Happy Easter from the Addicts!

Hello there Clammers!

Well Easter Sunday is upon us and you know what that means……CHOCOLATE!!!  Oh and in Quahog, you might see a Bunny hopping on to your screen as TinyCo are giving players another chance to purchase the Easter Bunny Peter Costume.

Easter Bunny Peter was originally released as a premium buy in March 2016, but now the Bunny’s back in town, and with a reduced price tag of 90 Clams. But he’s only available until Monday 17th April, so if you want him, you better hop to it.

Apart from that you may notice things a little quiet around here today, as the Addicts are out and about on Easter Egg hunts and such. But don’t you worry we’ll be right back at it tomorrow, even though it’s Holiday Monday! That’s dedication for you, lol.

We hope you guys have a great Easter!

~ Bunny, Lotty & Russian Tigger

20 responses to “Happy Easter from the Addicts!

  1. so, you moderated/censored my “happy Passover” comment, ****


    • Your missing comment was NOT censored. It got caught. Which happens time to time.

      I however will NOT overlook your abusive and racial outburst in THIS comment to us for something that was out of our control.

      If you wish to continue to post and comment on the site, I’d suggest in the future to NOT abuse us or make such an outburst again. Your response on THIS comment I did personally edit for abusive nature and words. That kind of vulgarity will NOT be tolerated on this site.

      Due to that vulgar response, I will be leaving the original comment stuck where it did end up for now and not releasing it back to the site.

      In the future a simple “my comment is missing” would’ve sufficed. Then we’d search for it, and would’ve located it where it got caught. Simple. Done.

      Be kind, not abusive.


  2. Thought about it but I’ll save my clams.. I have enough skins for Peter already anyhow. Plus they need a better/quicker method for scrolling through the skins/inventory


  3. I hope all that celebrated had a lovely Easter. *smile*


  4. Happy Easter, Bunny, Tigger and Lotty! Happy Easter to all the addicts!


  5. I’ve bought it because it was really cheap pretty unexpected


  6. happy Easter🐇🐥🐣🐰🐤🦄👯


  7. Happy Easter everyone but I won’t buy him 🙂 it’s just a costume ..


  8. wildthornberry88

    Yep, happy Easter to everyone and wish that you all have a wonderful day and celebration.


  9. just now I don’t have 90 clams ****


  10. 90 clams is a great deal. I had to do it.


    • I agree. Definitely a great deal….. Price point we’ve been asking for costumes. Not sure if it will help that much in the next event….. But for 90 clams….. I had to buy too.


      • I agree great pricing. But I think this is an Easter treat and not related to the next event.


        • Not sure that I find 90 clams to be particularly good value for a character skin… I would have jumped at it if it was a character but for a costume? Meh. But I guess given that TinyCo now routinely asks for >200 clams for costumes I guess it is cheap 😉 Problem is I’m sitting on nearly 2500 clams but simply find it too expensive to buy characters with it. Hmmm…


          • It’s tempting because it’s a character costume under 100 clams, when of late the cost is crawling up towards 300 clams, but whereas it’s tempting I’m not biting, Peter has way too many costumes already. Now maybe if it were Stewie I’d have splurged, what do I mean maybe, of course I’d have bought it. So like you I’ve got the clams but holding on to them for now.

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