Speculating With Stewie – FGQFS What’s Next

Okay, Okay, it’s not really Stewie, it’s me, Russian Tigger, sorry to disappoint you all again, maybe Stewie will join us once he’s a little bit older. But until then you get to read my rambling thoughts once more, aren’t you the lucky ones?

So another mini event is well under way and will soon come to an end, yes, the clock is ticking down on Return To The Dog MultiverseAnd as we move into those last few days I find my mind in Stewie mode as I wonder what will be coming next?

And what did I come up with, well a lot of things I can’t admit in public, and a few thoughts on what’s I’d like to see next I can share, so let’s go.

Well with regards to what’s coming next, my mind couldn’t wander too far as TinyCo have given us some details in the latest App information.

So we all know there’s going to be a surprise guest, and that Peter is going to be entering the boxing ring.

But who might the special guest be? Could it be someone from the parody of celebrity boxing see in the Season 4 episode Patroit Games.

We know it won’t be Mike Tyson as he’s already featured in the game, so maybe it will be the worthy winner of that bout, Carol Channing.

And will we see the Foxy Boxing Bar make an appearance.

This appeared during the boxing themed episode, Baby, You Knock Me Out, Season 9, Episode 5. However in this tale it is Lois who takes up boxing, mainly due to a combination of her hatred of it colliding with her desire to beat up Peter.

Could the special guest be the parody character from this episode, Floyd Wetherton?

Or maybe the special guest will be a dear departed relative of Peter’s, such as his Great- Grandfather, the infamous boxer who we saw in the Season 5 episode, The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Quaintly named, Turn Of The Century Take On All Corners Griffin, is seen fighting a kangaroo in this episode.  Could he return from the dead to help Peter in the ring.

And just who will he be fighting, will we see his sister, Heavy Flo, swap her wrestle mania for some boxing action, or maybe Giant Chicken will be ruffling his feathers in the ring? Guess we just need to wait and see!!!

And apart from the above, I’m wondering will it be a mini event, or a major event? Will we see new characters rather than costumes? I must admit like many long-term players my box of costumes for some characters is overflowing. Guess all this and more will be answered soon.

But what do my fellow addicts think? What will we see in the Boxing ring? But please remember this is for speculation and not spoilers guys. Let’s discuss it further in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


17 responses to “Speculating With Stewie – FGQFS What’s Next

  1. LOL, to get Carol Channing…whom I saw in “Hello Dolly” in 1978 as a teen at the Mechanic Theater in Baltimore…now, that would be hilarious…


  2. Apollo Creed just dropped early. Premium with a (slight) discount.


  3. I’m also gonna say that it’s probably a rocky balboa event. Just seems to foot the bill with a karate kid event and the new power rangers movie event in the books. Maybe they have a movie theme for the year. Although, I can’t say I would hate if it was million dollar baby event and I got a Clint Eastwood in my town. Older movie but a man can dream.

    Side note: I would drop some serious cash for another American Dad event to roll through at some point. I need/want Roger!!


  4. Maybe it will be Rocky Balboa and characters from the movies. I wouldn’t mind having Apollo Creed or Clubber Lang walking around my Quahog.


    • I’m into characters and I’m such an addict…just threw clams at TinyCo to get Apollo Creed…wasn’t in the Rocky movies, but he was my favorite of the bunch…Adrian! Adrian!


  5. I speculate it will be characters from Mike Tyson punch out Nintendo game. What ya think?


  6. Hmm… another sports event (especially boxing) could be the perfect opportunity for me to take a break from the game, or quit. I might enjoy a kangaroo in my Quohog but the others – nope, sorry, don’t really care!


    • Boxing isn’t my thing either, so I’m hoping it will be a mini-event!!!


      • Have there ever been 2 mini events in a row? I always thought it alternated. But I’ve missed quite a lot too, so really don’t know.


        • Earlier this year we saw the Best of mini-event followed by the RoadTo Bollywood mini-event. But it’s not often we see 2 week long mini-events, but some of the sports related events have been 2 weeks if I ember right, I don’t think they can capture enough interest for a 4 week event.


  7. There was a notification before the Power Rangers event that said Futurama characters would be back soon but idk what happened


    • We’ve never had Futurama characters in the game. TinyCo will be releasing a Futurama game later this year, is that maybe what you saw?


  8. I need Help. For sone reason Will the blimp not pop up with me.


    • This is an ongoing issue that TinyCo is aware of, please send them an I game support request detailing your blimp issue and hopefully they can help.


  9. They seriously need to have a Simpsons event in the game. As well as perhaps bobs buRogers and futurama


  10. I hope we will get Manny Pacquiao as a character even if he’s a premium I will instantly buy him for sure


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