MIghty Morphin Griffin Rangers – Review & How Did You Do Poll

Hey there readers, with all the Morphin come to an end, and all the Lycra back in the closet, what better for us to waffle on about what we thought about the event in general. Yes, Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers saw us spend 4 weeks cosplaying and battling evil Kaiju, and to be honest in my game there wasn’t a dull moment. 

Well it all started with the announcement of a Power Range themed event from TinyCo during their Facebook Live Q&A. And I’ll say I was surprised, as the Power Rangers have never really featured in Family Guy.  So why Power Rangers, well it was obviously part of a promotional tie-in for the new Power Rangers movie which hit many of our cinemas last month. I admit my first thought was, Power Rangers… Meh!!! But here I am 4 weeks later, having quite enjoyed myself, so a good lesson there in not judging a book by its cover, or in this case an event by its theme.

And I have to say when the guys at TinyCo said their would be some new gameplay introduced, I was hooked in and ready to Morph it, just to see what it was all about if nothing else.

The game update unfortunately had some unusual App Store rules, in that it wouldn’t be available in a whole raft of mainly Asian countries, including Japan, the county that brought us the original idea from which the Power Rangers was born, so I’m sorry if any of our regular readers had to sit this one out, I’m sure TinyCo are too, but licensing obviously played its part here. I’m honestly not sure there’s an awful lot TinyCo could do about that.

The event certainly started on a positive note for me, I’d taken a chance on buying Rita Repulsa in the pre-sale and within minutes of the event launching she was working away clearing Cosplayers and giving me a real leg up in the first week. Also there was a clam generator building to buy, the Angel Grove Juice Bar. Buying this immediately would see me make enough clams in profit  to cover the cost of Rita Repulsa. Win- Win situation.

I was also immediately delighted to see this was a 4 week event, I think this is starting to work well for events, I prefer it to the 6 week events. And I think TinyCo are getting that anything longer than this becomes a grind, I’m certain,y finding that over at Tapped Out where the repetitive 6-8 week events really drain the fun out of things.

This event also seemed to bringing about some nostalgia, those that were Power Ranger fans were delighted at the chance to have Power Rangers come to Quahog, a bit like my delight when the yellow brick road appeared. It’s always nice to see comments from players who are having a blast in events.

I also decided to try a different kind of strategy in this event, as I previously said I purchased the Week 1 premium character, Rita Repulsa , partly because I liked the look of the character but also to see just how good a leg up it would give me going forward in the event.  I’m liking this move to characters/costumes not only being useful during a single phase but for the whole event. I continued my premium spending with the Alpha 5 Bot, just because he was cute, and I wanted him in my game. So those 2 characters and the Angel Grove Juice Bar were my  premium buys.

But now let’s take a more in-depth look at the event, and yes I will say this from the off, a lot of players found the early Phases extremely tough going.

A 4 week event that had 2 dreaded timed characters, and a return of the much maligned leaderboards. Now 4 weeks was fine, I like the 4 phase events, especially when the final Phase isn’t too content heavy. Phase 4 being content light was great for those playing catch up, I think it’s good TinyCo listened to us when we said there was often too much to do in the final Phase, but they need to remember the players who are completing events, so there needs to be a reward, a little something for completing the final Main Questline, a bit like the weekly challenges, for players completing all an events Main Questlines a little Clam reward, say 40 clams for a 4 week event such as this, basically just 10 clams for each of the 4 Questlines completed. It gives those who play to the end a little happy ending, and happy players in my mind are more likely to spend money.

Movie tie in, no Family Guy history for the content, but I strangely found myself having fun, and I’m maybe a tiny Power Rangers fan now, hopefully I’ll get over it soon.

I liked the new gameplay of creating Zords, but felt some players didn’t fully understand that our Zords could be used on their own without combining with other characters, this saw many fall behind as they delayed attacking Kaiju until they had unlocked characters. So if you were one of those players I’d like hear where you ended up.  But as I say the Zords were fun, and the battles were short but the rewards were hit or miss, again random drops brought many players to a screeching halt. I think TinyCo need to look at this, especially in this event when it came to the Zeo Crystals, a supposedly Uncommon drop that for me didn’t drop once from over 30 defeats of the Earth Kaiju, c’mon TinyCo that’s criminal stats.

