Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers 101: MegaZord

Addicts to the Command Centre!!! Addicts to the Command Centre!!!

There’s more monstrous going-ons in Quahog, and in order to take control of the MegaZord you’ll need to head to your PowerCon Command Centre.

For more information on the Event, go HERE


Well basically it’s just another robotic zord that will help you gather resources by doing tasks and attacking the Green DragonZord.


You need  Zeo SubCrystals. You can get these from defeating the Earth Kaiju, Flame Kaiju, Water Kaiju OR Purchase From The Store

***The drops from any of the Kaiju are not great, and any I’ve had drop have come from the Flame Kaiju & Water Kaiju, the Earth Kaiju is not dropping them in my game**


***Please note unlike the previous phases Zords, you DO need to have characters to combine it with to use it to attack. The MegaZord needs to be combined with at least 3 characters in order to battle the DragonZord. ***

You need to tap on the PowerCon Command Centre in the Event Area, this will bring you up the command screen, here you will see the MegaZord, it is the 5th Zord available.

Tap on the MegaZord box and you will see the cost to Combine (Energize) him is 3  Zeo SubCrystals and you also need at least 3 of the characters available for combining, more on these soon.

If you have 3  Zeo SubCrystals available simply Tap Combine and you will see the following box pop up.

Tap Yes to confirm and your 3 Energy MegaZord will wander from the event area into your town.

Tapping on him will bring up a task screen similar to that of our game characters, however as well as showing his tasks, it will also show his total energy and in the task the total energy needed to complete the task.  He has 1 general task:

And the following 2 Green DragonZord Attack tasks, which are these:


Basically this is where the a lot of our Quahog Rangers will come into play.

If you select the MegaZord you’ll see his base energy is 3, however in order to use him for Attacks you need to add three of the 5 characters available to combine, they are Blue Ranger Peter, Pink Ranger Lois, Blue Ranger Joe, Green Ranger Chris and Black Ranger Cleveland.  When you add at least 3 of the characters you will create a stronger MegaZord for the same 3  Zeo SubCrystals. Yes that’s right, it doesn’t cost a higher amount of Zeo SubCrystals to create a stronger MegaZord.

Each character adds 2 energy points each to your MegaZord, so adding 3 characters will give you a 9 energy MegaZord.

In order to do this, you simply need to select your MegaZord, then choose the 3 characters, just now you’ll most likely have Red Ranger Peter, Pink Ranger Lois and Blue Ranger Joe to add. Select these characters to add to the combination in the PowerCon Command Centre. You will see a check mark in each of their boxes and the MegaZord strength will now show as 9.

Then tap Combine and agree to spending the 3 Zeo SubCrystals to release the MegaZord into your game. You can then do tasks until his energy is fully depleted. We’ll talk more about what happens once your MegaZord’s energy is depleted a little bit later.

But the good news is you don’t need to stop at 3 characters, if you have Green Ranger Chris and/or Black Ranger Cleveland you can also add them to the mix, if you add all 5 characters you’ll get the top strength 13 energy MegaZord.


There is one  general task with drops, this is:

And 2 are tasks used to Attack the Green DragonZord, and these are:


Well this depends on the task you use. The drops for the various tasks are as follows:

Task:  Defeat All Enemies
 1 Power Coin Pin (Always)
 2 Power Medal (Always)


Task:  Attack DragonZord – Damage 8
 1 Power Coin Pin (Always) &  3 Leaderboard Medals

This is just the completed task payout, if you fully defeat the DragonZord you will also get drops of PowerCon Pins, Leaderboard Medals, Blue PowerCon Hats & Sword of Darkness – the amount you get will depend on the level of the DragonZord you defeat. And remembers the Blue PowerCon Hats are a Rare drop.


Task:  Attack DragonZord – Damage 10
 3 Power Coin Pin (Always) &  7 Leaderboard Medals

This is just the completed task payout, if you fully defeat the DragonZord you will also get drops of PowerCon Pins, Leaderboard Medals, Blue PowerCon Hats & Sword of Darkness – the amount you get will depend on the level of the DragonZord you defeat. And remembers the Blue PowerCon Hats are a Rare drop.

I will try to break down all the DragonZord levels and rewards in the 101 post on this topic.


Once your MegaZord  is out of Energy, he will not be able to do any further tasks, you will know he’s out of energy as he will stand static and have a no energy sign above his head like this.

If you tap on him you will get a message telling you the MegaZord is out of energy and giving you the option to Decombine him, just tap Yes to do this. (Alternatively you can Decombine him in the PowerCon Command Centre).

