Rocky Times in Quahog 101: Mighty Mick’s Training Gym Training – Boxing Training

Hey there Addicts, it’s time to flex your pecs and pound some punchbags.

Yes, just when you thought you were on downtime, TinyCo have given you more work to do, and this time it’s gym work, as we head to Mighty Mick’s Training Gym. But don’t sweat, as we’re here to walk you through your workout.


You will be able to start training at Mighty Mick’s Training Gym once you trigger Pt. 2 of the main Questline Boxing Ring Of Dreams.

At that point you will be instructed to place Mighty Mick’s Training Gym and learn about training. Clicking Go will bring up instructions on them and subsequently clearing them.


In order to train at Mighty Mick’s Training Gym you will need 3 Gym Passes. You can get these from:

Gym Passes (Uncommon): Mort Abuse Free Gym Trials OR Rocky Tenderize Meat OR Jerome Work Out OR Clam Purchase from Shopping Cart


This is pretty simple, you just head over to Mighty Mick’s Training Gym and tap it.


Tap on Mighty Mick’s Training Gym to bring up the Boxing Training screen. You now want to tap on the box with the punching bag in it.

This will select this mode, you will see a yellow outline round the punching bag box, and you can now tap Let’s Go.

You will then see the Boxing training mini-game screen, it will show you the time you will have to train and the cost to train, 3 Gym Passes.

If you’ve got 3 Gym Passes simply tap Fight to start the Boxing training game.

And now you’re ready to train, basically you will see targets appear on the punch bag and you must tap these as fast as you can, when you tap all targets on a bag you will get another until your 20 seconds is up.

You’ll know you’re hitting the targets, as the target will disappear and become a green tick.

And that’s all you need to do until the 20 seconds are over, then you will see your rewards.


This depends on how many punch bags you clear.

Per Boxing Bag Cleared:
 1 Barbell  (Chance)

So clear 1 punch bag and you get 1 Barbell, clear 2 punch bags you get 2 Barbells, clear 3 punch bags and get 3 Barbells and so on.

There you have it, all the facts about the Boxing Training in Mighty Mick’s Training Gym . What are your thoughts? Have you started to train yet? If so, are you enjoying this addition to our games? Any other tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

Russian Tigger

15 responses to “Rocky Times in Quahog 101: Mighty Mick’s Training Gym Training – Boxing Training

  1. I have long given up on this one due to the rarity of drops for the gym passes AND the rarity of drops for the meats. I waited till I had Boxing Peter and almost all the buildings needed to drop for Rocky, but since the meats don’t drop, there’s no way I’ll be able to get the 15 robes for Rocky. Boo TinyCo… Boo…


  2. Help !!! I just keep getting an error message from the cleaning lady every time I try to go to the gym !!!


  3. I keep getting a game crash when I try to play this gym bag game. So frustrating as its been crashing for two days now!


  4. I’ve managed 8 twice but 7 is my number most times.


  5. Not only is there a lag between bags, but I watched my counter go down to 16 before the first bag even arrived. It is frustrating when you have an “uncommon” drop before you can even attempt the task, and then to see more than 20% of it taken away.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Usually 6 or 7. With the pauses between bags is 8 possible?


  7. all day today i acquired just one gym pass !!


  8. The gym is very good but 3 passes for the first days of play is hard


  9. I did it! I knew I needed to “post for luck” lol
    But I didn’t have a second to spare. Don’t think 8 will happen.

    Liked by 1 person

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