There’s No Place Like Quahog 101 – Wicked Witch

Hello there my lovelies!!!

There’s a new boss in Quahog and believe me she’s as mean as she is green.


The road to the Emerald City was never going to be easy, but I think it’s going to be wicked taking on the witch who earned her broomstick the hard way. Luckily for us, she does have a weakness, one that won’t see her taking up water sports anytime soon. And it’s that weakness we’re going to use to exploit as we try to defeat her with  a combination of water balloons, spray bottles and super soakers. Darn where’s a water cannon when you need it most.

So follow, follow, follow me as I show the Wicked Witch us Addicts won’t surrender Dorothy Lois without a fight.


The Wicked Witch is similar to other bosses we have seen in events, in that she’s the big baddie who keeps on giving, but how do we knock her off her broomstick and get her to drop her haul. Well we need to attack her with water balloons, spray bottles, or super soakers. The only problem is you don’t know which item you need until you complete each attack on her, so there’s an element of luck and guess-work in these fights. She will appear in your game at Pt. 4 of the main Questline, Once Upon A Rainbow. Until you unlock Scarecrow Peter the only option to gather the resources needed to battle her is from the premium character, Toto Brian. But don’t panic, there’s plenty of time to start attacking her once you’ve unlocked Scarecrow Peter.


The amounts of water balloons,  spray bottles, or super soakers needed will be the same in every players game for each defeat level but the type of item won’t be. Many players report success in these battles by stocking up on a bunch of each item before attacking, I’ve personally done this but this strategy usually depends on a long respawn time, with her returning in 9 hours this will be a little more difficult at first. But 2X and 3X will be very possible once you’ve unlocked Scarecrow Peter & Dorothy Lois.

There’s 2 big plus points for me in this battle and these are that TinyCo have continued the new requirement that you only need to defeat the boss until 4X, rather than 5X, which was impossible for the majority of players. And that the rewards are very generous, you really needn’t panic if you can only battle at the lower levels early in the event. So thanks for listening to us and adapting these battles TinyCo.


The amounts you will need to defeat her at levels 1X through to 4X are as follows:

Battle Resources

Battle Resource Attack Level
2 Water Balloons OR 2 Spray Bottles OR 2 Super Soakers 1X
4 Water Balloons OR 4 Spray Bottles OR 4 Super Soakers 2X
8 Water Balloons OR 8 Spray Bottles OR 8 Super Soakers 3X
16 Water Balloons OR 16 Spray Bottles OR 16 Super Soakers 4x

Now I’m going be honest I’ve not managed to hit her to level 4X before the Wicked Witch timed out. You only have 24 hours to defeat the Wicked Witch up to 4X and I just can’t collect enough stuff to get there, yet. I defeated her at 1X, 2X.  Then just started collecting for a fresh attack once she times out and returns. You can of course spend clams to bring her back at the level she timed out at, but with the decent rewards I don’t know if that will be necessary. Only time and playing will tell.


The goodies she drops  is three-fold, Emeralds for buying items in the Fallen Farmhouse and decorations in the store. You will also collect Party Shoes which are needed to unlock Dorothy Lois, and Magic Wands to help towards unlocking Glinda.

What you will get at each level is as follows:

REWARDS WandPart Shoes

Rewards Attack Level
15 Emeralds, 4 Party Shoes & 6 Magic Wands 1X
20 Emeralds, 8 Party Shoes & 12 Magic Wands 2X
25 Emeralds, 12 Party Shoes & 18 Magic Wands 3X
30 Emeralds, 20 Party Shoes & 30 Magic Wands 4X

You will need 28 Party Shoes to help unlock Dorothy Lois and at the moment 42 Magic Wands to help towards unlocking Glinda.

***Note if you’ve not placed Dorothy Lois in your game yet to unlock, the Party Shoes will still drop and count towards the total you need***


Now how do we get those Water Balloons, Spray Bottles, and Super Soakers? Well it’s all down to character drops.


Scarecrow Peter Be Afraid of Crows (4hrs)
Dorothy Lois Search For Toto (4hrs)

Toto Brian (Premium) Have Oz Nightmares (4hrs)


Scarecrow Peter Play With Fire (4hrs)
Dorothy Lois Unpack a Picnic (4hrs)

Toto Brian (Premium) Be a Bad Dog (4hrs)


Scarecrow Peter Fart Straw (4hrs)
Dorothy Lois Prepare For Witch Warfare (4hrs)

Toto Brian (Premium) Save the Day (4hrs)


The battle modus operandi is similar to that of previous boss battles, click on the Emerald City and you will get the battle screen. It will tell you 1: What item and how many of them you need to defeat her at that level, 2: The rewards for defeating her at that level, and 3: How much time you have left before she disappears.

Once you have gathered the required water balloons, spray bottles, or super soakers the attack button will appear. Press this to complete the attack at that level.

