Family Guy Quest For Stuff Technical Help: Crashing & Lagging Game

Munch, Munch Munch!!!

Ever wonder where all your device’s memory has gone or bemoan the fact your game keeps crashing whilst playing FGQFS? If so I understand your pain and I’m here to try to prescribe a potential cure or three.


It’s no secret that FGQFS is a memory hog of a game, and since we are still seeing comments asking about crashing and memory issues I thought it was time to put all our tips on these issues into one updated post.

On both my iPhone and iPad FGQFS is the single biggest app when it comes to gb’s used, on my main device I play on, my iPad, it’s taking up a whopping 4.1gb. Thankfully my devices can cope with it but as we constantly read in the comments many of yours can’t. So read on as I walk you through the minefield of crashing and lagging and tell you how you can reduce the space the game is taking up on your device.

Consuela Technical Support 1

In this post, we are going to touch on things you can look at or try when your game just does not seem to be working as smoothly as it should, you either can’t get it to load properly or are kicked out too many times.


Each device has its own temperaments and will function with apps in different ways. One of those ways is with memory. This app takes up a LOT of memory. As I mentioned previously on my ipad FGQFS is by far the biggest app using 4.1gb, it’s the same on my iPhone where it’s using 1.4gb. On Lotty’s Samsung A3 it’s taking up 844mb but on Bunny’s Samsung S7 it’s taking up 1.31gb. So you can see the variables in the amount of memory the app is taking up across platforms and devices. So make sure the device you install on can handle this kind of memory grab.

If you’re using an android device try to store it on an external mini SD card if you have the option, this takes some pressure off your device’s internal storage.



When I say Restart I don’t mean just the FGQFS app, I mean your device. As we all constantly use our devices for one thing or another, many devices never get switched off.  Sometimes a simple fix for any electronic is just to reset it. In this case, Force Close the app and Restart your device to see if that helps.



This is an option available to android users, but unfortunately not us IOS users. To put it simply every app we use stores files in the app’s cache, the point of this is usually to save you time and data when you load/play your game. However sometimes this cache can sometimes get too big or even become corrupt. Clearing this cache can often recover some used space and fix a misbehaving app.


To clear the cache you need to head to your Android device’s SETTINGS menu. Find APPS or APPLICATIONS in the menu then look for the FGQFS app. Tap on STORAGE and you will see 2 option buttons appear, CACHE and APP DATA. You only want to clear the cache NOT the app data, this will tidy up the game files only. In case you’re wondering clearing the App Data will completely remove the game from your device, something you don’t want to do if you’ve not saved to an account.



***Only consider this option if you have SAVED your game to an account, either via Facebook, Google or Username***

Let me repeat that, DO NOT try this  without saving your current game to an account. You can find instructions on doing this HERE.

Why does this help? Well the reason FGQFS is taking up so much space on my iPad and iPhone is every time TinyCo release an update to add files for a new event it should also remove all the files no longer needed from the previous event. Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen and old files we have no use or need for linger on our devices inflating the space the app takes up.


The best way to deal with this issue is to completely uninstall the app from your device, then download a completely fresh, clean install from your App Store.  As long as you’re game is saved to an account as mentioned above, ALL your game progress, level and characters will be safe.

Once you have the clean install on your device, simply restore your previous game by opening the FGQFS app and playing through the short tutorial before loading your saved game. You will find easy to follow instructions on doing this HERE.

To show the difference this can make consider this, my iPhone with an old install was using 1.4gb of space, whereas I just did a completely clean install and it’s only using up 386mb of space now. This amount will obviously increase over time as new game updates are downloaded etc. but it does give a struggling device some breathing space.



The game runs BEST on WiFi. A good strong stable WiFi (not a weak shared by everyone WiFi). Data can be unpredictable and allow for more crashes, especially if you’re using anything less than 4G. Not to mention if you don’t have unlimited Data, it can be costly as the game eats a LOT of it.



This is a setting TinyCo introduced into our games earlier this year, unfortunately with little fanfare so some of you either don’t know it exists never mind what it does.. You’ll find full details on using low-memory graphics HERE.



If you are seeing a lot more game crashes in your device, take a look at your town itself. There are a LOT of items and “stuff” to put into your town. This however does NOT mean to put it all out. TOO much going on in your town can be a bad thing. Especially if it is animated. All will cause memory drain issues on the game. Try storing items in your inventory not in use or from past events. Limit the amount of decorations and buildings. These could be things like the Spotlights, Animals, Party Pyramid, Animated Decorations and Fireworks from previous events.