With regards to gameplay it was good to see less characters have multiple tasks for different drop items, I know there was still some crossover but that will always happen as core characters that were unlocked in the early Districts are used in events to allow newer players to join in events. I really think TinyCo got the balance quite well in this event and used a good ratio of characters and buildings with drops. Also good to see more old characters being use for even just PowerCon Pin  drops, players have been asking for that for a long time..

What did I like, well we got quite a couple of  new freemium characters as opposed to just a whole lot of costumes. Although we got load them too. Didn’t like that they didn’t realise a female Power Ranger, players were hoping for one. But I’m sure they just picked the most popular or those the rights holder allowed.

The weekly challenges were a bit easier, especially the Week 2 challenge, lol. But the 4th one was a tough ask, and may have seen many payers fall at the final hurdle. One thing that would help players make decisions on clam spending for weekly challenges is if TinyCo would verify the Grand Prize is a decoration in the challenge screen.

Yes they returned for the first time in a while, and I’m glad to say many players seemed relaxed about them, which I think is the right attitude. I’d still rather see a Community leaderboard format. And as ever I will not spend clams trying to pursue the leaderboard, I just finish wherever my play takes me,

TinyCo promised us some new gameplay and we got it in the Combining of Zords to attack the Kaiju, but for me although I loved the Zords, the gameplay wasn’t radical enough to cause a lot of excitement in event after event burnt out players.

There has been improvements in this area, but more work still needs done, I had reason to contact them a couple of times, and found a mixed bag in how my issues were dealt with, one was dealt with as I’d expect, and I was happy with that but the other which should have seen a similar response wasn’t dealt with at all. Frustrating!

It’s no mystery what my feelings on Mystery Boxes are, I’ve long despaired at the way TinyCo implements Mystery Boxes in events. But in one way they seem to be responding to concerns by putting returning characters in as potential prizes rather than too many useless decorations. But they also still have too many repeatable resources and the odds of winning the top prize continues to be brutal. Maybe put in a little gameplay that lets you win a free chance at the box.

These weren’t too bad to start with, freemium players could attack at lower levels. But as phases progressed some of the Kaiju heart levels were ridiculous, and of course the random nature of the drops isn’t something I like to see in Boss Battles, it takes a lot to build up what you need to do these attacks, to then not get a drop is really soul-destroying. And as for the seemingly Uncommon drop of Zeo Crystals, this was ridiculous, it was more like Extra Rare in some Kaiju and non-existent in the Earth Kaiju.

Now the dialogue and tasks were fantastic, no issues at all there, but what I do find troublesome is having a character with a task for an essential drop being needed for all the side Questlines, in this event it was Chris. I’m still clearing all the tasks he has built up now.

Rare drops on an essential item should raise concerns with the development team immediately, as should random drops you can’t control on a timed character. Especially when losing out on those timed characters impacts your future event progress. These really are errors that shouldn’t be being repeated 3 years after the game’s launch.

So fellow addicts, that’s just some of my thoughts, and I want to stress they are just my thoughts, they in no way reflect what Bunny or Lotty felt about the event, but before I ask for your thoughts I want to say one last thing about the event and that’s how fantastic the animation has been yet again, really top work from the guys at TinyCo.

Anyway that’s my ramblings, now I want you to tell me your thoughts. But please don’t turn this into a boiling hot What the Deuce post by as Bunny will exile me from the blog for 10,000 years. Please give us your feedback and thoughts in a fun in the sun sort of way. Tell us what you liked, didn’t like? What you’d like to see more of, what you’d like to see less off. Share with us everything and anything you think would improve FGQFS, as TinyCo do read this blog and of course Bunny also takes your feedback to TinyCo. And if you can please take a minute to complete the end of event poll at the end of this  I’d be very grateful.

And just incase you can’t see the poll or find it jumps about when you’re trying answer, here’s the direct link:


~ Russian Tigger


39 responses to “MIghty Morphin Griffin Rangers – Review & How Did You Do Poll

  1. I didn’t care much about this event. I did like the Power Rangers when I was a little girl, and I had PR toys and I even played as Kimberly or Jason with my brothers and cousins (though being the only girl in the family I was kind of asked to be one of the girl rangers :p) but I didn’t really like the event; don’t know why. I felt totally indifferent to the theme.
    Regarding the event itself I can say that I found the dialogues funny, but not much more than that. The drops were often bad, and sometimes collecting an item was neverending, like the blue crystals for example (16 h for one attack if lucky).

