and reappear. This pattern results in one plushy every 16 hours. Still need two more with 3.5 days to go. Torture!!


          • I was wondering about this. I have attacked seven times at various levels and have two toys. Seeking data if I am better off attacking at lower levels and saving the crystals for more battles or saving up for one big run. I have three days left on the timer and would feel better if I only needed two toys instead of needing three. I think I will just build for battles at the first and second levels and try those until the timer runs out.


            • I’m only attacking at the 2 & 5 Heart Levels and I’ve got 3/5 of the Triceratops toys with a little over 3 days left on the timer. I got 2 drops from the 2 Heart and 1 from the 5 Heart.


            • The only time I went for the 12 heart level was on the run immediately after getting my second spray paint for Joe, and it didn’t give any plushness (I don’t object to this autocorrect!). Thereafter given the number of crystals you have to have with Joe only, I have done what most others seem to be doing and just attack every 16 hours for the 2 and 5 heart levels. One time it gave a plushie for each of those, so hopefully that happens to you too.


              • I’m just sticking w attacking at 2&5 levels – I’ve got 4/5 plushness 😀 And waiting for timer to end and reset. So trying to save crystals. I’ve got a little over 3 days left


  4. Here’s what’s puzzling me: Based on what I’m seeing in this post, the medium attack deals 5 damage for 5 energy, a perfect 1:1 damage:energy cost. Meanwhile, the strong attack deals 10 damage for 12 energy, which is poorer value.

    So if we want to deal 10 damage, we can either spend 12 energy for the strong attack, or perform two medium attacks for the same damage but save 2 energy. Basically I can’t see any reason why we would ever want to use the strong attack unless we were under an EXTREME time constraint.


    • RussianTigger

      Yes, it is more efficient to do 2 medium attacks, the Earth Kaiju is similar, the 8 Damage attack costs 10 energy, however you can do the same 8 Damage for 9 energy by using 1X 2 Damage, (3 energy) and 1x 6 Damage, (6 energy), total of just 9 energy used.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Random misfire

    To slow us down? As a freemium player, I’m already 5 days behind. Lol.


  6. Okay, I am stuck. I need items to unlock Blue Ranger and Blue Ranger Joe. The only way to get the items is by defeating the Water Khaiju. However, I need either Blue Ranger or Blue Ranger Joe in order to defeat the Water Khaiju. So how do I accomplish this?? I can’t defeat the Khaiju without Blue Ranger or Joe, but I can’t unlock either character without getting the items from a defeated Water Khaiju…..HELP!!!!!???? PLEASE???!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • RussianTigger

      You can, I keep highlighting this in the Zord posts but players are still missing the fact you can just create the base energy Zord. For this it’s the basic Triceratops DinoZord,which can attack and defeat the 2 Heart Water Kaiju. Basically collect 4 blue crystals, go to the Power command Centre, tap on the Blue Zord, then tap on Combine, agree to using the 4 crystals and voila you’ll have a Triceratops DinoZord available, it will only have 3 energy, so you can only attack the 2 Heart Water Kaiju. Then you let the Water Kaiju time out and return, during which time you collect another 4 blue crystals, then attack again at the 2 heart level. Do this until you get the 2 blue spray paints for Joe, then you can start combining him to get a stronger Triceratops DinoZord.


  7. Why would TC make the item most needed rare and most difficult to obtain? Not the case with the other two… SAD!!


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