Once you’ve done this the MegaZord will be once again be available to select in the PowerCon Command Centre.

***Please note some players are still experiencing crashing issues when they attempt to Decombine their Zords, TinyCo have been made aware of this, but if you’re having this issue I recommend once you hit Decombine immediately visit OllieLand then back before you tap anything in your game, this seems to get round the issue***

There you have it, all the facts about the MegaZord. What are your thoughts? Have you started to combine any yet? If so, are you enjoying this addition to our games? Any other tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

Russian Tigger

15 responses to “Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers 101: MegaZord

  1. TinyCo replied to me that the Zeo Crystal is a rare drop from Kailua and to focus on later kaiju. I replied that the game shows uncommon and says nothing about any of them being differently weighted. That is what is frustrating about this game. No one including the developers seem to know how something is supposed to work.


    • Yes I’ve had 0 drops from the Earth Kaiju, so I’d say it’s more Epic than Rare, never mind Uncommon. I’ve got most may Zeo Crystals from the Flame Kaiju.


  2. Five days in and still only two zeocrystals. I have everything for Green Ranger Chris except swords and I only have two of those. I’d say no chance at this point.


    • I got 2 separate Zeo Crystals drops from the Flame Kaiju earlier. First time I’ve got more than 1 during defeats through the levels.


  3. I think it is important to point out that the White Tiger Zord and MegaZord can really only be used effectively in combination, or multiple kills are virtually impossible (at least, without the White Ranger, or a LOT of White Sub Crystals and/or Zeo Crystals). The White Tiger Zord can only attack at 2 or 4 damage, while the Green Dragon Zord appears with 2 or 8 hearts, and only an hour to defeat it. So the only effective way of obtaining a decent payout is to hit the 2 heart Dragon Zord with the White Tiger, followed by hitting the 8 heart Dragon Zord with MegaZord… If not, you need 5 repeated hits of the White Tiger, at 2 damage each (15! White Crystals), or waste a lot of Zeo Crystals, by hitting the Dragon Zord with 8 or 10 damage, when only 2 are needed (6 Zeo Crystals for 2 attacks). And the multiple attacks are the only way to stand a chance of getting the Swords needed for Green Ranger Chris, as single attacks only get 1 Sword each, meaning (with UNCOMMON drops), probably close to 50 attacks to get the 21 swords needed! I wasted my first MegaZord, as I didn’t have a White Tiger Zord to do the first attack, and all the Rangers were combined into my MegaZord, so Joe was not available to collect more White SubCrystals, while MegaZord waited… Using MegaZord for a 2 heart attack was not at all an efficient use of crystals! 😦


    • I think most players will choose the Zord they have that will do the most damage, but some players haven’t been able to collect the 3 Zeo SubCrystals to actually use the MegaZord. And they will simply attack at 2, then wait for the DragonZord to reset, the short timer accommodates this well, then attack at 2 again until they get the MegaZord. Then they can do a bit more but it all depends on how much players are putting into this final week, and also how seriously they are about leaderboard, as there’s lot of Power Medals to be had.


      • Then I am missing something: I don’t care about the leader boards either, but how the heck can anyone get the Swords for Green Ranger Chris? (Ignoring the Premium building option, of course.) Dropping 1 at a time, using well over 21 attacks (due to an uncommon drop)? :-O


        • They will struggle, that’s why a few freemium players have said they aren’t bothering to try get him. I have found the Swords gave dropped each time I’ve attacked at 2, but I’ve maybe been lucky. I’ve not unlocked him either yet as I don’t hav the premium building. But my MegaZord is fueled up, so hopefully that will help me now, but you’ve a chance of at least 6 Swords at the 8 Heart Level. Wish me luck!


  4. I got no drops from the Earth Kaiju either, although I did get some from Air.


    • I just wanted to add that I too have received zero crystals from battling the Earth Kaiju. No less than ten full rounds. By that I mean battling and reforming the zord until the Earth Kaiju hibernates. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 red crystals spent. Zero payoff. Messaged Tinyco. Their response? “Items are dropping as intended.” Just callous and rude. I’ll not spend another dime with them and I have spent, without exaggeration, hundreds. I have informed them of such and have received no response. Shock. Great site. Great info and help. Been a visitor for three years but never had anything more to add than others who seem to say it better.


      • I’ve not ha any Zeo Crystals from the Earth Kaiju either and I’ve like you defeated it fully multiple times. I’m just having a go at the weekly challenge and clearing some Questlines now.


  5. Finally got my third Zeo crystal yesterday- going to wait for the challenge before using.


  6. Did the week 4 challange pop up yet?


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