Family Guy Quest For Stuff Technical Help: Low-Memory Graphics

The usual saying is you crash and burn but when it comes to mobile apps, the saying really should be you crash and freeze. We’ve all had these issues at some point and I just wanted to quickly highlight a handy setting that might help.

Consuela Technical Support 1

In this post, we’re going to touch on something you can try when your game just doesn’t seem to be working as smoothly as it should, it’s either freezing up or kicking you out too many times.


This is a setting TinyCo introduced into our games earlier this year, but I don’t think they made a big enough song and dance about it as not every player is aware this function even exists or knows what it does.

Basically it sets your game to use lower resolution graphics in order to take the some of strain off your device’s memory. But how do you do this? Well it’s really easy, just follow the instructions below.

***Please note this setting might not be able on every device, so if you’re not seeing it, sorry but this isn’t the solution for you***

So firstly you need to go into your game menu by tapping this icon.

Menu Icon

This will bring up your game menu, you then want to tap on settings.


This will bring up the settings menu. In this menu you want to tap on USE LOW-MEMORY GRAPHICS.


Once you’ve selected this you will see the following message telling you the low-memory graphics will take effect after you restart your game.


Now if you’re worrying about the message saying it can drastically reduce graphics quality, and think your game will look really grainy or pixellated, fear not, the difference is barely noticeable on any of my devices. The examples below are taken from my iPad, and as you can see the game still looks good.


There you have it. Some ins n outs on the technical side of things. As usual, always feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. Here to help all we can.

~ Russian Tigger


26 responses to “Family Guy Quest For Stuff Technical Help: Low-Memory Graphics

  1. I have been playing this game on my since it started. I just started getting the msg about low memory. I checked in settings on my new iPhone and it is using way less memory than my iPad, if I delete and reinstall on my iPad will that clear up any space? I’ve deleted nearly everything else from my iPad that I don’t use but no great gains. I’m not ready to delete the game just yet as I’m an addict and I’ll admit it. Any thoughts or things to try will be greatly appreciated


  2. The game is so slow and glitch now, I cant even get into the settings. All It shows me is Music and volume option 😦


  3. Why in teh world is the game running so slow since the Oz update?? It is dragging so ling I have missed several flying monkeys. I am about to bag this game…! UGH


  4. This is how I play this on an Android device with only 8GB internal storage, 32GB microSD external storage and 1GB RAM. I did put a review with all this information on the Play Store of how to best get this to run smoothly on low spec devices.

    The Low Memory Graphics setting does help but doesn’t totally solve all the issues. What you do is after installing the game is move the game data to the SD card in Settings and Apps (you should make sure all apps that can and game data run from the SD card). The game data can get very large and be 1-2GB. Make sure you have around 1.5GB of internal storage left to run the game. Before running the game download a memory cleaner I use Avast Cleaner, run it and clear any temporary files it finds and also allow it to boost the RAM closing unnecessary programs. Then run the game, when it is loaded save you game to your Facebook profile in the game. The game will then run fine.

    Now if your game data on your device gets large I say anything over 700mb (check this in Settings and Apps). Then really you should clear the data down and then open the game again and reload your Facebook profile. This will make it about 300mb, everything is the same just that some character voices will not be there, they will download again themselves later automatically. If the game data is large on a device with only 1GB RAM this is why it will lag. Because there isn’t enough RAM so it uses the internal storage as a cache that is why you need 1.5GB of internal storage spare.

    I have been playing the game since the summer of 2014, as I played the game and built my town I used to always struggle to play it a couple of years ago. Once you have it setup like this and run the cleaner app beforehand the game will run perfectly this is my method and works on my device.


  5. Thanks for that , it does help. You can only tell the difference when you zoom in. I still crash from time to time . For example when you tap on the wicked witch, then tap on one of the items to see how to earn them, it freezes . Also sometimes when opening clam tv. Or checking someone out of tan lines. But much less now


  6. I have an issue where when I start the game, the load screen is messed up (all gray with black lines across top/bottom/down middle). Once the progress bar finished the load screen doesn’t go away, so I can’t see what is happening. Have to kill the game and relaunch.

    Support suggested (just a week ago) that I use low-memory graphics, but is has not helped at all.

    This happened a while back during an event, and started again with this event. I believe it is a memory issue, but it would be nice if the low-memory handling was better. I don’t need to kill any other apps to make room.


    • I have the gray loading screen, but no freezing or crashing issues. You may want try doing a clean install once the event is over, just make sure you have your game saved to an account first


  7. I’ve been lucky enough to not really have any problems.
    That’s one positive for using a Kindle. The negatives have been the later Event releases.
    Gotta take the good with the bad!


  8. Our of interest: Who else, admin wise, plays TSTO here? Do you, RussianMonkey? What is your opinion? Which do you prefer?


  9. This is really great information! I had no idea this feature existed! I’ve basically had my entire quahog at bare bones needed buildings only for over a year now because of the slow glitchy play due to memory lag! I’m going to give this a try right now! Thanks as always for all you do here!


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