Return To The Multiverse 101: Mangy Mutts

Oh Doggy Doo!!!

Our towns are literally overrun with Mangy Mutts, and it’s time we put a flea in their ear and send them packing.

In this  post I will go over the Basics of Clearing Mangy Mutts.

Let’s take a closer look at these lil guys.


Mangy Mutts will begin to appear in Quahog once you reach Pt. 2 of the Main Questline, Return To The Dog Multiverse. I had a bunch of  them appear in my Quahog as soon as I hit that part. As you clear them new ones spawn every 4 hours, you’re certainly not going to have a shortage of them as my town is over run with about 40 of them.

In my game it looks like I had  a MAX of 40, perhaps more, in my town.


They appear on the Sidewalks/Edge of Sidewalks of the Quahog road patches, so look near all your roads to locate them. Keep in mind they any roads obstructed by buildings or decorations will make it hard to see Mangy Mutts.  If you’ve only got a tiny bit of road like me you will see them all wander towards it and group together, but don’t get too excited as it would appear we can only clear 4 max at a time.

Now it is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL for you to remove your Roads from your town to keep the Mangy Muts to one area, just know that the less you have out in the open, the less time you will spend searching for Mangy Mutts and the more times you can hit the max of 4 with one flea bomb.


You will need a flea bomb to drop on them.


Flea Bombs (Rare): Meg Clean Her Room OR Mort Sell Expired Cleaner OR Lois Shop For Cleaning Supplies  OR Purchase from Store

You can spend Clams to purchase them from the Store as follows…

3 Barrels: 36 Clam IconClams
7 Barrels: 71 Clam IconClams
12 Barrels: 108 Clam IconClams


First, you will need to collect a flea bomb. Once you have collected a flea bomb, locate some Mangy Mutts, if they are all grouped on a piece of road simply tap on the Flea Bomb  in the lower right corner of your screen.

Tapping on the Flea Bomb Icon will bring up the Targeting Screen for the Mangy Mutts. In the center is the target itself, you want to ensure you have the Mangy Mutts as close to this area as possible to get as the max 4 you can. Move the screen around with your finger untill the Mangy Mutts  are in the Center.

If you have Mangy Mutts running around town, you will see the screen showing “BOMB THOSE MUTTS“. If you have barrels you will see the screen trigger show “FIRE“, you tap this to release the barrel on the target.

If you have no Mangy Mutts loose in the game, the screen will tell you “THERE ARE NO MORE MANGY MUTTS!”. If you have no flea bombs earned for them, the screen will tell you “BUY“.


For me, I am using my single piece of road system again for this Event as the Mangy Mutts are drawn to the roads, I have a 2×3 piece of road then once I’ve got a flea bomb I target a group of Mangy Mutts on it.

Again, OPTIONAL. It is completely up to you if you want to remove the roads in your town especially now that you can only clear 4 max with one flea bomb.

Bunny uses the maze method and you’ll find information on creating mazes HERE.

Now for those that do NOT want to bother with removing roads or a maze, that is just fine. You can still try to keep several Mangy Mutts in one area. Tapping on them will stop them temporarily. But they don’t stay frozen in place for long, so keep tapping them until you have a good number of them together and then quickly aim and launch a flea bomb.


1 Collar (Chance)

 1 Stinky Sock (Chance)

 1 Golden Dog Bone (Chance)


  • Earn Flea Bombs
  • Locate Mangy Mutts on your Roads
  • Tap on Flea Bomb Icon to access Target Screen
  • Center Target on Mangy Mutts
  • Tap Fire to launch flea bomb
  • Get Reward(s)

There you have it, the overall idea of just how to find and clear the Mangy Mutts.

What methods are you using that are working for you? Any tips you want to share with fellow Players? What kind of payouts are you seeing? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


8 responses to “Return To The Multiverse 101: Mangy Mutts

  1. The maximum of four is pretty lame. ☹️ But I’m generally enjoying the mini-event.


  2. Yeah, I noticed the new limitation on multiple hits with one bomb, unlike previous events.

    Think they sussed out our tactics and wanted to slow down the event?

    After all, if we were to destroy forty in one foul swoop, it wouldn’t take long to get the bones to get the buildings to get the characters to complete the event, would it?

    Easy enough event though after the intensity of the last one 😀


  3. Mark O. Estes aka The Anti-Critic

    I’ve only had* five…


  4. Mark O. Estes aka The Anti-Critic

    Getting flea bombs have been a disaster. I’ve only had at most five since the mini-event went live. Plus, I can’t get the Stray Dog Alley building if Mangy Mutts aren’t dropping golden bones. I’ve only vote five of those as well. Anyone else having horrible luck so far?


  5. Small road section, three on each end with two roads going 5 sections, so no crossovers in thee middle. Keeps them nicely bunched. No big deal having mailmen thrown in as touching them does nothing but I bought poodle stew and can just task him to chase the mailmen and he finds one pretty fast. Same payout, max of 4 per flea bomb. I had made my road just one piece of road and they all clustered up tight, still only 4. Curse you TinyCo devs!!!


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