    But what I truly see as a low point in events lately is that new characters are always timed, and to make it worse they require several rare/extra rare items. I often unlock them by delaying my gameplay, but still I find it annoying and miss the tied-to-a-building character. I’d prefer less costumes and more ‘building’ characters.
    And another late trend (or at least I didn’t notice it before; tell me if I’m wrong) that I dislike is that of including a clam-character in the Friendspace group. It kind of ruins the efforts of unlocking characters because you don’t get anyhting in the end unless you pay (which makes the reward useless anyway). Also, it really makes my blood pressure rise seeing those forever-incomplete-groups in my game, all because of currency issues 😛


  2. This was the best event I have taken part of yet. I was able to get all the freemium stuff (and somehow managed to make the leaderboard enough to get Zordon! I was in the bottom 200 that made the cut last I looked). I thought the Zords were fun and having the Megazord walking around made me giddy! My only real gripe was making the White Ranger a premium character, I was really hoping to finish the set for some bonus clams. Overall I found this event very doable and enjoyable.


  3. My progress in this event mirrored that from the Dinosaur event this time last year, which is to say I got as far as week 2 after missing out on the timed character, then quit in disgust. Drop rates are now continually WTD-worthy from a freemium perspective.


  4. For the first time in a few events, I failed to finish mostly because I couldn’t get the zeo crystals to drop. I got five total and I started the final week on time, had plenty of materials banked and made at least four runs up all three kaikus during the week. As TinyCo is telling us, this game is more about luck than skill and playing style, so I just wasn’t destined to get Chris’ skin. One more crystal and I would have had it. Tremendously frustrating to play so much for a month and fall short just because it wasn’t my turn to be successful. I don’t like this change in direction. If I play the event the way it is structured and I play a lot, I should be rewarded. To have my fate determined by luck will drive me from the game. The time investment required is too great to just be short due to luck.


  5. I got top tier prize but no zordon… I received tier 3 prizes though.


  6. I walked away around the end of the first week. spent my time playing TSTO and Magic Kingdoms, enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast event and got all the event characters without any stress, lots of playing but no stress.

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  7. Easiest event in a long long time. I spent a week on vacation only able to log in at most twice a day and still managed to unlock all the freemium characters. Only thing I did worse than usual at was the leaderboard where I only place in the lowest level.

    Wasn’t a fan of the new battle system it was a real pain when you wanted to log on quickly to reset tasks and had to mess around doing multiple 45 second battles. Also trying to get characters free at the same time when they were all on different length tasks.


  8. I’d rather the longer events. I don’t have time to sit and waste time putting things on to never get anything. I can’t remember the last event I have played that got anywhere near completed. at least in Tapped put I get what I put my effort in. It’s not a game of one server having better odds.

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  9. The lack of Zeo crystal drops almost killed the end of the event, but even spending no clams to speak of (I’m sure I sped up a few tasks here and there) I unlocked everyone.


  10. As a Ranger fan from the beginning, I was so hyped to see Rita Repulsa before the event started that I bought her without question. This is the first event i had played spending clams on the whole event, having purchased Rita, Alpha 5, yellow ranger Bonnie, 1 mystery box for Rita Repulsa Stewie, White Ranger, and a pink zeo crystal pack to catch up from poor drops.
    I managed to unlock all the timed characters and all the freemium characters, the only costume I did not unlock was black ranger Cleveland as the odds of getting him in the mystery box were low and I had only enough clams to choose between a mystery box or White Ranger.
    This is the first event since the Full Moon/ first ever event that I have completed, and purely because I purchased the premium characters to keep advancing and finishing the questlines on the day before the next phase/week. I had struggled on the last week with the Tigerzord and Megazord zeo crystals and had messaged TinyCo about the drops but they did not see that I had an issue.
    However I loved the event and applaud TinyCo for making an event that fully engrosed me back into the game and made me spend precious clams on characters.
    My only issues were: characters not voiced by original actors. Couldn’t they have tried to get Jason David Frank for the voice of White Ranger, as hearing another person’s voice come from a beloved character is just weird. Same with Alpha 5 and Rita Repulsa.
    And the weekly challenges prizes: rather than Pugey Pig they should have used Rito Revolto. But I agree that it should be made known whether the prize is decoration or character, as this probably would make me more likely to focus on completing these challenges.
    I also actually liked the leaderboards this time round but still hate the fact that you only have a chance at prizes by going premium. Up until the last 4/5 days, i was steady at around 800th place but with the lack of White zeo crystal and Megazord zeo crystal drops I couldnt keep place by just the Red/pink/blue zeo crystals and fell down to around 1100th.
    A real good event but I think unless they do a Buffy or Doctor Who event, it will be a long time before I spend as many clams at once again.