Now once she times out she won’t return for 9 hours. There is now a timer to show the countdown to her return, you can see this by clicking on The Emerald City. The screen will tell you countdown timer until she returns and if you’re in a hurry the clam cost to resurrect her. By the way the respawn timer is another thing we’ve been asking for that TinyCo have brought into the game.

This screens shows the timer and resurrection cost if you defeat her right through to 4X.


And this screen is an example if she times out before you can defeat her, she timed out after defeats at 1X and 2X in this example.


I have noticed in my game the 9hr return timer doesn’t automatically start but is activated when you load the game after she leaves.

And there you have it the dummies guide to defeating the big, bad, green machine that is the Wicked Witch. But remember just because she appears at Pt.4 of the main Questline doesn’t mean you’re expected to be battling her immediately. But if you are battling her, how are you getting on? Are you winning the battle of the brooms or are you away licking your wounds for the next round? Got any battle strategies to share with your fellow addicts? And are you enjoying the event so far? Tell us in the comments as you know we lone hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger


44 responses to “There’s No Place Like Quahog 101 – Wicked Witch

  1. How are people getting enough items to attack the wicked witch before her timer runs out?
    I unlocked Scarecrow Peter Monday evening (UK time), and managed to get 1 water balloon before her timer ran out the first time. Took a guess and opted for spray bottles next (luckily the right choice) but in all that time – 9hr escape plus 24hr attackable – I got just ONE spray bottle.
    I’ve sent tinyco a request to change the witch attack drops from common to always for Scarecrow Peter, but I’m not pinning my hopes on it.


    • Some of us bought Toto Brian who has an always drop of the items necessary. This allowed us to attack her sooner than pure,y freemium players. You’ve done the right thing reporting such low drops to TinyCo.


  2. So if I already have what I need for Lois and Glenda is there a reason to keep attacking the wicked witch outside of extra gems? Or does it make sense to just stash water weapons for next weeks round?


  3. working night and day, finally got scarecrow peter. sent him on 3 witch item tasks got one item. Common? don’t think so. didn’t realize that I didn’t need to get all the items to attack so thanks for the info. should have just concentrated on just getting one of the items.


  4. Troy Lawrence Thornhill

    something to think about… regarding emeralds only; the higher the attack level, the less return you will get for ‘battle resources to emeralds.’
    exhibit 1:
    LVL 1: 2 BRs (battle resources) yields 15 emeralds = 7.5 emeralds per BR
    LVL 2: 4 BRs (battle resources) yields 20 emeralds = 5 emeralds per BR
    LVL 3: 8 BRs (battle resources) yields 25 emeralds = 3.1 emeralds per BR
    LVL 4: 16 BRs (battle resources) yields 30 emeralds = 1.9 emeralds per BR

    I understand that although the return is highest at level 1 for emeralds, attacking the witch ONLY at level 1 would not yield very many emeralds overall in the long run. Guess it depends on the the amount of BRs you have as well as the amount of other items you need from the witch. For now, I may only attack her at level 1 & 2 as I have collected all other items the witch drops.


  5. HI!
    I’ve got scarecrow Peter working on gathering water weapons. The witch is currently in her 9 hour escape. The screen doesn’t show how many of each water weapon I have so far. I guess it only shows that info on the screen during the 9 hour escape if she has been defeated 4x. Is there some other screen I can use to see how many of each water weapon I have now?


  6. I was a little frustrated earlier as I didn’t notice that one of the buildings in the farmhouse dropped brains, I only need one more to unlock Scarecrow Peter now lol.

    I purchased Toto Brian just so I could have all the characters from the event and like the other players that have brought him he’s given me a head start on attacking the witch. I’m on x3 but won’t gather enough in time to attack her.

    Looking forward to seeing what comes next in this event 🙂


  7. Having the same problem as others getting that last brain. Been working Mort night and day and went cheap to not buy the building. He was dropping pretty good but with the last one he just wont drop.


    • I bought the building with brains being an uncommon drop, I always find the uncommon drop tough so try give myself every chance of drops I can.


  8. Is anyone having problems with floppy hats drop from flying monkeys? Has not have this drop for more than a day despite logging in every 6 to 8 hours to get bananas and clear the monkeys. This means I am far behind to get enough stuff for Scarecrow Peter to move on.. I just sent feedback to Tinyco.


  9. In the rewards for level one you have a typo – it is 4 shoes, not 6


  10. Only need 1 more brain to unlock scarecrow Peter then I can start attacking the witch 🙂


  11. Fought enough battles to earn party shoes and wands so now just going to stock up on supplies instead of fully defeating her in case there’s a timed challenge requiring it, there are additional supply drops next week or a future quest line that requires fully defeating her. Should have a couple days to stock as much as possible.


    • Good thinking, I’m going do same once I do the 2 attacks for Pt. 8 of main Quedtline, and try build up some bananas also – then if we get a weekly challenge it’s hopefully covered.

