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Where the Hell….? George W Bush

George W Bush may not have been the first president of the United States, hell he wasn’t even the first president to appear in Quahog, but he probably makes more appearances in Family Guy than any other former president and I’m going to highlight them here.

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Peter’s Presidential Paradise Character Questline – Billionaire Peter

Its Alive!!! It’s Alive!!! The hair’s ALIVE!!!

With a barnet spun of pure gold, no doubt by Rumpelstiltskin himself, our first billionaire has arrived in Quahog, and who would have imagined it would be the usually broke Peter. Yes he’s got a hilarious new character costume, and believe me this is one costume you won’t want to miss.

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Peter’s Presidential Paradise 101: Wrecking/ Clearing Griffin Signs

Lets not talk politics, instead why don’t we just wreck this joint. Any Ralph’s in the audience feel free to join in!

If you follow me, I’m sure we can swing our way all the way to the White House, hopefully unlocking Billionaire Peter and Barrack Obama along the way.

So let’s get back to basics and start wrecking up some Peter’s Change.
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Peter’s Presidential Paradise: Characters & Buildings That Drop Stuff

Election Fever is Here!!!

Peter’s Presidential Paradise is now live in our games and characters and buildings have tasks to help us earn even more stuff! So keep reading to learn what’s what.


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Election Mini-Event Is Live!

Hey there Quahogians!!

A lil Mini Event had dropped into our silly lil games, I assume it could possibly be due to some “thing” going on in the USA Next Tuesday. 😉

With the Lil Mini Event comes some random New Items. Take a peek below at all that you will see during Election Mini-Event!!


Peter Selfie

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