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  11. Have they started giving out the prizes for the leaderboard yet?


  12. I love Power Rangers so I loved this event. I made a priority to time my playing to match and I paid clams to get ranger related premium items. First event ever I was able to be ahead a few days waiting for the next week. What helped was fact that I knew TinyCo was going to stack difficulty on me. I had to stay caught up to avoid bottlenecking. Despite loving rangers and wanting the Megazord I did not grind to get to that goal and I fell short. During the Ranger event I stopped playing TSTO. The one thing I appreciated was I was able to pick it right up and catch up in the other game. Their structure had me miss some items for their first “act” but it did not put me at a detrimental loss for the remainder of their event. That’s what the main takeaway for TinyCo should be. They need to structure events where if I came into it late I could stand a chance at catching up or keeping pace depending on how often I logged back in. You just can’t do that with this game. Stuff in one week is required for the next week. That’s no bueno. In one Family Guy episode Peter is drunk on the bed admitting sooo much taken from the Simpsons. TinyCo if you’re gonna borrow any ideas or concepts let it be that. Break your event up so every week is not dependent on the other week. This would be a win win for everyone. More people polling higher they love the events, less stress on programmers to link weeks, higher turnouts for players to access more of said events (instead of being locked in an old week), thus making us have access to more of event and be more considerate with our clams. 😀

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  13. Count me as one of the people who didn’t realize you could have the resort attack without combining… Something to do with the button saying “combine”. Then I found the attacking of the Kailua to be so badly done; The milkshake, or whatever was supposed to be a common job, yes if I combined with red ranger Peter and attacked with a 3-point attack twice, the second attack NEVER dropped a shake. I got so frustrated, but I just didn’t want to come back and play very often. I never got past the first level


  14. In all seriousness, I’m not sure I’d enjoy this game as much as I do were it not for this website…to be able to share our trials and tribulations as we as get insight as to what we face throughout our travels really makes this far more enjoyable…plus, misery loves company and we’re all addicts, LOL!

    Thanks for all your work, Bunny, Tigger and Lotty!

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  15. Loved it. Hit me right in the nostalgia. I bought Rita, Alpha, Bonnie’s costume and White Ranger which admittedly would have given me a leg up. Only regret is that during week 3 I was hovering around the 300-400 mark on the leaderboard but fell to 600-something by the end of the event, so no Megazord for me.


  16. Did anyone else think that the format was almost the same as the much disliked Greek Life event? Take away the Zords and it would have practically been a reskin, and the Zords caused several days of crashing for many of us…

    I liked Greek Life though! And I liked this event also. I didn’t quite finish it but I did get Goldar.

    However, it required a bit too much of my time. Play sessions that included sending out multiple Zords could take up to twenty minutes for me to see through to the end. I’m not going to spend clams on just speeding up multiple 45 second tasks. I enjoyed the gameplay but I can’t afford to have something consume so much time per day.

    So, my days of being an ‘addict’ have ended on the high note of this event. I’ve deleted the game from my own devices and will now just drop into Quest for Stuff from the tablet at work from time to time. Maybe if an event catches my interest I’ll come back to it properly for a while.


    • Yes, it was very similar coding to the Greek Life event. Sorry to lose you as an Addict, but good luck living without us all, lol. No seriously, do what makes you happy, and of course what you’re free time allows.


  17. Terrible! I was having fun until I got to the water kaiju. I needed spray bottles to get the blue ranger joe so that he could kill the water Kai just. But the only way to get spray bottles was to defeat the water kaiju. So how the hell am I gonna achieve that. Complete catch 22


    • You just used the Zord to attack the Water Kaiju on its own, you didn’t need Blue Ranger Joe combined to the Zord to attack.


  18. I couldn’t get into it, I don’t believe that the items drop anywhere near what they should. To me TC turn it up and down at will to get you to spend clams on rushing tasks or unlocking characters, I’ve had this the last few events. Drops r normal I’m making good progress and bam! No more drops at all and the timer runs out missing out on characters. This happened to red ranger, blue ranger and two characters from the 80’s etc. 4 days I was trying to get last drop on red ranger and never got it, I believe TC r trying to con us out of our money and clams and until I see a change I will not spend another penny on this game.