If you’ve a LOT of stuff in play and can’t stand the thought of storing things item by item, you can consider nuking, this will do the job for you. You can find all the details on nuking your town HERE.

Also, if possible, keep characters on tasks INSIDE of locations. Those outside animations can also cause a drain on memory. Especially if lots of characters are on outside tasks. You know a task is an animated and outdoors by this symbol Movie Scene Marker Clapper Board next to the task in the menu.

Another option is to put the characters you’re not using in the Tan Lines Resort.

In the end, if you have tried all you can and are STILL having an issue…contact TinyCo for further support. Make sure you include the key words to your issue and as much detail as you can. Also allow them enough time to respond. Technical problems are not a quick fix. They require time to resolve. You are also standing in line with thousands upon thousands of other players writing in. So give them time to first get to your message, look into your issue, then respond. At LEAST 3 days just to see it.

Issues that impact a great amount of players and are currently trending will most likely be reported here under one of our Glitch Reports. So search for those too for information and help. And sometimes we just need patiently wait for TinyCo to fix it at their side.

It’s also worth noting that if all the above steps fail your current device may just  be unable to cope with the demands of the FGQFS game. So you may have to put your town into cold storage until you get a new device that can cope.

There you have it. Some ins n outs on the technical side of things. As usual, always feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. Here to help all we can.

Until Next Time

~ Russian Tigger

17 responses to “Family Guy Quest For Stuff Technical Help: Crashing & Lagging Game

  1. terrance willenborg

    family guy will not load i have not played in years and thought i would try again fresh install CLEAR THE CACHE have a Samsung GT-P5113 16GB and still does not load i have the Simpson game and it loads fine so i do believe there is something huge wrong with famildy guy if you could shed some light on this would be great


    • QFS is a lot more of a memory drain than Tapped Out – I can play Tapped Out on my old iPad fine but QFS won’t load on it for love nor money. If you think it’s a game file issue you could try messaging TinyCo here


  2. Brian freezes my game. I am not able to click on him to complete a task. It freezes my whole game and then I have to restart it. I have not been able to complete task with Brian for months. Everything else in the game runs great.


  3. “In case you’re wondering clearing the App Data will completely remove the game from your device, something you don’t want to do if you’ve not saved to an account”.

    My game was crashing, when I opened the famous q*bert pack, it got stuck and I couldn’t enter the game. I tried to delete the caché but I clicked and clicked on it and nothing happened. So I deleted the data. I had my game connected with Facebook, but now I lost all my progress T___________T.


  4. For iPhones I’ve found a trick that seems to help. Clearing the RAM before opening the game. To do this you need to have your phone unlocked and open. You hold the power button until you get the “slide to power off”. Don’t slide. Now hold the round/home button until the “slide…” Screen goes away back to your normal home screen. Seems to work wonders for me. I’m in an old iPhone 4s and when the events have lots of animations (like tornadoes and flying monkeys) clearing the RAM becomes essential to getting anything done in the game without it crashing 30s after I start.
    Note: I’ve googled this clearing RAM from iPhones and read a whole bunch of different places. And they say to do what I’ve just said to do. But one place says after you get the “slide to power off” screen, you need to keep holding the power button and then hold the home button too until the screen goes back to normal. I’ve tried both. Both seem the same to me. Maybe check it out for yourselves.


  5. I have a question that’s unrelated to this but I don’t know where to ask it. The dinosaurs that we got from the prehistoric event (I keep them in my tan lines), they weren’t leveling up after the event ended sso I put them there. Can they now be leveled up by doing tasks? Do you know?


  6. Is there any way to get rid of the Chumba Wumbas walking around? I finished everything with that district a long time ago & was able to put the building in storage to get rid of character tasks but those guys are still everywhere!!

    Side note-thank you ladies for everything you do!! The amount of time & effort you put into this site is unbelievable & much appreciated!! 🙂


    • The District is not done til you get ALL the items to their MAX in the Brewery. Once that is done, Chumba Stewie can clear the ones left. 2 of them are storable I believe.


  7. I keep getting a spawn trigger error. Can’t play game for more then 15 seconds. HELP


  8. This is great stuff as always Tigger. I have been playing since April 2014 on iOS devices and I now uninstall and reinstall my game after every event and get back 1-2 GB every time. It is not without some trepidation but I always confirm my player ID and clam count plus I keep a list of every character in my game before doing it. I usually do it in that two hours in between event and event. Haha. But it is great advice and helps tremendously to do.


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