      The battle rewards are good, and you sharing how quickly you got the items hopefully helps relax those who aren’t battling her yet. Thanks.


  12. It sucks that we can’t even start collecting items to battle her later. I have everything except brains (lol) for Peter, and they’re dropping slowly. 4/7 so far, so hopefully I can move on with the questline in a few days.

    On another note, I’m really pleased we can buy any buildings we like – I’m going to skip The Diploma Factory and The Crow Bar as I don’t need the drops anymore. I might even skip Lions, Tigers & Bears Petting Zoo but I’m only 1/15 for those baskets 😦


    • I bought the lions, tigers and bears petting zoo and I’m still only at 6 of the 15, but going take time to get the emeralds so I’m fine with that. And you will need to buy it to complete Pt 9 of the main Questline. You only need attack the witch at even the lower levels few times to get all the shoes and wands. 1X and 2X drop such good amounts of each.

      Liked by 1 person

    • While you can buy the buildings in any order you want, some of them are required to finish the questline, like the petting zoo.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Sorry if this posts twice lol, stupid thing made me log in and my post disappeared! Anyways, I was wondering if you guys are following the quest line or unlocking buildings/items in a certain order to move things along faster – as far as unlocking scarecrow Peter. If I follow the quest and unlock that dog-thing, it doesn’t drop anything of help me out really… Just helps the quest line. Anybody have a good strategy or some tips? Thanks 🙂


    • I went for the buildings that drop bananas, brains and picnic baskets first. Now I’m just gathering straw for the Little Dog Too Pet Grooming van as we need to complete Questline to move on to the next phase when it’s released. Hope this helps.


      • I did the same thing, and I am then going to try to build a cache of water weapons and hold them to see if we need them for a weekly challenge. That way I can count that towards the two we need after getting the Dumb and Dumber van.


  14. I guess it might be the end of the game for me because it must be too large for my phone now. It crashes whenever I try to play and I’m getting too far behind on this event to continue. Sad because I can’t even have the game open long enough to take some pictures of it. 😔


    • Bunnys trying get answers on many issues players are having, look our for a post going up, might be something to help you in it. Fingers crossed.


  15. Anyone else notice: “The Giant Squid Is Recovering”

    LOLOL – oops TinyCo 😉


    • I don’t think she will like being called a Giant Squid one little bit, if I were TinyCo I’d top up the water cooler 😀😀😀


    • For the election mini event, the wrecking ball machine said the bats were ready, and at Halloween I saw some BLAM! early on when placing things


  16. I have 250 clams

    Should i buy toto brian or hold out for a clam generator


    • Clam generators are usually released at the very start of an event, so I don’t foresee one appearing in this event. There’s a Should I buy on Toto Brian coming, but I bought him as I love all things Oz, he’s given me a head start on battling the Wicked Witch. But her rewards at 1X and 2X are so generous that I don’t think he’s a MUST buy unless he’s a character you’ll be happy to have long term.


      • Thank you.

        I will probably unlock scarecrow peter tomorrow and get my first chance at attacking the which.

        If someone was extrmely lucky they may be ablte to unlock him today.


        • I think Oz is bringing me luck as I should unlock him in an hour or so if a brain drops. Lol.


        • I decided to buy out the last brain this morning so I could start collecting water weapons. Just collected from him for the first time – no drop! Common should be always given he is going to be the only one earning for a while given the number of emeralds needed for Dorothy Lois


  17. Well, it looks like I’m offically finished with Family Guy. I got the game fixed only for this update to screw it all up again. Like I orginally stated I couldn’t access my saved Google game. After I got that fixed I played the last event for 2 days. I downloaded the current update only to discover the game ran into an error in loading. I checked the game directory and there were a bunch of scrambled symbol named filed that claimed the directory had 75 gigs worth of data. I couldn’t delete them, so I was fprced to format my SD card. I thought this would solve the problem, but I back to not being able to access my Google game again. Ugh!!!


  18. the “wicked” witch was framed!
    why must they make sweet Elphaba look so ugly?

    (please, someone know what I’m talking about!)

    loving this event so far! gave in a got little toto brian, couldn’t resist!
    its slow going trying to gather everything up, but I’m getting there.

    great posting, as always!


  19. Toto Brian seems to be a good purchase, it helps to get extra emeralds by attacking the witch early, even if there turns out to be enough time for Scarecrow Peter to earn all the water tools needed. I’m glad I bought Toto Brian. I so hope the wicked witch will be a character coming just like when we fought the Joker, then were able to earn him.


  20. All I need is 5 minutes …
    Send my people on their tasks ….
    All I need is 5 minutes …
    But for the crashing ….
    Scroll to the left and the crashing …
    Scroll to the right and the crashing …
    All I need is 5 minutes …
    But for the crashing ….
    The crashing …

    Liked by 1 person

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