  19. I got everything possible as a freemium player. No issues. Great event.

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  20. I thought the power rangers event was a good idea but I lost interest after not unlocking the red ranger due to ridiculous drops. I contacted tinyco because the rewards from Chris dropped by Rita and Rita’s dropped by Chris. The information was passed on but the call was closed a few days later despite the issue still being there.


  21. Didn’t even bother to play the event. Power Rangers not my thing. Didn’t even know there was a new movie out.


  22. I came pretty close as freemium. I didn’t get Chris unlocked.
    I was just over a week behind in the end.


  23. I really really really did not like this event. Throughout the whole thing I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. The whole combining of characters was confusing and overly complicated and I don’t think I knew how to do it optimally so I couldn’t advance the way I was supposed to. And once you fell behind, continuing with the event was basically hopeless. The whole event was just extremely frustrating.


  24. Got Red Ranger Peter then quit. Power Rangers just isn’t my thing. I liked the dinosaur though.


  25. Note that I got all freemium characters and costumes without spending clams. Did buy Rita, but not until the final week (I like to see all the options before I pull the trigger) so that wasn’t really a factor. Missed the week four challenge by one cosplayer, wasn’t going to wreck my sleep cycle or spend clams (no matter how few) for a couple of deco’s. The one premium buy that might have had an impact for me was the clam pack with bonus pink crystals, but I think I probably would have got everything I wanted anyway.


  26. Shawn Heidingsfelder

    Once again, I didn’t come close to finishing the event as a freemium player. Timed characters that you can’t finish because of poor drop rates or a lack of characters gathering the one thing you still lack really puts you behind the 8-ball for the rest of the event. I fell short on an item and missed the Red Ranger, which severely hurt my ability to earn souvenir cups to unlock buildings needed to get drops for other characters. The way Tiny Co links characters and buildings needed, with the drop rate compounding in a ridiculous way, I expect not to ever even see the last week’s worth of content again unless they make big changes. I’ve been playing since shortly after launch, and I’d take the old method of no timers and extra small drop rates over timed characters with large amounts of rare items needed and few ways to get them.

    The only thing I’ll say about the leader board this time is that I’d love to see the top earners method to be able to get over 20k, while I was sitting around 500 by the end. Being one or two thousand ahead of the next person, and then four or five thousand ahead of the next one, who also got a high amount? I just don’t see how without spending large amounts of money on clams to ignore reset timers. Pay to do it easier should be the way to design, not pay to be able to do it at all.


    • I guess it’s more about luck than anything. I managed to get everything as a freemium player. I probably spent 50 clams (that I get for free) throughout the entire event to complete Red Ranger, and rush a few tasks. I didn’t quite finish the questline, but I did get Chris’ costume with my very last attack. I ended up with 1500 on the leaderboard and didn’t rush or do anything special to get there… That still put me at a rank of around 4300-4500. But I agree with the general sentiment of what you wrote – the drops are the key source of frustration and general feeling of “unfairness” in the game


    • I should also say that missing out on Red Ranger would’ve severely limited your attacking ability… which explains your much lower leaderboard rank. It’s a shame they had to make such important characters timed resulting in many people not getting them and being severely disadvantaged.


  27. Got all freemium characters/outfits, but I had to spend clams on Red Ranger and Chris’s outfit. Got all the way to the last part of the last week’s questline though. Never done that well before. So it looks like the difficulty was maybe reduced some? Also there wasn’t a 3 day delay for the event coming to Amazon like there was with the Asian martial arts one which set me back considerably. I failed miserably with the leaderboard, always being a few hundred behind at placing. I would have gotten all the challenges done if my tablet hadn’t completely died for the second day of the first one. (Turns out that the problem was that the charge cord I was using doesn’t stay in on its own. So during the time it was supposed to be charging it drained all the way instead, and I couldn’t get it charged up again until I switched to another cord.)

    I wasn’t able to buy everything at the Smoothie shop but did get everything I could afford. Got 2 of the end mystery box things, but then forgot to check the main store for stuff costing just coins/pins. Ah well, probably not anything I’d really miss anyway.

    This is the best I’ve ever done on an event, but saying that, I wish it had been with one that was more towards my interests. Hopefully the trend will continue for me.


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