Where the Hell….? George W Bush

George W Bush may not have been the first president of the United States, hell he wasn’t even the first president to appear in Quahog, but he probably makes more appearances in Family Guy than any other former president and I’m going to highlight them here.

So join me on a journey down memory lane as we stroll through George W Bush’s many appearances and mentions in Family Guy.

Mr Griffin Goes To Washington – Season 3, Episode 3

Well if Mr Smith could go to Washington, why can’t Mr Griffin? I know we can all think of a trillion reasons but the creators of Family Guy didn’t see the risks, and indeed sent Peter to Washington. Whilst there he gets to meet, and we get to see George W Bush make his debut in Family Guy, as Peter tries to get him to support his anti-smoking rallies. Good luck with that one Peter.

Brian Wallows and Peter’s Swallows – Season 3, Episode 17

During Brian’s musical number George W Bush makes an appearance in a poster. Nothing more, nothing less, but it all counts when you’re trying to be the president who’s appeared the most in Family Guy.

Don’t Make Me Over – Season 4, Episode 4

Peter must have done something right when he went to Washington in the afore-mentioned episode, Mr Griffin Goes to Washington. As not only did he avoid a lifetime ban but George W Bush only goes and invites him to the White House. However this time Peter isn’t there to petition George W Bush, he’s there to entertain him.  So Peter dawns a red nose and pretty much acts like the clown he usually is, making silly noises whilst pulling funny faces. And I’ll be darned if George isn’t lapping it up until Peter clumsily breaks a snow globe. George is suddenly no longer amused and throws a tantrum before bursting into tears.


That’s the last we see of him in the White House, however he does make another appearance at the end of the episode, appearing on Saturday Night Live where Gene Simmons just happens to have his tongue in his ear. George’s ear that is, not his own.

The Fat Guy Strangler – Season 4, Episode 17

Where does George W Bush go when he wants to get way from it all? Back to the ranch you’d think eh, but no, not this guy. George just continues to defy sanity and in this episode we find him hiding out in a treehouse whilst he waits for the events of Hurricane Katrina to blow over. And despite all Brian’s well-intentioned attempts to get him to return to the day job, George decides to stay put, settling himself in with a good book, Judy Blume’s Superfudge. Guess that’s where politicians learn how to fudge the issue, lol.


Boys Don’t Cry – Season 5, Episode 15

The Griffins are on the move with a  new life in Texas beckoning them, and of course they’re going to have to try to fit in somehow. But this isn’t easy as Chris and Meg discover when they try to make new friends. Their desperation to be accepted rears  its ugly head when they agree to a dare set for them by their new classmates. The dare sees them having to trespass onto Crawford Ranch and as they sneak through the ranch we see many portraits of George W Bush on the walls. There he is, seemingly without a care in the world, posing with the likes of Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and our very own Superdevil.


Whilst snooping around Crawford Ranch Chris is shocked to come across a drug stash, undeterred by this shocking find they carry on and soon bump into George himself. Far from being the responsible presidential type you’d expect, he encourages the kids to partake in a little underage drinking before he jumps into a car himself. A little nod to his very public DUI.

But none of this bothers Chris and it’s not long before the two are seen sharing underwear as their friendship blossoms.

PTV – Season 4, Episode 14

Better late than never, George W Bush finally shows his face at a U.S. Army Base in Vietnam. He’s hoping to help in the war effort, only to have his dreams dashed when he’s told the war is long over. Kind of handy that huh?


Saving Private Brian – Season 5, Episode 4

In an unexpected and surprising turn of events, peace and even democracy have become the norm in Iraq. Stewie is reflecting on this and never one to shy away from a controversy states there was only one person who foresaw this. If you’re wondering who he means, well it’s George W Bush of course,  and we are shown him hysterically cheering as his slinky has managed to make it down some stairs. I guess small things do amuse small, em, presidents?

BLUE HARVEST – Season 6, Episode 1

George W Bush even manages to sneak into this phenomenal episode, although it’s only on a bumper sticker. But hey it still counts, lol.

LOIS KILLS STEWIE – Season 6, Episode 5

A fierce battle is underway in the White House as Lois slugs it out with her evil genius son, and that’s with real slugs, the type you fire not the type you find on your garden path. Although that would have been quite funny. Whilst ruthlessly firing upon Stewie, Lois decides to take a moment out from baby hunting  to shoot a hail of bullets, (god I wish it had been slugs now), at a portrait of George W Bush.

I DREAM OF JESUS – Season 7, Episode 2

At a press conference George W Bush comes up with the idea of blaming  going to war on Jesus.  However Jesus doesn’t turn the other cheek and with Peter as his ally angrily disputes the claim.


Later in this episode George makes another appearance during the song Me & Jesus, however in this he’s a somewhat younger man and seen happily dropping bombs from his warplane.

Foxy Lady – Season 7, Episode 10

Here we are treated to a photo of George W Bush schmoozing with a bunch of Fox Executives. Short but sweet but another notch in his Family Guy headboard.

Excellence in Broadcasting – Season 9, Episode 2

Brian is on his soapbox and decides to confront Ruth Limbaugh on his distasteful political beliefs, but things take a strange turn when Limbaugh saves Brian from a street gang.

A friendship is born and the two head to the Republican National Headquarters. Once here they are greeted by, yes you guessed it, George W Bush, who can hardly contain himself when Ruth Limbaugh hands him a lollipop. Another pop at George’s inner child.


Back To The Pilot – Season 10, Episode 5

Brian sets off a series of unfortunate events when he decides to warn his past self about 9/11. This interference in the natural order causes catastrophic changes as George W Bush loses the 2004 Presidential election. This defeat is the catalyst for George to create The Second Confederation of America. And it’s not long before George’s America is at war with the United Stares of America. That will teach Brian to interfere with history.

Run Chris Run – Season 14, Episode 9

Just a quick reference to George W Bush in this episode as Brian has a dig at him much to Stewie’s chagrin.

So there you have it, the life and times of  George W Bush in Family Guy. The writers obviously have a lot of fun with him don’t they? Do you remember any of these episodes? Or have you never seen them? Do you now plan to watch any of them? And can anyone tell me which other former U.S. president appears in a photo with George in Boys Don’t Cry ?
~ Russian Tigger

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  1. And he and Obama just got voices in our silly little game! YAY! 🙂


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