New Event Teaser & Apollo Creed Limited Time Offer

Hey Addicts, you know we should stayed in school and used our  brains, we could have been doctors, lawyers, but no instead we’re Quest For Stuffers. Should have listened to Apollo Creed when he said “be a thinker, not a stinker”. Lol.

With this event teaser we’re seeing the release of a new premium character, Apollo Creed and I think it’s safe to presume from this we’re going to be getting in the ring, I just hope the new event packs a fun punch and doesn’t get too rocky.

The first thing that happens with any new event teaser is we get a chorus of Who, What, Where and When in the comments. Well I don’t know anymore than what the in-game teaser is telling us, and that’s that a new boxing themed event is coming to our games soon. And if TinyCo are true to form we might see it shortly after Return To The Dog Multiverse leaves our games on the 26th April. But that’s just me speculating, we really just need to wait and see.

And to pique our interest even more they’ve given us a cut price deal on one of the upcoming characters from the event. Yes Apollo Creed is available for 48 hours only at the discounted price of 230 clams, that’s a saving of 15%, his price after the 48hrs this will be 270 clams. So if you want him, get him now. You can see full details by tapping on the offer button at the bottom right of your screens.

Tapping this will bring you up the Master of Disaster screen. You can purchase Apollo Creed from here or through your character tab in your shopping cart. But remember the reduced price is a limited time offer, so keep an eye on the timer counting down.

However be aware TinyCo gives no indications of how useful he will be in the upcoming event.

What do you think of the teaser? And what about Apollo Creed, are you going to buy him? Did you already? If so, thoughts on him? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


21 responses to “New Event Teaser & Apollo Creed Limited Time Offer

  1. Im waiting on this one i want to see who is going to be available and what they can do IE Rita Repulsa was good for red rangers and what not.


  2. I’m torn on whether to get involved on this event or not. i love boxing movies but its tough trying to balance all of these events and getting caught up on the regular game (I’m working through the Pawtucket Brewery stuff now). I was going to skip the last couple but they keep doing themes I really like (video games, kung fu, power rangers, 80’s cops)….ah good ol’ first world problems!


  3. Hello I could not complete the trio rangers I missed the target for a few clams, now with the offer for Apolo I did not hesitate for a moment, just because it is a real character and are the ones I like the most.
    It seems that 2017 brings more struggle and after this mini event expected something more fun


  4. if it was Drago, Thunderlips or Clubber Lang, I would have bitten.


  5. I will buy rocky balboa


  6. My back’s up against the ropes on this one. Last round I liked the bout between rangers and Kaiju but this next event for me just doesn’t have a ring to it. I’ve never liked boxing and won’t sit through any Rocky/Creed films. At least I don’t have to part with clams for a while. So while all of you are about to touch gloves and getting ready to rumble I will be watching from the sidelines. Maybe next event…..


  7. i have 236 clams and i WAS tempted to buy him but i decided against it …


  8. tiny tiny wtd, 230 Clams in special, and reg price 270 Clams just WOW, way too much even if it Appollo Creeds


  9. Here’s the horrible thing about Creed: What I am hoping is his last task (To the Moon and Back Pt 4) is SIXTEEN hours long.


  10. Yay! An event I can sit out without any temptation whatsoever! While I was not a power ranger fan, I did like Rita Repulsa, and the animations for the event were entertaining, but I already did the boxing thing, and have no desire to revisit it! Now I have time to nuke my town, and redesign it! If I do play at all, it will be strictly freemium, unless there is a clam building, and that I would buy! *smile*

    Have fun fight fans!


  11. Took me about 6 seconds to decide to buy him. Being a kid of the 80’s, there are some characters that I wouldn’t even have to think about. Knight Rider mini event anyone??? I don’t think I have any cars driving themselves around Quahog. First “CAR” character!! I love it!


    • No cars, really? Driving around the streets I have: a few Hearses (graveyard section), Hovercars & Family Rockets (Future Griffins Multiverse Event), and Emerald Airplane (Truth, Justice event). From the 80’s Quahog Heat we just had I have White Hot Sports Car, Sarasota Spider, Night Lowrider (essentially the Knight Rider car), Mustache Ride, B-Team Van (i.e. A-Team). Yeah, they’re not “characters” but they do drive themselves around the streets. David Hasselhoff was available during that event too, so I doubt we’ll see Knight Rider anytime soon


  12. I’ve always been a big Carl Weathers fan, starting with Apollo of course, but I’m still not willing to spend that much.


  13. I have a better idea; how about they pay me 230 clams to allow this guy into my town? 🙂

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  14. I’m taking a wild guess but I think rocky/sylvester stalone and Adonis johnson/michael B. Jordan will be unlockable


  15. Don’t know if I’ll be doing the event, but I just had to spend clams on Apollo. He’s doing his questline now.


  16. Bought him! Great animation and funny quests. BUT he has no voice!


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